Transforming Into Me

I haven’t always been at work like I wish I could say. Maybe a bit lousy and upset towards the times I couldn’t keep solid ground. When they say that the solid rock is that in which I should and need to stand on. Never to get off or sit on the curb. I am not a burning bush and wither and die. Or Live life on the Slip and Slide or Highway towards our track or train tracks. After giving you those deer in the headlights look towards what has made me angry and at time explode.

I’ve already told you a couple times I have mental illnesses though I didn’t want it to be an excuse. I wanted to work even though my dad didn’t want me to be when I was 16. Maybe those McDonald’s hamburgers looked a little too good watching that counter seemed easier than what was really in my head. Right off the bat when I started working they handed me the headset and drive through window. The bosses stories always seemed to allure me though I kept my distance. Wanting to know the why to the same problem. Don’t follow me or walk on my two feet for me? Why – Because saying “She’s My Mother Isn’t Enough!”

I wasn’t their ability or trial to fit in for even I didn’t fit in and definitely not as a complete definitions phrase as it hits me in days and seasons. Sports were several days and the dependence on God and my faith has always been important to me. This is the fifth blog I have opened and after reading my work profiles on the page you can see I like to work in seasons and spend my time in different ways.

I have had low self confidence along with the mental illnesses and the competition and spirit for me has always been high for me. Asking me if I’m high while I’m so broke is one of the most hurtful things I have really endured. Where did the $ come from – That in which I can’t say I’m a drug addict. Neither is that a good thing. I am not going to spend much to any time talking about the dangers of men. For we are only mere mice to what crept in.

For about two years; I spent my tie being that Pretty Little Rave Girl – in my twenties. Now which seems to be lost for I thought we’d be a family. A daughter of the military and other dangerous surroundings have later told me differently. I believe in Harriet Beach her Stove and what we stand for as a fighting for fighters destination. My patience is what gets me so I leave and quite often since about the age of 12 a run away of sorts I really had and with a kid and man still no right. For right now I am boarded up in a group home digging through cause and effect. Learning from influences and people a bit older than myself.

I remember the 5 vehicles my dad and sitting in them smoking mostly by myself. For maybe I have a bad dark side in me also. Though no longer do I want to behave or act like a Bad Ass Bitch.

Don’t forget where you got it from and humbly fall behind your prideful ambitious heart. Help when and where you are told too. Two of my tips for life. In a parking lot don’t fear. After my limit of robberies, was it pride of the Family Name of whom I am also related too. Those gossip lines in which my degree is Communications and my channel is about the limit of 4-7 on most days on the scale. In which there are many some of us better off not knowing about.

I have been to the hospitals multiple times due to feelings though they say don’t base your life around feelings. Mine are unbearable at times and I have hurt enough; not to get attention but to hurt myself with intent.

Are we even being alert in class though working with a good GPA A-B and not mentioning my not intended drama outing life. In which I took a lot of pride before Brandon before I had a kid. I wanted to be surrounded by artistic friend I have made but their are ruts and nut and bolt we have to get ourselves out of.

Writing for high AP Scores are my painful prerogative. Though no one is the best of any form of life so stop blaming. I am not that nasty of a Bitch that you have sat there and blamed me for. Though if I have to be I will be.

These oils are not going up there are they an essential to your commenting my money?! Please don’t embrasure yourself any more than you have in 2017 and 2018 if it isn’t leave it alone. Lets take it down to the lake and fight for free dummy just like my father did?!

It’s a deadly game how much did our mixers want out w/ those DJ’s.
Deadly Game & Help From Name & Phone #’s + talked up a tic and art is a tic that’s your own problem… Time is too grow up!

Depending on my my work & reliability!!!
This land storm is not even alright to agree too to even.

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