Learning Your SS #

Learning Your SS #

Went to the Social Security Office yesterday morning to get a new Social Security Card. My dad works at the Social Security office. Learning how to get along without my parents and being a mature adult about things has really been help coming from the Group Home. You can only order 10 in a lifetime and yesterday made the 6th I’ve ordered. It’s a must to keep up with this one when it comes in. Which should be in about a week. Have had two request for job interviews and waiting to hear back about the times.

Needing a job… Hopefully I can find a cashiering job to work part-time. I need to start paying back student loans. I owe FAFSA $18,000 in student loans and have a deferment until 2021. I have a whole pile of old textbooks that I don’t know if I want to take back to halfprice books or not. My monthly payment is set at $160.

School is about to start and I’m not going this semester. Though my son will be in pre-k four out of five of the days this fall. Things to pack in your backpack planner I use Happy Planner which has a gold leather jacket on it. I love happy planner and have used one the last two years. Other things you may want in your backpack include a water bottle, a notebook, your laptop, headphones, and your wallet. Good luck to everyone who is starting school back up. Wal-mart is packed with school supplies.

Just spent $20 on something I didn’t need to. On stuff I didn’t need to and I shared with my roommate. Bought a Coca-Cola today and my Dad put in my $100 and I bought 2 packs of Marlboro Black 100’s at the corner store for -$13 before we came to their house.

Had a good time for my Birthday and my roommates is next. Internet and TV aren’t working at the group home. Last weekend my Dad bought 2 new TV’s and bought me two pairs of jeans and we celebrated my Birthday. My late Birthday present came in and now I’m able to wear my new prescription sunglasses.

Not going to school this semester or for a while. Since financially I can’t afford to go. Wanted to go to Tarrant County College, and take a science course. Though I don’t have the money to pay for it and I also don’t have a vehicle to get more to and from there.

I am taking my time to learn about how to be a blog business owner and dedicating all my time to my blog. I hope to make $300 dollars by the end of this month. While increasing daily in page views. As well as getting through and being able to Yoast SEO all my blog entries to make my content better.

Dad picked me up about 4 PM and now I am over at his house. My son, mom, and little sister Emz are traveling to Mississippi and will be there until about Wednesday. So I’ll be here until they get back. To use the internet and be able to watch TV and spend some time with Dad.

What kind of personality quirks do you have? Besides my mental illnesses there is something in my mouth that I am talking to sometimes it freaks me out and sometimes it helps me. I wonder all the time if these they seem to be people are real they are names and faces of the past. Now that I have my dentures together they gnarsh down and talk.

I had a rough childhood I’m not going to lie with most of my grandparents dying at around the age of 10. My son will probably have to go through the same things. i stayed a good bit with my grandparents on my Dads side before they passed. I was just as spoiled in the little town of Houston, Mississippi.

There are so many things we could be doing better at the same time. We all still have time to work on our personalities. I would like to with the help of Katie Treadway.

Describe how to be more Charismatic: being like a human magnet in fact that’s a better way to describe how my teeth work when these things are talking to me. I’m a leo and a past fashion model and I was a suicide girl back in my 20s. So it come naturally for me to brighten people up when I come into the scene. I would like to provide tips for learning to be more Charismatic.

  1. Really Start Taking Care of Yourself: My Dad is at a stage now where he has to watch what he eats and drinks because of dietary reasons. If not he will have to take insulin and he hates needles. I need to be mindful of the same thing as I drink down two cokes in a row.
  2. Pay Attention To Your Tone of Voice and Posture: I have had many complements through out my life on the sound of my voice but to me I sound sorta like a chipmunk. We also need to watch posture and the way we sit and stand so try to be a little more straighter my dear darling.
  3. Be A Good Support System: I can not say it enough how much of a help this is for people when they really need it. I have had some really tough times and though I haven’t seen those faces in a while and I do appreciate every moment of it they helped me up out of my heart and a hard place. Especially when I was in a woman’s Bible study at Lori’s house. When I first had Brandon and was scared, lost, and confused about my trials as a single mother.
  4. Be Proud Of Your Accomplishment: Don’t look at how far you have to go look at how far you’ve come. I know that came from somewhere but I don’t remember. I am glad I have made it too my son’s almost 5th birthday. While most of those days I was finishing my sophomore thru junior year in college.
  5. Work on Your Self-Esteem Issues and Help those around You Do the same. We all have our own flaws and trust me they aren’t as obvious to others as you could and might think. I have learned to be comfortable and I think comfort is a gift to our personality. Pick up Self-Help books if you can read it all the way through or read articles on the topic. Don’t forget self-care also


Internet Availability

Internet Availability

Cleaning out my two email address accounts jcathryn87@gmail.com & johnnafloyd05@gmail.com and unsubscribing to the mass amounts of spam email. Simply pressing the checkbox button and deleting all of them they all seem to be from indeed. Then changing the subscription setting or unsubscribing altogether.

My dad was mostly quiet towards me tonight. He’s getting older and we are all pretty worried about his health. He did walk on the treadmill before we went shopping and we had salad for dinner. We went to CVS and Krogers.

Technology Used by Successwful Businesses

Our family dog Dixie, a blue healer, is taking to licking me and showing me love. Haven’t been able to use my laptop in about a month or longer. I can, however, use the cell phone that I got for Christmas that has 4G on it. My dad pays for the service and we get unlimited 4G use. Some much needed to take care of work is left that I will stay up late doing. Still feeling good from earlier.

Being able to use it for the next couple of days. We really need internet access at the group home and the lady in charge said it’s part of the deal. My Dad made a watermelon salad and I had my box of spicy sushi he bought me. Dad also bought me chocolate banana Pocky.

I’ve put in for a job at Lori’s Gifts and looking for more to put applications at. If I am to get a job Ms. Jeffereson our nanny will have to take me. So I’ll have to make sure that part is worked out. You could really help me out and on the sidebar, I added affiliate links where I get commission off a sale from ShareASale.com. Make a purchase at one of the several companies I advertise for and I get a percent.

Reading through blogging articles about how to make money blogging. It sure would be nice to be able to make some kind of profit from blogging. While having the drive to blog about deeper and more meaningful things besides my day to day life. In which I don’t do very much and I need the extra income. Though every time I try out on this venture I don’t make even a dollar. While losing track and going overboard on time.

To run a domain would cost me $50 and right now I just don’t have it. This is the first time in a long time out of all 18 years I have been blogging or working on a website of my own that I haven’t had a domain. I am usually on Blogger and not WordPress.

Pipe Leak

Bought me a pair of MIC headphones as soon as I got to the center today. My roommate Laurens’ mom comes to visit on Wednesdays after taking her to the psychiatrist. I remember before I started going to MHMR on Lancaster. My mom would take me and Brandon to Hurst and I would go see Dr. Naus my psychiatrist who I had seen for 5+ years. Then I had Mrs. Mamo then I ran off on the streets.

Yesterday the center had a leak in one of the pipes. Luckily today the center was open.

Have 2 packs of Talon cigars and half my Coca-Cola left. We slept even more yesterday. Lately things have been slow & peaceful.

Pictures of my roommates & I.

Take time for ?? self care & too help those around you.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

I have slept mostly all weekend. Having likes on my blog really helps me want to keep blogging. Also I have new followers and have followed them back.

Mostly I have spent my money at The Family Dollar. Today I bought a 2ltr of Mt. Dew, cherry cigars, and a pack of colored pens.

My Birthday is this Saturday and my Dad is picking me up Friday. I asked for RX sunglasses and makeup. Ready to see my lil boy too.

One day he was super sweet and put makeup on mommy. After JPS & Getting back on Lithium Im feeling a lot better.

Equalizer 2 in your coffee ☕?

My numbers and my stats don’t equal the pain, trials, or test I have had to endure. This morning my Nanny (Ms. Jefferson) took me to get my lithium meds.

Yesterday I went to MHMR & had my monthly injection. We get treated as good as we treat ourselves.

In the end it is a competition & in the end the ones who have cheated this GAME. WILL HAVE TO PAY.

SAW parts of Equalizer last night. Tejas is in extreme triple digit heat. $32 left for the month… Slowly watching my balance trickle as I have all year.

Each person cost something but the choice is yours on how to deal with it. My sisters have hundreds of likes & comments a day. I feel mostly personally attacked.

Who is this too share with? Don’t RUN with someones NAME. Our Reputation is mostly all we have as a group or as an Individual.

We’re Golden & We have choices everyday = who we truly are. Wake up America & Smell the Coffee. Equalizer and not Sugar!

Tested Thru Trials

Tested Thru Trials

Are there such things as channels? What about tunnel vision. Why is there water all over my parent’s floor? Now even I am acting too lazy to clean it up or help the fine print of parenting. My parents have done most of the hard work with Brandon including potty training.

While my son (I mean our son ♣️♥️♠️) has a bloody nostril as we all proceed to pile into the bathroom to take care of him. It isn’t my business in the first place is it! Though it sure as heck isn’t theirs to even think about. We’ve already had our run-ins with CPS.

How did prey attack predator when the predator is supposed to attack prey. Geology rocks what pigments do we play. What do the time × force = time? I’ve attempted to take every science course at the University of Texas at Arlington though I wasn’t able to complete even one. I did pass Biology at TCC with a C and I was happy to get out of there.

Is this what we were all counting on & depending on. I am not a piece of pinned up hair with a pin and that is not the door. In which we try to unlock when we know we are not welcome especially not in this suite.


The trials we face become the things we are in the future. If that’s true these last two years would send me down the gutter for sure. Though I can’t think of it that way. I refuse to live in Orange Is The New Black straight jacket life. Don’t put me in a room with white walls and make it so I can always have my meds in the morning.

Though this Spring was messed up, to begin with, I would have failed my test that’s for certain. I was already scoring 43% on them and I may never go back to finish what I already started.

Whatever Makes You Happy ??

At the end of the day we only have our own selves to blame. We all need to be content with our own. Not pointing fingers at other people.

Realize we work hard and those who cheat due to laziness will get what they deserve.

I am working on a PR & ADVT major and today I did a good job at the Adult Center. We really have had and hopefully will comtinue meaningful conversations. We all can bring up our own topic.

Just prepare for it when people tell you enoughs enough. Know when to keep your mouth closed & eyes only on your own possessions.

My Tattoo Flash ? SG & Texas Ink Slingers?

Plan… Join me on an adventure!

Have an attitude of gratitude. Have respect & learn to appreciate. Learn whose on your side & who isn’t.

The Adult Day Care Center on Lancaster ?☕?

  • Be able to get easy access to nurses
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Smoking Section
  • Friendly Faces
  • Resource Center

To be good in this or any atmosphere, especially college settings when the odds and criminals aren’t after you.

Use space, resources, & community to help eachother out with needs. Keep knocking and waiting for a door to open. Though, not at a persons family event.

Heresy – opinion of doctrine at variance claims, being proud or superior.

… It’s not your place to & Johnna you leo know when to STOP! Know what cards ♣️♥️♠️ your dealt.

Moving Around To Be Healthy

Who doesn’t like to lay in their beds all day long ?. If we all could we sure as heck would. Though how are you supposed ? to have anything in life if this is all you do.

It’s damaging to your body and being stagnant ? is not good for the human mind. I went to Harvest America ?‍? this weekend. It was a really great experience.

When I went to Harvest America I bought this book set “The Greatest Stories Ever Told” – Greg Laurie. It’s s two book box set ?. The stories are really good and have stopped my writers block.

I really haven’t worked out in a long – long time ?. Though I want to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. My mom Christy’s blog at http://muffinsandmozart.com . She writes on health topics.

There have been a lot of tragic things happening this year and we definitely need to be praying and studying God’s word.

Though this is a personal choice. When it boils down to it its really all down to the choices we are making. We can choose good or evil.

We will have nothing to gain if we don’t keep ourselves active. My email address jcathryn87@gmail.com is full of applications looking for my next place of work.

I’m really praying that things work out with my family later this year. I would like to get out of this half way home sooner than later though not everything is up to me.

This Heart May Be Missing – I’m still an Alias

Eventually, we have to grow up and we just have to stop all childish behavior we’re constantly changing. God helps us along the way but we have to give Him the chance to move and help us. I have stopped writing on my last blog which was ?? http://www.missing-alias.net. Simply because I wanted to change to WordPress for the community aspect of having the following and read option.

Here’s to growing up I’ll be 31 next month ?. I have a great family that is being supportive ?‍?‍?‍?  and even that has been a changing environment right now. I left my parents house in March after dropping out of University of Texas at Arlington and having a run-in with the law in which I went to jail. I ended up going to jail three times last year and don’t plan on going back or stepping out of line of the law again.

I am currently living in a Group Home, in Fort Worth – Texas ?. I was able to move back home and I was there for December and January. Though I had to drop out of University of Texas at Arlington again after getting sick at school. I was then sent to the group home after I spent fifteen days in Millwood.

An earlier discussion I had with my mother ?‍? when she dropped me off at the halfway house was about how we grew up spoiled. Or at least how we need to be thankful for every blessing we have.

My Dads in the military ? my family has had it’s up and downs. Now it is my turn ? Adult life.

My family, boyfriend, and friends that have known me (well for the most part) have helped a lot in the last 7 years to get over my childish fears.


We have to plan out and try to stay as close to our true values as we can. One of the hardest things in life is to figure out yourself. You really have to dig in and set out and know what you want. When I was young I didn’t have it all figured out although a lot of young people think they do. My 4-year-old son has been a blessing to our whole family.

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I no longer want to discuss what I use to do about partying and drugs and it really isn’t anyone’s business. When we fall down we have to be able to pull ourselves up again. I hope not everyone goes through this but living on the streets can teach you a lot too. Though the concert the church I attend was able to go to the AT&T stadium and enjoy Harvest America.

Harvest America with Greg Laurie and listening to Switchfoot was great. Blessed my parents helped me out last night financially. As I look for a job and get ready to start paying off these large student loans. I have an interview at Bankers Life on Wednesday I’m needing part time work. Since I am on SSDI and can’t earn more than $1,000.

When I was younger I thought that was a lot of money. In the adult world that isn’t really enough to live off of. Most of us will work until the day we die. My father wakes up at 4:30am to go to work and I really look up to him. Today Brandon had Tennis Camp and Saturday a Tball game. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for my parents providing these things we have grown up with and taking care of my son.

As we grow older we find that we are recieving more respect the better we do. It is too easy to slip up on what we are supposed to do. There are so many in the crowd pointing fingers that we coulda, woulda, shoulda done especially ourselves. We can get so hard on ourselves we end up on our death bed – remember it is NEVER too late.