Who are helping vs. hurting?!

I didn’t call my son yesterday on His birthday. I am hoping my family is not gone forever as my father has said. I have messed up a lot during life; as so many of us do!

The truth is Truancy is no normal feeling or is it a simple crime. Knowing when you’re not wanted around is one of the hardest things some people will even have to face. We need to take the time to look around us and realize that is more or less often than we wish in our hearts.

Thank You For Commenting:

I Am Thankful For All 789 Comments – Who are posting with a high rate of commision on their own terms and respectful workers and upper handed people to get and give comments to and from.

In Which I will always be grateful and benefit from.

My Happy Planner Stickers of Faith; came in and I decorated my Journalism Bible some more. As well as my Smart Watch; which is not staying on my wrist as I would like but is still a good watch overall.

To be taken out of school; as well as hard times with the folks. These two years have taught me life lessons I will never forget. I think life lessons are things that should cost more than college tuition. Though I should never have told my Dad I needed to learn them myself at the age of 16; when I graduated.

Focusing On Trafficking Rate

I have the faith that; I will eventually graduate College; one of these days. Even if that is a long way away. I am already in a lot of Financial loans; reading up on articles to find the right path. When the right path in life is God Alone!

The Gypsy Notebook

They said I had a wedding but I can’t remember. Each one of us here mostly at the Center and even on the Streets haven’t and hoping wouldn’t ask for what these Sorority Death Row Sisters have asked for. No Beyonce & House Mom; I/We still can’t afford your tooth aches.

They said I had a Husband but I don’t remember. This is less fortunate than 50 First Dates with two of our favorite stars. The truth is really down to you; and I believe everyone is too their own opinion. I mean you wouldn’t just go up to someones face and do the imaginable. Or is that hoping for too much?!

I have been needing to find out what is mean; for what Reason. I am not as strong as I was when I was in my young teenage self. One of my Goals this year is too be Goal -E. I don’t need to sit here complain about my son and be unhappy because my family doesn’t want me around. I have my roommates to me; as well as the Haufbraughs T-shirt with a lot of Ribbed up Problems to sit and serve while still having fun. Then ask if the manager would like you video taping on your flashy little camera phone… These waitresses as they go close to death because of the people they surround themselves with. Not only are we “Intervention” I don’t think trillions of people are getting the help they are needing.

In my earlier Blogs; lifeasacollegemom.net to missing-alias.net I explored the sums of money that has come out of my personal; Hey! Wait Walmart’s Target hit my pocket to SSI and I am happy with whatever my cards have been dealt. Now I have to deal with them.

I need and want to make money but what I have been pin pointed too is; well that’s illegal and quite enough of your mouth to a PR and ADVT. In Order to talk to the people we need to and try to sell what we need to. Which is funny I’ve been asked to serve Alchi and ETC.; While so has my man and main Man so….

I spent that entire $100 on some of the coolest things I’ve wanted all year that I couldn’t afford. While I am happy for the Lord and My own Mannerisms have been there to guide my Spirit. In which my mothers book that she handed me is a nice present and it’s a Bible Study on Exodus – In which we learn about love. A nice way to tell me I’m not too loving.

I would like to be working though after you have seen that at your Register & Walking behind you at work. You would have the same problem – 2019 Goals – Any Ideas?

Happy Birthday Brandon!!! – 5 Years


That’s MINE “not” your Nothing

Remember the old days of silence and Spark Notes. Now I am not saying anything upsetting don’t you just sit there and do your homeword?! I don’t think that’s even cute for a Princess to do? Who’s Her Name??? With the Biggest Problem??? I’ll tell you it’s my Sons Birthday tomorrow & Oh! I have worked Hard not to be in a Lifetime movie. To want to call my family back right now would be stupid of me.

I told you to stop talking a long time ago. You couldn’t stand watching a mean boss. I couldn’t stand my Pricetaged Eyes from working for several years. They show me more than I really would like to know. Until my teeth became a problem too. These Gifts – Then Great Something I is either blessed or cursed with.

I have gotten rid of my sisters and they can live whatever lifes they want. I love my Talented Mom who is also My Son’s Mom. Though now its my turn to say “I will not put up with This!”

Anyways now we’re done with this Holiday – I don’t think Money is going to be used on junk in the trunk anymore. Nor is my Jealousy as Greedy as theirs. Thank you for Acknowledging me all companies who have given me support along a long journey.

I wish only the Best to Brandon for I am his Mother of some sorts; maybe like Mary?! Jesus is the reason of the season and with this storm overhead and all these women talking nasty things the situation of the analysis. I wouldn’t need or want to be the problem.

I didn’t realize it was going to be this much of a campus disaster. As I walk away and help provide for people that needed it. This Half Way Home is not my fault either + neither do I need to answer that phone.

Merry Christ-Mas

I owe an explanation as to what happened between my son and I. Now left with $38 due to my own desires and wishlist. While most of my people are walking around with a Witness list and Undiscovered Artifacts.

JUUL from Ebay $30

I’m needing to give what Tickets?!
Am I even your prideful of your business…
As you kick me out of Town to Town

Battle of who can be meaner. Those pictures of those “Skanks” – That I’m just not ready for. Meanwhile; I am needing more schooling. 8 more classes to be exact. To tell you what I can and can’t afford anymore is not a nice question to either one of us.

$14 Smart Watch from Ebay : Out Of Stock

I didn’t try to argue when I went home to be with “Son”! Which is not just; I know what your thinking… My Son, What you have done is Irreplaceable!

I don’t appologize for the dusting but I also don’t appologize for the sorted out fabuloso cleaned toilets. As I leave asking; this time Begging was unfathomable. My mom took me back to the Group Home & I am missing “Son”‘s Birthday. So Merry Christmas – I am not the HO HO HO + neither are any of my roommates.

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done in your relationship? If you say ships I wonder if “Sail” will continue to complain. As to why I haven’t stood up proudly to my Sponsors. I love each one of these comments and they are helping me. The number one thing I learned at My Dad’s house is I’m not wanted around. So Today; Merry Christmas & It’s almost new years lets bring it out as a resolute scroll, not resolute disgrace.

Christmas ghost of past and future!!!!


Today Is Christmas

One of the coolest, sickest, and Cert-An-LY not doing again things I have done is touching other peoples stuff. I’m hoping the cat doesn’t cough up that lizards gift of teaching our Biology filled minds about wanting something that doesn’t even need to belong to them. Brandon Christmas is about Jesus; which I think you’ll get more Than Jesus was even having than most people. Be way more grateful than your mother has ever been!

Though Jesus definitely wanted to give us almost every chance in the world a time to follow him to the promise land. We decide to be faithful; I have decided each relationships point and I’m lucky he hasn’t dropped me. Do we get that tempted to do that touching around Christmas because it sure wouldn’t be fun being locked in Tarrant County for Christmas. Last year when my heart and my mind got that carried away I got locked up 3 times. Me I’m never doing it again.

“PaPa Kurt – I don’t want to go fishing when my mother can’t go!” – Johnna Floyd

Dropped me offs, about what he’s done, while we talk and we don’t get angry at each other about being clingy which we both don’t like – Kyle Brattin… I love you! At least as an adult and as I grow and develop; I want my life to be filled with more love and devotion to only things that are of importance.

Is that something to be that proud and boasting about?! We’ll the Kardashians aren’t and my three roommates are definitely wanting to stay on that channel. Mrs. Charnel your parties are some of the best I’ve ever been too; are they all good ones. Yes until the yule tide carol gets hurt.


Johnna Floyd

Earned this leave !!! Tomorrow I go home to Mi Padre and MaMa to Christmas.

Thank you for everyone who is giving me comments and encouraging words. No longer is this a hard time for me! Simply to hear from y’all is a blessing and I don’t mean to bother my friends, associates, or people. Though whoever starts a fight like this is a bigger nuisance than even Brandy is.

You can say what you want about us we are different and definitely no running a sayance or an insane asylum as big as our Dear Brother Boosie! We appreciate those who have gone before us. For even I didn’t get around to wanting to do an Advent but I sure want that Adventure. Marching Penguins which we changed seats quickly and a lot – we were able too! We went to the Grand Canyon. We also went To Hollywood.

What are you wishing and hoping for?!
I don’t think my friend Larry is just sitting out there all the time doing nothing. What you think that’s talent. We All Got Talent – Jordan Is Sick is what he is! Do I like people wanting my vehicle, and my GPS system, or that many minutes on a cell phone. Which they don’t need to be looking into a hospital giving names and phone numbers to trick or treat. I love holidays and what we did is really neither one.

Do I even like to call or talk; and to do what I helped him with would hurt other families. So get what separated and big time. First of all we are mostly the older generations students those who try to give credit to those who went before us we are to learn from. Even if it is violence.

Give it another try Johnna; to go back to school. I am so glad and fortunate for everyday. Especially today; at the center I got to make a cool ornament and I was able to get a very expensive pair of slippers from our Boss. Jordan – Never want you back but left your Bible at the School. So If you See Jordan… Give families like his a very blessed Christmas.

Group Homed Up and More Blessed Than Ever!

Especially Tomorrow I am able to go to my Dad’s house and My Dear Dad has asked me to be a good mother and be sweet to my son. Please do not argue around a single mothers problems for the most part. While developing a perspective on each Step by Step.

Seems More Like Christmas & Less Like Outercourse

I thought I called you Doc for a reason; but no it just slipped out of my mouth. See as to what my younger sisters been doing is, what’s better? Are we competing? Are you watching Black Ink Crew?

With pen in hand and pen pointed every little Christmas light we saw…?

I never seen some of the worst personal problems than I have on these torn jeans of this nurse. Mill-woods not my home; every-time they look at me as I fight to complete a goal; they don’t have to look sick to me.

Most of the time in this group home and even around my parents home!
I was trying to be silent and still and be with my child. Now I have last year been to prison three times for touching stuff; and on the streets getting messed with; and wanted go to one of the most expensive schools. I definitely didn’t hit up Tech; to that I’m proud of.

What those are our weaknesses; there’s nothing that wrong to admit what we needed too. If they got offended then; well mostly I’ve gotten help from my scientific minded boyfriend and soon husband. If it was our younger days; and me and you sitting around in our nice outfits; with a sketchbook.

Moral : I didn’t listen to in college especially other peoples problems and that’s why their upset. I’ve read these books plenty of times and they’ve entered what we thought!!! They we’re where for what we bought! I’m needy to whose pockets – tell me What’s Pockets?!

Scared About Christmas

I really don’t know your dang problem girl?!
As I sat at a metal table and wanted a boy?!

Or is it both?! Did we have a problem with both as we exploded into the number one problem in the country…
Then why did that person get a bit, everyone knows that isn’t a bit, jealous…
That’s everything jealous _ _ _

With my friends and I with Cigarettes and you wanting more and more information from me.

A variety of USD (United States Dollar) bills

Looking back at me am I happy I went to college and spent well have to keep spending tons on my tuition reimbursement.


Which all I’m gonna give you is info not messed up Gossip. I wonder as I wonder…

In order to go back to square one … Johnna – My Name!


What kinda work have you done – to get off it?!
Tricker MC Trick-Stirs!!! Witches like you that we work and we don’t make no Mula!!!
She definitly wasn’t looking forward to going back to collage this year! After all that work came down and toured around… Her Junior mints box.

My Handsome Boyfriend is that serious about what he does so why would I want lots from him and take up all him time? – I Wouldn’t

MErry MuthaFreakin Christmas – ya’ll cost a gillion of guzzlin penny problems.

What’d my Boss of a Professional – Dr. Ink get to say if I wanted to be a teachers assistant.


I said wash it not necessarily watch it!

Wow no one wanted to come to your Christmas Party… She looked at the churches at the three brown hair versus blonde hair girls party. As the two of them other ones we get mad at competing. For they needed to make the decorations, the play writing, and even the hanging up the lights.

One complained about being the Girly figure all her friends depended on. While they both evaporating each others Amigos. Esp. Ask my Amigos if they like totally down for selling Iquitos and that make us shun tons.

Even Lindsey well both of them; asked me the problem a pen point. Mrs. Jefferson I don’t get a direct an answer and I just well I just thoughts what they need to sit around and apologize. A Christmas present I handed you that was plaited out pens and pencils.

Especially when the tree decorating; on other days isn’t it your white dress straight out of jail. Which is unfortunately where these two girl friends are going to have to go. Ask AK If We Still went to her party.


@UTA there are two parties to go too…
What one of my old schools would I like to visit? UTA
Which teacher has power more power than the other is the question we need to pen point…!

I should have a “day” & “said” I’m not down!

Today at the center I helped pick up liter from The Center!!!
Though as I nearthern to Christmas or as we all northern to Christmas we getting angry or are we getting upset. Oh why can’t we just all be happy & my parents told me I’ll never be happy.

For a long time since 16 to about 25 which they probably wished that this was lies and manipulation instead of what it actually is. No one gets that “Giddy Up And Go” and that much giddiess off them do they.

Where we wanted to listen; well I wanted to sing Christmas Carols and enjoy this place all to myself would be quite a problem wouldn’t it. In which I have heard my three roommates. Though for me in the last week I have blown up 1,000 times & gotten mad at people. Dissed my boyfriend – hoping I don’t lose him! Already messed up and got even my stuff jacked as lovely girls fill his lap to get tattoos with even my 5ml of tattoo ink.

Check out the store GEEK on your cell phone it’s cheaper and has quality.
The gifts are ready to go though unfortunately I’ll be here for another week. While I can forget about this weekend to visit my parents. Though when I could every weekend I wanted to go to the club instead which one well mostly Afterlife and then after Insomnia. For that is where me and my boyfriend are saying we fell in love. A wedding no I said Shotgun Wedding…