God Will Bless This Holiday Season

There are tons of ways to enjoy yourself; but there are tons of things I would rather be doing than being sick with this horrible cough. Watching Kardashians in our room with the roommates. After another long day of being at The Center. I hope my family and I get to spend a good amount of time together this holiday season.

Ready to have a positive balance in my bank account and able to buy Brandon’s Christmas and Birthday present. Monday is payday; and UTA isn’t taking the $50 out and I stopped Acorns. I got accepted to the mygreatlakes repayment plan so each monthly payment should be $0 for a while.

My laundry is still drying in the dryer. It’s nice to have a way to have nice clean clothes and the shower I was able to take about 2AM this morning due to being sick. Today I’d like to share with you some of what Big Ministries and my Bible Study has taught us.



Everyday we need to encourage ourselves and others to live to the best of our abilities. The Bible is the instruction book to life. It’s a sin to worry and we are too want for nothing. God is enough and is our great provider and it is all too his glory! “He always knows what we need; before we need it!”

We need to try to be soul saving… Evil hearted people only want lust and the pride of life. Desire for junk and materialism is one thing I am really trying to do my best at. I don’t want to get caught up in much of the worldly lifestyle again. We are renewed by the Holy Spirit! He gives us character and shows us how to communicate. 

Hold on and he’ll turn the situation around.
God already knows what is going to happen.

Why We Always Need Gods Grace

To do the best in life we have to learn how to balance life. Life is directed and affected by many things. The environment, our decisions, and our education. Most importantly transforming grace is directed by God. In His loving kindness towards us. We will never gain eternity by what WE are or do.

What’s In My Bags & Carry On

I have been carrying my pink Cabela’s small duffel bag since last weekend when my Dad bought it. I am grateful to have a Dad that helps me out a lot. I am trying to keep my stuff as organized as possible and keep my things neat and orderly.

I have my black back pack, my black duffle bag, and my black carrier.

In my Pink Cabellas Duffel Bag

Top Pouch:

  • JUUL – I have Mango cartridges and have a charger in there; with my JUUL Charger that I had to buy seperately online from Ebay. Though mine doesn’t always smoke. I still have fun using it.
  • Cotton Candy Body Spray – clowns!
  • Pens, Sharpies, and Dry Erase Marker
  • Glitter and Jewels and Glue Sticks

Right Zipper Pouch:

  • Deck Of Cards
  • TI Pink Calculator
  • Scissors
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mini Ash Tray
  • Mini Glass Spoon

Left Zipper Pouch:

  • Sewing Kit
  • Flash Light
  • Hemp Lotion


Front Pouch:

  • Small Bottles of Essense
  • Tampons
  • Brush
  • Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cocunut Oil, and Olive Oil
  • Razor
  • Deoderant
  • Crest Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Fixodent & Poligrip for my dentures
  • An old tic tac box full of hair bands

Inside Front Pouch (Where I Keep My Make-Up)

  • Concealer Kit
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow
  • Benefit California Blush
  • Contour Palette
  • L’oreal True Match Concealer
  • Dior Lipgloss
  • Eyeliner & Mascara
  • Brow Gel

Black Friday & Budgetting

My Dad got me a pink cabelas small duffle bag last weekend when we went to Cabelas. So that was my gift for Black Friday. They are still in Mississippi and I’m sicker than a dog. With a deep congested cough and runny nose. I need to get a hold of my Medicare and find a DR. Lucky to have insurance at the moment. 

This month I have hit my low bank account balance of -$31 by trying to use Acorns. I am however being resourceful and creative with the things I have bought or have been handed in the last two years. Oe of the hardest things for me ever to do is to be financially independent. Without depending too much on another person.

Budgetting In Survival Mode

Money is concrete and turning finances around is pretty simple. Caused problems; the more self-discipline is needed to make better habits and decisions. Know anserws to two questions… What Happened? & Why a I in this financial mess? The main objective is too live on less than you make for a long period of time. 

Starting in January I am going to open a savings account: I have had one before using the company ING Direct. Though I had drained the account when I got kicked out of my parents house. Extra money goes towards building the small emergency fund. My goal is too have $500 saved up. 

Knowing exactly what my income is and where it comes from. Not just income from work but also accounts for it all. To make sure every cent earned works to its advantage. The better hold on finances and nothing will come as a surprise.

Knowing all expenses when they are due and having less nasty surprises. Be organized & know what is due when. 

Live Below Your Means: don’t live on credit and don’t purchase anything above means. An appearance of wealth and knowing you don’t deserve it. I am lucky for the amount of time I have been able to live off of SSI and my health care. 

Pay off your most expensive debts first; know how much debt are casting you and what pays the expensive things first and evaluate debts which works out the most costly and eliminates first. Head towards Financial Freedom.

Invest in yourself


Making Money Blogging 

Providing value and building trust by providing value to readers by providing quality and honest information. In the coming year I plan on really building upon this website and starting to make an income from it. I have read endless pieces over the topic. In which I keep notes about it in journals and notebooks. This has been a goal for the last 3 years.

Having The Passion; I have to find passion within myself to finding what makes me happy… In blogging and in life and in family. 


Blogging A Way To Make Income

Blogging A Way To Make Income

This six months… Yes justly-found.faith will have met the 6 month mark by the end of the month. Although; I have yet to really see any results and I am still going to keep trying and sticking with it. I really do need to start making some income from it. Though I think this month I have not taken it as seriously as I need too. 

I need to be making somewhere between $100 to $1000 a month blogging. While theirs so many success stories. I’m hoping with the help from our Dear Lord – I will become one of the successful ones.

Blogging is not just an easy way to make money! 

  • It’s not instant “Instant Oatmeal” & Takes Patience 
  • Love for the world – outside of myself
  • To be done consistently
  • Money can be made blogging from the following sources; Personal, Affiliate, Personal Products, or Services. and even Sponsored Posts. 

Getting Income = Getting Traffic

Traffic comes first; and the more visitors brought in the better. My goal needs to be 100 page views a day though I know that will take a good amount of time. 

SEO is important but don’t waaste time! A-Z science of providing the quality of content and marketing. 

Managing & Developing
– Make sure to use the right topic
– Have a gathering place where you can talk to others who enjoy the topic
– Find the biggest problem and work on finding a solution

Build Reputation, Credibility, & Relationships…

Have The Right Strategies In Place & A Strong Passion

Make sure everything is setting on a Firm Foundation just like our hearts need to be with the Lord. You have to have the desire and drive to do all the work that is necessary. Without passion it feels worthless and easy to give up on. Ask yourself if it’s; fun? enjoyable? a want to? Also write in a way that others would want to read everything you have written. 

When priorities change you have to realign your blog and it’s mission. In order to build trust and provide value during the changing times. Providing quality and honest information to readers through honesty while staying relevant to the topics. 

Connect With Others 

Creating relationships with other bloggers and slowly growing an online community is something that every blogger needs to do. Even when you don’t feel like it be productive and proactive. Reach out to others and comment on their blog. Tell them what you like. 

Thanksgiving & Thoughtful Thinking

It isn’t so much as what is lost as too what is gained. In life nothing is going to be “Perfect” though you have to learn to deal with life “the best” you can. I haven’t been to Mississippi with my Family to see my Grandmother in over 3 years. Dad and the rest of the family drove out there yesterday to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with the family out in Mississippi.

This will be the second Thanksgiving I have spent at Mrs. Charnells group home. The environment is different than what I am used too. Though this time last year I wasn’t going to “The Adult Day Care Center” with my roommates. This year it has been nice having the roommates I have and is a new experience for me. 

This Year I’m Thankful For

  1. My Roommates
  2. Having a bed and a room to stay in 
  3. My God and my quiet time and moments I can get to myself
  4. My family even though we aren’t together like we used to be
  5. Having my needs provided for 
  6. My boyfriend 
  7. Health Insurance
  8. This blog and being able to know how to connect socially through PR and ADVT
  9. Looking at the chance to finish my Degree
  10. The Godly women who we have to look up too for guidance

Thoughtful Thinking

  1. Take care of yourself first before you can take care of others
  2. Know what needs to be done and the right way to do it
  3. Only get nosey to your own business
  4. Don’t look too much into another persons life
  5. Keep hanging on to the dream you already have and never give up
  6. Life gets expensive though know in your heart you’ll make it
  7. God will direct your step but you have to be patient and know how to listen to Him
  8. Know when to step back from your family and not try to live through them
  9. Arguing is not worth it; things will pass you just have to let them
  10. Take care of yourself; this season two words Hygge and Self-Care

It’s better to work on what you’ve already been given; than try to take on other things and try to be more helpful than you can really be.

This site really needs some work and the work I have put in is still not enough to make me really satisfied with the results. I know there can be positive outcomes of working this kind of media online and heading toward my goal of Graduation in Mass Communications. Things don’t happen over night and their not going too. It really is no ones problem but my own and I have to have the determination to make things happen for myself and my family. 

For the most part; I have done a good job at not making promises. 
I don’t try to get too involved because I don’t have time to sit around and be that hurt by things like I used too. I wasted a lot of time in my 20s trying to drown my pain from that kind of life. In which; I let a lot of people try to take advantage and control my life. Be yourself and let your true colors shine. The only one it matters too should be yourself and God. Be thankful; for everyone who is involved in your life and accept them as they are. Don’t be prideful or hurtful just because of bumping heads at times. 





What Do You Have To Learn About Here?!

“Tell me your someone else & I’ll all fall apart…” – Band Unknown unless quick a friend tells me. A friend from my past or pasture would be nice but this S.B. doesn’t sound like something I need.

In the most part of my 125 entries which I need to go back through and edit to make more meaningful. I hope my blog never gets abducted like lifeasacollegemom.net did though it takes more than just a website, a host, and a lot of words. 

It takes drive, a bunch of people, and daily motivation to get your message across. More promotion on this stuff would be great. It’s an almost life long dream to get truly caught up on Emails.

My Main Mans going to; Texas Art Institute which all we have both said is you don’t need Mine! He has stated and he is already my star since the age of about 13 an interest in Production. In which I took last Spring 2017 and made a B in Behavior and need to pick it up again. That creativity hits you like a pound of bricks when it does. 

That is one of my favorite books; yes college text books aren’t cheap and no I have the ones I have wanted to give and take away for a reason. Dad please don’t let them in that room. Unfortunately if it comes down to it… I wish I did have somewhere to lay my head.

The group home has for the most part been worth it; just to get off the streets. Which I roamed starting Lake Charles at 16 – Dallas at 18 – Fort Worth at 24 & again at 29. An inventation to join Womens ministry – So going where I “Am Called”…

FAFSA & My Course Route

I am still in need of paying back the debt I owe to UTA; in which I owe almost $3,000. If my parents could help me right now that would be great. I put in for a Debt Driven Repayment Plan – Pay As You Earn. Hoping to get almost 240 months with a rate of $0. Which will give me time to get a job; hopefully a good job. Finish the rest of my classes.



In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

Life isn’t always fun and games in which it is very seldomly. Of which you can’t take much of recourse especially in your own financial troubles. I am known for what I have said, helped, and typed since I was 12. Hoping forever my words of my own will stay.

Which they need to give credit where credit is due and no longer does it come from the childish facebook. In fact I am not someone who is going to put up with it or be able too any longer. I know how to stand on “IT” and not be “IT” – Whatever… SweetTea you are that problem. Especially on the streets. Insert name calling here…

This morning I called #UTA in order to stop the $50 payment in which it has taken out and needs to take out for almost all following years till 2023. In which my #jetpack part of the system has been messed with. That or still there are so many lies that feels like even John Mayer would probably hurt me. I am not a Doctor & most of us #NeverEver wanted to be followed by some of this tragic stuff in the first place especially by Mrs./Ms. Jackson.

It’s an easy trap in which to fall into & I have put my hand on the Bible and refused to let or allow myself to even be around this temptation. It is first a hate crime and I am really not trying to be racist though how I fought in the first place was or wasn’t fair. I am not innocent but I will do anything to keep MY OWN #record clean.

I am in charge of farthering my education to a complete degree. I already owe close to $17,000. While all you are actually asking is whether or not I have my last petty little cigarette and wether or not you can have it.

This world has never been free & I don’t know if anyone has any means to which these people would believe it would be. In order to sit in here all day at “Golden Choice Adult Day Care” people are saying we have to pay. I don’t know what exactly since everyone in my group except for Brandy is under 40 years old and we are already supposed to be taking care of our own. 

I wish I could be as beautiful as that woman you only held me at one night stands. I got pregnant and I’m hoping not too lose my son. No when I started this blog I never promised it would be “BubbleGum & Pop”. I have for the most part matured through writing and till this day it’ll come down to my AP scores on Lit test from long ago. 

For the most part I have been in almost every clinical lock down hospital in the tri-county area. It’s almost Thanksgiving and what did I get my happy ass into again. Another debt and trial by error in which probably only once have I truely broken down to a “Brother” J2J and Cried “Wolf”! Even -$80 in debt is a big deal for me and getting my name on the FAFSA list is a big deal for me to finish this degree and then get a career. 

When are they going to fullfill their what well for me they only felt like wishes. This world is not fair & mostly I’m ready God to simply Go home. God that isn’t simply. 

I am only 31 and also a woman I know and by now after several times of going through the same thing. I know without a shadow of a doubt it is something not to intervine or intertwine with in and to; until people want us too. I forever to this day run into constant pocket changed problems. Maybe it’s time for us just too get past it. I really thought I liked you…




Art I Call Don’t Costly

HEY Your Mouth Pissed Me Off : Just to walk up to it…
Sister Christian Called = YOU!!!
Might have been a cigarette at the wrong time.

Walking By the What?! Spirit – Man I hope their American Spirits…
I never meant to be that person with that problem! I am not GAME Me No Game Boy In Hand – Don’t Reach For Trove.

To Congretation Around you to Vehichular Homicide…
Why It happened to me and I lived ” Thank God “
It was hard enough to leave the damn place?!

Filled out my MY my OWN own FAFSA <3
Information – s – What? Water? 
Innovative to the PIG<S$> Laundry …

They don’t let you keep your own records at this Facility! Are you going to argue! A Risk Are These People… My issue isn’t your issue…

Woke up and I’m Still In Love

This isn’t a joke there is a million times a million people in the world. Each of us needing and wanting. I graduated #5 in my class and I am under suspicious behavior for what they even stated conspiracies. No Doc Doc Docter lets get down to business.

How I spent my money is and most importantly is only according to what I want. Don’t forget my son and some roommates and friends I would like to treat. Though there is no money left is the real truth.

You have no right to pin point your PISS on me or take that out on me. For my insurance card, my rights, or even my old box of pens. In which was entrusted to me last Christmas. We know any step in the wrong direction will send us to jail. Where I didn’t get money on the books and every penny taken from me. 

They are lazy and don’t need anything and I’m not trying to complain especially towards schools. I feel regretful though I am still trying to pace myself and hoping to be able to go back to finish the 8 classes I have left. Although it might be safer to change schools all together. While debt races and relays my mind.

They all know it and I know it and I don’t need or have to listen to that but unfortunatley if that’s what God wants. Then so be it.

Last night I got hungry and I was hoping this blog would have fed me a little more. Though even today my dad had to get on to me for asking for underwear. Yeah! I am getting stuff misplaced but I could turn around and it all be gone in a matter of secounds.

We went to college, we did our work, and maybe I am around the wrong settings, and wrong center in the first place. As role models before me I am hoping they know and understand where I am coming from. Mostly work isn’t even safe anymore.  

Which I have given the Lord my talent which he has given me. In order to create and help a world less fortunate than myself. For the most part if you have gotten 19 years of work and larger paychecks and playing Big Banks with this paper work. As I have seen and also respected especially the privacy of these co-workers. Yea Haw what B* Texas got Work Enforcement Laws.

No you know your gross this will only be the second time I have had to blackmail on this. Then yeah lets go to Albatraze and really settle it the way it’s supposed to be settled. I am not afraid to fight for my RIGHTS. KYLE I’ll always love you & if thats what – gossiping is… I was never big or in on it.

Now is the time to grow up. To be a Woman & if I die for my lifes works and what my heart wanted. Then so be it.

Gutten Morgan Tu Gutten Nacht

I’ve had mental disorders all my life and here I too; sit here comparing a 16 year old selfie to a 31 year old maiden. I do not know what has been stolen; in my own mind. It could be beautiful or not as far as I pretrieve it that way. Regardless it has needed socio and economic help since I was 12. For my degree I have sat and fought for each little penny of it. While in return I will sit and fight for each little penny to pay it back.

No, your right most women do not get the same answer and question to a pageant, or recital dinner, or a gala. Which were the events in which clubs like the AAF were leading “US” into. That rival couldn’t handle it; I wish she would go ahead and admit it. Even movie tickets and seats became difficult and un-wanted times for us. Especially as me and my son entered and exited the bathroom.

That is even why they told Me in My College Classes “There is a copy editor though unfortunately you <whoever You were – were too busy talking that I couldn’t talk to my professor.> Maybe it is unfortunate too me that everything in the city takes too long to really get too. A bus pass at and in the wrong parts of the town will get you into some of the worse drama filled times of your life. $2 for cigars or a bus ticket… Some of us, I wonder how far we would get… “The Outsiders”

We took a bet and unfortunately I am noticing what they are betting on. I’m already too far into this that I can’t stop now. This has been almost a year and a half at the group home. Time spent on the streets of Downtown Ft. Worth and no I am not forgetting. Running from Rape, Running from my own personal anger, and Running from the power of the evil disguise of men.

Bands like TKO & Le Tigre will forever be a favorite band of mine. Simply for the thought that Independent music for the most part just walks off from even their own stuff and unfortunately their own rape and are ok. It hurts and stings for a bit though we get over it. I have stayed pure and my body feels clean and I have been for the most part clean for a year now.

Be fortunate because we are not all safe all the time. We don’t need to be drawn to those evil thoughts in the first place. While I can’t even find your blog sweetheart & what that woman came up too me saying was quit illegal and not quiet like our Nurses <Really or Reality> Want/s. 

The center in which we have to go to each day is not the place to do that. I don’t care if your in front of it or behind it. Even in front of or behind a door. Around 7AM I was asked “Do “you” want my <prost.> to beat you up?!” Which is leading me and for the most part always has to fighting and learning more about the criminal system. A world known problem and a simple solution it’s illegal and no I’m hoping it doesn’t get a chance to. 

I wish there was a way of taking each document I <I> have written since I was 12 and turning them into some form of scholarship. I wish you’d wake up; this work isn’t yours. Meanwhile; that isn’t even your name.

I have had the same ghost enter and exit my mouth and dreams and interupting my father daughter and mother son time long enough. The idea of love is fun and fun to keep in mind. Though I know how big of a mind game it is <Kuzz Baby> that’s no Joke. I don’t know your path and neither do you know mine. Which is the MINE & MINER in the first place. You can’t play me like a fool. Dear Aunt Susan? If it continues to say it is my Boyfriend and etc. Does It – Maybe it’s time to have a real sit down. I thought even I got time with Family. 

I don’t need to hostile knowing for the most part it only ends in hospice. I am not touching other peoples stuff in the first place. While I am most defenitly not as to why do those cops press closer and closer as they try to get what kind of closure.

I came up with a Tag Line <Dr. Owens – Whose Down In Whose Ville> “You Aren’t Staying Here Forever.” – For – Forever 21. They won’t get to look that way & I’m hoping nurses have that anserw do they get Bipolar disorder surroundings have taught me things I needed and I needed that class <ENVR> Meanwhile students well… People well… I can’t blame them.

Agg Town does know that “No matter what SHE isn’t in Charge!” Which is the reason I ran and I don’t plan on it anymore. I don’t want to run and I don’t find these three really that close of friends. Mostly women from the “Streets” are my friends Because of PR Position I have created for myself. If your reading this and have thought this is your work or it belongs too you it is highly copywritten and every note in it is personal and I will prevail.

Energy that surrounds me! I got one of my favorite meals well two of my favorite meals. Lunch – Chicken Fried Steak & Dinner – Spaghetti. Trust me no one is fulling or fooling anyone. For most of us it is time to grow up. To sit at that table the right way. If it argues well…

Found My Faith In A New Home

No it’s inappropriate to go into a house and do that to anyone. It’s also illegal and highly frowned on to the point of… We’ve agreed I can’t go back home. In fact, I don’t even feel right going back home. This #man says he loves me & He’s my husband… I am not going to argue and say anything against it. This Capture the Flag does go a bit far but I … <No Comment>.

I have only $20 to live off of for the rest of the month. If this romantic stuff is supposed to come true I would be making what we had for dinner multiple times a night and set it by fire light to ease your heart breaking because of me. You have said things like I have drained your heart, dotted your needles, and other sweet things that hit me the right way. 

I didn’t want the same things you didn’t want.

My friend(s) have been adding change into the ash tray I have hand designed myself. Today I bought myself a Bai which has become my favorite drink. 

I bumped into a woman who recognized me as The Woman At The Well I’ll keep her name #anonymous brother <Where Aren’t Thou> remember the graduating class from DeRidder to Kennedale & back especially the back woods of the Tale of a Huntsman <So their you go UTA + Dr. Ingram & Dr. Ink> ? Can We Hear A Rap Battle Between You Two?

I remember sitting in the JAIL esp. TARRANT cell on the bottom or secound floor where I wrote with a stubby pencil and paper I really didn’t and couldn’t afford in jail in the first place. I’ll never return to Shop or Shop esp. Lifting again. Thanks I don’t NEED & I loved that JOB @ TARGET & WALMART!

Prayer to my God – The right anserw and only the right anserw. I’m not praying other peoples prayers for them isn’t that what you told me #Anonymously. That was supposed to be freedom of speech which never to be taken away. I mean each and every lego?! Brandon thats like looking at your momma & her layouts and looking at every color…

We All “Sail” On ….