The Orange Notebook

It’s as though people read my brain… wait that’s a left over notebook. I worked for BOSS – Asian Boss that made me a killer also and yes family background Chick-A-Jaw County and not funny we talking for real …

Carolyn: Red Hat Society

Mom – Piano Master : Mrs. Hollands Opis and I don’t have to go to mountain in the first place that all turned to ash to walk down street… As a real F’n Neighborhood on Hitson… To REP a place or a playstation… or sit there and draw and doodle and write… WORK PEOPLE that’s why we party…

See you when I’m sleeping or Not … Male or Female … Pick a #…

Being A Hot Spot

I find a large plot which becomes a story with a beginning – middle – & end. We set the reputation and the report and simply begin. The first camera I got was from the Gov and Begin-a-gins. If I have a curse or spell for you mine was a restaurant but not Beniggins.

That is why I like people…

They are strange, weird, and, different. This place sounds like a gym and I am in the females spot where so many polite females think they belong. Where in front of a store or the dance floor? No Johnna Catherine Floyd is my name and why do you get to the root of all the math problems. I didn’t mean to have Math ;Problems in my Teeth – Thank you!

Cookie Man and Donna for buying me a Big Blue… Kyle is that debate now through – I know that is where we met but now can my heart come back to you. What about your back pack – no my jail sentence was filling it full of art supplies thats what I charged myself with. Thank you very much – but waste of time we are never through. Through the jury trials and duties… Case studies I had to take you like a actual business and people we do click on and off like a BIC pen.

My pen is not yours and well definitely not my penmanship and my five your old (year) old is mine and thank you I’m doing fine but that is not my fault.

Recieved Glasses today and Jungle house and where I’m going to relax do yoga and today I started on my journey I did two days full of sit ups… Unfortunate but today laziness isn’t a problem and no longer is it night mares but not many nights do I sleep. Don’t send that young interpruter on me and give me my rightful spot at this hopsital – JPS. Texas? What Is Illegal & Not? No that’s that persons mouth – Me Communications major well I fix it so what the heck does that make you that makes you my meal and that’s not my ticket – that’s the Chain!

March Is Mayham … March Is Madness …

This past Friday started the first of March 19″ and we have a new person at the group home, he’s really cute and he took me on a date to the pool hall. I lost my wallet on Friday after a friend and I smoked. At least I ordered my glasses for $20 before all of that happened.

I am planning on doing better than 9 posts a month though each month has been something wrong and long and something I have found somewhat depressing. I try to make the best of this thing called life…

I know life is calling for more independence and that is what my Father has given me… I also need to move forward and continue through life the best way I can. Fifty dollars down and still two thousand and three hundred and fifty dollars left in this debt from Spring 2018 semester. With a desire to go back to school – I should have done the right thing in the first place than well I wouldn’t have this problem.

I was able to talk to my son last night and he still thinks I’m a good mom.

It’s cold in Texas… Meanwhile; I’m ready for it to turn warm & too get my new Frost Bank Card in the mail. Since I lost my wallet Friday and now don’t have the information to get my Social Security Card tomorrow.

How To Start Blogging Successfully

I started my blog last year in June of 2018. In order to keep this a good blog; I need to keep pushing myself and staying motivated. Keep with a goal in mind and keep working toward that goal. Write and rewrite content, improve previous articles, and find what works and what doesn’t. As well as read all the awsome comments I have coming in. Though I Wanted A Blog That Makes Money.

  1. Set up your blog to make money – Make sure people will come and monitize through advertising. I use and don’t suggest a free blogging service.
  2. Write compelling content people want to read – People = Page Views = Money… Solving a problem they have & have things to offer in return for their time. To overcome any personal problems.
  3. Believe I/You Can – The mind is a powerful thing. Believe you can turn your blog into a career. Manifest the law of attraction which can attract anything. Positivity attracts positivity.
  4. Using Pinterest – Helps with gaining blog traffic and also use Tailwind.
  5. Go back and update old content – We grow and learn as bloggers. Fix SEO, Add Affiliate Links, Content upgrades, and Images.

Till The End Of The Month

With the SSI money coming in I still find myself really broke about half way through the month. I have already had my JUUL charger misplaced. As well as, tragically, my Dentures. The first thing I need to do this Friday when we get paid is to get my glasses ordered. I am going to order them from they normally have a bogo sale for two pairs and I’m going to try to get a pair of sunglasses.

I thought about getting Hubble contacts but I just can’t afford them.

I have found a nice walk to this park and church up the road that I’m going to start walking to on a regular basis to start loosing some weight. I weigh approximately 165lbs and my hair is starting to grow out again. My roommate lost the ring as soon as I bought it for her. Yesterday; when we both had to go to MHMR.

Need to go pick up my medicine from CVS – though my house mom hasn’t taken me yet.

I want to say Thank You!!!
For all the comments and commenters that have contributed to this site and making it more enjoyable for me. I know I have not really found the affiliates I desire the most. I would like to go in through some of my popular post and add affiliates in them.

Suppling You-Ni-Versal Recordings

I know this subject matter may be a little hard to appreciate but I have been thinking the deepest of darkest secrets and wanting to not tell you lies. The evil disguise of men happens again and this time he can’t tell what is wise.

“You have a problem with arguing when you have already had enough of the things you needed most in life…” With authority figures?! How could a heart show up so cold into JPS and to sit there and hold a cold hand of a cute man she had met only hours before.

First; you need it from yourself! The lack of missing things (alias); on this page and the pages I am going to start – in hoping to deal with other people’s pages in return is something I am needing right now. If it wasn’t for this other guy who only came temporarily and this woman named CiCi I wouldn’t have made my thought pattern even thus far.

I am in need to be the highest grade of submissive quality to my husband. For I have always wanted to be a Proverbs 31 wife: though the time to study everything I have ever wanted to is – – – NOW

I love him with all my deepest parts of my soul, heart, and mind. In which I can not replace him and with deepest sorrows I thought I even could. In which we have both learned valuable lessons on hurt, regret, and termoil. In a never ending or changing competitive world.

Having the confidence to open up my shirt a bit – or is it too much. At the age of 31 – It is my “Husbands” and really is it in the hands and mouth of a woman. Meanwhile; I could get totally obliterated for my deepest regards and opinion.

3 WKS & Yet I Still Love

My Group Home mom Mrs. Charnel has been using my laptop for the last two to three weeks. So I have been unable to blog; which I find a blessing in and of itself. Last week on Monday I went to JPS and stayed for three days.

The lady in charge of the group home in this house and I got in a fight. I do not want to go into details but I did end up getting hurt. The lense to my glasses is broken off so I am only able to see out of my Left eye. Monday morning I was taken by Ambulance to the hospital.

As soon as my dad deposited my money in my account it was gone in a matter of days. Due to the fact I wanted to bet on things on Ebay. Most things I bought cost me about $2 for things such as rings, pearls, and I also bought some clothing.

There’s only about $5 in my account but I am waiting for all this nice stuff to come in. It’s been raining here today and I think for the most part it has been a good weekend to lay in bed and enjoy things I couldn’t otherwise.

My boyfriend and my roommates keep me company. I gave my parents a call earlier; mom wouldn’t talk to me, dad and I sat in silence, Brandon – my son – did bother but said “hey butthole” he’s been getting in trouble for cussing and acting up at school. While my two sisters won’t give me the time of day and I am limited to the things I can do right now.

So I Sought

There are several things in lie that are the same. Each blog I have registered has not seen as much attention as this one. In return; I am grateful that readers like yourself can be entertained with the subject matter in which I inform others with.

Mostly rambling to myself and others for I came from UTA. Though I feel my heart drawing to Texas Wesleyan. For most of college; I have been using FAFSA and Student Loans…

Is this something shameful?! Or is it more too the fact that to all crimes links some sort of money. Although I am unable to watch TV and my roommate is Rapping in the Octave which sounds the best. Which for me that means she feels better and so do I.

There is more too life than money; I find that for money we find consequences and unfortunately sometimes of our own actions. Like the fact that cigarettes have an opposite effect especially on the person who was so Kind to buy them in the first place.

There is love; and in love I have more or less moved on past the painful pressures of being the Main Kyle’s Sweetheart for I am not made out for the tarts in which the queen of Spades made me a bit more of a mess than I am right now. With a new BOI and an angry mob which I sweetly; with my best efforts feel that I keep calm.

If I could only have woken up earlier; and done something…

That’s MINE “not” your Nothing

Remember the old days of silence and Spark Notes. Now I am not saying anything upsetting don’t you just sit there and do your homeword?! I don’t think that’s even cute for a Princess to do? Who’s Her Name??? With the Biggest Problem??? I’ll tell you it’s my Sons Birthday tomorrow & Oh! I have worked Hard not to be in a Lifetime movie. To want to call my family back right now would be stupid of me.

I told you to stop talking a long time ago. You couldn’t stand watching a mean boss. I couldn’t stand my Pricetaged Eyes from working for several years. They show me more than I really would like to know. Until my teeth became a problem too. These Gifts – Then Great Something I is either blessed or cursed with.

I have gotten rid of my sisters and they can live whatever lifes they want. I love my Talented Mom who is also My Son’s Mom. Though now its my turn to say “I will not put up with This!”

Anyways now we’re done with this Holiday – I don’t think Money is going to be used on junk in the trunk anymore. Nor is my Jealousy as Greedy as theirs. Thank you for Acknowledging me all companies who have given me support along a long journey.

I wish only the Best to Brandon for I am his Mother of some sorts; maybe like Mary?! Jesus is the reason of the season and with this storm overhead and all these women talking nasty things the situation of the analysis. I wouldn’t need or want to be the problem.

I didn’t realize it was going to be this much of a campus disaster. As I walk away and help provide for people that needed it. This Half Way Home is not my fault either + neither do I need to answer that phone.

Earned this leave !!! Tomorrow I go home to Mi Padre and MaMa to Christmas.

Thank you for everyone who is giving me comments and encouraging words. No longer is this a hard time for me! Simply to hear from y’all is a blessing and I don’t mean to bother my friends, associates, or people. Though whoever starts a fight like this is a bigger nuisance than even Brandy is.

You can say what you want about us we are different and definitely no running a sayance or an insane asylum as big as our Dear Brother Boosie! We appreciate those who have gone before us. For even I didn’t get around to wanting to do an Advent but I sure want that Adventure. Marching Penguins which we changed seats quickly and a lot – we were able too! We went to the Grand Canyon. We also went To Hollywood.

What are you wishing and hoping for?!
I don’t think my friend Larry is just sitting out there all the time doing nothing. What you think that’s talent. We All Got Talent – Jordan Is Sick is what he is! Do I like people wanting my vehicle, and my GPS system, or that many minutes on a cell phone. Which they don’t need to be looking into a hospital giving names and phone numbers to trick or treat. I love holidays and what we did is really neither one.

Do I even like to call or talk; and to do what I helped him with would hurt other families. So get what separated and big time. First of all we are mostly the older generations students those who try to give credit to those who went before us we are to learn from. Even if it is violence.

Give it another try Johnna; to go back to school. I am so glad and fortunate for everyday. Especially today; at the center I got to make a cool ornament and I was able to get a very expensive pair of slippers from our Boss. Jordan – Never want you back but left your Bible at the School. So If you See Jordan… Give families like his a very blessed Christmas.

Group Homed Up and More Blessed Than Ever!

Especially Tomorrow I am able to go to my Dad’s house and My Dear Dad has asked me to be a good mother and be sweet to my son. Please do not argue around a single mothers problems for the most part. While developing a perspective on each Step by Step.

I should have a “day” & “said” I’m not down!

Today at the center I helped pick up liter from The Center!!!
Though as I nearthern to Christmas or as we all northern to Christmas we getting angry or are we getting upset. Oh why can’t we just all be happy & my parents told me I’ll never be happy.

For a long time since 16 to about 25 which they probably wished that this was lies and manipulation instead of what it actually is. No one gets that “Giddy Up And Go” and that much giddiess off them do they.

Where we wanted to listen; well I wanted to sing Christmas Carols and enjoy this place all to myself would be quite a problem wouldn’t it. In which I have heard my three roommates. Though for me in the last week I have blown up 1,000 times & gotten mad at people. Dissed my boyfriend – hoping I don’t lose him! Already messed up and got even my stuff jacked as lovely girls fill his lap to get tattoos with even my 5ml of tattoo ink.

Check out the store GEEK on your cell phone it’s cheaper and has quality.
The gifts are ready to go though unfortunately I’ll be here for another week. While I can forget about this weekend to visit my parents. Though when I could every weekend I wanted to go to the club instead which one well mostly Afterlife and then after Insomnia. For that is where me and my boyfriend are saying we fell in love. A wedding no I said Shotgun Wedding…