Here’s Help For My Sister 2 Sister & Situation 2 Situation

Got a new magazine today – – the Enquirer a male fashion magazine. My man is hot enough to be in the Enquire but I get jealous of the attention he gets and I’m hoping he gets it from the attention I get. There have been reasons we have not been able to get together in five years. I believe it is pride and jealousy I don’t desire what other women have. I believe in getting help when we/her/she needs it.

I believe we make a good team.

I try to do the best I can to represent my boyfriend and guy friends of ours as special and unique as they can be. My sisters especially my stripper sisters & sorority sisters have been picked for each place and we don’t have to complain that much about place to place when it’s PlayStation and Monopoly. To me, it’s all the cards that are dealt at this Casino one of the best things I have done with a guy friend. The reason I go to spot to spot is to take care of my people. I believe that is my right to check on my/our people the right way. This is the lesson I dropped out because of on Feb 7th of this year and pretty much last year. Two years in a row spending and having to repay the right amount $50 a month for what happened to a Senior – I thought it was itis. Didn’t realize it was Midas. What exactly are you framing because we have individual notes.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?!


Each person is important to me and yes we have all gone through tough times. Though we don’t allogate to be alligators and trap them into the traps I have always been scared of. Do We?

The Purge – Purchased The News Paper

The Purge is one heck of a movie! Click rewind and set the scenes we are women and men within big dreams. We went to College and some of my friends are just starting college in order to better ourselves. I believe and support equal opportunity employers and employment.

My friend, as well as myself, have grown up in the church political system and have put our/my kid into the church situation. Why are they begging to break a system that a family sets up if it weren’t for my parents little Brandon wouldn’t have the opp. to go to ECC which is a private school set by Fielder. For we are on the Field…   We have learned through some people are extremely selfish. Some people “SNAP” in situations they have to own up too.

I trusted Him and I Still Do – The Ring Fit but I don’t have to be flashy I’ll save that for my graphics.

We have learned to remain silent in the moment of her passing Husband which she cherished her relationship. We miss our friends and loved ones since we have also lost our children to the support system.

My friend Ciara Bhadd longs for a mother to daughter relationship and I believe that is where we can help these ladies instead of being rude to them they can look up to us. In which I have studied PR and My daughter is Natasha. We will find and maintain these relationships through mannerisms that we are taught by an even older group of women.

Being a good parent is important

To me but how can I go to work without an SS Card?! I have to work for everything I need for me and my son Brandon. My friend Ciara has 7 children and I’m fortunate I do not. We both deserve inner peace and clarity.  My last domain was Yes my jealousy level kind of got big when I had to lose my jobs and no one would tell me.

Yes, my jealousy kind of got my ego backstabbed when they shook our ingredients together and put in this versus that.

I will be happy once she has inner peace and clarity. – Ciara Bhadd

I get jealous when I’m falsely accused of something I didn’t do. Well, I also need credit for what I have done. Another point is when people lie to me. Also when I have things & people pushed in my face.

Article by Article I believe I can help these women. 

For even I was taught prostitution and have gone up and down like my stats chart depicts but that is of no use to point out especially in class and say we are filthy. It is a bad road and I have heard the stories from the inside of jail cell walls We have to look for the proper sources of employment and help. The first step about the streets is to keep your own damn self-safe from it. Question everything. Ciara is a Med Doctor. I am that writer heck I a CEO of whatever I need and want to be.

Everybody Has A Bad Day Once In A While

Everybody Has A Bad Day Once In A While

I had a bad day yesterday and today I just didn’t get out of bed. I had to go to JPS hospital yesterday because I was acting strange and deranged. I kept talking out loud about violence and money. Things that would have put me in jail if I wasn’t careful.

Then JPS sent me to this program at Stop 6 that isn’t even available. I started and gladly stopped chain-smoking like a maniac. Got a call yesterday about having to pay the collection agency about $3,000 for dropping out this Spring. I have to pay $50 a month out of the $100 I get.

Though I have to prove to myself that I have opportunities to make the money I necessarily need. Stop being a little pansy about things that are hard in life. I wonder as I wonder if these nightmares or the dreams which will come true.

Is this just a day or a way of life? In all, I can say it hasn’t been a bad life though there are consequences for everything we will ever do. Everyone in our lives cost us something. We can sit around blaming those things, people, and places we have placed our faith in for our problems. Or accept them and make the most out of them.

Take the time to journal. I am always carrying around a journal and a pen with me.. To write myself through problems I am facing with money, loved ones, and my thoughts. I then take that list and work on each item as I can. Knowing things will not get better instantly like oatmeal. Writing should be used as a source of therapy.

When I touched a flower yesterday it spiked up. It was dangerous to see this and others did too. It was scary I touched the leave and then it’d all spike up. Also getting home from the hospital was tragic. I sat there for about 3-5 hours of waiting. Then finally my group home mom called me an Uber.

If you could really tell yourself things in the mirror. Would they be good or bad things? Mine is not so much all the time sometimes I just have a downright bad attitude and that in the end makes a bad day, week, month, or even year. We make up our minds to believe what we want. The decision is all ours.

As Easy As Sunday Morning Church Service

As Easy As Sunday Morning Church Service

When I was a junior in High School in DeRidder I sang for a Christian Rock Band named The Marching Penguins I was the female vocalist. I’m not going to say life is easy but it’s definitely worth it. Difficult things don’t come easy and for anyone that says they do they either rob or are using trickery.

Being an only girl in a group full of guys has given me a bad rep at least I think it has. I don’t know what hurts the most about jealousy but the only competition we have is our current selves put to our past selves.

A Hard-Working Employee Doesn’t Need That Rep

I then went to McNeese to study music and didn’t even finish the first semester. Instead I was too worried about making lower amounts of money and couldn’t see the end of the tunnel of the four years. So impatiently I worked at McDonald’s and Casa Ole. I can’t have you standing in my way so please move.

Though as any worker knows the boss is in charge. The manager and we are the trainee even in a self owned business network. It is still networked business to business and I have to make a good name for myself in order for this to work. In other words I have to work in order for this to work.

I invite my readers and appreciate their opinions but when I said enough – enough is enough. Of calling us asking for things we know we both don’t need in our lives. Hopefully some sponsers start messaging me I’d like to get as many Business’s to affiliate as I can.


Fielder Road Baptist Church & The Morning It Was Easy

Had a good worship service at Fielder Road Baptist Church. Sang my heart out and I had a heart felt moment with the main singer on stage an old friend of mine. We had faith we’d make it through these hard times. Mostly we have but there are more trials to come. Found it was easy to approach people today and that my depression has gotten easy to deal with. Had my Sunday School teachers famous (what do you think about the word famous?) Friendship Bread. After I got my grande white chocolate machiatto with a bit of hot cocoa in it.

Today we talked about the Prodigals son in a sermon series called “The Patriarchs” We can either be on one end of the spectrum the Righteous or the Wicked. Though we are where we place ourselves.

Dad took me to my favorite restaurant after church Jin Korean BBQ.. Where it’s buffet style and you can cook your own food on the hot center stove of the table. Going to go take this belt back to Bass Pro Shops sometime this afternoon.

Just got back from Wal-mart where I got a belt a 4x and a pair of JBuds that are waterproof in hot pink. After we went to Bass Pro Shops and I got a Qora ring in hot pink and a love charm bracelet. Thanks to my Dad.

I think we have just curated a problem and here’s how I can help you with it.

I am thankful for every penny I can make without going to jail. i have been at this endevor for quite a while for the last 2 years I have tried to make money from writing and doing things online. Since there is not commute, not many people to bug me, and some of the offensive things old employers have said. Things they have more or less put us through. Read

I am able to help with servicing written articles on your topic. I am good at research and know how to do what I went to school for. Your Name & Hopefully What Product would be best for you. Now you can take a quiz and figure that kind of stuff out as well. Though I am still here willing to help you.

Major classes that have helped me out with this curating thing is production & humanities, drawing & painting, as well as creative writing. In 2010 I tried to open a company named JF Designs. Trying to make home made goods for the outside world.

I have found the more effort I put forward the more I get back in return.

The Living Situation : Me and My Four Room-Mates

In this room we have one TV, two parts of a bathroom with a toilet and shower in the middle. We all have individual twin beds and bedside rolling plastic bins. We all have our half of a closet. We are able to get meals & 5 cigarettes in the morning and evening. I live off of about $100 a month and will live off $50 when I start paying off this college drop out loan.

I try not to get too stressed out about money. Though every penny helps we don’t have to be penny pinching or pick another persons pockets. Last year I wen to jail for shoplifting. Something I was not needing to do and something i have learned from.

We go to the center through out the day where it is a banquet room and we get the help we need. Their is a nurse on duty and there is a meeting room. We are all here in this community so no need to be scared like we once were. This is what it means to have faith just don’t wonder off by yourself.


I was originally using .com but now I’m hosted through my domain at

I don’t know the down low about the affiliated working system or as my boyfriend likes to call it B2B. I do know door to door sales but I gave up too early. I was doing decently on then I read all the make money articles and go my own hosting.

I hope people start reading my blog and getting the help they need from me and my site. I am planning on dedicating a lot of time and effort on it.. The domain name, wp hosting, and security cost me $35 this month. So I know I am spending more than I am making. At least I hope it’s only for this moment. That this being broke and stuck in the much doesn’t last forever.


Responsibilities In Knowing The Problem

Their is a fire truck and an ambulance here *edited 8/10/18 @ 7:57pm. There is a fine line between being the problem and knowing the problem. Maybe something we should our shouldn’t keep silent in our head & journals. Some people wait until it’s too late and they second guess themselves. Knowing what to do and when to do it is important and no this is not or is the process.





Life could be everything we are planning on…

I have used planners for several years of my life. Several of them have been misplaced. We shouldn’t look back at the age of 45 and fall even deeper into the wishing well of things we never even tried to accomplish. I am not your mamma or your guardian after you hit a certain age no one really is.

We are selfish by nature and we are tempted every hour of our lives. We float between the ups and downs of life. Pain and sorrow can last forever and it takes work to get over past hurt. It is necessary to listen, forgive, be humble, and also be loving. Personally people will always be wanting to critique your work and mock your obedience.

We need to begin by obeying our parents, couches, teachers, respectful relationships. If not there will be a lot of heartache and regret for years to come. We need to be learning every day and spending time on something worthwhile. Take some time to look up self help articles and do research on topics that struck your needs.


Time for work, play, balancing our finances and then the fun part of shopping. I bought some new outfits for this summer and my laundry is in the washer. Everything comes with a cost, as a child my parents would tell me that nothing in this world is free. As a growing young adult I used to be very self sacrificing and hard on myself.

I am starting to lighten up as I’ve been fortunate to light up these cigarettes my parents have bought me. Since I’v woken up the hard truth that even cigarettes are expensive at times. We can chose to be selfish or giving the choice is ours and no one can make it for us. Don’t listen to them and be careful who your friends are.

How dare you complain especially about things that are not yours. In those difficult times its best to get away. Read, or take a walk, or take a relaxing shower. There is a big difference between love vs. lust and life vs. death.

Don’t be too distracted by what is kinda of important but do your best to stay focused on doing what is best for you and those around you.

This Heart May Be Missing – I’m still an Alias

Eventually, we have to grow up and we just have to stop all childish behavior we’re constantly changing. God helps us along the way but we have to give Him the chance to move and help us. I have stopped writing on my last blog which was ?? Simply because I wanted to change to WordPress for the community aspect of having the following and read option.

Here’s to growing up I’ll be 31 next month ?. I have a great family that is being supportive ?‍?‍?‍?  and even that has been a changing environment right now. I left my parents house in March after dropping out of University of Texas at Arlington and having a run-in with the law in which I went to jail. I ended up going to jail three times last year and don’t plan on going back or stepping out of line of the law again.

I am currently living in a Group Home, in Fort Worth – Texas ?. I was able to move back home and I was there for December and January. Though I had to drop out of University of Texas at Arlington again after getting sick at school. I was then sent to the group home after I spent fifteen days in Millwood.

An earlier discussion I had with my mother ?‍? when she dropped me off at the halfway house was about how we grew up spoiled. Or at least how we need to be thankful for every blessing we have.

My Dads in the military ? my family has had it’s up and downs. Now it is my turn ? Adult life.

My family, boyfriend, and friends that have known me (well for the most part) have helped a lot in the last 7 years to get over my childish fears.


We have to plan out and try to stay as close to our true values as we can. One of the hardest things in life is to figure out yourself. You really have to dig in and set out and know what you want. When I was young I didn’t have it all figured out although a lot of young people think they do. My 4-year-old son has been a blessing to our whole family.

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I no longer want to discuss what I use to do about partying and drugs and it really isn’t anyone’s business. When we fall down we have to be able to pull ourselves up again. I hope not everyone goes through this but living on the streets can teach you a lot too. Though the concert the church I attend was able to go to the AT&T stadium and enjoy Harvest America.

Harvest America with Greg Laurie and listening to Switchfoot was great. Blessed my parents helped me out last night financially. As I look for a job and get ready to start paying off these large student loans. I have an interview at Bankers Life on Wednesday I’m needing part time work. Since I am on SSDI and can’t earn more than $1,000.

When I was younger I thought that was a lot of money. In the adult world that isn’t really enough to live off of. Most of us will work until the day we die. My father wakes up at 4:30am to go to work and I really look up to him. Today Brandon had Tennis Camp and Saturday a Tball game. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for my parents providing these things we have grown up with and taking care of my son.

As we grow older we find that we are recieving more respect the better we do. It is too easy to slip up on what we are supposed to do. There are so many in the crowd pointing fingers that we coulda, woulda, shoulda done especially ourselves. We can get so hard on ourselves we end up on our death bed – remember it is NEVER too late.