Valentines Day & Growing Up

I have over 2,000 comments in the que & I haven’t started reading them all. With tomorrow Valentines day; my roommate Laura bought us valentines boxes. I have a gift for my son with temporary tattoos and a small red bear. I have also made a new friend at the center and enjoy his company.

My dad however, when I called him last night, was not too impressed with where my life is at the moment. He stated that “I would never make it out of this group home situation”. This will be the 2nd-3rd year I have been in this situation and there is no hope in going back home. Nor do I want to go home.

Having Self-Discipline

Doing things when you don’t want to or feeling like it. Things that are boring, hard, or frustrating. Reaching goals faster, aim higher, and accomplishing more.

1. Start With Smarter Habits – Building gradually a lifestyle change/s to create larger ones over time.

2. Being Consistent – Making changes to an everyday thing. Committing to the efforts of everyday.

3. Setting Yourself Up For Success Ahead of Time – Eat right, drink water, sleep, not treating yourself to mindless junk.

4. Rewards & Consequences – Cycle of achievement – for instance spending my February check on nice things.

5. Journey & Not The Destination – Habits to create a big lifestyle change or smaller ones.

I do however; want to go back to school and finish my 8 classes – I still have the 8 classes left to finish at either #UTA or #TexWes. I am on a differment for my payments to financial aid; there is no way I have the money for it right now. Hoping that soon I can go back and finish. It would also do good if I could get a job – though first I need a social security card. While still wanting to maintain this site and using it as a way to start making some income.

Got in a fight with the group home manager; and we have still to order glasses and I can’t see out of my right eye. I only have $1 in my bank account. With tomorrow Valentines day; I have a lot of nice jewelry and gifts coming to the house. I do remember how Dad would make each holiday a special one before I rebelled and made a mess of things.


An essential part of truly accepting yourself as you are. Having compassion for yourself and a deep appreciation and connection.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Be more present in your own life and create your own life in beauty while taking care of yourself.

2. I Am Worth Loving – I am placed here to do amazing things; I don’t need to change for anyone or anything for only things that benefit me.

3. Have Fun – Love yourself enough to allow yourself; but not too much.

Have Boundaries – Say “No”

Today Is Christmas

One of the coolest, sickest, and Cert-An-LY not doing again things I have done is touching other peoples stuff. I’m hoping the cat doesn’t cough up that lizards gift of teaching our Biology filled minds about wanting something that doesn’t even need to belong to them. Brandon Christmas is about Jesus; which I think you’ll get more Than Jesus was even having than most people. Be way more grateful than your mother has ever been!

Though Jesus definitely wanted to give us almost every chance in the world a time to follow him to the promise land. We decide to be faithful; I have decided each relationships point and I’m lucky he hasn’t dropped me. Do we get that tempted to do that touching around Christmas because it sure wouldn’t be fun being locked in Tarrant County for Christmas. Last year when my heart and my mind got that carried away I got locked up 3 times. Me I’m never doing it again.

“PaPa Kurt – I don’t want to go fishing when my mother can’t go!” – Johnna Floyd

Dropped me offs, about what he’s done, while we talk and we don’t get angry at each other about being clingy which we both don’t like – Kyle Brattin… I love you! At least as an adult and as I grow and develop; I want my life to be filled with more love and devotion to only things that are of importance.

Is that something to be that proud and boasting about?! We’ll the Kardashians aren’t and my three roommates are definitely wanting to stay on that channel. Mrs. Charnel your parties are some of the best I’ve ever been too; are they all good ones. Yes until the yule tide carol gets hurt.


Johnna Floyd

Make-Up To Made-Up

I have been carrying my black backpack that matches my black duffle bag everyday I have been going to “The Golden Choice” Center. If it wasn’t for places like these establishments we would be lost. People are always looking for things to do – I appreciate people who read my writings and find it enjoyable. 

For my 31st Birthday my parents took me to “Sephora” & The makeover results we’re great. The service was great and I got the right amount of make-up I needed. 

I believe as Women we go through phases of wanting to Dress to Impress to Really Not Giving A Care. I have learned that it is more important to love and take care of yourself. Than to sucumb to defeat to the guy you love or the Family attention you crave. When you are already too old to be tied to them and are using them as a crutch. 

Make-up lessons from pros

I did stage make-up for plays in High School. Although I only did about one play the lessons I learned are something I have needed and wanted to help with for a long time. I think if God gives you a talent then you should use it. If not then it is wasted talent. 

I have also had my go about with the company Mary Kay which is probably one of the worst investments me and my Mom got ourselves into. If anyone has walked into “Sephora” the store is already a bit intemidating. The first picked up item costs about $38 and when I was in there I couldn’t really find anything under that price that looked of good quality. 

  1. Don’t overspend or overbuy products… Use what you have and work with what you have first. No need in rushing out and getting new stuff unless there is a good reason. 
  2. Skin Care is Important… Especially down the road when you look back you want to realize what hard work you took to take care of your skin in the right way. 
  3. Not too much and not too little. Easy does it & you don’t have to overdo it. 

Relationships and Respect

Relationships and Respect

What does a relationship mean to you? For me it is something to be cherished and placed on a higher standard of respect. As human beings we need to be around people. Especially people that love and care about us. 

I have a relationship with my parents, my son, my boyfriend, my friends, my roommates, and my mentors. I wouldn’t be the person I am without these relationships. I’m sure everyone has had relationships that have failed and some spin the cycle. True relationships stand the test of time and not one little set back will destroy it. 

Thrive Market


Things We Go Through

There’s a big difference between just liking someone which usually ends in lust. Than truely respecting that person and wanting them as your better half. Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 years and although we have had people come between us they don’t last long and we grow closer to each other. 

Two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other. 


My mom has been really hard on me because I haven’t done the best I possibly can. She wants my son to have better. I need a job and to finish school. Parents just really want to see their kids do the best they can. Even though they can be really hard on us. Discipline is never fun though it is very worth it. 


It’s hard to be friends when it feels like the whole world is out to take whatever you have. Though this is a normal feeling when it is a Give relationship and people on the receiving end. True friend don’t give up on each other though sometimes you have to learn to just give up and let go. 

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How To Make It Better

Sometimes you really do need a break when me and my boyfriend get upset at each other we have to take a step back and spend time apart. Though it always makes me happy to hear from him again. There are maintaninace steps for the relationship that have to take place in order to keep a relationship healthy.

  1. Needs of the relationship with needs of self-care
  2. Communicate without blame and stick to the point
  3. Mutually enjoyable physical touch
  4. Pray together
  5. Express anger without blame or making the other person wrong
  6. Set goals together
  7. Don’t analyze the situation
  8. Encourage growth and change
  9. Accepts you completely
  10. Being able to Say No without guilt

Love Languages

  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gift Giving

All of lifes important relationships thrive under the condition of carefree timeliness. Learn to waste time with the people you love. – Matthew Kelly