Here’s Help For My Sister 2 Sister & Situation 2 Situation

Got a new magazine today – – the Enquirer a male fashion magazine. My man is hot enough to be in the Enquire but I get jealous of the attention he gets and I’m hoping he gets it from the attention I get. There have been reasons we have not been able to get together in five years. I believe it is pride and jealousy I don’t desire what other women have. I believe in getting help when we/her/she needs it.

I believe we make a good team.

I try to do the best I can to represent my boyfriend and guy friends of ours as special and unique as they can be. My sisters especially my stripper sisters & sorority sisters have been picked for each place and we don’t have to complain that much about place to place when it’s PlayStation and Monopoly. To me, it’s all the cards that are dealt at this Casino one of the best things I have done with a guy friend. The reason I go to spot to spot is to take care of my people. I believe that is my right to check on my/our people the right way. This is the lesson I dropped out because of on Feb 7th of this year and pretty much last year. Two years in a row spending and having to repay the right amount $50 a month for what happened to a Senior – I thought it was itis. Didn’t realize it was Midas. What exactly are you framing because we have individual notes.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?!


Each person is important to me and yes we have all gone through tough times. Though we don’t allogate to be alligators and trap them into the traps I have always been scared of. Do We?

The Purge – Purchased The News Paper

The Purge is one heck of a movie! Click rewind and set the scenes we are women and men within big dreams. We went to College and some of my friends are just starting college in order to better ourselves. I believe and support equal opportunity employers and employment.

My friend, as well as myself, have grown up in the church political system and have put our/my kid into the church situation. Why are they begging to break a system that a family sets up if it weren’t for my parents little Brandon wouldn’t have the opp. to go to ECC which is a private school set by Fielder. For we are on the Field…   We have learned through some people are extremely selfish. Some people “SNAP” in situations they have to own up too.

I trusted Him and I Still Do – The Ring Fit but I don’t have to be flashy I’ll save that for my graphics.

We have learned to remain silent in the moment of her passing Husband which she cherished her relationship. We miss our friends and loved ones since we have also lost our children to the support system.

My friend Ciara Bhadd longs for a mother to daughter relationship and I believe that is where we can help these ladies instead of being rude to them they can look up to us. In which I have studied PR and My daughter is Natasha. We will find and maintain these relationships through mannerisms that we are taught by an even older group of women.

Being a good parent is important

To me but how can I go to work without an SS Card?! I have to work for everything I need for me and my son Brandon. My friend Ciara has 7 children and I’m fortunate I do not. We both deserve inner peace and clarity.  My last domain was Yes my jealousy level kind of got big when I had to lose my jobs and no one would tell me.

Yes, my jealousy kind of got my ego backstabbed when they shook our ingredients together and put in this versus that.

I will be happy once she has inner peace and clarity. – Ciara Bhadd

I get jealous when I’m falsely accused of something I didn’t do. Well, I also need credit for what I have done. Another point is when people lie to me. Also when I have things & people pushed in my face.

Article by Article I believe I can help these women. 

For even I was taught prostitution and have gone up and down like my stats chart depicts but that is of no use to point out especially in class and say we are filthy. It is a bad road and I have heard the stories from the inside of jail cell walls We have to look for the proper sources of employment and help. The first step about the streets is to keep your own damn self-safe from it. Question everything. Ciara is a Med Doctor. I am that writer heck I a CEO of whatever I need and want to be.

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Rebekah and Jacob from the bible Genesis 27 show a good correlation of boundaries of how getting people to do what you want isn’t always a good thing. Loving someone means you love them enough to allow them freedom. Which is owning what is ours while not dismissing what is ours. Or worse trying to own what belongs to others.

Our parents set us up hopefully for success. To make our own decisions in as an adult. While not trying to control their/our decisions. I use to think having my Dad as my payee set him up to be in charge of me. Though today I believe it is closer to freedom.

Today I’d like to talk about setting boundaries and how boundaries help us improve as people.

  1. Alone Time Take alone time from business – we can get so caught up in everyday life that we eventually feel like we are stuck in a rut. When we feel like there is no way out. Before this happens find peace and quiet by yourself. Reflect on yourself and your life away from business.
  2. Away From Negativity – If you have to be around them limit that time. Limit media consumption if it is too negative.
  3. Be Honest & Upfront In A Relationship – Others need to know how feel in a relationship. Maybe they’re getting to close and personal. It’s ok to tell them to back off a little bit.
  4. Taking Responsibility For Self – at the end of the day the only one you have to deal with is yourself. If your not ok than no one around you will be ok.
  5. Allow others to accept their responsibility for themselves & I do not try to accept their responsibility. – You can’t control other people or the way they behave.
  6. Prioritize Your Needs – We don’t always get what we want but we do get what we need.
  7. Get your happiness from gratitude not status – BE grateful for everything you have you don’t know when it’ll be gone.
  8. Be Honest with yourself about what you need & be realisitc – Be realsitic about the things you really need; food, water, and shelter. Don’t think the world owes you something.
  9. Don’t let resentment build up – It’s better just to let it go as soon as you feel it start.
  10. It is not my responsibility to take responsibility for others.

Niche’s & Stitches Thanks To Help From The Pros

Niche’s & Stitches Thanks To Help From The Pros

Visitors Room

I Have 76 people who have visited my website so far and I am hoping for millions more. Though I know I have to be patient it says that some people don’t start making money until they have had their domain open for at least 6 months. I am trying not to blog every day but I want my website to be a success & instead work steadily on increasing page views and getting clicks to my affiliates.

One of my key focus on my niche is to help you become a better person and a blogger. By providing self-help advice and moving you through to maturity. This morning has been a difficult morning. Last night our toilet sprung a leak and over flooded the bathrooms. Which got all over our bedroom.

The plumber came automatically and they were here for several hours into the night. Like pieces to a quilt, each block makes the quilt a whole. That is a way to look at blogging. My Niche is made up of self-help, blogging, my daily life, and shopping. Also now that I have to pay off this debt to UTA I’m needing this websites stuff to all workout.

10 Sites To Lead You Into Blogging

10. Angela Agiles @ – She has awsome articles and really knows her stuff when it comes to working with blogs.

9. Kristie Hill @ – really does her research

8. Abby Lawson @

7. Melyssa Griffin @ – Her email list and course is free and rocks.

6. Kalyn Brooke @ https://kalynbrooke.com

5. The Sits Girls @

4. Course Lists @

3. Adriana @ – best step by step guide

2. Regina @

1. Pauline @ – List of all the programs the pros are using.


My roommates are asleep both of them the other one is off somewhere. I’m the only one awake. Working on my blog and searching through pinterest. I need to learn how to pin my blog posts for pinterest.

Waiting till tomorrow evening then my Dad is coming with little Brandon to have me over at my parents house. My Dad has a tournament this weekend and I hope he does good.

Glad we finally have our room clean and waiting for that 3:30 PM smoke break.

A Better Writer At The Day Care Center

A Better Writer At The Day Care Center

At the center, Ms. Jefferson dropped us off around 8:30 AM. When I got here I got a cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette. After that I laid down in one of the twin beds they have in a special room I’m sitting outside of.

Crystallized Coffee - Sudden Coffee 300x250.

Smoked another cigarette and got another cup of coffee. Now I’m working on my blog. Have $10 with me and an additional $5 to give Ms. Jefferson for the car ride to MHMR tomorrow to get my injection of risperidone. I also need to call CVS and see if they have refills of my prescriptions.

I brought my backpack today to the Center and it’s kind of nice having my laptop to work on. Just wish I had someplace to plug it in so the battery wouldn’t die.

What Is The Day Care Center

This is something included in our price for the group home. Several groups from the group homes get together and we have a shuttle that brings us too and from here. In the morning we have breakfast and later we have lunch. There is a big open room with lots of tables where we can sit at and eat or converse.

There is an open back patio type area with chairs and a couch where we can smoke. We can get up too three cups of coffee every morning. Some special days we even go to the movies. There is a Family Dollar next door that we like to shop at.

Free Trial - Sudden Coffee 300x100

How To Help People With Disabilities

As I have said before I have Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Border Line Personality Disorder.  Mostly everybody who is in these types of group homes is part of SSI or SSDI. I have been on SSI since 2012 for about 6 years. They have helped me get my teeth fixed, well now I have dentures. To get my glasses they help with frames and prescription. It takes care of my Psychiatric needs and medications. As well as a regular doctor which I need to go see. I also get free acupuncture which I need to set up.

You can help us by being respectful and treating us like normal people. It hurts to see someone with disabilities being made fun of or treated worse off then they should.

This Is Temporary Living Until Things Get Better

This situation is not to last forever, in fact, I only have about three more years on SSDI before they re-evaluate me. I could get better in those three years of I could get worse. Though right now I’m needing all the help I can get and I feel this blog helps me out a lot also.

I'm a member of Food Blogger Pro. Learn how to start and grow your food blog.

How To Write An Awesome Blog Posts

One of my hopeful ways to improve my way of life is this blog. I’m hoping to make some sort of income from writing this blog. Through affiliate sales, sponsored posts, and ad revenue. I need to make my first $100 first and so far I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts. Right now some of the things on my site are not working the way they are needing too so please bear with me.

Target Audience: I have been trying to get Google Analytics to work as well as the right-hand sidebar. Though neither one seems to work at the moment. I am mainly writing toward people my own age 30-40-year-olds with similar interest who care about their lifestyles.

  1. A Catchy Title
  2. Easy To Read – 5 subheadings for example
  3. SEO – I’m new to the whole SEO thing and am just now learning the ropes of it.
  4. End With A Call-To-Action – allow your reader to feel able to comment and give their insight on what you have just written.

What Kind of Posts to blog about 

I like sharing what my day is going like and where I am in life. As well as sharing information on things & places, life & self-help tips, and blogging and work tips. 

  1. 10 Things You Don’t know about me 
  2. How to properly pack a suitcase
  3. A monthly must-haves 
  4. Favorite Things About Fall

List Guides – anything the reader can learn from, Checklist Posts – must-haves, Series Posts – 1 in 10, Case Study / Comparison Posts

In order to become a better writer, you have to read a lot and really know what you are writing about. So research is important and takes up a good part of my time. 

It’s been a good day working on my laptop at the center. I like having the comfort of my own laptop and being able to access it. Now we’re back at the house. Sitting on top of my twin bed finishing Dr. P and trying to come up with an editorial calendar of some sort and looking at how to improve my blog. 

Where do you hang out? What do you like reading? What way do you like to learn?

Personalized Party Accessories and Favors

My Kid Is Awsome

My Kid Is Awsome

Brandon is sleeping on the couch right now and I’m lucky to be over here with him at my parents house. No matter what anyone says I will always love my son. I needed a posts dedicated to him and ways to be a better parents.

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be at my parents house though I am grateful for the time I have with my kiddo. Got up at 6 AM and now it’s 9:30 AM and he’s still asleep. About to make another pitcher of coffee. 

The Four Steps To Parenting

I haven’t always been the best parent since I had post partum depression a few months after he was born. That sent me to the hospital. He also had to stay at the hospital for two weeks after he was born which was hard on the family. 

When I first started raising Brandon now my Mom is doing the dirty work on the days I am away at the Group Home. Though they say it takes a village to raise a child. I had to go to a center to take parenting classes these are the four steps they teach throughout that class.

Giving Choices

Allowing in decision making and to grow a sense of independence. Opportunity to choose how the child will complete a task. The volume of our voice is important when talking to each other. Offering only choices that are OK with you give limited choices. Help to learn how to manage themselves as the child. 

Making Consequences

Good or Bad based on choices especially right now since Brandon decides to cuss. This is about your child’s behavior that is why you are setting consequences in the first place. I am only able to come over when Brandon is acting good so it is a good consequence. For the bad language he gets hot sauce in his mouth.


Using Consistency

Mean what you say and say what you mean. My mom says to pick your battles wisely. Not everything is as big of a deal as you make it. Having cooperation makes things run a lot smoother. Have observatory check in times for example when my Dad picks me up. I ask Brandon a series of questions. 




Taking Care

 Make sure your child knows you are acting out of love. My parents help me with the financial side of taking care of Brandon. They provide him with clothes, food, and education in a few weeks He’s going back to ECC for Pre-K.

I Need To Start Doing These Things To Help Brandon

Engaging him in conversations and calling him. Every time I call him he seems to want me over which is awesome. Get your child to give more of themselves. Set goals and delay gratification. I lead my son through example and it is a step by step and day by day process. That I need to keep myself in check because of. No one is perfect and all we can do is try. 

My Watch Listed

My Watch Listed

People Watching Doesn’t Come For The Faint of Heart

A lot of things happen along that relaxing people watch. All around the clock I watched & well I’m used to working. it may or may not be as serious as I am making it out to be. It’s not really like they were waiting to watch when the store closed for us is it?

I mean we aren’t the one’s at The Shop waiting till 2 am not we’re busting our butts. I don’t have to talk like I used too perhaps their is a problem if I just sit here and watch and run my mouth.. I can TALK BRAND NEW! I’ve never been the one to want to concerts to watch.

I did go to a Tegan & Sarah, Switchfoot, and Christian Concerts. When I was 13 I sang on a CD : Phillips Craig & Dean I sing Alto and have played the guitar, clarinet, and finger drumming. I am a LEO and like the attention at times unless it’s perverted.

Like a new pair of shoes you could help me afford without calling me that horrible parking problem.

That doesn’t mean I have changed anything at least over night. My son is about to turn 5. Let’s all blame Santa Clause right now for making people the way their neediness is tempting them to be. It takes a lot to make that big of an Impulsed to Impact. I got rid of these shoes but they were some of my favorite their so comfortable and made out of good material – Birkenstock.



To be Rico in a Crowd Full of Nunyas

I could get pen pointed to the club which I wanted when I was in Texas Wesleyan. I just counted a bed full of 1,000 pens and if I had a dollar for each pen I’d be rico. Is it or is it not about being popular because for one I certainly am not and don’t see myself that way. Yesterday it felt like the whole hospital was talking negatively about me.

Where has my writing even helped or where am I directing my information too and too? I need help well hello we all do. I follow the news intensely I am a PR and ADVT major lacking one year with important classes like comm tech and pr case studies. Balancing social media has been a slow process.

With bipolar disorder it has all been a slow process. We are an imperfect part of this world and no one will ever be. My room mate is a cop and a judge too at the same time. I can be grateful for what I can get. But how about…

Exposed for… I am happy with $1 meanwhile many of them sell out and it’s all based on the fact that we don’t like what they’re talking about. “Thank You for telling me it’s good work!” Can I please have some financial assistance. Yes I have PTSD and it is all a competition. I have PTSD probably from car accidents. I’ve been fortunate and have had five vehicles all of which only last two years.


The Game is What The Game Is

Watch The Game = If you put a ( I )am (& You) are number one in front of this house glass which looks like an 8 you get the year 18. Science causes weird things to happen but first you have to put something in it for it to work. Like a locked up deposit box but mine got broken into last year by my 5 year old. Hope he didn’t find anything too interesting in there.

For some of us the 18th birthday is the best day we ever watch in our lives. I 8 This year I’m 3 0 age is a calculation and if I we’re able to go to school again this semester. This year I went to Sephora and got my makeup done. I watched her respectably and now know even more than I did. Than when I put it on other students for Drama Club. I have a whole Vera Bradley lunch box full of makeup now.

It’s time for school to start again. I would be taking math for liberal arts and communication rhetoric at Texas Wesleyan. If I didn’t have to repay UTA $3000. So now I can just do my research on my own time. Just because you can’t go to school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.

When I was younger i was anorexic to impress other people and I tried bulimia though I have rose above that and am lucky I am here to help people out the way I am needing too. So whenever you want to talk. I’ll be here just let them watch. I think it’s important to get a real relationship with people and know them in a sense other than what I can get. I look at others as God would have them.


Dropped Out Of School but I’ve been to McNeese State, Tarrant County College, University Texas Arlington, and Texas Wesleyan. I am not yet ready to wear those tassles and I’m in debt $3,000. To a school that was unfair to me and what I stood for.

Just because I dropped out doesn’t mean I’m going to wither away and drop out. It is a rat race in there and in your mind. Something I think we can all find useful. Writing exercises and fair trades getting help from a helping hand. Though we’re not here to be walked all over. Take one on pass it along but I thought that’s how we all got those sexually transmitted diseases.

Maybe it is better to share but maybe it isn’t. I am a republican and I can’t run for office because I was not born in the United States. I lost all my business suits and blend into the streets like I did when I was a kid. Kids think “I’m the boss I kinda run things around here!” Don’t I!

That’s the wrong Idea to have in that box – take a break before you hurt yourself.  I was rushed to the psychologist building and surrounded by several cops. Just because the professor said I was a problem… to whom?! Please comment it you think I am – I need the help.

We shared everything we made nothing but here’s to now –

I have blogged since I was 13 but I haven’t seen a penny from it yet. I wonder when I will get my turn I really want those tattoos and 5 of my cars have been tragic almost endings. I need, We need, You need, so share the wealth. We can’t all do that and this and no Im not pan handling so you can lock me up.

You either want to help us or you don’t – are you going to help or are you not?! Not that kind of help that still greedy as hell. What they blamed and blabbed about and whose grades were those in the first place. Are you trying to take someone’s place who doesn’t need your or want your help. You can help without taking over. Can’t you?

Don’t tell me this is a power struggle. I just write to write My ANSWERS – after all that was my Scranton. I have pushed some people away but when the day is over you only have yourself to handle. Until I met the fact of having a roommate. You are not welcome in my bathroom wait it’s our bathroom. We have to patiently wait till we get paid. I already over spent to the point where I am on my last $30. Though I can tell the fine line of being a PROS & a PRO.

Who are they Too Judge

One of the classes I messed up in was Communications Law & Ethics. So it is understandable if you don’t like them or even agree with them. We all have our differences and I believe God does and shows us everything for a reason. I try to relate a lot of my work to music around me to make sure even the simplest minds are able to be helping and participate in my ideas and discussions.

Though I don’t and no one should get the right to talk to you like you are dumb. I have faith in the fact that things can always get better. I don’t have to Ramble things off my list to get done or to brag in front of your beautiful face. That they may or may not have laughed at in the first place.

We simply might not be the problem they originally said. I am an adult now a 31 year old a adult. Traveling through life and I’ve been judged mostly all my life. Yesterday I cried because I was so tired of it. Though anyone looks for a moment of weakness to attack your goods.

To have your best life you have to want your best life. While stopping picking up and begging for the wrong tree.

Whatever your think dear – darling. My Apathetic Heart is on fire for what once replaced what was the sheets on this mattress of disgraced. Insidiously mentioned not to fight or to determine and whether or not that is respectful or not.


They placed magazines in front of me at the table at the center. The Adult Day Care Center today I got a message the first message my fast car brain has gotten. It’s whatever help you can give them at the moment. Without them taking advantage of you which is making us feel uncomfortable. Time Place Manner & State.

The News flashes KKK : We don’t have to point fingers and maybe the only thing that is going down the road is a high five from all soccer fields. We can make a difference. Like I said I have a boyfriend that is a tattoo artist. I haven’t seen him in 5 years though we talk in a spiritual way. I don’t have to answer questions that are not of your business. Meanwhile, you don’t have to roll your eyes or scream at me about it.

Cuddled Up Comfortably

I have been comfortable after doing what I did yesterday with my roommates and since did picked me up. Just Chilling out as my Dad sleeps and I work on my blogging adventure. Dixie is definitely not a calm dog and my head ache is getting worse since I’ve been up for the last two days.

We’re going fishing in the morning at Grapevine Lake then to lunch and then too Bass Pro Shops. I’m planning on getting a good nights sleep tonight and I’ll probably go to sleep on the couch. We’re planning on getting up early in the morning. Woke up this morning about 6 am I don’t know how I was so comfortable waking up maybe because of the meditation exercises i have been doing.

I was comfortable even though I had only 4 hours of sleep. Bought this domain and WordPress hosting last night from It’s so much better to have a self hosted WordPress blog. I need to start making some money from blogging since I have blogged since the age of 13 and never made a penny. It’s also the only thing that seems promising at the moment.

My content needs to be king and I want you to be able to take away something new that you’ve never heard of until you have read my post. Sail is one of my boyfriend and my favorite songs that’s fitting in what we do. He’s a tattoo artist and we’re really just cool friends ok so maybe it’s just a crush. I do need to make you the reader feel comfortable with what I write and make you feel welcome and at home at my blog. So it’s ok Johnna is here I will help you in whatever way I can.

This sure beats the marketing gig I had walking around in fancy clothes selling spa packages for Impact. It may be easy to make a sales “centered” but the difference can make my blog thrive. Quality over quantity and the readers come first so please leave a comment and give me some suggestions on what you would like me to help you with. The affiliates I am going to use are from,, I am just getting started with becoming an affiliate so bare with me while I learn as much as I can.

Whatever I wrote before my computer got sick and I had to restart it got deleted – hate when that happens. That’s why it’s always important to save your work. Glad I’m not going to school or getting ready to go. Eventually I will and I will get my Bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising but until then I’m studying enough blogging for money stuff to keep my occupied.



Day Before My 31st

At my parents house ? my dad picked me up Wednesday evening and bought me three packs of Marlboro Black 100s. My favorite pack of cigs next to the American Spirit Blacks that I got yesterday.

My son has been using bad language and has had a bad attitude. Last night we went to Wal-Mart. Dad got me 2 pairs of jeans, a ruby necklace, a notebook, and a tri pack of scope fixodent. Then we ate at McDonalds.

I’ve had two large monsters…

Tomorrow I’ll be 31 & I wonder how things will change for me. Though in order for things to get better I really have to try.

Pipe Leak

Bought me a pair of MIC headphones as soon as I got to the center today. My roommate Laurens’ mom comes to visit on Wednesdays after taking her to the psychiatrist. I remember before I started going to MHMR on Lancaster. My mom would take me and Brandon to Hurst and I would go see Dr. Naus my psychiatrist who I had seen for 5+ years. Then I had Mrs. Mamo then I ran off on the streets.

Yesterday the center had a leak in one of the pipes. Luckily today the center was open.

Have 2 packs of Talon cigars and half my Coca-Cola left. We slept even more yesterday. Lately things have been slow & peaceful.

Pictures of my roommates & I.

Take time for ?? self care & too help those around you.

Equalizer 2 in your coffee ☕?

My numbers and my stats don’t equal the pain, trials, or test I have had to endure. This morning my Nanny (Ms. Jefferson) took me to get my lithium meds.

Yesterday I went to MHMR & had my monthly injection. We get treated as good as we treat ourselves.

In the end it is a competition & in the end the ones who have cheated this GAME. WILL HAVE TO PAY.

SAW parts of Equalizer last night. Tejas is in extreme triple digit heat. $32 left for the month… Slowly watching my balance trickle as I have all year.

Each person cost something but the choice is yours on how to deal with it. My sisters have hundreds of likes & comments a day. I feel mostly personally attacked.

Who is this too share with? Don’t RUN with someones NAME. Our Reputation is mostly all we have as a group or as an Individual.

We’re Golden & We have choices everyday = who we truly are. Wake up America & Smell the Coffee. Equalizer and not Sugar!