Day Before My 31st

At my parents house ? my dad picked me up Wednesday evening and bought me three packs of Marlboro Black 100s. My favorite pack of cigs next to the American Spirit Blacks that I got yesterday.

My son has been using bad language and has had a bad attitude. Last night we went to Wal-Mart. Dad got me 2 pairs of jeans, a ruby necklace, a notebook, and a tri pack of scope fixodent. Then we ate at McDonalds.

I’ve had two large monsters…

Tomorrow I’ll be 31 & I wonder how things will change for me. Though in order for things to get better I really have to try.

Pipe Leak

Bought me a pair of MIC headphones as soon as I got to the center today. My roommate Laurens’ mom comes to visit on Wednesdays after taking her to the psychiatrist. I remember before I started going to MHMR on Lancaster. My mom would take me and Brandon to Hurst and I would go see Dr. Naus my psychiatrist who I had seen for 5+ years. Then I had Mrs. Mamo then I ran off on the streets.

Yesterday the center had a leak in one of the pipes. Luckily today the center was open.

Have 2 packs of Talon cigars and half my Coca-Cola left. We slept even more yesterday. Lately things have been slow & peaceful.

Pictures of my roommates & I.

Take time for ?? self care & too help those around you.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

I have slept mostly all weekend. Having likes on my blog really helps me want to keep blogging. Also I have new followers and have followed them back.

Mostly I have spent my money at The Family Dollar. Today I bought a 2ltr of Mt. Dew, cherry cigars, and a pack of colored pens.

My Birthday is this Saturday and my Dad is picking me up Friday. I asked for RX sunglasses and makeup. Ready to see my lil boy too.

One day he was super sweet and put makeup on mommy. After JPS & Getting back on Lithium Im feeling a lot better.

Equalizer 2 in your coffee ☕?

My numbers and my stats don’t equal the pain, trials, or test I have had to endure. This morning my Nanny (Ms. Jefferson) took me to get my lithium meds.

Yesterday I went to MHMR & had my monthly injection. We get treated as good as we treat ourselves.

In the end it is a competition & in the end the ones who have cheated this GAME. WILL HAVE TO PAY.

SAW parts of Equalizer last night. Tejas is in extreme triple digit heat. $32 left for the month… Slowly watching my balance trickle as I have all year.

Each person cost something but the choice is yours on how to deal with it. My sisters have hundreds of likes & comments a day. I feel mostly personally attacked.

Who is this too share with? Don’t RUN with someones NAME. Our Reputation is mostly all we have as a group or as an Individual.

We’re Golden & We have choices everyday = who we truly are. Wake up America & Smell the Coffee. Equalizer and not Sugar!

Tested Thru Trials

Tested Thru Trials

Are there such things as channels? What about tunnel vision. Why is there water all over my parent’s floor? Now even I am acting too lazy to clean it up or help the fine print of parenting. My parents have done most of the hard work with Brandon including potty training.

While my son (I mean our son ♣️♥️♠️) has a bloody nostril as we all proceed to pile into the bathroom to take care of him. It isn’t my business in the first place is it! Though it sure as heck isn’t theirs to even think about. We’ve already had our run-ins with CPS.

How did prey attack predator when the predator is supposed to attack prey. Geology rocks what pigments do we play. What do the time × force = time? I’ve attempted to take every science course at the University of Texas at Arlington though I wasn’t able to complete even one. I did pass Biology at TCC with a C and I was happy to get out of there.

Is this what we were all counting on & depending on. I am not a piece of pinned up hair with a pin and that is not the door. In which we try to unlock when we know we are not welcome especially not in this suite.


The trials we face become the things we are in the future. If that’s true these last two years would send me down the gutter for sure. Though I can’t think of it that way. I refuse to live in Orange Is The New Black straight jacket life. Don’t put me in a room with white walls and make it so I can always have my meds in the morning.

Though this Spring was messed up, to begin with, I would have failed my test that’s for certain. I was already scoring 43% on them and I may never go back to finish what I already started.

Ages Of Ashes

There is such thing as Vodoo and BooWhoo’s. Here’s to the whos down in whoseville. We are the golden & individually chosen ones.

Diamonds aren’t there’s… Pages are’t thiers! Looked @ & treated as. Forces × Time = Massive Destructive. We got here by working.

The cabinet t o m s t11 songs sTL songs my Fox 2 installing my books my baby my baby what am I computer set. Circus Around ? Haitus & Muted.

Touching Hurtful Crap ⚰ What Maganet – Geography 2x the ?. Head on a sweet at place… on a pillow…

What Magnet? Atheist ? Christian… Sewing Senseless mass tangled threads (23). Quilt 18 Shops Helping out with Resources.

Makes my head sweat @ place. Sewing senseless mass tangled threads 23. Sewing Mouth Closed & Shutting Down.

Growth “Talking To” Powerful Position to Bondage. Found Artificial Intelligence using to & from. Attack & Tract from even walking to the park.

Said to my friends & cooperation. I thank dad & what he has done for our country. Cooperated or hurt for how long?

Heart condition you are in is responsible. Point where the door was living off pockets. ? Desperated from hydration. Taking with force & power ? death days to captivity.

Whatever Makes You Happy ??

At the end of the day we only have our own selves to blame. We all need to be content with our own. Not pointing fingers at other people.

Realize we work hard and those who cheat due to laziness will get what they deserve.

I am working on a PR & ADVT major and today I did a good job at the Adult Center. We really have had and hopefully will comtinue meaningful conversations. We all can bring up our own topic.

Just prepare for it when people tell you enoughs enough. Know when to keep your mouth closed & eyes only on your own possessions.

My Tattoo Flash ? SG & Texas Ink Slingers?

Plan… Join me on an adventure!

Have an attitude of gratitude. Have respect & learn to appreciate. Learn whose on your side & who isn’t.

The Adult Day Care Center on Lancaster ?☕?

  • Be able to get easy access to nurses
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Smoking Section
  • Friendly Faces
  • Resource Center

To be good in this or any atmosphere, especially college settings when the odds and criminals aren’t after you.

Use space, resources, & community to help eachother out with needs. Keep knocking and waiting for a door to open. Though, not at a persons family event.

Heresy – opinion of doctrine at variance claims, being proud or superior.

… It’s not your place to & Johnna you leo know when to STOP! Know what cards ♣️♥️♠️ your dealt.

We Chose ? Prosper or Prosperity

Everything how we feel ? Imagination shapes life & lifestyle choices and the way your thought patterns think and align themselves.

I have had bipolar disorder and my mood elevates and it is necessary that I take my meds and keep myself safe and healthy. That is one of the main things that this half way home has helped me with.

With thoughts that depict our plans. When we listen to what other people say can really get you in trouble. We instead need to be still and listen to the sweet voice of God.

Mercy, Grace, & Love & we need divine disclosure. We can’t take our problems on others. A lot of people sit around lying & feeling sorry for themselves.

Believe & Act on without doubt, see, feel, physically grasp. Alone, hopeless, & discouraging.

?‍? Chewing Tic?Tacs ?‍✈️

Kind words are spoken in reciprocated effort. We have to be purposeful and tactical in our own choices. ? Ultimately God is in charge but we have freedom of our own will.

Humble yourself in honor of those around you. ? No one likes an arrogant prisoner. No one deserves the disrespect many of us have endured.

We can’t just open any door ? each of us need our own space and our belongings we have worked hard to attain. I have been taken from several times.

? There are times to break out in survival mode. I have faith that I won’t stay behind a closed door for long. We learn everyday from the; lessons, skills, people we meet, and growth that comes through circumstances.

Breaking The Chains…

There is no reason to RUN when we are INNOCENT ??

The ?‍?? Saints

We came into this world with nothing & we will leave with nothing. In this world ? you will find only a handful of people you can trust.

We should realize by now at least I do at the age of 30. Ill be 31 on the 28th. That we have to mainly depend on ourselves. Life won’t just be handed to you.

You have to fight for your freedoms and rights. I am not a prisoner and am free to make my own choices.

We are capable & worthy of living of your highest level. Key word being YOURS!