Valentines Day & Growing Up

I have over 2,000 comments in the que & I haven’t started reading them all. With tomorrow Valentines day; my roommate Laura bought us valentines boxes. I have a gift for my son with temporary tattoos and a small red bear. I have also made a new friend at the center and enjoy his company.

My dad however, when I called him last night, was not too impressed with where my life is at the moment. He stated that “I would never make it out of this group home situation”. This will be the 2nd-3rd year I have been in this situation and there is no hope in going back home. Nor do I want to go home.

Having Self-Discipline

Doing things when you don’t want to or feeling like it. Things that are boring, hard, or frustrating. Reaching goals faster, aim higher, and accomplishing more.

1. Start With Smarter Habits – Building gradually a lifestyle change/s to create larger ones over time.

2. Being Consistent – Making changes to an everyday thing. Committing to the efforts of everyday.

3. Setting Yourself Up For Success Ahead of Time – Eat right, drink water, sleep, not treating yourself to mindless junk.

4. Rewards & Consequences – Cycle of achievement – for instance spending my February check on nice things.

5. Journey & Not The Destination – Habits to create a big lifestyle change or smaller ones.

I do however; want to go back to school and finish my 8 classes – I still have the 8 classes left to finish at either #UTA or #TexWes. I am on a differment for my payments to financial aid; there is no way I have the money for it right now. Hoping that soon I can go back and finish. It would also do good if I could get a job – though first I need a social security card. While still wanting to maintain this site and using it as a way to start making some income.

Got in a fight with the group home manager; and we have still to order glasses and I can’t see out of my right eye. I only have $1 in my bank account. With tomorrow Valentines day; I have a lot of nice jewelry and gifts coming to the house. I do remember how Dad would make each holiday a special one before I rebelled and made a mess of things.


An essential part of truly accepting yourself as you are. Having compassion for yourself and a deep appreciation and connection.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Be more present in your own life and create your own life in beauty while taking care of yourself.

2. I Am Worth Loving – I am placed here to do amazing things; I don’t need to change for anyone or anything for only things that benefit me.

3. Have Fun – Love yourself enough to allow yourself; but not too much.

Have Boundaries – Say “No”

What’s In My Bags & Carry On

I have been carrying my pink Cabela’s small duffel bag since last weekend when my Dad bought it. I am grateful to have a Dad that helps me out a lot. I am trying to keep my stuff as organized as possible and keep my things neat and orderly.

I have my black back pack, my black duffle bag, and my black carrier.

In my Pink Cabellas Duffel Bag

Top Pouch:

  • JUUL – I have Mango cartridges and have a charger in there; with my JUUL Charger that I had to buy seperately online from Ebay. Though mine doesn’t always smoke. I still have fun using it.
  • Cotton Candy Body Spray – clowns!
  • Pens, Sharpies, and Dry Erase Marker
  • Glitter and Jewels and Glue Sticks

Right Zipper Pouch:

  • Deck Of Cards
  • TI Pink Calculator
  • Scissors
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mini Ash Tray
  • Mini Glass Spoon

Left Zipper Pouch:

  • Sewing Kit
  • Flash Light
  • Hemp Lotion

Front Pouch:

  • Small Bottles of Essense
  • Tampons
  • Brush
  • Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cocunut Oil, and Olive Oil
  • Razor
  • Deoderant
  • Crest Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Fixodent & Poligrip for my dentures
  • An old tic tac box full of hair bands

Inside Front Pouch (Where I Keep My Make-Up)

  • Concealer Kit
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow
  • Benefit California Blush
  • Contour Palette
  • L’oreal True Match Concealer
  • Dior Lipgloss
  • Eyeliner & Mascara
  • Brow Gel

What Do You Have To Learn About Here?!

“Tell me your someone else & I’ll all fall apart…” – Band Unknown unless quick a friend tells me. A friend from my past or pasture would be nice but this S.B. doesn’t sound like something I need.

In the most part of my 125 entries which I need to go back through and edit to make more meaningful. I hope my blog never gets abducted like did though it takes more than just a website, a host, and a lot of words. 

It takes drive, a bunch of people, and daily motivation to get your message across. More promotion on this stuff would be great. It’s an almost life long dream to get truly caught up on Emails.

My Main Mans going to; Texas Art Institute which all we have both said is you don’t need Mine! He has stated and he is already my star since the age of about 13 an interest in Production. In which I took last Spring 2017 and made a B in Behavior and need to pick it up again. That creativity hits you like a pound of bricks when it does. 

That is one of my favorite books; yes college text books aren’t cheap and no I have the ones I have wanted to give and take away for a reason. Dad please don’t let them in that room. Unfortunately if it comes down to it… I wish I did have somewhere to lay my head.

The group home has for the most part been worth it; just to get off the streets. Which I roamed starting Lake Charles at 16 – Dallas at 18 – Fort Worth at 24 & again at 29. An inventation to join Womens ministry – So going where I “Am Called”…

FAFSA & My Course Route

I am still in need of paying back the debt I owe to UTA; in which I owe almost $3,000. If my parents could help me right now that would be great. I put in for a Debt Driven Repayment Plan – Pay As You Earn. Hoping to get almost 240 months with a rate of $0. Which will give me time to get a job; hopefully a good job. Finish the rest of my classes.



ST.Uck In Red & Tissues

I have finally gotten my anger adjusted; yes I have Bipolar Disorder. I can get really upset … almost to a ticking time bomb. After all we wanted a simple bath bomb and you know what we had the right ingredients to make it. Unfortunately that money isn’t for you and you know it. Meanwhile that body isn’t for you and you know it. Though God and I both love you and what we have been trying to stand for. 

First ask it … If it hits that Target <app> Market. In which it’s your fault for walking up to my register in the first place and whatever happens to you happens. I was trouble the moment I walked into this Dog Town. Don’t bring the cheerleader; whos name is faith into the story at all. At least not into my story. After all it’s my story and I can leave it the way I like it and I have the right to accept it or not. 

It mostly can’t have a normal conversation; while looking at dead bodies in beds that are about the size of cots that cost about $675 a month. Or I could be in the mission with fear that my Laptop and my things would be stolen again this year like they we’re last year. In which; you have to admit you did help with me walking off. From my son and my truck my father gave me. Though as much as we want to blame God. We both know it went deeper than that.

Well suck it up that’s being an adult. I wouldn’t have made it this far without Gods help. Ever since about three weeks in Millwood last year I have been in this Group Home. I am trying to get last Christmas and Starting of this wasted pricey Spring Semester out of my mind.

You don’t come back to it after it has written things like or <Mine>. Mostly; wierd things have happened to my blogs as I have grown and continued to write my blog/s on almost a daily basis.  


Now our job is too understand these <Crooks> If we really want this oil Dr. Ink is <Timely> talking about! Something in which my heart just couldn’t permit me to get into. I know my parents really don’t want to help me with this costly problem and I’m hoping they will be and understand. 

It is quite easy for any female fatality to open its doors and open its chat book and march away. The damn penguins didn’t have to follow me. They wanted attention from things they didn’t do in the first place. Where it’s already an establishment in which you get credit for what you have worked on. Not on what you have or who you are associated with at least that was always in the back of my Christian Ideology. That God was always wanting more from us than we could even understand.

I’m questioning to DeRidder #5 “Are They” That ungrateful. That cotton picking B* just knocked over and pushed me even off this bed. Now I am here questioning if that’s even legal. Something I don’t have to deal that many cards or restraunt job pieces too. While I have with my own two hands and feet. What do you mean? Fought Three Times & She’s Too Small Too Fight?! If it was something that I felt strongly about then I have every right too. 

Trust built the foundation; I am not trying to break what I have worked so hard to build. Then why God did I run away from my responsibilities in the first place?! I have had choices, consequences, and rights all in which at 30-31 have made up my own pattern to the lifestyle I am going to live. Even when others; are less than encouraging as it nears another holiday Thanksgiving. Which I’m hoping my Family is still thankful for me. As it is in a half-way home I am blessed beyond compare. Now is the time I just need to trust especially that which my Father “Kurt Floyd” has told me “Until the Day I Die”.

Blog Tips In A Heart Tip Jar

I have had my check garnished in half now instead of working with $100. I only have $50 to spend on what I want to each month. The problem I had at University of Texas at Arlington is making me pay big time. I’ve always been pretty much broke and what big blessings I did get came from My Dad.

Needing some clothes : Shop Women’s Clothing at Stage Stores. I’d like to get a new warm fuzzy jacket and a leather motorcycle jacket. Normally the most often thing bought with my $50 is cheap cigar cigarettes and maybe a $1 drink.

This month I bought myself three great gifts off the website GEEK
A ring, A Charm Necklace, & Essence… For $6.50
& A new black notebook at The Family Dollar for $5.

With Christmas coming up and Halloween in less than 14 days. Which I haven’t seen anything scary lately. I was having fun watching and playing the purge. I took Production last year and need to do more with it. I haven’t felt like getting in front of the Camera. I am not really feeling that loving to myself and my dad keeps saying I’m talking to myself.

I am kind of attention I am really getting from people. I want to be known for making people happy with themselves and I hope I was coming across in Arlington as a good worker. Though now my boyfriend is saying not to work. It may be a safety issue right now and maybe there is a reason why I don’t have my SS Card.

It’d be really awsome to go to another Haunted House and I haven’t been to an Event in a long time. I went in 2012 with work at The Spirit of Halloween. I got a bag of Smarties and saving the rest till Halloween haha that’ll be my candy for the Halloween. For the last three years I have had money to buy my son a constume – I think all three of them are Batman. I was wanting to go to the Pumkin Patch but my Dad said I was acting too wierd.

 Blogging For Monetary Value

I hope my blog post are something you want to read and think about before you rush out there and make mistakes in life that you can’t recover from. It is said that Money is the root of all evil so if I was blogging only for money this would be a pointless endevor because it can’t come with us when God comes. Though I do need to make some money out of this website adventure.

  1. I haven’t recieved a real comment… I have recieved 5 red colored comments in which are Private.
  2. My Visitor Count must be messed up beyond belief
  3. I must have gotten hacked and some one is behind the scenes of my blog
  4. I am blaming and pointing fingers at sources that tell me how to make money from this blogging because all of them say about the same thing and their are no results.
  5. They do not find me or my content of any interest. I was hoping to at least make a difference with my blog.

It’s ok to want to make money blogging but don’t sacrifice yourself for it. Needing to make sure I have my eye on the ball before hitting publish. I can go through my posts and re-write them and add to them and even change them.

Blogging For Readers of friends and family

Each person you come into contact with could be good or bad or a mixture of both. I honestly do not like to constantly be around people but enjoy their time now and again. I love at least hearing that people have read and appreciated a part or anything on my blog. During the time I have written.

Frame of mind; realize everybody is different and not everybody is going to like you. Always make sure to include a main image. Don’t use lies and manipulation to get your way. Soon you will be found out as to whether you can be trusted or not.

Make an online community for yourself by collecting links and talking with them about certain things. That are posts related and be honest and true to who you are. Be your own Rockstar and sing to your own tune. Market and Work where you know you fit best.

Writing Great Online Content = would I share this if I didn’t write it. What emotion are you appealing too?! Am I Connecting while teaching and telling them something new they can use for themselves.

Traffic To Get Optimum Views

  1. A Call To Action – ask them to follow, share the post, or download the freebie.
  2. Fill Out Social Media Bios – gain traffic & followers and potential clients.
  3. Bring Hits To Old Posts – creating content takes time & it doesn’t have reinvented try to repurpose the content to get more hits. In the last month or two, I have only gotten about 222 hits.
  4. Foundation for you to create a great place to place your information. 

Take faith in advice while giving it time to grow and mature into something meaningful. As a strategy starts to show positive signs and you dig deeper to prioritize the strategy that is well faithful and has potential. We need promotion of the content; use the 80% Marketing and Distribution of information and 20% the actual information.

Getting Readers Who Really Trust You & Read & Learn From You.

To build a trusting audience and getting your readers to really trust you. You can make a living off blogging as long as you use the proper techniques and strategies. Trust is the key! Be real and transparent builds trust.

Be Personal + Relatable

PLUR! If there’s one thing I don’t regret in life it’s good memories and times with friends I have met and have been around in weird and strange situations. We are in those situations because we put ourselves in them. My boyfriend told me not to work again and put myself in the bad parts of Fort Worth. He cares & so does my parents but right now certain safety measures have to happen. Like this HalfWay home that I am staying in with these other three girls.

Break down walls and build connections with your audience. I want them to feel like they can come to me when they need guidance or questions that need answers. I am not perfect or drinking holy water and I am not afraid to admit to my mistakes. I am also a College Drop-Out!

Don’t try to fake it; people will love you for who you already are. We are learning every day & don’t give up on a bit of tip to make your work better. We need to learn about who you are and what you have to offer. It has to be worth the time and the money. If free content is good then they can imagine how great paid for content is going to be.

Facebook Discussion Boards & Don’t Ignore Your Audience.

Making sure you respond to every comment, email, message, etc. Take the time to acknowledge readers in order to build trust. They will come back to you because you have shown them you value them.

Prove Yourself

There are plenty of people out there that lie about it. Including the one to get your hopes up about “I make $100,000 a month…” or “I receive 100,000 page views. Prove that you are telling the truth & show your stats (I made an A in Stats). Be Reasonable – that much money from blogging is a bit out of this world… Not all the money you make is yours and you have to count expenses and taxes.

Be Consistent With Your Creations

Building Trust through consistency reacting to; how will your audience trust you if you aren’t consistent. Don’t just up and leave and disappear and stop posting daily/weekly/monthly. Don’t let your audience lose trust in you by playing the disappearing trick. The more consistent the more trusted.

Professional Appearance To Your Site

For trust and value in what you say there is a set tone of professionalism that you need in your writing and in your appearance. It has to look like a website that has value.

Environmentality In Relations To Thourgh Thinking…

No one wants to hear threats or demeaning information from this problem. They can’t just walk into situations and I will get to the bottom of whatever I left behind in all these Science classes. 

First you have to have the Problem – I appreciated every drop of college and I will be paying it back until the Day I Die. For tomorrow it will be die another day. I have a hypothesis and sweet heart that’s honestly just a textbook. How bout you get into some real work that worth it for you and everyone thats around. We didn’t come to class for that comment or commited?

Brought the flies to the trap paper in the first place. I realize the low amount of traffic I am getting from viewers from my site. Your business isn’t really any of my own. Today has been a good day & I’m thankful for getting my money. Yes mine. My dad brought me glasses today and I love them and my father in the first place. 

If your father here on Earth loves you this/that much imagine how much your Father in Heaven will love you. We all get attitude problems from time to time. My watch is doing some really cool things and I deffinitly wouldn’t be the same person I am without the team work and people around me. 

While my mom talks about dietary information I have kept with the same system pretty much.

For I am one person with a bio system too. Why what’s the question?!

When I went school shopping I didn’t ask for you to come with me. I remember special times I would be seen with my family shopping they didn’t have to attack or what feels like a personal attack. On a Senior on Senior Year or perhaps I didn’t study as hard as I possibly could.

From Prom to Prominade I don’t need the comments and a bunch of us don’t. Though how desperate some of us became for the correct + what are they still bugging?!

So therefore down with the Romeo skull I placed by the TV and gossip we heard. On too moving on to healthier and more fullfilling Fall things in life. For things fall into place in life. 

Geography – learned from TV?! Location, Location, Location


Here’s Help For My Sister 2 Sister & Situation 2 Situation

Got a new magazine today – – the Enquirer a male fashion magazine. My man is hot enough to be in the Enquire but I get jealous of the attention he gets and I’m hoping he gets it from the attention I get. There have been reasons we have not been able to get together in five years. I believe it is pride and jealousy I don’t desire what other women have. I believe in getting help when we/her/she needs it.

I believe we make a good team.

I try to do the best I can to represent my boyfriend and guy friends of ours as special and unique as they can be. My sisters especially my stripper sisters & sorority sisters have been picked for each place and we don’t have to complain that much about place to place when it’s PlayStation and Monopoly. To me, it’s all the cards that are dealt at this Casino one of the best things I have done with a guy friend. The reason I go to spot to spot is to take care of my people. I believe that is my right to check on my/our people the right way. This is the lesson I dropped out because of on Feb 7th of this year and pretty much last year. Two years in a row spending and having to repay the right amount $50 a month for what happened to a Senior – I thought it was itis. Didn’t realize it was Midas. What exactly are you framing because we have individual notes.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?!


Each person is important to me and yes we have all gone through tough times. Though we don’t allogate to be alligators and trap them into the traps I have always been scared of. Do We?

The Purge – Purchased The News Paper

The Purge is one heck of a movie! Click rewind and set the scenes we are women and men within big dreams. We went to College and some of my friends are just starting college in order to better ourselves. I believe and support equal opportunity employers and employment.

My friend, as well as myself, have grown up in the church political system and have put our/my kid into the church situation. Why are they begging to break a system that a family sets up if it weren’t for my parents little Brandon wouldn’t have the opp. to go to ECC which is a private school set by Fielder. For we are on the Field…   We have learned through some people are extremely selfish. Some people “SNAP” in situations they have to own up too.

I trusted Him and I Still Do – The Ring Fit but I don’t have to be flashy I’ll save that for my graphics.

We have learned to remain silent in the moment of her passing Husband which she cherished her relationship. We miss our friends and loved ones since we have also lost our children to the support system.

My friend Ciara Bhadd longs for a mother to daughter relationship and I believe that is where we can help these ladies instead of being rude to them they can look up to us. In which I have studied PR and My daughter is Natasha. We will find and maintain these relationships through mannerisms that we are taught by an even older group of women.

Being a good parent is important

To me but how can I go to work without an SS Card?! I have to work for everything I need for me and my son Brandon. My friend Ciara has 7 children and I’m fortunate I do not. We both deserve inner peace and clarity.  My last domain was Yes my jealousy level kind of got big when I had to lose my jobs and no one would tell me.

Yes, my jealousy kind of got my ego backstabbed when they shook our ingredients together and put in this versus that.

I will be happy once she has inner peace and clarity. – Ciara Bhadd

I get jealous when I’m falsely accused of something I didn’t do. Well, I also need credit for what I have done. Another point is when people lie to me. Also when I have things & people pushed in my face.

Article by Article I believe I can help these women. 

For even I was taught prostitution and have gone up and down like my stats chart depicts but that is of no use to point out especially in class and say we are filthy. It is a bad road and I have heard the stories from the inside of jail cell walls We have to look for the proper sources of employment and help. The first step about the streets is to keep your own damn self-safe from it. Question everything. Ciara is a Med Doctor. I am that writer heck I a CEO of whatever I need and want to be.

Keep On Keeping On We Earned Our Stats & Our Family Isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Realize what you truly want from your own life. What your own life means to yourself. God has chosen everyone and we have chosen what our people have requested. I now have 281 people that have read my blog. Not to mention the number of people that have read it in other ways. The big storm hit my aunts place.

You can keep arguing with power but eventually, you have to choose. Politics chooses for you and your reputation means everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have people to people. Though that is not your place to put your pen where your pen put it.

I was taught not to talk about money, dropping names, sex, or politics at the same time. Nurses to Patience what keeps us safe and who are you looking up to? These cops have been seen around all of our work and yes I said this month would be art. I can’t do much art because I am broken hearted I don’t sit on the dish I quickly moved on but I didn’t have to quickly move on from him.

That judging meant to sit around and compare each other’s pain I don’t think they were ready for that. I enjoy the freedom and I don’t think that is or isn’t what I’ve gotten.

How To Grow Your Stats Chart

  1. Acknowledge every click – I was that girl in school who would walk around from table to table and court to court and associate with everyone. I enjoy the same things to today and really dislike the fact we are trapped up in this room so much.
  2. Follow The Rules – There are rules everywhere you go and people feel safe when you know where you are going. Go Stadium? Everything costs something and people cost too.
  3. PageViews = More People getting your message across to more readers. I appreciate every reader.
  4. More clicks to your links = Money
  5. Write longer blog posts – the more content you can provide the better and longer they’ll stay on your page. Thank you for the tip to tip to top of the strengths and weaknesses test. I know that felt weird to you and you did say the word I hate but there’s no beating around the bush to the blatant truth. I’m a debutante and a princess – Kyle’s Princess.
  6. Talk about the latest products, techniques, methods, services, and occurrences. Keep up with trends in technology and fashion.
  7. Headlines – I write that’s what I have dedicated my life too & now things are also being added to me that is a benefit to me and you.
  8. Promotion – I have been on a flyer from a Rave club and I mourn with my fellow friends for the same things. Though I keep working and steady as it goes.

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Rebekah and Jacob from the bible Genesis 27 show a good correlation of boundaries of how getting people to do what you want isn’t always a good thing. Loving someone means you love them enough to allow them freedom. Which is owning what is ours while not dismissing what is ours. Or worse trying to own what belongs to others.

Our parents set us up hopefully for success. To make our own decisions in as an adult. While not trying to control their/our decisions. I use to think having my Dad as my payee set him up to be in charge of me. Though today I believe it is closer to freedom.

Today I’d like to talk about setting boundaries and how boundaries help us improve as people.

  1. Alone Time Take alone time from business – we can get so caught up in everyday life that we eventually feel like we are stuck in a rut. When we feel like there is no way out. Before this happens find peace and quiet by yourself. Reflect on yourself and your life away from business.
  2. Away From Negativity – If you have to be around them limit that time. Limit media consumption if it is too negative.
  3. Be Honest & Upfront In A Relationship – Others need to know how feel in a relationship. Maybe they’re getting to close and personal. It’s ok to tell them to back off a little bit.
  4. Taking Responsibility For Self – at the end of the day the only one you have to deal with is yourself. If your not ok than no one around you will be ok.
  5. Allow others to accept their responsibility for themselves & I do not try to accept their responsibility. – You can’t control other people or the way they behave.
  6. Prioritize Your Needs – We don’t always get what we want but we do get what we need.
  7. Get your happiness from gratitude not status – BE grateful for everything you have you don’t know when it’ll be gone.
  8. Be Honest with yourself about what you need & be realisitc – Be realsitic about the things you really need; food, water, and shelter. Don’t think the world owes you something.
  9. Don’t let resentment build up – It’s better just to let it go as soon as you feel it start.
  10. It is not my responsibility to take responsibility for others.

Loving My Body

Loving My Body

When you think about love what comes to mind what about your body? Body image a persons perception of their own sexy attractiveness. Wrapped in my pj’s and especially my Dear Foam bathrobe is when I can feel I have a sexy body wrapped in my own skin. Sexy Skin it’s good to always keep it shaved and smooth. Even though I haven’t seen my sexy man in 5 years we still talk and any moment he could surprise me.
In this group home full of us girls and the guys are in a different part of the house across the hall.

What does it take you to feel sexy! Stop looking at yourself as an overweight punching bag. The more pain you take out on yourself the more pain you’ll have scared when you get over 50.


I’ve worked or work for Suicide Girls and was accepted about 10 years ago.

A few years ago my body was even in a porno perhaps 15 years ago! While my roommates well ones a playboy bunny, ones an actress, and ones a dancer. No nothing to brag about and something that was taken from me as a young kid.

The love and respect for our bodies is something important. I have always been a problem in that way though not to the extreme where some want to impress those they are calling. Like the story Gentlemen Callers. I had my fun and now that I’m 31 it’s time to grow up.

My Dad still says I’m not getting married till Brandon who is 5 is out of the house. Which in all reality especially if I calm down and slow down a little bit is a long time. I am a hustler by heart and it truly is ride or die.

The Tattoo Artist That Loves Me

I first kissed a boy in pre-school I didn’t like it. I’ve been an underground musician and model. I also got accepted to suicide girls but never did any work for them. I have 5 tattoos back, both hips, ankle, and right shoulder. I’ve had my tongue pierced by my best guy friend 5 years ago and it got sucked out.


For Ink Contact Kylezzzz Brattin 

I don’t think we are all happy with our self image. My boyfriend who does tattoos hasn’t done one on me and I fear he doesn’t want to touch me. A recent friend at the group home who only stayed a few days said she was sold at a young age into sex slavery.

This year I have really dealt with sexual harassment. Not only is it worse coming from my own mind but it’s even worse when you hear it coming fro congregations. Is it something we have done or something we are doing?

5 Tips to help you love your body image

5. Don’t think about how other’s bodies look. My Dad “Can you tell I’m Daddy’s little girl?” told me that somewhere someone will always be prettier, smarter, funnier, and more wealthy than you will ever be. We can’t sit there and compare it’s a waste of precious time.



4. Remind Yourself What You Like. I like my complexion and my shortness. I don’t think it will be too hard for you to find things you like too if you try hard enough. Like the “Little Engine That Could” you can find things you like.


3. Beauty is a state of mind not just what you see in the mirror. We all see things the way we want to see them basically the way the mind thinks of them. When it comes down to it it really matters about our attitude about what’s going on.

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People. OK maybe this is something I could work on better to become that positive role model. I’m sure a lit up cigarette and a curse word on the tip of my tongue and a torn up outfit isn’t extremely flattering. People will help you but first you have to be willing to help yourself.

1. Read up on anything you were wondering about changing about your body. It’s never too late to find something new to update your look with. Take a trip to the mall and get your makeup done at Sephora like I did for my birthday. Or work on self-help to make yourself beautiful on the inside then out. You can read my beauty product reviews here on

My Makeup Moves

Hippie Go Lucky from benefit this set is amazing with it’s cute little samples.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Base Foundation

Smashbox Eye-shadow Pallette : Cover Shot in Golden Hour

LA Colors Contouring Palette : I use as blush

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder: That I should probably throw out bought it last year.

Dior fusia lip gloss

Loreal true match concealer

Moving From Ugly Duckling to Beauty Warrior

I am taking guest post if anyone is interested or I’d like to arrange an interview post. I don’t have anything to pay you but I think it would be nice to have a guest on this blog. Maybe a beauty guru or someone who really knows the competition within relationships.

Right now I am studying on how to make blog income traffic. Traffic means more page views and more page views means more people get my message that I try to send across. As an article has suggested 2,000 or 3,000 words. That will take a lot of revising and rewriting after posting so you have something to look at.