Defending the Offended Sifters

Mrs. J woke us up bright and early and last night wasn’t much of a good night for me. Needed to take some Tylenol PM and get to sleep. I am not your issue for wanting to; do what has already crushed my soul and spirit. For my heart is too smoked out today. Based on the fact that we keep getting either locked in or out and roomies and even I talk to much. Which are all in tail things that even my parents have told me time time and again.

A sifter is better than a swifter in my deepest regards. For we are not wanting to be Taylor Made or Bucking-time Palace. An ornament for your adorned mailbox to open with a gift in which – he said / she said bullshit.

Today some of the guys told me some hurtful stories that I could only tell from their hearts. I never thought we all had to do what on the streets! While most of them are selfish and you can’t go back in the past. You can’t change things once they’ve been done – is that what you are telling me?

I have with my deepest regards; tried to help and learn and grow in my own individual way. Though; the violence in this situation is a grave bear to deal with – thinking I’d like to go to the Funeral Palace of graves again.

A private date since yesterday was a trip with these girls – in which do we even remember our age. I sure do remember how you talk; I remember how you we’re either kind or someone to stay away from. Or if that was something we should have stayed away from all together.

Don’t Pout To The Pen

Sitting in that cell he was able to talk to me the entire time.  Even to today; he is still talking to me it’s as though we fell for some sin and made something beautiful and then parted ways. Though maybe I am just crazy for imagining something amazing came from Dragons.

The same; Kuzz Baby from the pages of what came my written study notes. Came in Return the Dr. Notes which Dr. doesn’t just listen to anybody and at least that was what I was hoping in order to keep what I got. The Doctors have always tried to do the best they could for me and provide the best care my family and I could afford. The MHMR CLINIC in which i am needing to get transfered to a nicer clinic has been my monthly stop with my nanny for the last over a year and a half! 

My life is about my God, My Son, My Parents, Me, My Education; and now I think it’s better to keep at a decent slowing down pace and start enjoying things more for I can escape depression and Mental Disorders aren’t all there is too blame. Though who wants to be a person of blame in the first place?

I don’t know what this new year is going to bring. Though I have good intentions but no plans. I have a lot left to payback to UTA; until I can even think about going back to school. You sure do talk BIG GAME! You do realize what your doing is further than what we’d like to admit to illegal so why are you walking off with an excuse (cop!?) of what is going to cost me $3,000. I am starting to see a cycle… Though I can’t see if this Group Home Environment is a good thing as far as a benefit or a waste of money.

My MAN is in a Group Home now; though the next day he was able to tell me he escaped. In which I have never seen him except for a blessing we made to begin with. For he is what Practical Magic!. Though seems I’ll never get to go home. Though several days after that; I walked all the way there. Which took me about 5 hours. I tend to exaggerate which I don’t think is lying. How dare that Cop Ask if I’m Bored.. While I just dissed this roommate for stalking my cigarettes. While I bought cigarette devices and still bought cigarettes. We are all different walks of life.

Bought a Pack of American Spirits; it was a pack of green ones with nicotine and water.

As a growing adult and more and more I mature to the rhythm of my own heart. For they have also taken poetry and sketchbooks and more of what I though I could have made some sort of money off of. Though who Am I too blame? For I am not WWE and I don’t know everything.

Nobody Like To Be A Friend Begotten or Was I Even A Choice

Honestly; Kuzz ever since we have started this relationship – I don’t know what you want. I don’t go randomly out or; has it only been the last couple days. I am a person and a PR writer; though a writter non the less. If you don’t like what people have to what then there really is no excuse but to walk away. Maybe you have put them in a bad situation. I’m Not Feeling Good?! Is that any reason to grappling hook take them away from a campus – For I will be scared of it the rest of my life. When all I really wanted to do is learn and keep a 3.0 when it went all the way down to a 2.5. In return a 20,000 debt – seems no one tells the truth anymore.

Though as they want more from their people; the more they will be tested to walk towards new world orders. No one is taking this lightly on anyone else. If you can’t handle The Real World Then obviously your oblivious to your obsessive heart and it may attack you since you seem to lose control over your own self.

It is not your selfie your not taking a photo of yourself with my boyfriend. I have taken my photos and I don’t think of people including mostly friends I have met in every situation and different backgrounds to be able to just be themselves. Nor am I the one who teaches that. – Thanks Germz


“But the same old salad made the same old lettuce can get extremely boring…extremely…” – Christy Floyd 🔜🎹☎️ 🎙😎👩‍💻 My Moms Great 🖤

I said wash it not necessarily watch it!

Wow no one wanted to come to your Christmas Party… She looked at the churches at the three brown hair versus blonde hair girls party. As the two of them other ones we get mad at competing. For they needed to make the decorations, the play writing, and even the hanging up the lights.

One complained about being the Girly figure all her friends depended on. While they both evaporating each others Amigos. Esp. Ask my Amigos if they like totally down for selling Iquitos and that make us shun tons.

Even Lindsey well both of them; asked me the problem a pen point. Mrs. Jefferson I don’t get a direct an answer and I just well I just thoughts what they need to sit around and apologize. A Christmas present I handed you that was plaited out pens and pencils.

Especially when the tree decorating; on other days isn’t it your white dress straight out of jail. Which is unfortunately where these two girl friends are going to have to go. Ask AK If We Still went to her party.


@UTA there are two parties to go too…
What one of my old schools would I like to visit? UTA
Which teacher has power more power than the other is the question we need to pen point…!

Blogging A Way To Make Income

Blogging A Way To Make Income

This six months… Yes will have met the 6 month mark by the end of the month. Although; I have yet to really see any results and I am still going to keep trying and sticking with it. I really do need to start making some income from it. Though I think this month I have not taken it as seriously as I need too. 

I need to be making somewhere between $100 to $1000 a month blogging. While theirs so many success stories. I’m hoping with the help from our Dear Lord – I will become one of the successful ones.

Blogging is not just an easy way to make money! 

  • It’s not instant “Instant Oatmeal” & Takes Patience 
  • Love for the world – outside of myself
  • To be done consistently
  • Money can be made blogging from the following sources; Personal, Affiliate, Personal Products, or Services. and even Sponsored Posts. 

Getting Income = Getting Traffic

Traffic comes first; and the more visitors brought in the better. My goal needs to be 100 page views a day though I know that will take a good amount of time. 

SEO is important but don’t waaste time! A-Z science of providing the quality of content and marketing. 

Managing & Developing
– Make sure to use the right topic
– Have a gathering place where you can talk to others who enjoy the topic
– Find the biggest problem and work on finding a solution

Build Reputation, Credibility, & Relationships…

Have The Right Strategies In Place & A Strong Passion

Make sure everything is setting on a Firm Foundation just like our hearts need to be with the Lord. You have to have the desire and drive to do all the work that is necessary. Without passion it feels worthless and easy to give up on. Ask yourself if it’s; fun? enjoyable? a want to? Also write in a way that others would want to read everything you have written. 

When priorities change you have to realign your blog and it’s mission. In order to build trust and provide value during the changing times. Providing quality and honest information to readers through honesty while staying relevant to the topics. 

Connect With Others 

Creating relationships with other bloggers and slowly growing an online community is something that every blogger needs to do. Even when you don’t feel like it be productive and proactive. Reach out to others and comment on their blog. Tell them what you like. 

Looking Too Closely

Please do not get attached is what my heart always said. I never needed a man to make me happy. Meanwhile, a lot of women depend on them and that is the anserw. If you are not willing to give than don’t expect them to recieve and when they don’t give don’t throw a fit. Putting your pouty little face and fucked up lips to every and any object or person I’ve ever came or come into contact with. Especially BIG Bosses “That’s Disgusting & Not Your Place” Is what a good friend would say.

I am not that attitude problem that B* is trying to make money of anything and everything you are doing. In order to do what with it?! Do what with me?! Is it just me or this problem a universal problem no I’m no Walt Disney Princess and you a damn problem. Chit Chattin in my mouth and running what kinda messy shit.

Johnna you are alone and will be in this world with most of these people wanting your money till the day you die. Mostly Pigs and If their bridges that need to be burnt they need to be burnt. I burnt each page within myself this is not a suicide attempt or a death threat.

Honestly yall did the wrong thing and thought itd be easy and you wouldn’t get caught huh? We all get caught in the end even I did. See now how old am I? I still have a seat at the Table with my Mother, my Father, my Son, and to Hail With My Sisters.

These people will take anything they can get their hands on straight from the gutter. I hope that gutter has a blade on it because I’ll never steal again but they deffinitly are and needed to make this mess they are in Texas. I am locked up for what? Cop give me that stuff back and give it too someone who deserves it more.

Got mad over what “Gutter Mouth”, what a “Friendship, what a boyfriend???

These are common everyday women problems but unfortnately I have had problems with my period all year. My parents and entire family not believing in me. Leaving me too fight every day for whatever I need and want to survive in life. On the $50 while the other $50 goes to The Schools My Debt <Wouldn’t Mind> <Are-U-Meant> In which I’ll have to pay off from now till 2023.

That is not your money and I’ll tell you again. Do NOt ask or anserw this but who exactly did you get that from is going to bite you in the ass. Well its almost Christmas. I have studied and I do know how continue down the path of righteousness. Go ahead and gossip and pretty S*** Yo* M** D*** + Like I Said “Leave That Alone”


Blog Tips In A Heart Tip Jar

I have had my check garnished in half now instead of working with $100. I only have $50 to spend on what I want to each month. The problem I had at University of Texas at Arlington is making me pay big time. I’ve always been pretty much broke and what big blessings I did get came from My Dad.

Needing some clothes : Shop Women’s Clothing at Stage Stores. I’d like to get a new warm fuzzy jacket and a leather motorcycle jacket. Normally the most often thing bought with my $50 is cheap cigar cigarettes and maybe a $1 drink.

This month I bought myself three great gifts off the website GEEK
A ring, A Charm Necklace, & Essence… For $6.50
& A new black notebook at The Family Dollar for $5.

With Christmas coming up and Halloween in less than 14 days. Which I haven’t seen anything scary lately. I was having fun watching and playing the purge. I took Production last year and need to do more with it. I haven’t felt like getting in front of the Camera. I am not really feeling that loving to myself and my dad keeps saying I’m talking to myself.

I am kind of attention I am really getting from people. I want to be known for making people happy with themselves and I hope I was coming across in Arlington as a good worker. Though now my boyfriend is saying not to work. It may be a safety issue right now and maybe there is a reason why I don’t have my SS Card.

It’d be really awsome to go to another Haunted House and I haven’t been to an Event in a long time. I went in 2012 with work at The Spirit of Halloween. I got a bag of Smarties and saving the rest till Halloween haha that’ll be my candy for the Halloween. For the last three years I have had money to buy my son a constume – I think all three of them are Batman. I was wanting to go to the Pumkin Patch but my Dad said I was acting too wierd.

 Blogging For Monetary Value

I hope my blog post are something you want to read and think about before you rush out there and make mistakes in life that you can’t recover from. It is said that Money is the root of all evil so if I was blogging only for money this would be a pointless endevor because it can’t come with us when God comes. Though I do need to make some money out of this website adventure.

  1. I haven’t recieved a real comment… I have recieved 5 red colored comments in which are Private.
  2. My Visitor Count must be messed up beyond belief
  3. I must have gotten hacked and some one is behind the scenes of my blog
  4. I am blaming and pointing fingers at sources that tell me how to make money from this blogging because all of them say about the same thing and their are no results.
  5. They do not find me or my content of any interest. I was hoping to at least make a difference with my blog.

It’s ok to want to make money blogging but don’t sacrifice yourself for it. Needing to make sure I have my eye on the ball before hitting publish. I can go through my posts and re-write them and add to them and even change them.

Blogging For Readers of friends and family

Each person you come into contact with could be good or bad or a mixture of both. I honestly do not like to constantly be around people but enjoy their time now and again. I love at least hearing that people have read and appreciated a part or anything on my blog. During the time I have written.

Frame of mind; realize everybody is different and not everybody is going to like you. Always make sure to include a main image. Don’t use lies and manipulation to get your way. Soon you will be found out as to whether you can be trusted or not.

Make an online community for yourself by collecting links and talking with them about certain things. That are posts related and be honest and true to who you are. Be your own Rockstar and sing to your own tune. Market and Work where you know you fit best.

Writing Great Online Content = would I share this if I didn’t write it. What emotion are you appealing too?! Am I Connecting while teaching and telling them something new they can use for themselves.

Traffic To Get Optimum Views

  1. A Call To Action – ask them to follow, share the post, or download the freebie.
  2. Fill Out Social Media Bios – gain traffic & followers and potential clients.
  3. Bring Hits To Old Posts – creating content takes time & it doesn’t have reinvented try to repurpose the content to get more hits. In the last month or two, I have only gotten about 222 hits.
  4. Foundation for you to create a great place to place your information. 

Take faith in advice while giving it time to grow and mature into something meaningful. As a strategy starts to show positive signs and you dig deeper to prioritize the strategy that is well faithful and has potential. We need promotion of the content; use the 80% Marketing and Distribution of information and 20% the actual information.

Getting Readers Who Really Trust You & Read & Learn From You.

To build a trusting audience and getting your readers to really trust you. You can make a living off blogging as long as you use the proper techniques and strategies. Trust is the key! Be real and transparent builds trust.

Be Personal + Relatable

PLUR! If there’s one thing I don’t regret in life it’s good memories and times with friends I have met and have been around in weird and strange situations. We are in those situations because we put ourselves in them. My boyfriend told me not to work again and put myself in the bad parts of Fort Worth. He cares & so does my parents but right now certain safety measures have to happen. Like this HalfWay home that I am staying in with these other three girls.

Break down walls and build connections with your audience. I want them to feel like they can come to me when they need guidance or questions that need answers. I am not perfect or drinking holy water and I am not afraid to admit to my mistakes. I am also a College Drop-Out!

Don’t try to fake it; people will love you for who you already are. We are learning every day & don’t give up on a bit of tip to make your work better. We need to learn about who you are and what you have to offer. It has to be worth the time and the money. If free content is good then they can imagine how great paid for content is going to be.

Facebook Discussion Boards & Don’t Ignore Your Audience.

Making sure you respond to every comment, email, message, etc. Take the time to acknowledge readers in order to build trust. They will come back to you because you have shown them you value them.

Prove Yourself

There are plenty of people out there that lie about it. Including the one to get your hopes up about “I make $100,000 a month…” or “I receive 100,000 page views. Prove that you are telling the truth & show your stats (I made an A in Stats). Be Reasonable – that much money from blogging is a bit out of this world… Not all the money you make is yours and you have to count expenses and taxes.

Be Consistent With Your Creations

Building Trust through consistency reacting to; how will your audience trust you if you aren’t consistent. Don’t just up and leave and disappear and stop posting daily/weekly/monthly. Don’t let your audience lose trust in you by playing the disappearing trick. The more consistent the more trusted.

Professional Appearance To Your Site

For trust and value in what you say there is a set tone of professionalism that you need in your writing and in your appearance. It has to look like a website that has value.

Keep On Keeping On We Earned Our Stats & Our Family Isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Realize what you truly want from your own life. What your own life means to yourself. God has chosen everyone and we have chosen what our people have requested. I now have 281 people that have read my blog. Not to mention the number of people that have read it in other ways. The big storm hit my aunts place.

You can keep arguing with power but eventually, you have to choose. Politics chooses for you and your reputation means everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have people to people. Though that is not your place to put your pen where your pen put it.

I was taught not to talk about money, dropping names, sex, or politics at the same time. Nurses to Patience what keeps us safe and who are you looking up to? These cops have been seen around all of our work and yes I said this month would be art. I can’t do much art because I am broken hearted I don’t sit on the dish I quickly moved on but I didn’t have to quickly move on from him.

That judging meant to sit around and compare each other’s pain I don’t think they were ready for that. I enjoy the freedom and I don’t think that is or isn’t what I’ve gotten.

How To Grow Your Stats Chart

  1. Acknowledge every click – I was that girl in school who would walk around from table to table and court to court and associate with everyone. I enjoy the same things to today and really dislike the fact we are trapped up in this room so much.
  2. Follow The Rules – There are rules everywhere you go and people feel safe when you know where you are going. Go Stadium? Everything costs something and people cost too.
  3. PageViews = More People getting your message across to more readers. I appreciate every reader.
  4. More clicks to your links = Money
  5. Write longer blog posts – the more content you can provide the better and longer they’ll stay on your page. Thank you for the tip to tip to top of the strengths and weaknesses test. I know that felt weird to you and you did say the word I hate but there’s no beating around the bush to the blatant truth. I’m a debutante and a princess – Kyle’s Princess.
  6. Talk about the latest products, techniques, methods, services, and occurrences. Keep up with trends in technology and fashion.
  7. Headlines – I write that’s what I have dedicated my life too & now things are also being added to me that is a benefit to me and you.
  8. Promotion – I have been on a flyer from a Rave club and I mourn with my fellow friends for the same things. Though I keep working and steady as it goes.

Competing With Tissues God Has Given US – An A Amen!!!

I believe we are all the best at what department we belong in. We are fed from what our habits, traits, personalities, and dreams are. The book was Environmental Science and I was supposed to study it and yes that is still something bothering me till today. If they stated something in this state does it make it a promise? No…

Everything is in databases on the computer and some of it is more useful than another. I hope that what I provide and help people with is made useful to what our end purpose is/was?! FAFSA $ isn’t mine & FEMA & SSDI well their not mine and it’s all the GOV. Dept. What are we booting off well for me it’s a bad attitude so I try not to give it. When their has been disrespect and ungratefulness it’s time to move on.

I believe the only competition is past and present tense in which you have chosen both. We don’t realize how dangerous this competition is until you have listened and questioned the whole earth. Which I have done and They are Doing to me.. 

Normal people don’t get 16-25 year olds saying “Johnna wants my boyfriend” in the middle of church and that’s not why we come to church. I was and I’ll be able to get my reputation back and I have to maintain it myself. Each step is my journey and yes I applied to even that Journeys shoe store at the Arlington Mall. Happy to deal with consequences of my own actions of previous alligations do you see the alligators yet?! I was told to do my work. I take pride in a work hard daily for my career. I have goals.

That In Which We Have Endured

Vehichle accidents, ambulance rides, various hospital visits and stays and at 31 I’m happy to still be here. When I was younger I did have a problem with self hatred though with thanks to the help I got I got Help. Help when you need it and long for it the most. God says He will be the every needing comfort in your time of trouble and that’s the truth.

I have blogged since I was 12 years old and I plan on keeping this one for as long as I possibly can. I finally am happy with one man whose my true love. Trial after Trial of this mess.

It’s not the problem that I have a problem with religion or religion has a problem with science. 

Which is one of the main dishes in our EDU system. We have a right to question what it is… I have a problem with people coming up into my face and approaching me and the ones I care about the wrong way. Knowing your boundaries is and always will be important. 


How To Improve Our Blogs In A Day

How To Improve Our Blogs In A Day

Last month I had 90 visitors and didn’t make a single penny on my blog. Though for this being my first month I wasn’t too heartbroken. Also a lot has been going on with my family, group home situation, and boyfriend. 

I desire to increase my page views and my amount of affiliate revenue. I am in a financial strain right now and need to start making this a full time income. Though I know it will take time and a whole lot of effort on my part. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and with dedication. 

First hopefully we can get past the point of making a blog. I went with namecheap though if you read through pinterest you will find many other host. I was able to afford namecheap that is the main thing. I paid my $50 bill to UTA Collections. I am not planning on going back to school.

Curating Content

We have to start writing our content that is what makes us writers. People read our blogs because we put things that are valuable on our website. I hope so far that my content has been up too par and meaningful to my readers. 

You are known by the quality of your content. 

Traffic Lights

Green means go in SEO and Red means stop. Knowing when to post and where to post makes all the difference. With Social Media Platforming websites like Pinterest & Twitter doing what works well for you works well for your blog. 

Monetization Strategies

My goal is to make $100 by October through ads and affiliated sales. Having goals is a good thing and you have to have the time and mentality to accomplish them. There are five ways to make income with a blog including the list below. Treat your blog like a business and take care of your business everyday no one is going to do it for you.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Products
  • Services
  • Sponsorships
  • Ads

Don’t Give Up

Some blogs don’t make money until the thrid or even seventh month but I am not going to give up. I love to write and it is what I went to school for. 

Why I’m In This Group Home

Why I’m In This Group Home

It was Spring of 2017 my Senior Year at UTA. I had been arrested for robbing a store – Hobby Lobby. Thankfully my record is clean and I am not on the books and am able to get a job.

I spent all Spring Break in Jail. My wallet was missing and I had to get a new Drivers License. You don’t know how documents that your supposed to keep go missing when you’re in a bad situation.


I left home when I was supposed to be going to class. My friend took me to the Arlington Life Shelter where she dropped me and my stuff off. I couldn’t stand school anymore because of some of the people and because of embarassment. 

Arlington Life Shelter

325 West Division St.. Arlington TX

Although there was no where for me to stay inside. I was able to get some clothes and some food from the pantry. While laying on the grass to get some rest. This lasted a few days before I got restless and kept on walkin.

Presbryterian Night Shelter


2400 Cypress St.

I stayed here for a month or so before I got caught shoplifting again at Walmart. I wont touch anybodies stuff or retail without my wallet again. This was my last draw I was also on a lot of things that weren’t good for me.

I stayed in jail a month.

The Group Home

I’ve been in the group home for about a year. I have successfully been paying rent and staying out of trouble for a year now.