The Orange Notebook

It’s as though people read my brain… wait that’s a left over notebook. I worked for BOSS – Asian Boss that made me a killer also and yes family background Chick-A-Jaw County and not funny we talking for real …

Carolyn: Red Hat Society

Mom – Piano Master : Mrs. Hollands Opis and I don’t have to go to mountain in the first place that all turned to ash to walk down street… As a real F’n Neighborhood on Hitson… To REP a place or a playstation… or sit there and draw and doodle and write… WORK PEOPLE that’s why we party…

See you when I’m sleeping or Not … Male or Female … Pick a #…

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Being A Hot Spot

I find a large plot which becomes a story with a beginning – middle – & end. We set the reputation and the report and simply begin. The first camera I got was from the Gov and Begin-a-gins. If I have a curse or spell for you mine was a restaurant but not Beniggins.

That is why I like people…

They are strange, weird, and, different. This place sounds like a gym and I am in the females spot where so many polite females think they belong. Where in front of a store or the dance floor? No Johnna Catherine Floyd is my name and why do you get to the root of all the math problems. I didn’t mean to have Math ;Problems in my Teeth – Thank you!

Cookie Man and Donna for buying me a Big Blue… Kyle is that debate now through – I know that is where we met but now can my heart come back to you. What about your back pack – no my jail sentence was filling it full of art supplies thats what I charged myself with. Thank you very much – but waste of time we are never through. Through the jury trials and duties… Case studies I had to take you like a actual business and people we do click on and off like a BIC pen.

My pen is not yours and well definitely not my penmanship and my five your old (year) old is mine and thank you I’m doing fine but that is not my fault.

Recieved Glasses today and Jungle house and where I’m going to relax do yoga and today I started on my journey I did two days full of sit ups… Unfortunate but today laziness isn’t a problem and no longer is it night mares but not many nights do I sleep. Don’t send that young interpruter on me and give me my rightful spot at this hopsital – JPS. Texas? What Is Illegal & Not? No that’s that persons mouth – Me Communications major well I fix it so what the heck does that make you that makes you my meal and that’s not my ticket – that’s the Chain!

March Is Mayham … March Is Madness …

This past Friday started the first of March 19″ and we have a new person at the group home, he’s really cute and he took me on a date to the pool hall. I lost my wallet on Friday after a friend and I smoked. At least I ordered my glasses for $20 before all of that happened.

I am planning on doing better than 9 posts a month though each month has been something wrong and long and something I have found somewhat depressing. I try to make the best of this thing called life…

I know life is calling for more independence and that is what my Father has given me… I also need to move forward and continue through life the best way I can. Fifty dollars down and still two thousand and three hundred and fifty dollars left in this debt from Spring 2018 semester. With a desire to go back to school – I should have done the right thing in the first place than well I wouldn’t have this problem.

I was able to talk to my son last night and he still thinks I’m a good mom.

It’s cold in Texas… Meanwhile; I’m ready for it to turn warm & too get my new Frost Bank Card in the mail. Since I lost my wallet Friday and now don’t have the information to get my Social Security Card tomorrow.

How To Start Blogging Successfully

I started my blog last year in June of 2018. In order to keep this a good blog; I need to keep pushing myself and staying motivated. Keep with a goal in mind and keep working toward that goal. Write and rewrite content, improve previous articles, and find what works and what doesn’t. As well as read all the awsome comments I have coming in. Though I Wanted A Blog That Makes Money.

  1. Set up your blog to make money – Make sure people will come and monitize through advertising. I use and don’t suggest a free blogging service.
  2. Write compelling content people want to read – People = Page Views = Money… Solving a problem they have & have things to offer in return for their time. To overcome any personal problems.
  3. Believe I/You Can – The mind is a powerful thing. Believe you can turn your blog into a career. Manifest the law of attraction which can attract anything. Positivity attracts positivity.
  4. Using Pinterest – Helps with gaining blog traffic and also use Tailwind.
  5. Go back and update old content – We grow and learn as bloggers. Fix SEO, Add Affiliate Links, Content upgrades, and Images.

A Princess without a lense is still A Princess

When I was younger; I would say I complained a lot. Way more to my parents than I would have from my son Brandon. The one reason they adopted him is because they are patient. I had Brandon at 25; due to being dumb and things I really don’t know how to say.

My roommate has still been crazy about LifeTime TV and I no longer watch my crime shows or the news. Both in which I miss a great deal. I still feel Kyles spirit with me and I am sad to say that guy I met and hung out with at the center for a short time is gone.

Thank You For Commenting & Taking Time To Read My Blog…

Thank you for saying I have a helping nature – this month has been hard since I lost my lense on the 3rd and am ordering new glasses on Friday. Friday is when we get paid around here. We are all living off government checks which consist of Social Security Benefits. Enough for my rent, 10 cigs a day, the center, and $50 – $70 a month, plus the $50 a month for my UTA debt.

A few things you lovely commentors have said in turn to my post is:

  1. I give important secrets and hope I can help out those who read closely.
  2. I provide helpful guidelines.
  3. I provide a first class job.
  4. I am considerate with my solutions to situations.
  5. I do a good job instructing others.
  6. I choose good topics to write about and am glad I can contribute. 
  7. I am being seen as thoughtful and considerate.
  8. I am seen as a brilliant and beneficial person.
  9. I am providing something entertaining – perhaps some more videos would be of some good use. 
  10. I am of generosity of assistance.

Thank You To: Cortez, Jordans, Huarache, Yeezy Wave – Boost 350, Louboutin, Adidas, Hermes Handbags, Nike Roshe, Birkin Bag, Ferragamo Belt, Monclear Jackets, Kyrie Irving, Goyard Outlet, Kobe Shoes, Air Yeezy, and Nike Sneakers. 

Finding & Recieving Good Help For Life

Found out this morning that I can get my Social Security Card on the 5th of March. Which is exciting because I need to find a job; my father doesn’t think the center is the best thing in my interest. There’s a number I can find at the MHMR Homeless clinic that I need to contact in order to find a job. 

Kinda wanted to go to church tonight though I’ll stay here tonight. I had some more packages come in and I’ve recieved everything on my ebay list except for 6 things. I am glad that I have people to help and I need to use their resources more wisely to benefit me. As well you can find people to help you. There is a new person at the Group Home. 

Look Classy – Modern Day Ettiquet 

Be simply well prepared – I have been carrying my small pink duffle bag with me everywhere. I am learning to live with what I need and apparently this month I needed shoes and jewelry. All of which I bought on Ebay and bought under $60. We need to recognize flaws and qualities to work first. 

  1. Always Be On Time – 5 mins before or after or exactly on time helps a great deal. To help you be relaxed and at peace. 
  2. Do what you say you will/would do – stay true to your promises. Can’t commit to them then don’t say that you will. Avoid cat fights, disappointments, and making others upset. 
  3. Finish What You Start – Dishes and Laundry & only do one thing at a time.
  4. Work On Your Posture – Don’t slouch and keep shoulders straight and head up. 
  5. Be well Groomed – Make sure your hair looks nice.
  6. Make-Up – Use natural products.
  7. Dress Modestly – Doesn’t have to be expensive but needs to fit and not have wrinkles in them.
  8. Say please and thank you – Good manners will make you look classy and gracious. 
  9. Stay Positive – Look on the Bright Side & Avoid Complaining. Read and be a conscientious citizen.  



Till The End Of The Month

With the SSI money coming in I still find myself really broke about half way through the month. I have already had my JUUL charger misplaced. As well as, tragically, my Dentures. The first thing I need to do this Friday when we get paid is to get my glasses ordered. I am going to order them from they normally have a bogo sale for two pairs and I’m going to try to get a pair of sunglasses.

I thought about getting Hubble contacts but I just can’t afford them.

I have found a nice walk to this park and church up the road that I’m going to start walking to on a regular basis to start loosing some weight. I weigh approximately 165lbs and my hair is starting to grow out again. My roommate lost the ring as soon as I bought it for her. Yesterday; when we both had to go to MHMR.

Need to go pick up my medicine from CVS – though my house mom hasn’t taken me yet.

I want to say Thank You!!!
For all the comments and commenters that have contributed to this site and making it more enjoyable for me. I know I have not really found the affiliates I desire the most. I would like to go in through some of my popular post and add affiliates in them.

Suppling You-Ni-Versal Recordings

I know this subject matter may be a little hard to appreciate but I have been thinking the deepest of darkest secrets and wanting to not tell you lies. The evil disguise of men happens again and this time he can’t tell what is wise.

“You have a problem with arguing when you have already had enough of the things you needed most in life…” With authority figures?! How could a heart show up so cold into JPS and to sit there and hold a cold hand of a cute man she had met only hours before.

First; you need it from yourself! The lack of missing things (alias); on this page and the pages I am going to start – in hoping to deal with other people’s pages in return is something I am needing right now. If it wasn’t for this other guy who only came temporarily and this woman named CiCi I wouldn’t have made my thought pattern even thus far.

I am in need to be the highest grade of submissive quality to my husband. For I have always wanted to be a Proverbs 31 wife: though the time to study everything I have ever wanted to is – – – NOW

I love him with all my deepest parts of my soul, heart, and mind. In which I can not replace him and with deepest sorrows I thought I even could. In which we have both learned valuable lessons on hurt, regret, and termoil. In a never ending or changing competitive world.

Having the confidence to open up my shirt a bit – or is it too much. At the age of 31 – It is my “Husbands” and really is it in the hands and mouth of a woman. Meanwhile; I could get totally obliterated for my deepest regards and opinion.

Defending the Offended Sifters

Mrs. J woke us up bright and early and last night wasn’t much of a good night for me. Needed to take some Tylenol PM and get to sleep. I am not your issue for wanting to; do what has already crushed my soul and spirit. For my heart is too smoked out today. Based on the fact that we keep getting either locked in or out and roomies and even I talk to much. Which are all in tail things that even my parents have told me time time and again.

A sifter is better than a swifter in my deepest regards. For we are not wanting to be Taylor Made or Bucking-time Palace. An ornament for your adorned mailbox to open with a gift in which – he said / she said bullshit.

Today some of the guys told me some hurtful stories that I could only tell from their hearts. I never thought we all had to do what on the streets! While most of them are selfish and you can’t go back in the past. You can’t change things once they’ve been done – is that what you are telling me?

I have with my deepest regards; tried to help and learn and grow in my own individual way. Though; the violence in this situation is a grave bear to deal with – thinking I’d like to go to the Funeral Palace of graves again.

A private date since yesterday was a trip with these girls – in which do we even remember our age. I sure do remember how you talk; I remember how you we’re either kind or someone to stay away from. Or if that was something we should have stayed away from all together.

Week-en-ing Without You

You don’t know how much of headache; some people can cause. While; most of the time you can’t blame others for what you have done towards their actions or is the opposite true for you? It’s best we do our work – though what do you notice is your work when you really don’t have a job – when do you know your crossing the line. 

First; I’d like to proclaim that we are deffinitly weak without God. Secoundly; we are weak without support. Third; we are weak without a true means of doing things. So don’t take what you have for granted in no sort or manner. I will always appreciate you! Don’t loose hope & build don’t talk… 



In the mornings before we leave on the bus for “The Center” we have been watching Charmed and Supernatural. While I have also wanted to sit down and learn about Chakaras and those Gems and Stones that do different things. I have also wanted to get into aromatherapy. Though this all seems to be the money I’m wasting. Though; who tells us this is money wasted or not – which is not just some generously renewable resource like the dirt in which we walk on. Oh! how I wish that were the case. 

With a roommates that share; better than we did when I first moved in here. A family that is being distant. A long miss in my heart for a loved one. A daily problematic place in my soul for when I will finally be going places and I have to stop complaining which comes so easily for so many of us.

Question-Ink Me

I don’t need to be questioning all the time. Though; no one needs or likes to be lied too. I am left to deal with what I can and that’s all that I can. My train of thought shouldn’t be your word of mouth. I need to know that these three roommates do not define me and we are trying to make something better than ourselves happen from a God we need to be earnestly grateful for.

What isn’t my problem is why my father won’t do much for me anymore…?
Or is it; is that why we’re watching Lifetime all the time. That everyday affects things that are in our every moments.

Is this ART more of a passion; in which we all know we can find ourselves some momentary happiness. I don’t think we all needed to join the GLEE CLUB!

Royally Flushed – Away

Our Toilet – is messed up; since I have been in the group home it has happened three times. We all need to do our part to make this situation work!

Thank You & With Best Regards

At times I have looked to much into the past with pain in mind.
At the present with a take a small step and can I have mentality.

While now; in the future and futher moments I need to sit down and be appreciative of people around me who are trying to help me when even I painfully hid behind these disorders.

Watching the pregnancy pact; remember watching this movie first when it was just mom and I. I miss her; Today was presidents day – really wanted to see little Brandon and my mom. My dad is doing a lot of fishing – a long passionate family hobby. As well as my blogging I’ve done since I was about 12.

Dealing With Everything though not all at once… 

Money sucks right now and I’ve known it is only going to get worse, Looking up as much as I can on – budgetting. I still owe #UTA around $1500 for loans in spring of 18″ due to living situtations. Have to grow up to what I’m waking up to. 

I am glad to know i am a better worker and able to do good things in the future without homicidal and suicidal ideologies. In which I have had before and at the first part of this month.

You find people and find accomidations all around you. Though you really have to look hard for them. I have been going to the center for almost a year and a half while living here at the group home.

A Career – Being A Mom – Being A Girlfriend

I would however; like to give a thought on this Pregnancy Pact Movie. 
When I was younger I wasn’t lazy – then as I got into my 20s it was clubbing and being lazy with a little mix of TCC. After Brandon; I did go to TCC one more semester then to UTA. I did good for two years and am still hoping on graduating. 

I miss my son and I am glad that my mom is so good and close to him. I wasn’t patient enough and always asking my mom for help with him. I joined the MOPS group and went to Fielder single parenting groups.

I don’t really want to talk about being a girlfriend right now…
Though – I love you 

Starting My Bullet Journal Journey in 1..2..3..

I don’t like not being able to see out of one eye and it’ll be two more weeks till I can even order my glasses. Planning on getting a pair of regular and a pair of sunglasses from for $20. Which wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t fighting for my place at this group home.

A new teal journal came in the mail last week and my new double banded diamond ring is around my neck with an old chain from a necklace that used to have a music charm on it was. Slowly I’ll recieve what I ordered from these sites. I also need to get a JUUL charger already and some more cartridges.

Helpful Bullet Journal Websites

100+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Organize Your Life

How to Start a Super Productive Bullet Journal

17 Lovely Ideas For Your Bullet Journal Monthly Spread To Organize Your Life

I like how these posted links worked out on here. Also repacked my small pink duffle bag for the center. I am going to try Minimalism! Trying to cut out unwanted cost and start living on a budget. I am trying to live the best way I can right now & I need to start getting out more.

Excited to get my 12 fine-liner colored pens & stencils! But wanted to start using the bullet journal anyways.

Seems this stuff I ordered is coming in slower than I thought. Next month I can’t order even half of what I did this month.

I Don’t Know Where I’d Rather Be

For the most part my roommates and I all get along. Except for annoying and hurtful behavior which is why we get SSI. I go to see my Doctor not this monday but next monday at MHMR homeless clinic on Lancaster.

I’m not getting to see my family like I’d like and I am really starting to miss my son. Though I don’t know how to deal with him that well. I wish I had stuff to plan and money to do things and a job to work.

For the most part though; I know I’m not as happy as I could be. Deffinitly something I need to work on. Through the tons of research and relating it to daily life. I would like to go back to school but I’m already in so much debt from College that I can’t see straight.