I’m Gonna What – See My Parents

Noah and Her Ark are we going in Two by Two. To what Johnna; My old two tongue rings in which are only sweet slits in my tounge left overs as meatloaf. My 6 tattoos; or is it wanting something it used to have when it was younger. No sweetheart I’m not your problem and your not going to take it out on me. Especially not for the rest of the life in which God has given me.

I heard that dog bark do I what hurt it or do I want it so badly that I get to watch it all the time as it comes back with fleas and dismissed and I keep loving it. In which my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in 5 years has told me. Oops I think The Floyds are keeping that kid for a long time. Well heck sweet make them in which they said what S.M.F.D.



In a week I’m going to #MyParentsHome to have Christmas and be with my son Brandon. I will be there for a week. For some us are week but HE (God) Is strong. In which you can’t believe what this black guy as we sit in a black ladies Groups Home and try to not get in trouble while I pay the most money I really ever have. Is quite content enough or did it want the streets in which I have left and tried not to get my stuff beat up for also not wanting sex.

I’ve already gotten my parents Mom & Dad gift; in which I have also bought Brandon’s Birthday and Christmas presents. For my Mom and Dad matching tumblers and candles. For Brandon a toy play dough hamburger set and a shooting soft toy spitter with rainbow chips.


What The Heck Is It – Christmas

What do you want for Christmas?! Happy weekend #2 before before Christmas and “Our” or Is it my “Son”! The Holy Son Christ Lord of our savior. “No one assumed who you are” according to Greg Laurie. One of the most magical events I have been too this year and at the Arlington Stadium I used to walk around. Everybody Know me on the Train… No Rainbows it isn’t time. I told you that rainbows sweetie with the Rabbit tracks on it was dang dangerous.

What is crackling more than my Hygee or my personal hygiene which the bathroom no portable potty for priced up princess. Something they didn’t want for others and opposed to in the first place. You know that the weekend is to regroup and focus on something other than what your worried about. For Christmas and most Christians you are messy for wanting others to have good time and researching for others health needs.

Being Productive & Maintaining More Than Lemon Juices

I have been fortunate most of my life. While I learn everyday to depend on myself more and more. Transforming into the woman God wants me to be. I am not that lady at the well or the wellingtons castle wishing on higher ground. I wasn’t grounded and have had freedom though I am now the adult and make my own decisions to respect or to fail at the time and energy already thrown through the environment.

#HashPiped @ Job mixed up S.S. Card <I don’t need to blame them but it does hurt> Is what I felt and heard a dream and how did it communicated this all through and too me?! I didn’t mean to be the Problem and no matter how many times said it. What we have done to ourselves is all up to you.

#Job #Relationship #Exercise #Healthy Eating #Self-Care #Kids. Daily we adjust into adult hood we are not as mature or limitless as we were the day before. We are left to look at the consequences of the here and after. What is truly important to me Heck is your story even actuate.

What’s In My Bags & Carry On

I have been carrying my pink Cabela’s small duffel bag since last weekend when my Dad bought it. I am grateful to have a Dad that helps me out a lot. I am trying to keep my stuff as organized as possible and keep my things neat and orderly.

I have my black back pack, my black duffle bag, and my black carrier.

In my Pink Cabellas Duffel Bag

Top Pouch:

  • JUUL – I have Mango cartridges and have a charger in there; with my JUUL Charger that I had to buy seperately online from Ebay. Though mine doesn’t always smoke. I still have fun using it.
  • Cotton Candy Body Spray – clowns!
  • Pens, Sharpies, and Dry Erase Marker
  • Glitter and Jewels and Glue Sticks

Right Zipper Pouch:

  • Deck Of Cards
  • TI Pink Calculator
  • Scissors
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mini Ash Tray
  • Mini Glass Spoon

Left Zipper Pouch:

  • Sewing Kit
  • Flash Light
  • Hemp Lotion


Front Pouch:

  • Small Bottles of Essense
  • Tampons
  • Brush
  • Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cocunut Oil, and Olive Oil
  • Razor
  • Deoderant
  • Crest Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Fixodent & Poligrip for my dentures
  • An old tic tac box full of hair bands

Inside Front Pouch (Where I Keep My Make-Up)

  • Concealer Kit
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow
  • Benefit California Blush
  • Contour Palette
  • L’oreal True Match Concealer
  • Dior Lipgloss
  • Eyeliner & Mascara
  • Brow Gel

I don’t Need To Only BEE

I don’t need to be only a bug – I don’t need to want the thug when I was 11. “No I Don’t Want No Thug!!!” At The Age of 11. I hope that is not the reason or the lessons we  learn in a …Sentence… !!! 

Played Pool & Walked into a Hall + x – With Money It “Couldn’t Earn” Which my stories began in the first place. As the Red dot in the charmed Alarm clock visited and charmingly messed up my mental state to create a swiss sticker bigger than his dipped out skoal in the bottom of his boat in the lakes water. 

To run away and go surfing with whatever move it made while listening to an Elderly and say as I “Go Wake Boarding With You” I hope I can at least go in the one shop and buy my own board! 

Words from my son … ” I want a board game …. Which One ” Well me of course and off course I wanted a Cherry Cola and I didn’t want their blood dropped eyes full of the left over Hair-On >Pointed< = Who To Me

She agreed aren’t you thirsty with saliva down it’s throat and tear it’s own [pretzel] down it’s throat and say not unless I can pull a drink from That pretty rolled up hair and take a sip of my own medicine. My Son did or didn’t need coadine. 

While I picked my make-up off the ground after she had traced it replaced it and put it down for apartment after apartment + in order to even get an APT in the 1st Place <3 !!! 

To skip seat to sit my butt or my bubble gum butt on two skateboard painted dishes. Picking up it’s last sip of a cigarette to clean up it’s last drop of any make-up brush it took. So she could clean it, cook it, and kill it… 

<Well are they going to PROVIDE +ALL+ ?Toys In It> So it can sit on it’s dock and smoke a cigarette and just simply smoke her own cigarette and be peacefully left alone. I wanted to be left alone like a leave. Well we told – – – SSSSOOOO !!!

What’s Really Worth It

Last night my family and I went to Jin. >I Am NOT YOUR FOOD<. The question in our heads is that of which we are going to spend? I have $9 in my bank account and a person of my stature can only image and not begin to ask for as to what theirs even is. Though I can blog and log every moment and dollar of it.

Before we went to go eat at Jins we went to Texas Thrift and I got several nice pieces. In order to have anything really nice I have to do what is in your business format in the first place. I can read it the same way I am disked it.

I would have to agree with certain artist. I am very protective and hard on myself about my writings and work. I have been in a few recording studios in my life and even with good vocals I do not believe I would enjoy the life of being a singer especially not in POP!

I shouldn’t have found the church congregation in my mouth. Like I ate a whole bunch of Nachos with that not yo cheese. I wake up in the morning with a new mission and purpose that normally stays down the same similar road. While the road is narrow and the paths are deep and the rivers that flow against it are streams a mile deep. 

I feel tied here with this rope but there is worse things that could and probably best to stay away from. I tried to trust the right people who had the best tip money to pass out. I looked into the eyes of the beholder. 

Hyggie – Lets sit comfortable in our chairs and relax. In fact my man doesn’t want to work and I need to be doing what is healthy and positive in my life. 

Are They Asking For What Help + Why? F*

Kyle Sweetheart in the first place when I first met you our hearts had felt like they both have been through enough. When people say enough is enough they are not kidding. It’s a polite way to say stop.

Kuzz Baby in lifeasacollegemom.net was a plead of almost beckoning you back into my life. After what I felt like was mistake of all time. To have a child in the first place. Then followed by having to have my parents raise the child. In which they have named and adopted.

Please tell me if your wiffie is that stupid?! I try hard and I’m not that problem. I can go to the snack bar at a movie theater and look at only my own pocket and realize how to spend my money I have earned. When that is how you cheat to get a job. Then do you see why I have a problem.

Was it the drama club room in the first place. i believe we haven’t talked in years. it gives me great peace and happiness to know you are reading. even if it is a small amount of an audience. 

In the first place I worked behind stage. Stages to stages – I wouldn’t be able to watch from what direction these people have come up to me wanting to become insta-gramed famous and begging for things from people. In which is a business in how you approach it is how you attain it. 

Who is Victimizing themselves is stupid and I believe when I was 16 and graduated I said I have a lot to learn from. Dad – If I have witnessed what I have witnessed in these pre requisits of prior college knowledge. They didn’t earn even a dollar bill to what they have walked around from other people. Even the truck was attacked on the first day. when I was 16 my Father with the biggest heart handed me down a silver Ford F150 before he was taken from the family on another Mission. 

When you are that young and impressionable you don’t really know what you want. Is that why I bashed the first mirror on that truck. “Every action is reacted upon and equal or lesser reaction…” Gossip will always be gossip and well “Everyone else is doing it” doesn’t state a reason why you should follow. We all want to be “In” in which it hit in 2017 as I want to follow the Liberal side of the “The Outsiders”.

I don’t have to sit here and tell you the story about what happened to mental and physical damage but we all know it messes us all up. Especially if its heard all around the school. Which I later found out from several jobs I had been “Linked In” to from the beginning. As a moveable target with such a resume which was one of my favorite jobs in Arlington “Target”.

The Silver Ford F150 has been traced and it was sold for $2000. Excuse me I will not and never will belong to anyone and especially if that was your meaning and purpose in life. Then you traded your life to some of the most embarrasing and messed up things in the country. 

It all adds up in the end & First of all it was all about graduation and not being popular with who’s who’s baby at the age of 15. I’m not your girl you want to be pointing to. 

If you want it I believe you will achieve it. In AP Literature I read books upon books of how everything was made. I realized from each moral that in the end it is not the material possessions that mattered but its relationship with it’s mind and heart. Mind Over Body reaction to it’s physical pain as it helps people who are in need of things they have helped work on and develop. 

It was not my job to go from Room To Room. Which Texas Work Enforcement has a story to even what and how we lost each moveable pawn in our own lifes play. 

We got to chose the ones we help and they are all what lies and maniuplations and the way they have treated us. The pain is real and the cuts are deep. Just because you do something one time doesn’t mean you have to keep on doing it. These are lessons to learn from so I can not live your life for you. Something I remember someone telling me which is now what I’m calling a tip. 



That’s All They Liked In The First Place

We need to be careful who we are around and I believe if you have always been in the right and proper spot that you were supposed to go to A to B in the first place than that would have happened.

Though that is not how this world works. That is how we are supposed to be people and you are taking away every right and almost every cent I have spent and bought and paid. You said He ? God paid the ultimate role. 

Jail is not my home and I’m not headed there. My parents told me certian things and I didn’t rebutal. While I pick up cigarette butts. Getting upset for what is filling my which isn’t mine no “I’m a minor”.

Comparing earrings to what you know you didn’t even buy or know. So be careful who you are even looking at as that and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Maybe they should move me to a classier place this situation stinks my centimeter inch ruler got yanked. I have a 2×4 bed who I talk to? about? how much I have? what I’m wearing? What even my feet smell like?!

I deffinitly don’t want to stay after babysitting and do unnecissarily more work for anyone. Who got attention from?! In which I didn’t give these people anything. In which it’s gotten locked up into and I’m not the one asking for that especially not THAT kind of help.

We tried working around it, traveling around it, learning to it, tip toeing around it. Though even still we are locked up by it. What is this The Diary Of Ann Frank? 

To feel like I have gotten locked up for my own 50 cents then that’s why I lost the art supplies and never wanted to pick up a paintbrush again. In this half way home I get the same things as the hospital?! Then why do I have to deal with bad attitudes and begging?

It’s the right anserw and I’m getting this really?! No not me I’m that special good I was an AP Student & I’m not your money. We lived off Kellogs cereal and enjoyed $5 cigarette package a day. Learned to write in a notebook on every dollar I pretty much spent on my own shopping list. 

Don’t Touch My Backpack

There are many things to keep and other peoples stuff is not one of them. Though you do not get mad about the stuff – you learn to believe in the long run that stuff is not as important as people that are good in your life. College is expensive in the first place but what we put on Tumblr and Studyblr is ours and when setting it up be careful with it. 

I have pretty much lost everything in that kit & My Hubby loves his needles but that’s not my place to want his work or his flash or his talent. Unfortantly people have wanted all of that from us. Things can be replaced but people can’t and I wish I could have made better friendships a lot of them I refused to keep. They also refused to keep me and especially in such a messed up state. Did you really expect to keep them in your lock box?  

I have worked retail for some time and it’s important to understand your employeer. While I have noticed the transaction and have even held on to reciepts for the same reason the keep asking it questions … You have to connect the right dots to holds and owns what. The form – yeah that’s what we were told when we started. Even I got a chance to go to College Orientation.

This has become a maze and glare and staring at Their are every persons wants and needs & it isn’t your mouth.  Watching Football on NFL – I got the same MIC. They are all looking for their own place in life and first we have to accept ourselves. While I don’t understand why they tried to change lifestyles from person to person. 


You can live with and in your backpack especially in the city it’s called for which at certain ages at 16 and above it’s been Dallas & Fort Worth. Excuse me you want to take credit for WHAT?! Even though I’m in a half way home I have had to live out of my luggage. I have found it’s all in how we treat ourselves and take care of ourselves. Don’t leave it sitting around or it will get snatched. This paper is not a free hand out to a freak. Be careful with your health you are the only person you got. Especially thankful for a great boyfriend who has helped me and my son. Help can be good or it can be bad?! 

Who gives you or your group entitlement?! To do something that evil as to take what we eat?! My life is not the jungle book and I’m not jafar. Thats what I went to school for and I think some people took it too far. Yes that was my poem in the 3rd grade and the 6th grade. A long list of trytocare.net and lifeasacollegemom.net. 

Break in through a body?! Need help ASAP! Be careful with what kind of help you get. Everything I have ever had in life has had a giant p-ing circle on it. I am not the one says people are happy with nothing. That’s what they get to say to me… No the heck it isn’t! While even walking up to my interview.



People expected and needed help out us and I haven’t been able to fullfill what even God has told me to do. So how deep is my faith especially in work and this nation. Pick a spot it’s got your track on the cell phone. It cut into wires and it’s first vehichle and GPS System. That’s why I wouldn’t give you my name or phone # in the first place. As a Marketer you get peoples names and phone numbers for what kind of road side attraction.

Is this what they call Senioritis?! Tell us the truth – Things we are supposed to do professionally are they allowed to slip in and out of my mouth like that? Actually my mouth is kind of working like a door. Feel like I’m playing National Treasure yeah keep talking through my teeth and I don’t even have teeth anymore. 

According to Joel Olsteen the past cant keep you from whats ahead of you. Always try to keep your head up and stand up straight. Let’s talk about ownership and ya’ll not get a bad attitude $675 and thats rent ya’ll are getting mad at a piece of tile with those attitudes. 

Make sure what you love you own and it doesn’t own you. Happy Sunday & @ least it isn’t Happy Easter. Fear and poverty don’t own us. Perspective and we are starting to protest about this situation. My class was Comm Law & Ethics and I have a feeling I’ll never get out of that textbook. 

How To Be Around The Situations 

Don’t bring Rude moods to events 
Don’t stoop to their level
Your values mindful of yourself 
Attitude / Words have nothing to do with you
Dont focus attention on How they say things + yes I took lingustics!

How Not To Lose Your Cool

Keep it simple 
Following in their footsteps
Minimize shopping
Handle invitations correctly
Don’t try to cover it up. 

There is something to strive for and it’s not perfection. If you try to be perfect you’ll be disappointed to embrace your imperfections. 

Only handle your own drama don’t let other peoples chaos,drama, bullshit. 

Saying no is good for you and don’t try to please everbody. Don’t make demands and don’t accept them demanding you. These people are only trying to use you.

People don’t care as much as you think they do. Own stuff by what you are doing. Stop worrying to feel happierr and less irritable. 

It’s healthy to let it all out and vent especially if they put that up to every book and computer and word we worked with words which another one of my books. We still have to deal with reprocussions of words and actions. 

It’s irritable and intolerant to reprocussions of words & actions. 






Hello To Your Profile

Hello I pay $675 and it is not to be used to put myself in another bad situation. Well whose problem is it if you have a problem – it’s yours so deal with it. I have a respectable man and reason for my answers. I don’t need to be going to your church for a while. Wishing I could read more from the California Testimonial Greg Laurie book.

Book : The Associated Press Style Book Needed this tool. What tools or rights we have?! Right now I am being spiritually guided by FaFsA money that I am having to pay back. It’s $50 a month. It’s making me wake up to what I even went to College and set my goals to.

What it has misplaced in all it’s mouthy mishaps with Miss America When I have an attitude of Miss Congeniality. I hope that’s how you spell it and I didn’t just give you some dizzy disease off it. Get anything taken away what we’ve witnessed. 

We are supposed to learn and look up to – so why did I just walk off to that?!
Those globes cooked it & those needles inked it up to it’s probably messed up deadly mistakes.

Questions will always be unknown and life will always be a competition. The biggest competition I have had are with the armed forces & what it’s forced its precious arm around. My man is in the coast guard. 

What questions and anserws right now I am thankful for this salad in a cute package for I am only a cute chick and for the last few days I have had a bad attitude and twisted things in my hands. What lasted in life has been writing so I bought a new journal.

Which sounds wrong but I am not finger food you don’t just dip your carrot in it and take it out and hurt the dishes. In your parents kitchen because you could or couldn’t afford anything. 

Done to the things I am eating food with and I enjoy talking to friends but lately all I have done is confused myself with a dangerous head game. Look what guess what tired of also playing guess who. Two places at one time. Money hunger and sent it to the streets on a mission field. Yes it is the way you talk to people. I took these classes and I took reporting. I am only what God has made me whether coffee in my hand cig in my hand. 

Name or Phone # from what?! Picked it’s own pen up and changed a font with what it has written and asked for whose whose?? No Its what we’ve needed and their are people that fit into those pegs and don’t forget whose most important #1.

Brandon is my son and I need to help him as much as I can. I did get to stay with my parents for a little bit a few hours then my Dad took me home. It seems to be no help when I go over there and his attitude is a good one. Ideas in my head with my degree have those ideas in my head from the road I have walked on.