In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

Life isn’t always fun and games in which it is very seldomly. Of which you can’t take much of recourse especially in your own financial troubles. I am known for what I have said, helped, and typed since I was 12. Hoping forever my words of my own will stay.

Which they need to give credit where credit is due and no longer does it come from the childish facebook. In fact I am not someone who is going to put up with it or be able too any longer. I know how to stand on “IT” and not be “IT” – Whatever… SweetTea you are that problem. Especially on the streets. Insert name calling here…

This morning I called #UTA in order to stop the $50 payment in which it has taken out and needs to take out for almost all following years till 2023. In which my #jetpack part of the system has been messed with. That or still there are so many lies that feels like even John Mayer would probably hurt me. I am not a Doctor & most of us #NeverEver wanted to be followed by some of this tragic stuff in the first place especially by Mrs./Ms. Jackson.

It’s an easy trap in which to fall into & I have put my hand on the Bible and refused to let or allow myself to even be around this temptation. It is first a hate crime and I am really not trying to be racist though how I fought in the first place was or wasn’t fair. I am not innocent but I will do anything to keep MY OWN #record clean.

I am in charge of farthering my education to a complete degree. I already owe close to $17,000. While all you are actually asking is whether or not I have my last petty little cigarette and wether or not you can have it.

This world has never been free & I don’t know if anyone has any means to which these people would believe it would be. In order to sit in here all day at “Golden Choice Adult Day Care” people are saying we have to pay. I don’t know what exactly since everyone in my group except for Brandy is under 40 years old and we are already supposed to be taking care of our own. 

I wish I could be as beautiful as that woman you only held me at one night stands. I got pregnant and I’m hoping not too lose my son. No when I started this blog I never promised it would be “BubbleGum & Pop”. I have for the most part matured through writing and till this day it’ll come down to my AP scores on Lit test from long ago. 

For the most part I have been in almost every clinical lock down hospital in the tri-county area. It’s almost Thanksgiving and what did I get my happy ass into again. Another debt and trial by error in which probably only once have I truely broken down to a “Brother” J2J and Cried “Wolf”! Even -$80 in debt is a big deal for me and getting my name on the FAFSA list is a big deal for me to finish this degree and then get a career. 

When are they going to fullfill their what well for me they only felt like wishes. This world is not fair & mostly I’m ready God to simply Go home. God that isn’t simply. 

I am only 31 and also a woman I know and by now after several times of going through the same thing. I know without a shadow of a doubt it is something not to intervine or intertwine with in and to; until people want us too. I forever to this day run into constant pocket changed problems. Maybe it’s time for us just too get past it. I really thought I liked you…




Expectations Vs. Reality in Writing

Expectations Vs. Reality in Writing

The truth be told I love to write. Ever since I was young about 8 I was seen carrying around a notebook. I have owned all sorts of stationary. My favorite stationary character was Hello Kitty and sometimes Lisa Frank when I picked it up. 

I used to write a lot of peoms and even won a contest one time.  Lyrics and short stories we’re amongst my favorite. I have taken a creative writing course here at the Local community college TCC.

When we write do we really write for the entertainment of others or is it to be hidden in a journal where no one can see it? As a blogger I use most of what I write in that journal. 

Labor Day Sale is ON. Use Code: LABOR15 at checkout and Get 15% Off Site Wide. *Sale excludes Ray-Ban and Oakley products.


Right now it is a thin black journal for my blog topics while some I have gotten online. Doing my Pinterest research and digging through articles I find helpful. 



I have had to write for so many of my college classes since I am a PR and ADVT major. I have big expectations for my writing and try to learn every day.

For this blog I need to be writing 8 times a week. Without fail in order to get more readers interested in what it is I stand for and have to write about. 


We aren’t born great writers and we don’t become great writers over night. It takes time and dedication to learn to write well. I suggest taking a class in Creative Writing when you get the chance if you haven’t already

While in reality I have been writing 5 to 8 times a week. That hasn’t built enough interest to my readers. While I appreciate all the readers I have gotten I know I can do better. 

One of my main goals is to be able to market and have some buyers for the things I Advertise here on my blogging platform. 

Blog Posts Ideas

Blog Post Ideas… For When You Are In A Rut

120+ Blog Post Ideas


Blogging For Success

Blogging For Success

I have had about 500 page views for this first month. Not as good as I’d like to do but I have been putting my best effort in. With support from family and friends, I have seen some progress.

I have gotten no sleep and ready to crash out when I get to my twin bed. Got in trouble for smoking in the bathroom last night. Blogging gives me a purpose. My niche is lifestyle, faith, and self learning.

There haven’t been any affiliated sales but the numbers keep going up. I know I’ll make a sale sooner or later. I just have to stick with it. After all this is only month one.

Crystallized Coffee - Sudden Coffee 300x250

I have written many other blogs before but never have I followed and tried to learn as much as I am now to make money from blogging. I need to pay off this debt so I can use the deferment to go back to school hopefully Texas Wesleyan.

Social Media Apps To Market From

Should only focus on 2 to 3 social media accounts to market your blog. I chose Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to get the word out about my website. Although I do post something about my blog on most of these platforms from time to time.

  • Facebook – My website has it’s own Facebook page @justlyfound. I’m also in three blogging groups.
    • Boss Girl Bloggers
    • By His Grace Bloggers
    • Fort Worth Bloggers
  • LinkedIn –
  • Instagram
  • Twitter – @johnnafloyd05
  • LYK –
  • HootSuite –
  • Google+
  • Tumblr –


Making More Page Views

Getting views is one of the most important things. Without views, you wouldn’t be able to run a proper website. I hope my views increases.

  • Use SEO – I use Yoast SEO and it only gives me one keyword and I type a synopsis into the about box and it seems to work OK.
  • Quality & Quantity of Content
  • Outbound Links
  • Comment and Comment
  • Bookmarking Sites; Digg, Facebook, and Instagram

Views of Blogging as A Full-Time Gig

The best at home job that has hit the market. You can help people which my major is in PR and they can view how I write and try to help others. I can even work as a travel blogger eventually. Be patient and have a realistic outlook. Learn as much as you can at the beginning. Treat it like a business and post frequently and consistently. Build your mailing list using MailChimp.

Niche’s & Stitches Thanks To Help From The Pros

Niche’s & Stitches Thanks To Help From The Pros

Visitors Room

I Have 76 people who have visited my website so far and I am hoping for millions more. Though I know I have to be patient it says that some people don’t start making money until they have had their domain open for at least 6 months. I am trying not to blog every day but I want my website to be a success & instead work steadily on increasing page views and getting clicks to my affiliates.

One of my key focus on my niche is to help you become a better person and a blogger. By providing self-help advice and moving you through to maturity. This morning has been a difficult morning. Last night our toilet sprung a leak and over flooded the bathrooms. Which got all over our bedroom.

The plumber came automatically and they were here for several hours into the night. Like pieces to a quilt, each block makes the quilt a whole. That is a way to look at blogging. My Niche is made up of self-help, blogging, my daily life, and shopping. Also now that I have to pay off this debt to UTA I’m needing this websites stuff to all workout.

10 Sites To Lead You Into Blogging

10. Angela Agiles @ – She has awsome articles and really knows her stuff when it comes to working with blogs.

9. Kristie Hill @ – really does her research

8. Abby Lawson @

7. Melyssa Griffin @ – Her email list and course is free and rocks.

6. Kalyn Brooke @ https://kalynbrooke.com

5. The Sits Girls @

4. Course Lists @

3. Adriana @ – best step by step guide

2. Regina @

1. Pauline @ – List of all the programs the pros are using.


My roommates are asleep both of them the other one is off somewhere. I’m the only one awake. Working on my blog and searching through pinterest. I need to learn how to pin my blog posts for pinterest.

Waiting till tomorrow evening then my Dad is coming with little Brandon to have me over at my parents house. My Dad has a tournament this weekend and I hope he does good.

Glad we finally have our room clean and waiting for that 3:30 PM smoke break.

10 Blogging Tips & New Theme

10 Blogging Tips & New Theme

I opened on the 4th of August for $32. I hope you have noticed what blogging mean to our world now. I have been working on it for two weeks and plan on running it for as long as I can. Trying to stay with one domain instead of jumping around from place to place. My domain has just closed down.

I think it’s really neat how had a .faith ending to an URL and I was able to get it for under a $1. In the following post I would like to explain ten of the tips that I have found that have helped me as well as give some of the websites that have helped me in the past two weeks. You are able to make a lot more money and look more professional by hosting your own WordPress site.

10. Affiliate Marketing – promoting a product to your readers and if they decide to make a purchase through your referral link, you get a commission, at no extra cost to them. Commissions vary from company to company.

9. Use Trello as an Editorial Calendar – a large board with post-it notes to line up what you need to get done, and doing, and to do’s.

8. Spend at least 10 hours a week –  if you want to make this a career opportunity you have to make the time and effort to do so. Scheduling in time to do what needs to get done.

7. When trying to make your blog successful you have to treat it as a full-time job. Maybe blogging isn’t for you especially if you don’t like to write. Keep on driving with a purpose and a plan of action.

6. Your blog is sort of a set up portfolio of sorts so take time to show people where you came from and how far you have come in the long run. Blog income reports are sometimes fun to read because you see how far these writers have come since they started.

5. Getting better relationships with your reader. The more you know who your writing to and your Target Audience the better you’ll be able to write.

4. We can’t cater to everybody so we need to find out who our true fans are.

3. Learn to SEO your blog post the right way. Including keywords and the right amount of information. I keep adding to my blog posts to add length and I don’t necessarily want to post every day. So I spend those days making posts I have already written better.

2. Include all the following in your blogging time: social media scheduling, blog posts, outreach, promotion, graphic design, maintenance. Take time to spend in each of these departments.

1. Pick between 3 – 5 things to blog about mine are self-help, blogging, my daily life, and shopping. These will be what makes up your niche. Niche a grouping of where your blog fits in and what you primarily write about.


I hope these tips help you and you learn a little about what can make your blog better. I have been working on my blog a lot lately trying to hit my goal.

I also got this really neat theme from for $3. Hope your enjoying my blog so far and I am helping you learn something new. If so please comment on what your favorite part is.

Luck Seems To Get Better

Luck Seems To Get Better

Sat Ur Day : Today I Sit and Just Be

I have been awake all night and now I’ll be awake all morning aren’t I in luck. Had some fun with my roommate and we have both been awake all night. I have been zoned out on the computer working on my blog. In amazement that my stats bar is rising and I’m starting to see results. Which means I must be having some luck with all this hard work. I am using Google Analytic to find all my traffic and so far it’s a really cool program.

My Dad said we’d go fishing today but as luck has it it’s raining and wet outside. I haven’t talked to my son in a few days nor my Dad and hope everything is ok after last weekend.

I have tried many different themes and am refusing to buy a theme. Not because I don’t care about my reader but because I just don’t have the money at the moment. For now I have spent enough money on this website.

Yesterday I went shopping even though now all I have is at luck is $30 for till the end of the month. Until this blog picks up with a revenue and profit. Went shopping at the Family Dollar store the main store I get all my shopping done.

I bought stickers if anyone knows me they know I love stationary and writing supplies. Gave my roommate a notebook I had saved up which she really appreciated. Gave several sheets of the stickers out to others which made me feel good they only cost $3 for all of them. I know a bit childish but anything that can cheer you up when there’s this much rainy blues around.

These stickers glow in the dark with a word and the other ones are smelly stickers. I also bought an Avengers Marvel comic book coloring book. Oh the joy of acting like a kid again, it’s good for you every once in a while.

I Can See Clearly Now That The Rain Is Here

Got glasses this last month in July with luck from and also got a pair of prescription sunglasses that my Dad gave me for my birthday. We have really been sharing in this room lately though I feel like sometimes they take more than I am willing and able to give.

It’s hard without having an attitude in both directions. Things should be given with an open heart and willingly because it is not ours it is God’s in the first place.

Affiliated Sales & How I Plan On Making Cents

The affiliate program is one I will be running back to again and again. I like how with affiliate programs you request to join then you wait for them to give you the green light. Trust me I have been turned down by quite a few. Anything that sounded fun I’ve tried to sign up for it from clothing, jewelry, groceries, and home goods.

As well as Amazon Affiliates they provide cool looking links of the products so please take the time to click. It would do be a great bit of good especially with this upcoming debt. I use

Awin also and have yet to get started with their many programs.

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

Blogging is more or less it’ll all depend on what I make it out to be.

If one thing is in common with all the blogs out there about making money from a blog it’s the time and dedication one must have to fulfill their dreams. I know I can at least start making $100 but the unknown part is when will this start working.

I have just started my journey on and plan on keeping the domain and the hosting for years to come. Instead of getting rid of it like my last blogs. Though life is like that it all depends on what you make out of it. As a blogger we make a small percent off the item you the consumer purchases.

Using My Planner To Get On A Good Schedule

Obviously staying up till all hours of the night and not going to be at all. Is probably only something you should do once in a blue moon. Right now I am learning how to make an editorial calendar and how to schedule my time wisely.

At-A-Glance: It's Your Life, Take Note


Something my Dad has been harping on me to do for years is to get to a stuck schedule.


I will need to write unique and creative content to keep you coming back and staying on my page longer than 5 minutes. I need to make this the best blog I have yet to own since it’s the most money I have ever spent on a blog. I have faith that I’ll make enough to make it back and then some.

Personal Boundaries

Someone very dear to me said “If I’m crossing over my boundaries then let me know”. That person has been missed in my heart dearly. Though we have to know when enough is enough of a person.

Speak up when you’ve been mistreated and let others around you know. You have the right to voice your opinion. Don’t give away too much of your time. Sometimes by my family i feel I am taken for granted since I am not able to see them for some weekends.

Assess feelings of hurt and resentment and don’t let them build up. We need to define we need to define our boundaries because if don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything. What is the most important thing to us being safe or having fun?

It’s Important To Set Goals

If we didn’t know where we were going we’d need a road map or to be able to use a GPS system to get around. I have spent several nights driving around lost only to find myself where I needed to be hours and gas tanks later. Without a clear path of how to get where you want to go you might as well be out of luck.

My goal is too make $100 by the end of this August month if I run into the luck I am needing. Raising my page viewer amount by 25% and my affiliate links by 10+. I have daily task I have to complete in order to have a smooth experience with the way things run in everyday life. For instance I can’t go a day without journaling something it just makes me feel better.

Having A Good Connection & Linking Up

There are several ways you’ll want to link social media and promote yourself. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are to nae a few good ones. You will find the links that associate to the people who you will want to contact to get better associated with and become blogging pals. You will find where you fit into the blogging community in due time.

I would really like to hear from ya’ll. So how do you like my blog so far? Do you think my work shows effort and my intention to run a good blog? In what ways could I improve? Just need to link up your own blog so I can check it out? Please Comment…

Loving My Body

Loving My Body

When you think about love what comes to mind what about your body? Body image a persons perception of their own sexy attractiveness. Wrapped in my pj’s and especially my Dear Foam bathrobe is when I can feel I have a sexy body wrapped in my own skin. Sexy Skin it’s good to always keep it shaved and smooth. Even though I haven’t seen my sexy man in 5 years we still talk and any moment he could surprise me.
In this group home full of us girls and the guys are in a different part of the house across the hall.

What does it take you to feel sexy! Stop looking at yourself as an overweight punching bag. The more pain you take out on yourself the more pain you’ll have scared when you get over 50.


I’ve worked or work for Suicide Girls and was accepted about 10 years ago.

A few years ago my body was even in a porno perhaps 15 years ago! While my roommates well ones a playboy bunny, ones an actress, and ones a dancer. No nothing to brag about and something that was taken from me as a young kid.

The love and respect for our bodies is something important. I have always been a problem in that way though not to the extreme where some want to impress those they are calling. Like the story Gentlemen Callers. I had my fun and now that I’m 31 it’s time to grow up.

My Dad still says I’m not getting married till Brandon who is 5 is out of the house. Which in all reality especially if I calm down and slow down a little bit is a long time. I am a hustler by heart and it truly is ride or die.

The Tattoo Artist That Loves Me

I first kissed a boy in pre-school I didn’t like it. I’ve been an underground musician and model. I also got accepted to suicide girls but never did any work for them. I have 5 tattoos back, both hips, ankle, and right shoulder. I’ve had my tongue pierced by my best guy friend 5 years ago and it got sucked out.


For Ink Contact Kylezzzz Brattin 

I don’t think we are all happy with our self image. My boyfriend who does tattoos hasn’t done one on me and I fear he doesn’t want to touch me. A recent friend at the group home who only stayed a few days said she was sold at a young age into sex slavery.

This year I have really dealt with sexual harassment. Not only is it worse coming from my own mind but it’s even worse when you hear it coming fro congregations. Is it something we have done or something we are doing?

5 Tips to help you love your body image

5. Don’t think about how other’s bodies look. My Dad “Can you tell I’m Daddy’s little girl?” told me that somewhere someone will always be prettier, smarter, funnier, and more wealthy than you will ever be. We can’t sit there and compare it’s a waste of precious time.



4. Remind Yourself What You Like. I like my complexion and my shortness. I don’t think it will be too hard for you to find things you like too if you try hard enough. Like the “Little Engine That Could” you can find things you like.


3. Beauty is a state of mind not just what you see in the mirror. We all see things the way we want to see them basically the way the mind thinks of them. When it comes down to it it really matters about our attitude about what’s going on.

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People. OK maybe this is something I could work on better to become that positive role model. I’m sure a lit up cigarette and a curse word on the tip of my tongue and a torn up outfit isn’t extremely flattering. People will help you but first you have to be willing to help yourself.

1. Read up on anything you were wondering about changing about your body. It’s never too late to find something new to update your look with. Take a trip to the mall and get your makeup done at Sephora like I did for my birthday. Or work on self-help to make yourself beautiful on the inside then out. You can read my beauty product reviews here on

My Makeup Moves

Hippie Go Lucky from benefit this set is amazing with it’s cute little samples.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Base Foundation

Smashbox Eye-shadow Pallette : Cover Shot in Golden Hour

LA Colors Contouring Palette : I use as blush

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder: That I should probably throw out bought it last year.

Dior fusia lip gloss

Loreal true match concealer

Moving From Ugly Duckling to Beauty Warrior

I am taking guest post if anyone is interested or I’d like to arrange an interview post. I don’t have anything to pay you but I think it would be nice to have a guest on this blog. Maybe a beauty guru or someone who really knows the competition within relationships.

Right now I am studying on how to make blog income traffic. Traffic means more page views and more page views means more people get my message that I try to send across. As an article has suggested 2,000 or 3,000 words. That will take a lot of revising and rewriting after posting so you have something to look at.



Father Daughter Weekend : Bucks To Blogging

Father Daughter Weekend : Bucks To Blogging

Despite not sleeping at all in the last 48 hours I really don’t feel all that bad except my eyes and my butt are sore from sitting on this uncomfortable chair and not blinking often. If I could earn a few bucks for this time I have been working on blogging that would be nice. I could buy a domain or Get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for $13.95/mo. Get 30% Off First Month, Though I’ll have to earn enough to buy the domain WordPress package from earning it from working my blog.

I am searching through other peoples blogs and have been searching for the last several hours how to make money off of blogging. I just have to be persistant and keep finding the keys to figuring this out and most of the articles say that it will tae at least 3 to 6 months. JustlyFound has only been around 2, this will be the 3rd month.

I will have to start taking my laptop to The Center with us when we go during the day. Since there is no wifi access at the group home. Glad I’m not at the group home right now I still need to clean up and everything before Dad comes back from work and his dental appointment. I have been glued to the screen for hours on end. Signing up for all sorts of programs. One program I just signed up for is called Awin along with ShareASale these two should give me a good foundation to make affiliated sales. I greately appreciate all the readers I have had today I am already at what June had at the end of the month on the 3rd of this month.

Ear Plugs and Tapers By Body Jewelry

Entrepreneurship is what I need to be able to attain in the next coming weeks in order to truly get this to work. My father owned a spinner bait shop that I helped out with when I was about 8 that was his business. Unfortunately some horrible guy took off with the business credit card. I keep getting calls about credit cards on my cellphone but I am rest assured I do not have one. So working on making my blog into an assett I can use to really make some money. Though I can still not make over $1000 a month on SSDI. I also have an interview coming up with Lori’s Gifts in Fort Worth.

Making this website profitable will finally mean I’m doing something with my degree choice of PR and ADVT. I will need to pay attention to the news in order not to write like I was when I first opened this blog up and simply stating whims. It will take a whole lot of sacrifice, work, hustle, creativity, and dedication to get this into a profitable blog to where I can be using this blog instead of a real job.

Time To Set Some Goals After August I want to earn $300, have 500 Twitter followers, 1,000 Pinterest followers, and 50 Instagram Followers, promote affiliates and try to sell 1 – 3 items. In 12 months I would like to earn $1000 a month and double my amount of followers.

Good Solid Content Having the right attitude and knowing what to post and provide for your readers makes all the difference. No one wants to come to a boring website. Post that contain information the reader can really take away after reading. Where they have something to learn from what you/I have written.

Be Willing To Learn Constantly Blogging won’t work unless your willing to put the time and effort into it.


How I’ve Been living for the past year & how my life would change for the better once I can make blogging my career. 

I really don’t have too much that’s my own I have a twin bed on a cot at the Group Home on Hitson. Where I pay every part of my SSDI check toward the food, sheltered home, and a nanny to take care of us. I have $100 dollars left after that and that’s too last me for the entire month until about the 3rd.

I have been traveling with my black duffle bag between the Group Home and my parents house. This time I brought my laptop which I have been glued too the entire time. Most of the time my roommates and I are trying to get outside to smoke these cheap $2 a pack cigars called Talons. Although this time when Dad took me to the corner store I bought two packs of Marlboro Black 100s don’t know how long they will last me. Got them yesterday around this time it’s almost 3 and I have only smoked half a pack.

 Having a good weekend at my parents with my son and mom gone. It’s quiet around here and I’m working on getting as much done on this blog as I can.

Hopefully when I get back the TV & Wifi are working. I have been using the 4G feature on my cellphone to connect to the internet and haven’t been able to use my laptop in over a month. We normally don’t have anything but tap water to drink. Earlier in the summer we wen’t without AC for a week or two.

It’s so quiet here without Brandon and I’ve had the house to myself with just our two dogs. Which the dog knocked off the Afghan rug that was held up with wooden pegs. Tomorrow Dad wants to go fishing at Grapevine Lake and then eat and go to Bass Pro Shops. I brought my SMOK e-cig with Dragon Juice Candy vape oil in it. You can get your own at Shop SMOK, Joyetech and More!

My life would be different because I would be able to afford the things I need and want. I could afford a car and pay insurance and afford gas. I could pay back my student loans and afford to go back to school again to finish my Senior year. I could buy an apartment for Brandon and I and I could take care of my kid myself. I could get off SSDI and be able to save money for the future while still being able to go to the psychiatrist and being able to go to the hospital and take my so. While also being able to afford medicine, my own food, and my own stuff I need to live a comfortable life. Oh If We we’re all so lucky & won the lottery!

Stop sitting around doing nothing expecting things to change and get better. You have to be proactive and working on my blogging everyday is better time used than sleeping like my roommates do.

I really need something good to happen though the longer I keep sitting around feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing about it. The longer it will be for things to get better. This could really change my life. These stockphotos are from and my sister HB is getting married next year so this is a good time to start working toward these goals.

Up All Night

Up All Night

I didn’t go to sleep last night instead I’ve been working on things to make this a better blog. I can’t simply do a domain name and keep so I am just going to keep it the way it is. When I went to make coffee both the Keurig and the regular coffee maker were broken. Luckily we had some instant coffee stored away. Instagram Live Q&A with Food Blogger Pro One of my new ShareASale Affiliates so please check this brand out.

I used the App Headspace and it is guiding me through 10 days of learning how to meditate. Although to get anything else on the app you have to buy the app. I have been meaning to learn how to meditate for some time now. As well as taking self-care seriously. 10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make – Free eBook! my parents have been trying to eat healthier than usual. My Dad slept through his alarm for work and is still asleep. Good thing he is still going to work.

This blog is pretty new and so far I appreciate the 10 followers I have received. So often when I make myself a new site and get readers I get to the point where I’ll stop and then go to a different blog. Just like with my medication if I didn’t have a nanny to give the pills to me every day.

My last blog before this was hosted by Blogger. My site before that was another Blogger website. Although to get a domain on WordPress isn’t cheap and it would cost me my months’ paycheck. Since I only get $100 every month and the rest of my money goes towards my health at the group home.


I’m hoping to turn this blogging thing into a career since I have been blogging since around the age of 13. If I would have stayed with the same blog and not have switched them all the time I’m sure I too could be one of those blogging success stories. Same with jobs if I would have stayed at one job for most of my 20s I would be better off.

Read this: ellduclos on How she turned her blog into her career
This is my take away from her blog post.

I have to be determined to be successful and I have to wake up and realize that the situation I’m in currently is not a dead end. Being in the group home and over at my parents house on the weekends. Not being able to be a responsible parent due to disabilities is hard also.

Being in and out of college and still no degree and tons of college student loans in debt. I need the financial freedom and I need to take blogging as a career path and choice to be a #BossBabe. There’s so much I wish I could do that I either need to wait for the right timing or just know my limits.

Passionately Pursue I have been writing way before anything else. I was always the girl who was caught with a notebook of some kind or an electronic device since a little girl. I couldn’t imagine life without writing. I can focus on making money with my blog but it shouldn’t come in the way of actual writing. What I write about has to make me happy – I love to learn new things every day and share them with the outside world.

Blogging Business & Taking It Seriously I have to treat this blog like it was my actual job because it will be my job. Work often so you don’t lose readers and followers. I need to rise above and prove to everyone I can do what they think I can’t. This lady is a good motivational writer.

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How To Make Money Blogging

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Internet Availability

Internet Availability

Cleaning out my two email address accounts & and unsubscribing to the mass amounts of spam email. Simply pressing the checkbox button and deleting all of them they all seem to be from indeed. Then changing the subscription setting or unsubscribing altogether.

My dad was mostly quiet towards me tonight. He’s getting older and we are all pretty worried about his health. He did walk on the treadmill before we went shopping and we had salad for dinner. We went to CVS and Krogers.

Technology Used by Successwful Businesses

Our family dog Dixie, a blue healer, is taking to licking me and showing me love. Haven’t been able to use my laptop in about a month or longer. I can, however, use the cell phone that I got for Christmas that has 4G on it. My dad pays for the service and we get unlimited 4G use. Some much needed to take care of work is left that I will stay up late doing. Still feeling good from earlier.

Being able to use it for the next couple of days. We really need internet access at the group home and the lady in charge said it’s part of the deal. My Dad made a watermelon salad and I had my box of spicy sushi he bought me. Dad also bought me chocolate banana Pocky.

I’ve put in for a job at Lori’s Gifts and looking for more to put applications at. If I am to get a job Ms. Jeffereson our nanny will have to take me. So I’ll have to make sure that part is worked out. You could really help me out and on the sidebar, I added affiliate links where I get commission off a sale from Make a purchase at one of the several companies I advertise for and I get a percent.

Reading through blogging articles about how to make money blogging. It sure would be nice to be able to make some kind of profit from blogging. While having the drive to blog about deeper and more meaningful things besides my day to day life. In which I don’t do very much and I need the extra income. Though every time I try out on this venture I don’t make even a dollar. While losing track and going overboard on time.

To run a domain would cost me $50 and right now I just don’t have it. This is the first time in a long time out of all 18 years I have been blogging or working on a website of my own that I haven’t had a domain. I am usually on Blogger and not WordPress.