BreakDown To BreakThrough

Evacuate the premises you evacuate and when you fall in love is it because you have a choice. In which I love him till his screws are loose. Thankful for every drop of water. Health Books.

Working Out – The game is keeping up with your friends and re-reigning your rightful place and attitude. The Spring really sets me up for some of the biggest failures I’ve ever made. My King told me on Feb 17 on the day I dropped out of school UTA again that He was going to be Sea Captain. He already worked the field at The AT&T Stadium but that’s not why I love him. 

Even I can get my own money. I have a notebook in which Ramsey was only looking for for himself. Do we trust this trump card because I don’t trust that trumpet or that party. Like touched and looked into a truch that was parked or a room or a dorm that was bought.

Blamed To Book & Brought To The Bookstore @ UTA – Ask’n? Sure are stepping and tip toe to and around the bush. Real Rules Here in America. We keep our own productivity, motivation, and happiness. You got me in trap to trap but I have gotten out. I don’t have to listen to it anymore. Do?! Leave me alone. Bugged Out Week – Be A Stripper!

Don’t mess with it if it isn’t yours and if it isn’t hand it too the right department. Be productive and busy with your hands. We need and have to maintain our job, relationship, friends, exercise, healthy eating, self-care, kids, etc. Full Plate with individual palates. 


Wondering If We’re Going To Get Away With ? What ?!

If you followed each step on the moon the first man on the moon did then you would have the same wallet and same story! So stop comparing these matching games because that is not the right match. We playing go fish or black jack. In other words I get help for helping in return. I don’t need tempers or tantrums. 

I don’t have to run from Cops or The Gov. I’m determining to keep my BG that way & each puzzle piece went to this game. System to Service & Messed with who while they we’re working?! Then walking up to what table?! You don’t get that in a mess hall. Right now we’ve all found ourselves in the mess in which I honestly believe only God can do something about.

Riding in who’s bus to church to church to do that in which I am needed. That diary apparently got around to a lot of people. Well I’m not embarrased but when your water and tv don’t work and the only internet connection you got is through your dads cell phone AT&T company. Tell me that the Rich Young Asians we’re F’n Happy with what they found. Meanwhile also their consequence. 

Carving Craving

-Home Decorating

Food & Water & Shelter

I’ve already been dragged around enough to and from…

Target Market – To the one’s who do know what marketing and I can join to make money from and those who don’t have a right mind or any business in mine. My stats chart is messed up. What this person must be thinking in which I think they’re looking is saying only one or two clicks to hits a day. That’s some real messed up bull* I’ve been working and typing since I was 12. In which TV and Reality TV shows are written from yeah because I wrote it. 

Situational Analysis – Choosing your own seat in class is a privelege and I gave my own self allegiance. Know does anyone have any pledge?! I believe that was part of FLOYD’s & Thanks for that BADGE + is it a Badge 2 Badge talk?! I believe it’s be your own person no wonder ya’ll fit into the cages so well. 

Pop-A-Seat-O A-B Took Me To Pizza at UTA B2B RB

Unless you talking for yourself you should probably back down from what you are fighting unless they are deamons within yourself. Yes my sister & brother in law are getting close to their date. All we’ve been sitting here thinking about is “Happy Death Day” Sweat-Tart.

That which is already depicted in and on your body in the first place. What camera?! What picture?! Put your head in The Game = Life… In Which you don’t mess up!

What people would and wouldn’t do for certain things and situations. No one’s fooling anyone – SLippED… Unless you we’re walking in my shoes! Depictions in which we don’t get right the first time in this FIGHT!

Gift To Be Given Was Solomons Head!!!

We aren’t playing around here – Play no games here – Which is all my BRAIN is full of. To be thankful for every drop of it… I needed Godly advice from people I trusted not to be treated that way in which all of America does. So you know what – Deal = Deal With The Cards You We’re Dealt.

That in Which each person was given their right place/title/situation & desired what kind of analysis! Who actually listens to People To People = The Table! + – > < % 

Comment Do We Need From & To 



Lines Drawn Around ?

The bus rides in the morning take forever and God teaches us patience if we are silent and still long enough. Oh how I longed for a cup of coffee this morning and I was grateful I got it. Got what?! A cup of Coffee. Now I’m not thinking those jokes were that funny. Though it is the things we have endured that have made us the people we are.

I am realizing education was meant for helping not riches but each day we work toward what we are needing out of life. I am still needing to complete my degree in Mass Comm. Meanwhile, I try to learn as much as I can through anything I can.


I still do not have a SS Card and I’m in need of one. My Father keeps telling me I don’t need a job right now until I feel better. Though My Father tells me I have a job and I am doing a good job. When Will We Ever Feel Better?!

Why are you walking up to our people like that? It’s made our people lie to us and we became untrusting and we turned our backs on each other. I believe there is no one that HAS to take care of you but yourself. That is why your supposed to work as hard as you can. For now/here/ and in the present. 

Pure Silk


Where Are You Pointing Those Fingers ?!

We did or We did either way we didn’t include you so you don’t have to break through what we have worked for. For that is how we worked through to our spot. Through our Resume. I have more MORALS than to walk up to your positions. 

Therefore do not walk up to MINES. It’s important to get the help in which we are needing. My mind isn’t in the clouds and I don’t hate your place. Yes Show Me Love – So Who picked up the Book and which Tab!

Always be humble and kind – we’ll kind of yourself. There Is A Time & Place for everything and Everything in its place. 

To Help & Be Helpful in situations where that deffinitly wasn’t needed. That attitude wasn’t needed. 

Stop trying to take credit for someone else’s work. It is perfectly find and also appreciated to take part in what we are informing ourselves with. Realize what place you are in and focus on how to get yourself better. To a better place and the necessary steps in whcih to get there. No one said you have to be perfect. When we can see through the mirror and glass we find your not perfect. 

Each person affects us and each item affects us and each situation effects us. For we are to be humble and kind. When I type certain things on my laptop which was bought through FAFSA it auto deletes the information instead of auto-correct. In time you will find – who your true friends are. 

What Kind Of Help Am I Giving?! When trapped up in situations like the one I have put myself in with my Nanny. The bigger question is who are we what? Working – yes you said it & I haven’t seen $0.25. If that’s what they call it. Girl you’ve had all the help in the world. There Is A Time & A Place For Everything & Everything In It’s Place. 



Did You Watch The Debate

Did you well never mind those boyfriends are unimportant to me – right now is helping my family and helping the USA and helping myself not this petty little cigarette? We can’t smoke in this room in the first place but everyone is welcome to Narah’s but no one wants to be seen or heard while working to get fired for wearing a pair of sunglasses. Then working at Optical Concepts then fired because of what proper system?

I support working and doing what we are supposed to for money – that’s really NOT FUNNY! There is a nice and rude way to make friends in which I have written. I do not understand the paths of citizenship but I do know what kills and what HELPS in a city. 

The Space Launch when we’re younger we went to NASA I bought a Space Ice Cream – Freezer Hydrated. This is time to get over even this Spring Semesters problems. Legal in Law of Good vs Bad. I can be Maverick or Goose or I can be Mufasa or Jafar. Out of shadows and yes the TV Chooses. 

Police Violence – Now do you see my point?! I am a representative and also a CEO of whatever I choose to work my butt off on. I don’t know what you did for your citizenship but you aren’t going to fool anyone or take mine. 

Now I see the lights on something I have not seen before. That is right because time is running out. Things we do and don’t support.

Defend and Protect the constitution which our schools yes college which we pay big money to go to has raised sexual harassment and even assault. To every reaction is an equal or lesser reaction. In which it’s ok that all my vehicles went to the impound for me saying that yes that karma coma too. 

There Million Texans to make their own choices and not be an Equalizer to others coffee. I need safety & action. The flowers all welt it’s all the same story and that’s life. How do you get the traffic here dear Joe. Scene from every person and you are stuck asking what you are going to do?! Be thankful you had that flower in the first place. 

Thank You For All People That Keep This Country Safe

Some were thankful and some were I was thankful and yes I got in trouble shoplifting once but I won’t do it again but ya’ll asking for everything. What are you asking while you sleep all day?!

Republican Vs. Democrat – Government is in the First place.

Arrested through choices!!! It’s not theirs so don’t touch it & don’t ask for it in the first place. In first place we don’t live good lives even in the richest environments or the poorest places. Brain – Rain – Taxi ring any bells!?!?

Camp to Campaign – Campaign Trail + Texas Values – Counties

Porch to park at a Tent?! Every day I have a GPA Goals!

These People Where Do They Belong : (IRAN) I Run – So What is Your Boy exactly doing?! These streets all night and day.

Texas Values into Counties I guess that makes me an outlaw. Their we’re painful consequences through out this campaign. OH MAN am I ready to leave this group home thank you for the Internet there is nothing here for me anymore…

What’s kept Job 2 Job is Water 2 Water. Or you know what where is B2B Bathroom 2 Bathroom and I didn’t and never asked to be included. 

Sociology & Speech : What We Spent 7 Stop Asking – restraining faucet! You only get the cards you are dealt. I AM & Will Be A Survivor Of Cyber Attack! 

I Think That’s Admin – I Think That’s A Station – That Isn’t Her Place To Tell Me To P or To $Give or to Have to Babysit and that’s what you have asked. 

Picking Those We Care About Closely

While being pushed around from house to house I couldn’t choose which one I got myself into. I also couldn’t choose which roommate I chose. I am told I mess with everyone’s heads but I make you think though right?! 

You don’t get in their face and ask for information another comment that came up is I don’t ask for anything. No we’ve caught ya’ll red-handed. I ask politely and I ask properly I was taught through people I look up too. I believe that is how we all learn. 31 is not grown up I am still on that road to nowhere. 

My Friends want to know everything we do for that is how we share. Sharing is caring but when you get chased out of a town you lived in for 10 years by imposters and posers there are many things to question. Like who is walking up to what! 

Choosing Friends Is Biblical & Scientific

We all lose touch and we all loose feelings but they come back to us – don’t they?! According to Forbes magazine online the internet has changed how we interact. I have been given special things that I thought were hidden though now I guess they are not. Friends influence our behavior and our beliefs. 

  1. I am a strong-willed friend. We all need self-control. Resisting temptation trust me each scene gives you temptation and we make our own choices. We also get associated with the people we know and when we know everyone we are knowing to ourselves and we are pushed to tell the truth. Psychiatry – My Favorite was Dr. Naus but even I didn’t deserve those nasty questions. 
  2. Most Popular People Have Huge Financial Problems. Especially when I am working and earning I like to impress. I like to pass around things for others. While hoping they appreciate them. I remember rebuilding a church with a group of friends in Hollywood and a party at UTA with Mariah Carry and a DJ. 
  3. Social Media Connections pull these chains on the web and we are seated at that place within ourselves. In which becomes stressful and we don’t need to be pushing the stress out on other people. 


Greed To The Seed

This morning I woke up with one of the worst attitudes I have had in a long time. I guess as I grow more into my secound year of my thirties I am without a doubt in for it?! More than I set out and planned on dealing with in the first place but it is do-able. I can live with less threat but in this area it happens all the time. Which are the kind of cigarettes we smoke from time to time. Which is also a dj of a name I have spent some good times with. No one likes to talk about it especially after seeing that many naked whored out Barbie dolls on display. 

I don’t think sometimes before I speak and that has consequences. Sometimes it is better to stay silent then to say nothing at all. I am growing tired of living at this group home and a lot of it. I want to … Wish I Knew …

The only person I have ever trusted in my entire life is my Father. Kurt C. Floyd & One of the most highlighted statements of his life is “Johnna; I won’t be here forever.” Brandon my son is really not around me anymore he is far more secure being with them in the first place. They said this half way home is a better place for me than the streets of Lancaster. Last year there was a comp. stolen and I pray that this one never leaves my side.

I Am Not Your Toy Nor Your Toilet Paper

Stop boohoo-ish bull! Pick battles wisely & my vehichle was only for stop A to B. I was driving and changing the lights to green. Now I am in a Blue Light district. Green lights are good points and that is what we need to pick up with coffee and cigarette in hand. I have worked both retail and food and the streets are a dangerous area. Each item has a special effect and each purchase is important that is not the cops colladeral.

I am not a work aholic – This is fun & This is my money

What are you looking at us as? I have been known to help people out of situations where they have been needing help but I am still not prideful. As long as I am feed. I want to be on that ring WWE! Thankful for all my friends and positions to play as a friend.

Mother Daughter Relationships

Who is really taking care of us? A lot of times I was left on the pavement by my mother made fun of and torn to pieces. They would buy me nice things, feed me cigarettes, and help me. Though every drop of that water bottle hurt me. Yes We Fought!!! You can’t just walk into someones house and even though it’s a group home it still has cultures and customs. They are not going to automatically treat you the way you want them too. You have to be accepted! The Odds End Up Fair & That’s Find Let Them Stare. 

Keep It In Bounds

If it’s close to the border we have to realize who is a real citizen & who belongs to what. No dressing like and trying to touch a password isn’t going to TAKE! I played Right Defense & I’m not afraid to stand up for my MAMA.

I think it has helped me financially to know what boundaries to keep and corner. We are not their pockets and that’s my friends pool stick and I got to choose one too. Does the bowling ball shoe fit this scene. They said they even followed the scenic route.

Even though we fought I still looked up to her as a role model. 

Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Part of the reason I haven’t seen my husband in 5-6 years is that we both can’t provide what each other need at the moment. Neither one of us is an ATM. I am glad he has stuck with me through all of this there has been a moment of pain, happiness, and magic.

Whatever we have created with UTA science we have and we have to deal with it every day. You have to deal with the cards you are handed and the cheaters get consequences.


Get Your Hands Off Stuff They Have Given Us – Especially TIP $

Adults Don’t Hang Out We Hang Up

Where the mind wonders it wonders but what if it was all caught especially on camera. Then would I be told I was a good and Godly wife? Do I represent my husband the right way? I have always dreamed of being that Proverbs 31 wife. My favorite thing is working on this blog and working on all my situations but what do we get paid with?!

Brattin & Black Ink Crew wants me to pick up the tattoo gun. I plan on buying the tattoo gun in the coming year in January after focusing on my flash and graphics. I also plan on picking up the piercing gun in February. I am very dedicated to any job I am given and I don’t appreciate the same thing The Game don’t and that’s getting messed with.

In The Situation, We Are Actually In We Still Give Each Other Attention

I look up to him and respect him for who he is. Meanwhile, that’s all that matters. We may be close but far I can talk to him and hear him when I need to. I let him get his work done and his pride I hope I help. I try my best to trust him when he says he doesn’t go for that pretty little girl in that dress. I don’t follow this situation too closely because it’s even my own life I fear.

Though we have been committed to our story as two Liberal Art Students. My Baby went to Full Sail and is in the Coast Guard. I got accepted to Full Sail and I have gotten accepted by the Special Ops. 

We Make A Good Team

Mr. & Mrs.Brattin have been working as a team for about 10. Something in which I take pride in I was picked as SG Suicide Girl at the age of 17. I don’t mess with his and he doesn’t mess with mine and we both check in on each other. We help raise our children together.

Women Speak Up Tell Your Man How To Make You Happy Then

Tell them what you’re really needing no ones going to read your mind. Writing a notebook full of stuff that I have for years isn’t going to help you hide behind something that you’re going to blow up about. I really wish he was with me…

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

When we are not knowing our rightful place we are destined for failure and punishment. An employee can step down from a Boss and a Boss is normally ran by a Bigger Boss. When a woman goes up to a persons boss and pulls tricks and pushes an argument then it is time for action. While each action equals a lesser or equal reaction.

Crawling in the dirt when you haven’t done anything for this stuff. I haven’t asked my boyfriend for much because I don’t want to be in that situation. If you don’t want to be in that situation don’t put yourself in it. When other people’s mouth gets you in trouble and you have to pay for it severally it is cause for action.

I have had about 5 to 8 bosses in my life and have had to move to move from situation and I do not complain and I actually enjoy listening to the stories.

T-Shirts and Hoodies For The Things You Love - I Love Apparel

I have been on SSDI since 2005 and I have 3 more years left. I will have to keep up with what? That’s right my situation.

It is greedy and simple to walk up and talk to it. Though I place the Bible and God before my place within this community. No one told you this life was easy or impossible you can do anything you set your mind to. Though it’s humilitating to get that reputation and what do we do well we placed ourselves in it and that’s what our mouths have done.


  • I believe that I am not a POSER in which a person takes suitcases from a person.
  • I don’t look at other people’s belongings especially not what they pushed in club settings.
  • Where came from? Military Background…
  • What and To Who they are pointing to?
  • We have to get accepted to our places and one of my favorite places was First Priority…
  • I look up to Boosie and I didn’t feel the need to join Varsity Choir for looking up to people that is what kids do.

Things We All Support

  • Those who have supported us in the first place
  • Those who have helped through tough situations thankful for the sweet comments about the hurricain.
  • Those who have kept us safe and taught us to be humble
  • Teachers who have taught us and haven’t overstepped their boundaries
  • People who will help you find the information we are needing

Taking Pride In Government Through Tough Situations

In Today’s World, it is important to find people to trust. In which I am hoping to learn to trust roommates I have been placed with. When I was about 15 I looked at the Church system to find people to confide in. Now at the age of 31, I am finding people that are at the center and at the group home system. We are to follow the rules of “The Game” which we all have an individual part to play and things to place.

Generational Scales of People

North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well as other parts of the world. With regions of geographical and cultural boundaries in generally different categories. We represent what we are holding on to and I believe part of the purge is not to take it out on other people.

  1. The Lost Generation – 1914 Europe Gertrude Stein brought WWI. 1883 – 1900 deceased.
  2. The G.I. Generation – American Vets fought in WWII born from 1901 to 1924 Great Depression (Journalist Tom Brokaw) Greatest Generation (Floyd)
  3. The Silent Generation “Lucky Few” 1925 to 1942. Fought WWII fought the Korean War many Vietnam War. (Floyd)
  4. Baby Boomers – Me Generation mostly following WWII no exact dates when correct birth years start and end. Range from early to mid-1940s and end from 1960 to 1964. Increased birth rates observed during the post-WWII baby boom making them a relatively large demographic cohort.
  5. Generation X Gen X following the Baby Boomers. Range early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years in the early 1980s. Different times and places for a number of different subcultures or countercultures since the 1950s.
  6. Baby bust generations birth rate following the baby boom. A drop of fertility rates in America began in the late 1950s. Authors and Demographers William Strauss and Nil Howe 1961 to 1981 for Gen X by 1991 there are 88.5 Gen Xers in the U.S.
  7. Millennials – Gen Y following Gen X starts to ends from demographics and research typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. PEW research 2019 Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers in size with the U.S. 72 million Boomers and 73 million Millennials.
  8. Generation Z – also known as the iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Homeland Generation or Plurals to cohort of people born after Millennials Demographics and Researchers mid-1990 mid-2000s.


System or group of people governing an organized community which is often a State. I believe my favorite club in Dallas which closed down After Life had a governmental system. In which my bracelets, tutus, and stuff I don’t complain about went missing in which was another domain –

A government is like a clan with the purpose to the government to the whole family in which we all have a leader with powers of financial, military, and civil laws. Seek welfare of

A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state.[1] A government is like a clan with the purpose to govern the whole family or whole nation with powers of financial, military and civil laws. The main purpose of government is to seek the welfare of the civilians and to fulfill their need for the betterment of the nation.

We are knowing and we are known by the things we say, and the people, and the places, and the situations in which we place ourselves. If your not happy where you are you need to move on but some things are worth holding on to a working hard for. I question myself if I like my situation I am hearing complaints and that the drama I didn’t like. I love drama club and I’ve fed the kitchen sink.

Legislature, Executive, Judiciary…

Policies are enforced and mechanics for determining the policy to the procedures. We all needed this insurance and I hope I can keep it as long as I can. Constitution of a statement of governing principles and philosophy. The balance between the principle of individual freedom and the ideas that are in absolute authority.