When Things You Bought Take Over The Things You Like

We all like to shop; at least to the best of my knowledge we all do. It may be a unanomous decision but we all have that one thing in particular that we could say we couldn’t go without. Then it faces us; and it’s as though that money we once had no longer exist.

With 1,012 comments from people mostly re-occuring guest. I would love to sit here all day and work on them one by one. I don’t find my blog or any of the blogs that have come before this a waste of time. I do find it heart wrenching to find that I miss so much of my past though look so forward to the past; while at the same time finding it uncomfortable at the present moment.

I can no longer blame others or my disorders here with Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder which moves so great along with Depression. I have however learned that the more you stay steditary in the moment with depression the worse it becomes. 

I wasn’t fearful when I started this journey from my parents house. To make a complete loop; which has happened several times around. For the world does not revolve around me. God puts all things into motion; for I do not think it’s just gravitational forces that blind us.

“RIP “White Ford F150″ To Driving to one of these isn’t strange it is deranged to think a person of that stature would get away with all the dangers in the world.” – Johnna C. Floyd

Things I Have Bought 

Money is easier spent than it ever is made. I wish for a way to make money; though in every way I feel that there is a guard rail of things in my way. I find that non of the schemes on Pinterest work. There is limited sources here in the group home especially without a way to get to a transportational system except that I have two feet that work. For that I have asked my “Real Dad” for shoes!

I have depended on my family most of my life and I can’t imagine living without them. Though for the last two to three years they have been seldom in my life. I am one to two years from my degree. While some have even told me that I would serve a consequence if I were to be found at work again. 

My Vuse Solo is in need of cartridges as well as my JUUL Vape as well as my actual Vaporizer = a lot of money in nicotine… Going back now I think that was not so smart of a purchase and not stuff I just want to collect dust all over in nd my clear drawer. 

My Planner; My Bible and an aray of Faith Happy Planner stickers. I don’t think I can just give and so in which I have; in a way in which I have become acustomed to. A person can only give so much of themselves. I grow each day though does it grow my heart harder to find the resentment and hardships of the knives driven in the back of my cloack.

Something I have done since I was 12; this is “No Game” anymore… You can’t just jackpot on the internet call another persons work yours and sit around the round table and profit – in the end we all find out who? what? when? where? and especially we can already begin to feel why?

So maybe I have gone further in my education than people have. I do not tend to brag; my parents had the best intentions for me and even I could not fullfill what their dreams for me were. Though; I will not be dragged down by especially that of week – mostly female hormonal gland problems. That which do not pertain to me and I am not to be blamed for laying in “MY” 2×4 twin bed and paying me Bills. 

I have paid bills for the last year and a half. Though this is nothing of what I would have thought it would be. In a room full of three room-mates how dare you use another persons name to attain that unthinkable. While also following behind at a measurement of 2 ft though more like inches away. 

However; this is a new year with new debts and new determinations. To simply rely on a man especially with an agenda that doesn’t match yours could be the death of you. I am called and placed in a place of whatever the heck this town of Fort Worth has called me. I am not in charge of my life; all the mean while God is in charge of mine. God will keep me safe in and out and through and in between. When I can see no other way; God sees all the way and keeps me safe and knows the way out. All I have to do is follow him and trust and believe. While not letting this all have effect especially as a sick patient; in which most of what these people are talking about is sick in the first place. 

Bringing my finances and my mind into correction; in order to attain the last classes towards my degree and a seat at a company to where I can pay off my unfortunate demise. You will learn as you get older; you really don’t have friends nor are they collegues just people coming up from no where. To what pertains to me and my quirks as people wanting and wanting. Mostly anything we have; thanks for the comments mostly from these people. I would like to recieve as much help as possible; I wouldn’t come out and say I am a victim. Though I would say when desperate times have come they have come with desperate measures. 

I don’t like to admit it but we all compare! When I compare myself to my roommates; I find that I came from a lot more. A better social class in my deepest regards. I was told I was mouthy growing up; though now I laugh the oldest woman in this room can not stop talking. She also violently talks about money in which we can not tell that which she exactly is talking about. The one about 4 years older than me; just needs to stop using my name. The one who I really don’t like following me; is sleeping and requires no immediate attention. While we all seem to struggle to keep our Nannie in the best of mindset possible.

Make-Up To Made-Up

I have been carrying my black backpack that matches my black duffle bag everyday I have been going to “The Golden Choice” Center. If it wasn’t for places like these establishments we would be lost. People are always looking for things to do – I appreciate people who read my writings and find it enjoyable. 

For my 31st Birthday my parents took me to “Sephora” & The makeover results we’re great. The service was great and I got the right amount of make-up I needed. 

I believe as Women we go through phases of wanting to Dress to Impress to Really Not Giving A Care. I have learned that it is more important to love and take care of yourself. Than to sucumb to defeat to the guy you love or the Family attention you crave. When you are already too old to be tied to them and are using them as a crutch. 

Make-up lessons from pros

I did stage make-up for plays in High School. Although I only did about one play the lessons I learned are something I have needed and wanted to help with for a long time. I think if God gives you a talent then you should use it. If not then it is wasted talent. 

I have also had my go about with the company Mary Kay which is probably one of the worst investments me and my Mom got ourselves into. If anyone has walked into “Sephora” the store is already a bit intemidating. The first picked up item costs about $38 and when I was in there I couldn’t really find anything under that price that looked of good quality. 

  1. Don’t overspend or overbuy products… Use what you have and work with what you have first. No need in rushing out and getting new stuff unless there is a good reason. 
  2. Skin Care is Important… Especially down the road when you look back you want to realize what hard work you took to take care of your skin in the right way. 
  3. Not too much and not too little. Easy does it & you don’t have to overdo it. 

Blogging For Success

Blogging For Success

I have had about 500 page views for this first month. Not as good as I’d like to do but I have been putting my best effort in. With support from family and friends, I have seen some progress.

I have gotten no sleep and ready to crash out when I get to my twin bed. Got in trouble for smoking in the bathroom last night. Blogging gives me a purpose. My niche is lifestyle, faith, and self learning.

There haven’t been any affiliated sales but the numbers keep going up. I know I’ll make a sale sooner or later. I just have to stick with it. After all this is only month one.

Crystallized Coffee - Sudden Coffee 300x250

I have written many other blogs before but never have I followed and tried to learn as much as I am now to make money from blogging. I need to pay off this debt so I can use the deferment to go back to school hopefully Texas Wesleyan.

Social Media Apps To Market From

Should only focus on 2 to 3 social media accounts to market your blog. I chose Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to get the word out about my website. Although I do post something about my blog on most of these platforms from time to time.

  • Facebook – My website has it’s own Facebook page @justlyfound. I’m also in three blogging groups.
    • Boss Girl Bloggers
    • By His Grace Bloggers
    • Fort Worth Bloggers
  • LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnna-floyd-a287b830
  • Instagram
  • Twitter – @johnnafloyd05
  • LYK –
  • HootSuite –
  • Google+
  • Tumblr –


Making More Page Views

Getting views is one of the most important things. Without views, you wouldn’t be able to run a proper website. I hope my views increases.

  • Use SEO – I use Yoast SEO and it only gives me one keyword and I type a synopsis into the about box and it seems to work OK.
  • https://www.shehustlesinc.com/traffic-growth
  • Quality & Quantity of Content
  • Outbound Links
  • Comment and Comment
  • Bookmarking Sites; Digg, Facebook, and Instagram

Views of Blogging as A Full-Time Gig

The best at home job that has hit the market. You can help people which my major is in PR and they can view how I write and try to help others. I can even work as a travel blogger eventually. Be patient and have a realistic outlook. Learn as much as you can at the beginning. Treat it like a business and post frequently and consistently. Build your mailing list using MailChimp.

The Top 10 Cell Phone Apps I Love

The Top 10 Cell Phone Apps I Love

It’s been raining off and on since I’ve gotten here to my parents. I’ve been looking at applications on my phone, I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 with android. Things that will make my life easier and this blog better. Just downloaded Evernote App to my Lenovo laptop the #1 app on my list – below.

My Dad picked me up Saturday morning about 10 AM from the Group Home. I had stayed up all night that night before. After Dad picked me up from the Group Home we went to the Air Force Base and my son got a hair cut. We also got glue sticks, Dad got a nice shaver, and pizza.

Then we went to the commissary and I got a nice military backpack. The backpack is black and has a strip of Velcro where I can put my Dads military badges. Brandon got more Hatchanimals. My Dad bought an expensive scope to his rifle.

MacBook Accessories


We’ve been lounging around the house the first night here I didn’t sleep. That made it two nights in a that I didn’t sleep. I don’t think they have me on enough sleeping medication. 

I have an appointment on Thursday at MHMR at 2:40pm on Thursday. We just went by the Group Home to go pick up my medications. The house mom Ms. Jefferson gave me the pill bottles. MHMR is on Lancaster the homeless clinic where they’ve been giving me monthly shots of resperidone.

Applications For Your Android Phone 

10. Pandora. – I was listening to IHeartRadio for the longest time and now just recently went to Pandora. Seems to be less commercials on Pandora. Also a larger list of music you can listen too.

9. Canva – I love using this app and it’s the only way I can get graphics done because it is free. You can use this app online or as an app. I recently just found the phone app. 

8. any.do – task list to keep track of all your to do’s on each given day of the week

7. News Break – News channel

6. Bible – Has daily plans and devotionals you can read to follow God and His Word.

5. WeBurn – Workout for 7 minutes at a time.
    Simple Habit – Meditation and Breathing Exercises

4. Easy Shift – Find placed you can pick up work 
ReceiptPal – Scan receipts for gift cards.

3. Duolingo – Learn any language with fun interactive games

2. Venmo – Share money online

  1. Evernote – Keep Track of All Documents and add and interact with information. 

Some more cool Apps

Habitica, Mobills, Daylio, Speechnotes, Google Podcasts, Google Docs, Ted Talk, Photo Editor, WeBurn, SimpleHabit, 

Taking Care Of Brandon

Brandon still has a bad mouth and earlier today when my Dad went to the Doctors we went to the corner store. He’s taking pictures and playing games with his new IPad. It hasn’t been easy and I can tell my mom is annoyed for having to watch him all this time I’m at the Group Home. 

They wanted me to stay a little longer so after we went to pick up my meds they took me back over here to watch my son. 

He loves watching youtube videos “Toy Paw Patrol” and “Hatchamals”. I really want to watch a movie but I haven’t seen one that is good. I would like to see the new Winnie The Pooh movie but have to wait till it comes out. Brandon is my main priority when I come visit my parents.

Finding Better Resources

I just signed up for over 10 programs online to help me with my blog.  I have to read through my email to give you the list which i use two emails johnnafloyd05@gmail.com and jcathryn87@gmail.com. Most of my post will contain one or more ads from Affiliate Marketing program with Rakuten Marketing – I’m supporting Filofax,  Campaign Opportunities from Activate and BrandBacker and TheSway. Linking with other blogs with help of programs like Bloglovin. ‘ 

Writing Better Blog Entries

We need to write for the reader and Google Analytics is helping me find the demographics of my incoming traffic. I like to write about things I find searching online and the type of day I am having. Written for a shared experience with my readers I gear my post for something I want you to learn that day. Being Myself

I am using SEO and it’s the first time I’ve ever used this type of setting. I have some ideas of how to use it but I am still learning. 

I probably should save the entries until they are ready to fully publish and almost completely edited. Instead of rushing into posting any and every idea on my blog. To improve writing you must be reading a lot of information to get your ideas from. I am using pinterest to find most of my loved topics. http://blogbeautifully.com/write-with-purpose/



Justly-Found.Faith & No Hope For Fishing

When you go fishing you have to have faith or else you won’t catch anything. You have to be patient and keep your line in the water without taking it out to get a bite. I didn’t think I would get a domain name and hosting like all these blogs about how to make money through blogging have said to do until I found namecheap.com I bought my URL for less than a $1 .faith and WP hosting for $2-$3 a month.

For the most part I’ve been living out of a duffle bag when I travel to my parents house. A trick my boyfriend taught me when I visited him a long time ago. I wish I could go on a trip somewhere I’ve already been to Hollywood, Nashville, Grand Canyon, and many nights in Dallas partying it up.

Where I am Headed with This Website

Last night about 12:30 pm I happened upon this blog where they said they got their setup from namecheap.com. I had been hoping I would find something cheap enough to where I would have some money left over from this months check. It cost me $32 and I still have $53 left, I don’t know how good at math you are or not but that’s $100 or so each third of the month. This $100 doesn’t last me long so I’m hoping I can start making money off this website but more importantly help you in the mean time. 

According to all the research, I have done I will start making money with blogging soon. This will be my third month at Justly-found. Though this is my first post as a self hosted website owner. The first are always either the best or the worse for some of us. For me their not the greatest.

As some of you can tell and some of you can’t I update my blog posts. As some of the articles say now that 2,000 to 3,000 word should be used for a blog post. This is extremely long and lengthy but the material is worth it. I’m hoping I could keep you entertained all day by the things I am and am about to write. So stay tuned and comment and participate.


My birthday was last Saturday this time last week and we went to Sephora and I got a makeover. Buy a nice gift card for your sweethearts coming up birthday. My roommates birthday is on the 7th but I don’t have anything for her. I wish I could get her a gift-card to the Family Dollar where we shop almost everyday. We’re normally picking up $1 box of ground instant coffee which is her favorite or a 1 liter Coca-Cola. Along with $2 packages of 20 Talon cigars which I have a pack in my bag but I spent $13 on these two packs of Marlboro Black 100’s. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes is my utmost favorite past-time besides reading and writing. Which I have been doing all weekend trying to provide quality content.

I will be sharing as much useful information as I can and get close and personal to you at times. Hopefully I don’t make you feel uneasy. I use a lot of affiliated programs which is where I’m hoping to make the most money. i love shopping when I have money so you help me and I can do my best to help you.


No Hope For Going Fishing

We’re not going fishing today my dad overslept he wanted to get up at 5 am. We even bought minnows at the store last night. Also, all the minnows are dead and it’s going to be too hot outside. I told him I didn’t mind either way. My Dad and I have gone fishing time and time again ever since I was a little girl and fishing still holds a dear place in my heart.

Getting website traffic is kind of like fishing. When I dropped out at school this spring there was a lot of phishing going on. It made me feel uneasy. My Dad is a fishing pro and we’ve even seen the Bass Masters Classic when I was younger. Our entire garage is full of fishing things.


Incoming Website & Set Up Export : Expecting to Intend my Welcome

Writing should be focused on my audience and what the reader needs. Though once I can make a stable full-time income from blogging a lot of what I worry about and struggle with will cease. I long to be independent and a strong standing adult who walks by faith. With dependency upon my Lord and not so much from my family anymore. As a 31-year-old woman should be hopefully one day I could be a Proverbs 31 Woman.

The woman I can most relate to is Rahab from the bible. I don’t like to talk about such things but yes I’ve gone there. Hopefully, I can make some profit so I don’t have to resort back to that way of life ever again. My goal is to make $300 dollars by the end of this month with justly-found.faith.

I have been blogging since I was about 12 like I have said before though I don’t remember all my stats. I have owned websites including; myapatheticheart.net – lifeasacollegemom.net – missing-alias.net. Never have I owned something as cool and as cheap as a .faith it cost me about a $1 for the name hosting.

Today instead of going fishing me and Dad will lounge around the house and I will work on my blog. Hope everyone has a good Saturday Chillaxin or whatever you do. Please send me a comment or request that I talk about something you would like to read about.

Earn An Income From Blogging : Living The Dream

I want to become as successful as some of these other blogs that have earned over $500 from blogging. I have had two invites to interviews but always find that something comes up before I can go interview and take the job. Mainly problems with my health that I have to go to the hospital for.

So How does having your own blog bring you an income? Affiliates and Sponsored Posts are just two of the five main ways to make money blogging.

My goal for the end of August is to earn over $100 this first month of owning my domain.


Learning Your SS #

Learning Your SS #

Went to the Social Security Office yesterday morning to get a new Social Security Card. My dad works at the Social Security office. Learning how to get along without my parents and being a mature adult about things has really been help coming from the Group Home. You can only order 10 in a lifetime and yesterday made the 6th I’ve ordered. It’s a must to keep up with this one when it comes in. Which should be in about a week. Have had two request for job interviews and waiting to hear back about the times.

Needing a job… Hopefully I can find a cashiering job to work part-time. I need to start paying back student loans. I owe FAFSA $18,000 in student loans and have a deferment until 2021. I have a whole pile of old textbooks that I don’t know if I want to take back to halfprice books or not. My monthly payment is set at $160.

School is about to start and I’m not going this semester. Though my son will be in pre-k four out of five of the days this fall. Things to pack in your backpack planner I use Happy Planner which has a gold leather jacket on it. I love happy planner and have used one the last two years. Other things you may want in your backpack include a water bottle, a notebook, your laptop, headphones, and your wallet. Good luck to everyone who is starting school back up. Wal-mart is packed with school supplies.

Just spent $20 on something I didn’t need to. On stuff I didn’t need to and I shared with my roommate. Bought a Coca-Cola today and my Dad put in my $100 and I bought 2 packs of Marlboro Black 100’s at the corner store for -$13 before we came to their house.

Had a good time for my Birthday and my roommates is next. Internet and TV aren’t working at the group home. Last weekend my Dad bought 2 new TV’s and bought me two pairs of jeans and we celebrated my Birthday. My late Birthday present came in and now I’m able to wear my new prescription sunglasses.

Not going to school this semester or for a while. Since financially I can’t afford to go. Wanted to go to Tarrant County College, and take a science course. Though I don’t have the money to pay for it and I also don’t have a vehicle to get more to and from there.

I am taking my time to learn about how to be a blog business owner and dedicating all my time to my blog. I hope to make $300 dollars by the end of this month. While increasing daily in page views. As well as getting through and being able to Yoast SEO all my blog entries to make my content better.

Dad picked me up about 4 PM and now I am over at his house. My son, mom, and little sister Emz are traveling to Mississippi and will be there until about Wednesday. So I’ll be here until they get back. To use the internet and be able to watch TV and spend some time with Dad.

What kind of personality quirks do you have? Besides my mental illnesses there is something in my mouth that I am talking to sometimes it freaks me out and sometimes it helps me. I wonder all the time if these they seem to be people are real they are names and faces of the past. Now that I have my dentures together they gnarsh down and talk.

I had a rough childhood I’m not going to lie with most of my grandparents dying at around the age of 10. My son will probably have to go through the same things. i stayed a good bit with my grandparents on my Dads side before they passed. I was just as spoiled in the little town of Houston, Mississippi.

There are so many things we could be doing better at the same time. We all still have time to work on our personalities. I would like to with the help of Katie Treadway.

Describe how to be more Charismatic: being like a human magnet in fact that’s a better way to describe how my teeth work when these things are talking to me. I’m a leo and a past fashion model and I was a suicide girl back in my 20s. So it come naturally for me to brighten people up when I come into the scene. I would like to provide tips for learning to be more Charismatic.

  1. Really Start Taking Care of Yourself: My Dad is at a stage now where he has to watch what he eats and drinks because of dietary reasons. If not he will have to take insulin and he hates needles. I need to be mindful of the same thing as I drink down two cokes in a row.
  2. Pay Attention To Your Tone of Voice and Posture: I have had many complements through out my life on the sound of my voice but to me I sound sorta like a chipmunk. We also need to watch posture and the way we sit and stand so try to be a little more straighter my dear darling.
  3. Be A Good Support System: I can not say it enough how much of a help this is for people when they really need it. I have had some really tough times and though I haven’t seen those faces in a while and I do appreciate every moment of it they helped me up out of my heart and a hard place. Especially when I was in a woman’s Bible study at Lori’s house. When I first had Brandon and was scared, lost, and confused about my trials as a single mother.
  4. Be Proud Of Your Accomplishment: Don’t look at how far you have to go look at how far you’ve come. I know that came from somewhere but I don’t remember. I am glad I have made it too my son’s almost 5th birthday. While most of those days I was finishing my sophomore thru junior year in college.
  5. Work on Your Self-Esteem Issues and Help those around You Do the same. We all have our own flaws and trust me they aren’t as obvious to others as you could and might think. I have learned to be comfortable and I think comfort is a gift to our personality. Pick up Self-Help books if you can read it all the way through or read articles on the topic. Don’t forget self-care also


Internet Availability

Internet Availability

Cleaning out my two email address accounts jcathryn87@gmail.com & johnnafloyd05@gmail.com and unsubscribing to the mass amounts of spam email. Simply pressing the checkbox button and deleting all of them they all seem to be from indeed. Then changing the subscription setting or unsubscribing altogether.

My dad was mostly quiet towards me tonight. He’s getting older and we are all pretty worried about his health. He did walk on the treadmill before we went shopping and we had salad for dinner. We went to CVS and Krogers.

Technology Used by Successwful Businesses

Our family dog Dixie, a blue healer, is taking to licking me and showing me love. Haven’t been able to use my laptop in about a month or longer. I can, however, use the cell phone that I got for Christmas that has 4G on it. My dad pays for the service and we get unlimited 4G use. Some much needed to take care of work is left that I will stay up late doing. Still feeling good from earlier.

Being able to use it for the next couple of days. We really need internet access at the group home and the lady in charge said it’s part of the deal. My Dad made a watermelon salad and I had my box of spicy sushi he bought me. Dad also bought me chocolate banana Pocky.

I’ve put in for a job at Lori’s Gifts and looking for more to put applications at. If I am to get a job Ms. Jeffereson our nanny will have to take me. So I’ll have to make sure that part is worked out. You could really help me out and on the sidebar, I added affiliate links where I get commission off a sale from ShareASale.com. Make a purchase at one of the several companies I advertise for and I get a percent.

Reading through blogging articles about how to make money blogging. It sure would be nice to be able to make some kind of profit from blogging. While having the drive to blog about deeper and more meaningful things besides my day to day life. In which I don’t do very much and I need the extra income. Though every time I try out on this venture I don’t make even a dollar. While losing track and going overboard on time.

To run a domain would cost me $50 and right now I just don’t have it. This is the first time in a long time out of all 18 years I have been blogging or working on a website of my own that I haven’t had a domain. I am usually on Blogger and not WordPress.

Day Before My 31st

At my parents house ? my dad picked me up Wednesday evening and bought me three packs of Marlboro Black 100s. My favorite pack of cigs next to the American Spirit Blacks that I got yesterday.

My son has been using bad language and has had a bad attitude. Last night we went to Wal-Mart. Dad got me 2 pairs of jeans, a ruby necklace, a notebook, and a tri pack of scope fixodent. Then we ate at McDonalds.

I’ve had two large monsters…

Tomorrow I’ll be 31 & I wonder how things will change for me. Though in order for things to get better I really have to try.

Pipe Leak

Bought me a pair of MIC headphones as soon as I got to the center today. My roommate Laurens’ mom comes to visit on Wednesdays after taking her to the psychiatrist. I remember before I started going to MHMR on Lancaster. My mom would take me and Brandon to Hurst and I would go see Dr. Naus my psychiatrist who I had seen for 5+ years. Then I had Mrs. Mamo then I ran off on the streets.

Yesterday the center had a leak in one of the pipes. Luckily today the center was open.

Have 2 packs of Talon cigars and half my Coca-Cola left. We slept even more yesterday. Lately things have been slow & peaceful.

Pictures of my roommates & I.

Take time for ?? self care & too help those around you.

Whatever Makes You Happy ??

At the end of the day we only have our own selves to blame. We all need to be content with our own. Not pointing fingers at other people.

Realize we work hard and those who cheat due to laziness will get what they deserve.

I am working on a PR & ADVT major and today I did a good job at the Adult Center. We really have had and hopefully will comtinue meaningful conversations. We all can bring up our own topic.

Just prepare for it when people tell you enoughs enough. Know when to keep your mouth closed & eyes only on your own possessions.

My Tattoo Flash ? SG & Texas Ink Slingers?

Plan… Join me on an adventure!

Have an attitude of gratitude. Have respect & learn to appreciate. Learn whose on your side & who isn’t.

The Adult Day Care Center on Lancaster ?☕?

  • Be able to get easy access to nurses
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Smoking Section
  • Friendly Faces
  • Resource Center

To be good in this or any atmosphere, especially college settings when the odds and criminals aren’t after you.

Use space, resources, & community to help eachother out with needs. Keep knocking and waiting for a door to open. Though, not at a persons family event.

Heresy – opinion of doctrine at variance claims, being proud or superior.

… It’s not your place to & Johnna you leo know when to STOP! Know what cards ♣️♥️♠️ your dealt.