The Hills Have Eyes ???

Emotionally & Spiritually life is as largely complex as the largest roller coaster at Six Flags. Which I haven’t been to in years. As though the rides became broken and are no longer of enjoyment.

We will fall down over and over again. With our relationships their needs to be barriers. Thanks to the Mil. our place is protected & defended more than we think.

We need to learn how to deal with life in a healthy way. Invalidation, criticism, and dismissal Vs. Encouragement, and helping each other up.

Victory & Glory For Ever & Ever ???

Everything we do in life serves a PURPOSE & our safety should come first. God has equipped me for everything HE wants me to do.

I don’t do this to recieve negative attention or to make money for others. People will use everything you have but you do have a choice.

When I was younger I got upset when I didn’t get my way or the things I wanted. I think many of us go through this at one point or another.

We have been crawling in the shadows of those before us. When I was young they said there is no new ideas under the sun.

Some of us have a strong, attractive, & natural ability to lead and for many that has left us the brokest people in the world.

We have power over learning, information and how we use it, resources, and decisions.

God doesn’t choose the ones everyone else does he looks at the disadvantaged, small, scared, uneducated, underemployed and transforms their testimony.

Don$t Ask ?? Mannequins

We can all get in each others way and step on tons of polished & unpolished toes. ? Who are we looking toward & blaming this all on?

?Choices & Life Happens? We find stuff we like and it just ?CLICKS! Like sets of old pens we have lost or thrown away. We shouldn’t see it this way though I know deep inside we have to get rid of people the same way.

Recurring Emotions ??? *Its A Wonderful Life* isn’t it. We become our HABITUAL ACTIONS.

? What keeps us from joy didn’t we make our own decisions. ??History X ?? we are some if not most of what we have gone through.

? Beautiful ? Successful ? Incredible ? Blessed ? Trusted ? Respected ? Honored ? Happy!!!

? Consumer Reports ? What are focus is on & not believing you know or deserve better than. If it’s on your plate or your pallet you can handle it & by yourself. We are not your crutch.

Whatever You Need God?S Got It

As a child my parents weren’t wealthy & as my little Brandon grows up neither am I. ? I am not afraid to find out what is on ? the other side of the tunnel. Tunnel Vision or Deer in the Headlights…

As a SSI Community we are faced with individual mental issues… Thanks PaPa for the new shoes. ??!

Today I learned #5 is an ?? Evil #. Asking for names & phone numbers though now I wont for what reason. They seem to be after molecules.

1 by 1 & 2 by 2 they came through the sleepy hollow passage ways. Can we really win souls for Christ out of that tube of Crest Toothpaste.

A?‍? Tent?‍?Sion?Cord?‍?Ian?‍?To?‍?Yall … We can all do our own WORK though this is a community & we choose where we put the bathroom. So clean your own!

What we put off & on thru my first job at ???‍? McDs! At least Im not In & Out Burger! ??

MAMA ?insert name in hurt? sitting there without praise or gratitude☻??

AT&T@ckED ?⏰???? AT&T Another Job I have worked at! ???. Situational Analysis – Case Studies.

? Things I have gone & looking out for signs & bodily signifying danger. ?? Let that RIVER FLOW. JUSTLY FLOWING IN GODS DIRECTION!

? I NEED hugs I bought those huggies & look what you made me do. Also what you put my ✌❤ heart thru. I am no Drive Thru Window.

Can/N*t Do 4 Ourselves

? What we hear, say, read, draw, think, & play. We can get discouraged on this path of discourse.

? We are all gifted meanwhile God can give and take away. ? Having a good and pleasant time at my families.

Have a full set of dentures in my mouth. Dad bought me two pairs of shoes & several packs of cigarettes. ? Being grateful for everything I DO HAVE!

? PURPOSE ? needing to learn and have the directions of Stable Vs. Unstable or Significant Vs. Insignificant Ideology & Philosophies.

Finding fulfillment through purpose & calling. Sweetheart ? I have something or nothing for you ?. Don’t try to destroy others hard work.

Read directions carefully ? everything could be trapped on trip wire. Have stability on your personal decisions. ? Remember their personal but eventually youll want your own outside of your guardians or your parents.

That is what stage I am at right now. I have lived in the group home for about a year. I still have one year left of college.

The best boyfriend a girl could want & how we handle our relationship is up to us! ♠️♥️♣️ Welcome To The Game!

31 next month on the 28th ???


Half Priced Books

Bitter endings & wounded emotionally and what I do with any hands, feet, heart, mouth, eyes, and my spiritual input & output of life.

No one can achieve success without HELP ? SAVE THE WORLD ? …

THE WORLD ? Temporarily investing in any and everything worth while ? actions are eternal significance.

I am not alone ? connection ? individualism to be balanced. As a bipolar MHMR patient I have to take MY MEDS not yours or theirs.

? Economically & Nationally & Financially & Professional ? & Academically & Every area of life.

?Hate Evil esp. Doc & Its Bills. ? Clinging to what is good though not clinging to people, thier stuff, or their time.

⛈ Hurricain Mega Hurtz ?

Are we in Grave Danger… We couldn’t help but get burried alive… lets crawl in this whole & get married. Though you died and I survived were both barried.

Persistant Pest

When we feel like stopping or giving up we have to let it only last a day or two. While not getting discouraged all together.

The course or series of courses you take is entirely up to you. There will be opposition and traps everywhere though you can walk away safely if you stay true to yourself.

Don’t give up because you have no visible instant reward. Don’t zoom in on disappointments or problems. th Empathy vs. Apathy we Reap vs. Sow.

We are betrayed… though we HAVE TO BELIEVE! There is enough trust, lust, and greed to destroy the biggest and best things imaginable.

Have my MHMR APT @ 1:30am. I finally slept good last night. Still in the search of work and paying debt back as I work and continue to finish my BA and the work God has called me to do.

Keep The Gift Receipt

When we are mindfully attuned to God & mindful of His presence we receive sacred gifts. We are living & murmuring chaos & calamity in our heads & self consuming thoughts. Its tragic when we find ourselves blurting OUT these private secrets in public places.

We need to find a cause & dreams. Something bigger than yourself to draw out of yourself greater things. Imagination will come alive ???. Through faith youll be able to see Gods vision & dreams.

As we age we will understand what God has made for us, built for us, and his vision for us.

⚠️? We Were All Warned ♣️❤♠️.

We have personal responsibilities to attend to and this pathetic stuff is what you will eventually find out.

God is our comforter, advocacy, intercessor, counselor, strengthen, standby, wisdom. God has a plan for us and protects us from dark?or ? light purpose.

Love is hard it goes beyond human love of warm feelings & attractions & sentimental & caring feelings.

When others persecute, oppose, ridicule, abuse, speak evil, injure, mock, instead of loving, forgiving, creation, purpose, uniqueness.

For What It’s & It Worth

Faith is what we are needing to think, hoping for what might happen, hope for, believe will happen. Just met with my case worker from MHMR.

Be able to look back & see progress of in our daily steps. Fitting, reaching out, and refreshing our spirits daily.

God is concerned with individual steps we take & his word is an instruction manual. Empathy & Compassion & selfishly seeking good in others while not being clingy like ?.

Training – plan, purpose, and will for our own personal lifes. Despite people circumstances & what our thoughts try to tell you.

We need challenges, sad times, & disappointments, setbacks, promotions, expansions, blessings, & positive acceleration of plans & purpose & free will.

Believe it when we say we have been through it. Don’t dare sit there and complain about whats not and never will be yours.