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justly-found.faith is hosted and the domain runs from namecheap.com I bought the domain for little less than a dollar. EasyWP for $2 a month or about $32 a year. As well as some safety features.

This is my first WP blog. I first started out on Blogger and switched over because I felt it would be a better fit especially after reading articles and wanting to make some kind of profit off of my blogging. I like to write a lot about my days and what I have been doing. Mixed in with some self-help, blogging help, and life lessons.

I came up with the name Justly Found because my name is Johnna Floyd and J F brought this name together. I have been blogging since I was about 13 years old and have written over 700+ entries. I would like to start to make money through blogging and hopefully, I’ll achieve that vision. My goal is to make at least $200 by November in profited revenue.

I switched over from justlyfound.wordpress.com when I found namecheap and my site is about what I have found in life and through reading.

Finding that life gets easier or harder the farther I go down the road. Waking up to what the world is really about and being grateful for everyday life.

You found my corner of WordPress and I am sure glad you have. I want my site to help you and allow you to get to know me better. I picked the name justly-found because that’s what I’m good at finding information and using it in my daily life.

My blog is a lifestyle blog though sometimes I talk about everything from self-help to fashion to blogging in general. Though mostly daily updates about how my day has been going.


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