Johnna Cathryn Floyd

My name is Johnna Floyd and I am 31 and am a PR and ADVT major. I have spent many days in a class room wanting a rewarding career. I graduated High School from DeRidder High School at the age of 16 after attending Kennedale High School. Then went to McNeese, TCC, UTA, and Texas Wesleyan.

I am part of a long Military BackGround. With fortunately still a clean BackGround check. I had the option to join the military but never the desire. In High School I was in Debate, Varsity Choir, Flag Corp, Marching Band, and active in art classes.

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High School Extracurriculars

At DeRidder High School I was in a Church Band at First Baptist DeRidder which we called “Marching Penguins”. It is none of my business where these guys are now. I was also in First Priority a group I enjoyed very much and still read my Bible as much as I can… through some of the methods we learned. I played JV Soccer and had to stop my SR year. I graduated top 10% of my class & 5th in line.

I graduated when I was 16 and got accepted at McNeese State University where I eventually dropped out because of the Hurricain named Katrina. Including 5 car accidents and now I am diagnosed as PTSD. Which I don’t think is true but deffinitly know my Father has since he has been over seas fighting in war 5 times.

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College and Work

I started working as soon as I went to McNeese which is Lake Charles, LA. I got addicted to the party life and toxins. My first job was flipping burgers at McD’s and to this day Ronald McDonald is my friend. Then it was Casa Ole and our large bags of chips and salsa that was freely provided to us wait staff.

Most of the people I was with then are still around and we are close today. All along the South Boarder. You don’t have to know everything or every detail or try to take every penny. God will have the final say and as a nation we need to understand that even the president isn’t God.

For every action there is an equal or lesser reaction for every decision there is a consequence. I have worked my living tail end off for mostly everything I have ever had. There is no giving up in this game and I am lucky I have found love from those I hold most dear.

After about a year and a half of being out of McNeese where I stayed in my room and continued to work in the small town of DeRidder, LA. The crocodile from McNeese still comes to take a giant bite from time to time. Though lately it has been more about the puff of the Dragon mascot and the pillow I made out of the old school T-Shirt.

I had a Dorm Room and spent a lot on toxins and coffee…
I have spent about three years on the streets off and on through my life since I was 18.


Texas Heat

I started working at Target when I moved here as a cashier after my parents found a house in a round table street. I worked there for about a year and enjoyed it. There is more gossip than any of us really care to hear about and we don’t need it tormenting our working Brains like this every again.

After Target I worked at Joey’s Pizza shop with a good guitar playing friend of mine. I started attending TCC Texas College of Champions. and taking any class I pretty much wanted too. I have enough to get my Associates in Arts and be an Art Teacher but I didn’t want my Education to stop there.

I’ve taken Art Appreciation, Arch History, Interior Design, Creative Writing, and Drawing & Painting. College is a long road and no it isn’t ANYONE’S job to pay for it besides yourself. How dare you look through these things outside of your family and ask.

I have worked two strong Marketing Jobs at Impact and AT&T. I have taken Stats and also Econ. Most of my days I am a porch monkey and smoke my cigarettes MY and write millions of notes in a notebook and listen to any and everything. While being grateful for the hard work of other people and always willing to lend a helping hand. Though it is depending on what kind of help they really need.

More College

I’ve also gotten to the end of my Junior year and the start of my Senior year in college at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Public Relations and Advertising as a double major. Hopefully one day I will complete college. Dropped out due to being sick and running into the law.

I am hoping I can start to make an income through running and sharing my thoughts and insights with you. I have been blogging since Jr. High about the age of 13.

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