Valentines Day & Growing Up

I have over 2,000 comments in the que & I haven’t started reading them all. With tomorrow Valentines day; my roommate Laura bought us valentines boxes. I have a gift for my son with temporary tattoos and a small red bear. I have also made a new friend at the center and enjoy his company.

My dad however, when I called him last night, was not too impressed with where my life is at the moment. He stated that “I would never make it out of this group home situation”. This will be the 2nd-3rd year I have been in this situation and there is no hope in going back home. Nor do I want to go home.

Having Self-Discipline

Doing things when you don’t want to or feeling like it. Things that are boring, hard, or frustrating. Reaching goals faster, aim higher, and accomplishing more.

1. Start With Smarter Habits – Building gradually a lifestyle change/s to create larger ones over time.

2. Being Consistent – Making changes to an everyday thing. Committing to the efforts of everyday.

3. Setting Yourself Up For Success Ahead of Time – Eat right, drink water, sleep, not treating yourself to mindless junk.

4. Rewards & Consequences – Cycle of achievement – for instance spending my February check on nice things.

5. Journey & Not The Destination – Habits to create a big lifestyle change or smaller ones.

I do however; want to go back to school and finish my 8 classes – I still have the 8 classes left to finish at either #UTA or #TexWes. I am on a differment for my payments to financial aid; there is no way I have the money for it right now. Hoping that soon I can go back and finish. It would also do good if I could get a job – though first I need a social security card. While still wanting to maintain this site and using it as a way to start making some income.

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Got in a fight with the group home manager; and we have still to order glasses and I can’t see out of my right eye. I only have $1 in my bank account. With tomorrow Valentines day; I have a lot of nice jewelry and gifts coming to the house. I do remember how Dad would make each holiday a special one before I rebelled and made a mess of things.


An essential part of truly accepting yourself as you are. Having compassion for yourself and a deep appreciation and connection.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Be more present in your own life and create your own life in beauty while taking care of yourself.

2. I Am Worth Loving – I am placed here to do amazing things; I don’t need to change for anyone or anything for only things that benefit me.

3. Have Fun – Love yourself enough to allow yourself; but not too much.

Have Boundaries – Say “No”

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