Keeping Your Life Together

Keep track of where your time and your money go to. I need to find a good job search. People lust after all sorts of stuff we have grown up with. It is not our place to point fingers and blame people. Though that is what draws us into deep dark temptation.

There is constant battle of good and evil all around us. When we can’t find acceptance or safety we have to change our situations and our friends.

Trusting the wrong people and wanting to be accepted more than anything especially by someone you have a deep desire for can kill.

Had to missed my interview today. Rescheduled for next Wednesday. Working at Bankers Life would be really neat. Heck any job would be neat… wait I take that back.

You have to keep yourself safe & doesn’t require that you look yourself up or your heart. When its time to grow up realize what is/isnt desirable being at the wrong time with the wrong people. Find your safety!

Watch What We’re Slipping On

Waiting can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever learn ?. Like waiting patiently for the man of your life to hold you ?. To hold on to you through the storms of life ⚡. Which are always up and down like a roller coaster at Six Flags. I have heard and noticed dangerous things I shouldn’t have in the past 5-7 years.

Nothing that I am going to far into detail about. I had my first born Brandon ?‍?when I was 25, he is now 4 years old. My family has really been there more than I have given them credit for in the past. It’s sad how my Dad and his other workers have fought so hard for this country that is going out of control.

Hold on to what you got especially your own life. You can’t loose everything by thinking your need or even deserve better and bigger things. Things aren’t always bigger in Texas – like some people’s hearts. There are all sorts of personalities out there and life experiences. Though we have to know and stay true mainly to ourselves.


I have been in jail 4 times and on probation once since I was about 17. I have smoked since I was 16 and have had about 5 vehicles. Tragedies happen everyday and there’s no reason we should brag about this stuff. We are too use our past life to create a better tomorrow. With patience and hard work it can get better we learn and grow everyday. It’s necessary to be thankful for every little thing you got.

We have worked hard for everything we have and we know what we can and can’t walk away with. Let it go before it takes over your life. Know when to run and when to fight meanwhile knowing what’s yours and whats mine. I had a lot of times growing up when I would spend plenty of time by myself. What we we’re and are doing is no one’s business. As a Christian we are too shine the light. We are here to help but no we are not yours and not to stalk. We are not the wishful bean stalk.

Things are replaceable and people aren’t! Some people need things more than we do but we can’t give everything we have. Especially when it’s killing you and making your life hard to live.