Centered On Faith & Prayer

I miss living at home but I am settled into the group home and staying at the center lifestyle. We’re about to have Church, our Tuesday and Thursday Devotional with Big Ministries.

I spent -$5 on a notebook and a nice set of pens at the Family Dollar. Though I feel guilty because my bank account is so low. I really am trying to do good but there are so many things that aren’t going as well as I wish they would.

My son will be 5 years old on the 28th and being home this weekend showed me he really didn’t need me as much as I thought he did. It didn’t really hurt and my little sister is home to help Mom and Dad with him. Drinking a cup of coffee and have a good amount of cigarettes left.


Pure Silk


Big Ministries Tuesday Devotional & Prayer Request

We had chicken for lunch and the service from Big Ministries was good. The devotional was about “What Is It Going To Take?!” and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. With God all things are possible and can be accomplished. Being a child of God is a true blessing in my life.

Pray for:

  • Finances for Christmas & Brandon’s Birthday
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Student Loan Debt = $16,000
  • Group Home Environment
  • Justly-Found.Faith to make some income
  • Finishing 8 courses of college and graduating
  • Family and people I live with
  • Dads Diabetes

Pure Silk

How To Pray

1. Keep It Simple : God wants to meet you where you are and values presence more than polished words. Have a normal conversation with God.

2. Do It Often : Meant to be in everyday life. Pray in the morning and during the day while asking God for guidance, forgiveness, and pray for others at the end of the day. Review, Give Thanks, and Ask for Gods Help.

3. Open Your Heart : Prayer is where your relationship with God is formed and faith forged. Time together to mold and shape your heart.

4. Listen Expectantly : Take in time and space; and God will respond.



Thanksgiving & Thoughtful Thinking

It isn’t so much as what is lost as too what is gained. In life nothing is going to be “Perfect” though you have to learn to deal with life “the best” you can. I haven’t been to Mississippi with my Family to see my Grandmother in over 3 years. Dad and the rest of the family drove out there yesterday to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with the family out in Mississippi.

This will be the second Thanksgiving I have spent at Mrs. Charnells group home. The environment is different than what I am used too. Though this time last year I wasn’t going to “The Adult Day Care Center” with my roommates. This year it has been nice having the roommates I have and is a new experience for me. 

This Year I’m Thankful For

  1. My Roommates
  2. Having a bed and a room to stay in 
  3. My God and my quiet time and moments I can get to myself
  4. My family even though we aren’t together like we used to be
  5. Having my needs provided for 
  6. My boyfriend 
  7. Health Insurance
  8. This blog and being able to know how to connect socially through PR and ADVT
  9. Looking at the chance to finish my Degree
  10. The Godly women who we have to look up too for guidance

Thoughtful Thinking

  1. Take care of yourself first before you can take care of others
  2. Know what needs to be done and the right way to do it
  3. Only get nosey to your own business
  4. Don’t look too much into another persons life
  5. Keep hanging on to the dream you already have and never give up
  6. Life gets expensive though know in your heart you’ll make it
  7. God will direct your step but you have to be patient and know how to listen to Him
  8. Know when to step back from your family and not try to live through them
  9. Arguing is not worth it; things will pass you just have to let them
  10. Take care of yourself; this season two words Hygge and Self-Care

It’s better to work on what you’ve already been given; than try to take on other things and try to be more helpful than you can really be.

This site really needs some work and the work I have put in is still not enough to make me really satisfied with the results. I know there can be positive outcomes of working this kind of media online and heading toward my goal of Graduation in Mass Communications. Things don’t happen over night and their not going too. It really is no ones problem but my own and I have to have the determination to make things happen for myself and my family. 

For the most part; I have done a good job at not making promises. 
I don’t try to get too involved because I don’t have time to sit around and be that hurt by things like I used too. I wasted a lot of time in my 20s trying to drown my pain from that kind of life. In which; I let a lot of people try to take advantage and control my life. Be yourself and let your true colors shine. The only one it matters too should be yourself and God. Be thankful; for everyone who is involved in your life and accept them as they are. Don’t be prideful or hurtful just because of bumping heads at times. 





Thanks For Dividers & People

Thanks For Dividers & People

Maybe I should have taken a problem and just waited on the right timing…

In all science classes you have to have a problem to what we need a solution. Which is more than just contact and prescription sunglasses in which the Doctor I did get my perscription is only messed up about making frames. Also the one I only spent about three months working for is, well isn’t my problem. After learning as much as I can about the elements tell me will I be happy. Will I ever stop and just appreciate from others. 

Maybe like myself I was just as greedy, without much of being envious. We need to step down just a notch and let those in proper authority take over. It isn’t up too you actually it’s up the Government and go ahead and admit it. Your either for or against, silent or able, or pride vs. prejudice. As I write more about my faith I am hard pressed that my faith has gone smaller than a mustard seed. A word in which I slung from a slinger only once so long ago. Did it – it deffinitly didn’t need to pricetag its self that That Far.

Don’t RUSH: What you actually ask for and asked for… Yeah! Look at my mouth and wish for what – water – No not my salivated problem. What are you doing at my place at my age?! Right – NVM & NM. My old notebooks and sketch books never asked for your ink or your ink job. So why are you bringing up and into what my name or my badge at and almost any and every job in which I have and will continue to have. 

I am not your GREEK student who tried to ever use another persons name. It’s something I never even wanted. For I am happy being that emo girl with a lonely heart it doesn’t need to categorize and demean from us. #TP

To say what through the most important communication tool I have and tools I have is the most dangerous things you could be doing. I don’t need to walk up to what vehichle for what item for what endangerment. In which it pushes everyday to get down to the work it is needing to do in the first place. To pick up someone elses work and simply get away with what #CSI and #NET in which it has trapped itself long ago.

Why are you looking at it that way. The system on this acceptance scale has stopped at 5 in which all and any articles to keep this going into motion need to be accepted into all realms.

The lady at what?! GaGa & Gig & Gag…
Group Home #666 isn’t opening our WIFI. In which several of our bills are included for this $675 payment. What Am I scared to get kicked out again. Ah poor baby what my father wouldn’t like it. Not everything in this world is worth it. P.S. I’v heard some of these womens unfortunately mens mouths far too much.

None of which of any of these parties especially tables would really want and some don’t stop or turn around until it is FAR too Late. Lady we are not your problem. Ms. Jackson we are NOT your problem.

Which while working I was always wondering if this was the way of the Bosses which why would you want to go mess with the managers and bosses. I didn’t understand at that young of an age without much of being around this… i was alway on the grind. Recently I have been affected and feectionate about my father telling me to slow down and enjoy life. All in which I haven’t even stopped and smelt many roses. 

Especially not from our BG Cooks or whatever these I’m Still Questioning what they are?! What are you needing?! Which even my own mother – my real mother told me. A Major thing I have stood up too this year. I will not be a PriceTag.

I need you all too go is all you have heard from me for several years. “Go forth and conquer your own mole hills and don’t ask questions like where did it come from.” That friend does or doesn’t care anymore for a reason and that was that and you accept it. Except nights I would have fun and yes I had groups and no I’m 31 and not going to follow in this deadly trap.

Waking up to Silence Of The Lamb + Walking Lamp  = That Turned (U) As A Vaporizer… Is one of my Science Questions – I shouldn’t have to pay and repay every time I have a problem or even want a solution. Now should I?!

I didn’t have to tell you or your B* every job or every application I have ever gotten or put in for. In fact I think the vaporizers in theory came from “Great Oldwest Cafe”!

Which I lost on the streets and sold! Sold so it can whatever my question?! I lost about 3 of them and without a trace so if that’s what happens. For me if thats what happened learn from it and don’t let it happen again. “Play No Game” you didn’t go to class to do that did you. Or is it “I forgot who #Jay #JohnnaFloyd even was as it looks at its art and lit and wants and even expects money out of its own poor mouth. You’d be dumb to really complain. After you have pulled a double shift you would be tired and not needing much besides rest. They have told me that even College/University is no race. 

No B* You picked out and up to a secret compartment dept. and hidden in the GoodWills Market. Which is in my sons hands and he can stuff whatever he needs to in that compartamentalized stored up lock box. That used to be used for methadone and money.

I didn’t need to go traveling somewhere and could be a U Hauled my entire Thoughts to and Through and then right back to Me & Myself & Him! Don’t ask me which one Kuzz It’s HIS & I’m NOT UR Problem + AM I! Meanwhile He lets me be me and if I love him and even don’t want to spend much time or whatever it isn’t and never will be up to YOU. Chesire Cat “Who Are You?” Alice In Wonderland.

HMMM !!! Let my Nannie and My Witnesses and My Nurse. Meanwhile I’ll never say Doc Doc Docter to any of it. 

How did I meet my favorite spot to sit and chill at this campus?! The third story APT. & placed my elbow up there “I Could – Little Engine That Could”

You don’t go to the CLUB (o)(o) to look at Lizards in a Lounge and walk and talk and play around >WHAT< & >WATER< & That’s why I “Don’t like THE ??? Church >CRY<! Why would you like to GO to Dallas?!

Mom: No Johnna you will always love and respect the church after all it is where you came from. So never forget where you came from. Or they’ll forever haunt you with the wolves again.

Secret = They ARE Coming for What?! Water?! – – – Your Not Getting My ??? Computer… I hope their not coming to get my Father’s In Vest ? Ment /Mint!
Your Problem was probably the MOST Expensive Adventure of All Year! Oh Oops that’s why I smoked so extremely MUCH!

Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Part of the reason I haven’t seen my husband in 5-6 years is that we both can’t provide what each other need at the moment. Neither one of us is an ATM. I am glad he has stuck with me through all of this there has been a moment of pain, happiness, and magic.

Whatever we have created with UTA science we have and we have to deal with it every day. You have to deal with the cards you are handed and the cheaters get consequences.


Get Your Hands Off Stuff They Have Given Us – Especially TIP $

Adults Don’t Hang Out We Hang Up

Where the mind wonders it wonders but what if it was all caught especially on camera. Then would I be told I was a good and Godly wife? Do I represent my husband the right way? I have always dreamed of being that Proverbs 31 wife. My favorite thing is working on this blog and working on all my situations but what do we get paid with?!

Brattin & Black Ink Crew wants me to pick up the tattoo gun. I plan on buying the tattoo gun in the coming year in January after focusing on my flash and graphics. I also plan on picking up the piercing gun in February. I am very dedicated to any job I am given and I don’t appreciate the same thing The Game don’t and that’s getting messed with.

In The Situation, We Are Actually In We Still Give Each Other Attention

I look up to him and respect him for who he is. Meanwhile, that’s all that matters. We may be close but far I can talk to him and hear him when I need to. I let him get his work done and his pride I hope I help. I try my best to trust him when he says he doesn’t go for that pretty little girl in that dress. I don’t follow this situation too closely because it’s even my own life I fear.

Though we have been committed to our story as two Liberal Art Students. My Baby went to Full Sail and is in the Coast Guard. I got accepted to Full Sail and I have gotten accepted by the Special Ops. 

We Make A Good Team

Mr. & Mrs.Brattin have been working as a team for about 10. Something in which I take pride in I was picked as SG Suicide Girl at the age of 17. I don’t mess with his and he doesn’t mess with mine and we both check in on each other. We help raise our children together.

Women Speak Up Tell Your Man How To Make You Happy Then

Tell them what you’re really needing no ones going to read your mind. Writing a notebook full of stuff that I have for years isn’t going to help you hide behind something that you’re going to blow up about. I really wish he was with me…

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

When we are not knowing our rightful place we are destined for failure and punishment. An employee can step down from a Boss and a Boss is normally ran by a Bigger Boss. When a woman goes up to a persons boss and pulls tricks and pushes an argument then it is time for action. While each action equals a lesser or equal reaction.

Crawling in the dirt when you haven’t done anything for this stuff. I haven’t asked my boyfriend for much because I don’t want to be in that situation. If you don’t want to be in that situation don’t put yourself in it. When other people’s mouth gets you in trouble and you have to pay for it severally it is cause for action.

I have had about 5 to 8 bosses in my life and have had to move to move from situation and I do not complain and I actually enjoy listening to the stories.

T-Shirts and Hoodies For The Things You Love - I Love Apparel

I have been on SSDI since 2005 and I have 3 more years left. I will have to keep up with what? That’s right my situation.

It is greedy and simple to walk up and talk to it. Though I place the Bible and God before my place within this community. No one told you this life was easy or impossible you can do anything you set your mind to. Though it’s humilitating to get that reputation and what do we do well we placed ourselves in it and that’s what our mouths have done.


  • I believe that I am not a POSER in which a person takes suitcases from a person.
  • I don’t look at other people’s belongings especially not what they pushed in club settings.
  • Where came from? Military Background…
  • What and To Who they are pointing to?
  • We have to get accepted to our places and one of my favorite places was First Priority…
  • I look up to Boosie and I didn’t feel the need to join Varsity Choir for looking up to people that is what kids do.

Things We All Support

  • Those who have supported us in the first place
  • Those who have helped through tough situations thankful for the sweet comments about the hurricain.
  • Those who have kept us safe and taught us to be humble
  • Teachers who have taught us and haven’t overstepped their boundaries
  • People who will help you find the information we are needing

Journalism Isn’t Dead : Carpe Diem

When I was 19 my parents paid for me to take journalism and I enjoyed it a lot. As I moved into PR classes I have always questioned why they said journalism is a dead art. Where are we all getting our information from is that our question because I am paying for college.

News assassinations rapidly spread through the mainstream of computers in which I am supposed to know what I went to school for properly. The main choice of yours is too be or not to be off guard. No, I remember watching a group of girls while they slept at these tables and asked me the time because we were outside and I wanted a cigarette of my own at a college I have attended for a while.

Tainted and questioning music because I am no longer tainted love I am an adult and I will be treated like an adult. I am 31 now and now don’t get it backward who treated you to the same charts?! What photographs we have no one cares what you’ve done that much. Though the point is they needed information bitterly which is why they moved to PR.

They moved to the art department which I just got done drawing in my Bible Journal which I love and I’m proud of. Keep questioning what you are questioning every dollar of a pocket vs pocket it might be politics. Has anyone seen this syllabus this semester? Well, whatever I signed my name up for I guess I have to sit around and enjoy it better suck it up.

Journalism & Court

Journalist dragged the people to the police. Lousiana had several bomb threats. They we’re also required at trial too bad I dropped out of Comm Law & Ethics. This is just one of my many jobs yeah you don’t have to ask me or my boyfriend what’s in our pockets. Though that’s not a nice way to ask to or about someone in a pool hall or a restaurant – Nope I still respect my parents and authority and appreciate what I have because we believed in Christianity and I believer in simple things

Living Off Pennies

Thank God for everything you have because in a moment it could all be gone. When you look in the mirror look at what you have and have to offer and not what you don’t have or lack. Even small things add up. Like my $15 account this month.

We should agree to disagree on the things we do and do not spend our money on and I am or am not spending my money on that. Right now it is important to learn the ins and outs of adulthood.

We can’t just suspect and want we have to work and be proud. We are supposed to be working hard and then enjoying the works of our labor. Not the works of somebody else’s labor. Money is a sickness and even though we need it too live we do not need that much to survive and be happy.

I plan on drawing a lot more flash this month and in the following months. To build up my portfolio and I would like to get some experience under the gun. I have been drawing since I was about 12 years old when I started writing. I remember when I got my first tattoo magazine and watching Texas Ink. Here’s my art profiles &

$5 A Week: If I Play My Cards Right

The main thing I wish I could get right now is a tattoo from my “boyfriend” though that would cost me money, not my mouth. I can wait and get it when I can save up some for his work. See I appreciate their work and their talent but even I don’t deserve to be disrespected and I don’t put myself out there like that.

I also bought some Juul cartridges and some chargers the chargers I am waiting on. Kind of a waste since I can’t get it to charge. I also PAID MY RENT.

Now I have what I have and I am going to give you tips on how to make ends meet so you have to give me no lipstick or chapstick about money that you are so violently asking for. Most 16 to 25-year-olds think money grows on trees unless you’re like me and you worked most of your life.

Making wise decisions about money and time while trying to not let things get to you personally.

  1. Stop Wanting everything you see! Materialism will be the death of you! You are wasting your money on things you don’t need for what reason.
  2. Save on things you can get sometimes when you have more money.

Relationships and Respect

Relationships and Respect

What does a relationship mean to you? For me it is something to be cherished and placed on a higher standard of respect. As human beings we need to be around people. Especially people that love and care about us. 

I have a relationship with my parents, my son, my boyfriend, my friends, my roommates, and my mentors. I wouldn’t be the person I am without these relationships. I’m sure everyone has had relationships that have failed and some spin the cycle. True relationships stand the test of time and not one little set back will destroy it. 

Thrive Market


Things We Go Through

There’s a big difference between just liking someone which usually ends in lust. Than truely respecting that person and wanting them as your better half. Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 years and although we have had people come between us they don’t last long and we grow closer to each other. 

Two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other. 


My mom has been really hard on me because I haven’t done the best I possibly can. She wants my son to have better. I need a job and to finish school. Parents just really want to see their kids do the best they can. Even though they can be really hard on us. Discipline is never fun though it is very worth it. 


It’s hard to be friends when it feels like the whole world is out to take whatever you have. Though this is a normal feeling when it is a Give relationship and people on the receiving end. True friend don’t give up on each other though sometimes you have to learn to just give up and let go. 

Thrive Market 

How To Make It Better

Sometimes you really do need a break when me and my boyfriend get upset at each other we have to take a step back and spend time apart. Though it always makes me happy to hear from him again. There are maintaninace steps for the relationship that have to take place in order to keep a relationship healthy.

  1. Needs of the relationship with needs of self-care
  2. Communicate without blame and stick to the point
  3. Mutually enjoyable physical touch
  4. Pray together
  5. Express anger without blame or making the other person wrong
  6. Set goals together
  7. Don’t analyze the situation
  8. Encourage growth and change
  9. Accepts you completely
  10. Being able to Say No without guilt

Love Languages

  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gift Giving

All of lifes important relationships thrive under the condition of carefree timeliness. Learn to waste time with the people you love. – Matthew Kelly

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Pride & Prejudice & Boundaries

Rebekah and Jacob from the bible Genesis 27 show a good correlation of boundaries of how getting people to do what you want isn’t always a good thing. Loving someone means you love them enough to allow them freedom. Which is owning what is ours while not dismissing what is ours. Or worse trying to own what belongs to others.

Our parents set us up hopefully for success. To make our own decisions in as an adult. While not trying to control their/our decisions. I use to think having my Dad as my payee set him up to be in charge of me. Though today I believe it is closer to freedom.

Today I’d like to talk about setting boundaries and how boundaries help us improve as people.

  1. Alone Time Take alone time from business – we can get so caught up in everyday life that we eventually feel like we are stuck in a rut. When we feel like there is no way out. Before this happens find peace and quiet by yourself. Reflect on yourself and your life away from business.
  2. Away From Negativity – If you have to be around them limit that time. Limit media consumption if it is too negative.
  3. Be Honest & Upfront In A Relationship – Others need to know how feel in a relationship. Maybe they’re getting to close and personal. It’s ok to tell them to back off a little bit.
  4. Taking Responsibility For Self – at the end of the day the only one you have to deal with is yourself. If your not ok than no one around you will be ok.
  5. Allow others to accept their responsibility for themselves & I do not try to accept their responsibility. – You can’t control other people or the way they behave.
  6. Prioritize Your Needs – We don’t always get what we want but we do get what we need.
  7. Get your happiness from gratitude not status – BE grateful for everything you have you don’t know when it’ll be gone.
  8. Be Honest with yourself about what you need & be realisitc – Be realsitic about the things you really need; food, water, and shelter. Don’t think the world owes you something.
  9. Don’t let resentment build up – It’s better just to let it go as soon as you feel it start.
  10. It is not my responsibility to take responsibility for others.

My Kid Is Awsome

My Kid Is Awsome

Brandon is sleeping on the couch right now and I’m lucky to be over here with him at my parents house. No matter what anyone says I will always love my son. I needed a posts dedicated to him and ways to be a better parents.

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be at my parents house though I am grateful for the time I have with my kiddo. Got up at 6 AM and now it’s 9:30 AM and he’s still asleep. About to make another pitcher of coffee. 

The Four Steps To Parenting

I haven’t always been the best parent since I had post partum depression a few months after he was born. That sent me to the hospital. He also had to stay at the hospital for two weeks after he was born which was hard on the family. 

When I first started raising Brandon now my Mom is doing the dirty work on the days I am away at the Group Home. Though they say it takes a village to raise a child. I had to go to a center to take parenting classes these are the four steps they teach throughout that class.

Giving Choices

Allowing in decision making and to grow a sense of independence. Opportunity to choose how the child will complete a task. The volume of our voice is important when talking to each other. Offering only choices that are OK with you give limited choices. Help to learn how to manage themselves as the child. 

Making Consequences

Good or Bad based on choices especially right now since Brandon decides to cuss. This is about your child’s behavior that is why you are setting consequences in the first place. I am only able to come over when Brandon is acting good so it is a good consequence. For the bad language he gets hot sauce in his mouth.


Using Consistency

Mean what you say and say what you mean. My mom says to pick your battles wisely. Not everything is as big of a deal as you make it. Having cooperation makes things run a lot smoother. Have observatory check in times for example when my Dad picks me up. I ask Brandon a series of questions. 




Taking Care

 Make sure your child knows you are acting out of love. My parents help me with the financial side of taking care of Brandon. They provide him with clothes, food, and education in a few weeks He’s going back to ECC for Pre-K.

I Need To Start Doing These Things To Help Brandon

Engaging him in conversations and calling him. Every time I call him he seems to want me over which is awesome. Get your child to give more of themselves. Set goals and delay gratification. I lead my son through example and it is a step by step and day by day process. That I need to keep myself in check because of. No one is perfect and all we can do is try.