A Princess without a lense is still A Princess

When I was younger; I would say I complained a lot. Way more to my parents than I would have from my son Brandon. The one reason they adopted him is because they are patient. I had Brandon at 25; due to being dumb and things I really don’t know how to say.

My roommate has still been crazy about LifeTime TV and I no longer watch my crime shows or the news. Both in which I miss a great deal. I still feel Kyles spirit with me and I am sad to say that guy I met and hung out with at the center for a short time is gone.

Thank You For Commenting & Taking Time To Read My Blog…

Thank you for saying I have a helping nature – this month has been hard since I lost my lense on the 3rd and am ordering new glasses on Friday. Friday is when we get paid around here. We are all living off government checks which consist of Social Security Benefits. Enough for my rent, 10 cigs a day, the center, and $50 – $70 a month, plus the $50 a month for my UTA debt.

A few things you lovely commentors have said in turn to my post is:

  1. I give important secrets and hope I can help out those who read closely.
  2. I provide helpful guidelines.
  3. I provide a first class job.
  4. I am considerate with my solutions to situations.
  5. I do a good job instructing others.
  6. I choose good topics to write about and am glad I can contribute. 
  7. I am being seen as thoughtful and considerate.
  8. I am seen as a brilliant and beneficial person.
  9. I am providing something entertaining – perhaps some more videos would be of some good use. 
  10. I am of generosity of assistance.

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Finding & Recieving Good Help For Life

Found out this morning that I can get my Social Security Card on the 5th of March. Which is exciting because I need to find a job; my father doesn’t think the center is the best thing in my interest. There’s a number I can find at the MHMR Homeless clinic that I need to contact in order to find a job. 

Kinda wanted to go to church tonight though I’ll stay here tonight. I had some more packages come in and I’ve recieved everything on my ebay list except for 6 things. I am glad that I have people to help and I need to use their resources more wisely to benefit me. As well you can find people to help you. There is a new person at the Group Home. 

Look Classy – Modern Day Ettiquet 

Be simply well prepared – I have been carrying my small pink duffle bag with me everywhere. I am learning to live with what I need and apparently this month I needed shoes and jewelry. All of which I bought on Ebay and bought under $60. We need to recognize flaws and qualities to work first. 

  1. Always Be On Time – 5 mins before or after or exactly on time helps a great deal. To help you be relaxed and at peace. 
  2. Do what you say you will/would do – stay true to your promises. Can’t commit to them then don’t say that you will. Avoid cat fights, disappointments, and making others upset. 
  3. Finish What You Start – Dishes and Laundry & only do one thing at a time.
  4. Work On Your Posture – Don’t slouch and keep shoulders straight and head up. 
  5. Be well Groomed – Make sure your hair looks nice.
  6. Make-Up – Use natural products.
  7. Dress Modestly – Doesn’t have to be expensive but needs to fit and not have wrinkles in them.
  8. Say please and thank you – Good manners will make you look classy and gracious. 
  9. Stay Positive – Look on the Bright Side & Avoid Complaining. Read and be a conscientious citizen.  



I wasn’t talking & I thought I noticed you. Who are you talking to?

Inside a human mind information is sacred; a loose mouth is worse than a loose sqrew. As a young lady most of us found out that is what we were to do. Is that appropriate? I do not want to lay in bed and do nothing. As my leisure and waste of time… Maybe go take a walk; though dad said not too walk long distance anymore.

My ruby and diamond ring came in; from my closest lover and lifelong friend. Waiting for my laundry to be done. Eating candy and crackers; knowing not what really goes beneath my veins or my skin crawling in the coldness. The things that lurk in the dark and I have been hoping for years these are gentle whispers that I am talking to.

“We weren’t talking to you people in the first place…” In a military home it is sometimes dangerous to talk to others that you don’t know. The same is true in every home you will go to especially if you came from a good family. Though as young teens we used to think we could talk to anyone without anything really bad happening. That is no longer the truth and no longer what I believe. I am hoping that however you believe in yourself; no matter how far the measures or season or amount of money has been displaced.

While Johnna just wanted to sit on her fathers front porch and amuse herself with music and other things she likes without sharing much until the birth of her first boy Brandon.

Though that is not what I can do and never will be able to again. Just sit in peace and silence and watch as this all happens. Listening to Twizted and my sister gets married Saturday; an event to miss & it isn’t my place to talk. That’s a personal opinion and I have a right to my own most of the time. I am depending on people I love the best I can and more than I have during most of my past.

I have invested in three pairs of sparkly pink and teal booty shorts and a silver shined crop with sleeves. To become another dancer on the streets; I am 31 and not decrepit and I still am hoping I have miles to go down the years of my life. It is not about them; it is about us… Here’s to the money we “” at the club PLUR and we ARE worth it. A 60 count of tattoos and two tounge rings that suction cup to your tongue off Ebay for reasonable prices. Say; for way cheaper than your mouth. 


Saturday Stable is Sitting

It’s what drives you further into being an Adult. It needed to happen after some time now. I have been able to go through what I went through; while it changes your thought patterns to Entertaining yourself should only cost you your own wallet; unless you think other-wards.

I did pay my $50; that is due to UTA monthly. I also ordered the IPSY Kit for $10 which is samples of makeup; straight to my door. Wondering if I want to re-dye my hair a fun color.


They may have called us Fashion Models; though all I’m even willing to admit I fit in with is wherever they have put me. To speak out; to this Half-Way home would be to leave. I can’t move home; that’s all I can do, move forward.

My Dad stated “They were going to get rid of my old stuff soon!” Another Environmental lifestyle; mostly enjoyed by my Man. Is One duffle bag; and that’s all they had to keep up with?! While mine was hardly things I could hold for long . A talk on lifestyles would be nice; as they wrap us up into what Hospitals and Hospice we belong in.


Don’t Pout To The Pen

Sitting in that cell he was able to talk to me the entire time.  Even to today; he is still talking to me it’s as though we fell for some sin and made something beautiful and then parted ways. Though maybe I am just crazy for imagining something amazing came from Dragons.

The same; Kuzz Baby from the pages of what came my written study notes. Came in Return the Dr. Notes which Dr. doesn’t just listen to anybody and at least that was what I was hoping in order to keep what I got. The Doctors have always tried to do the best they could for me and provide the best care my family and I could afford. The MHMR CLINIC in which i am needing to get transfered to a nicer clinic has been my monthly stop with my nanny for the last over a year and a half! 

My life is about my God, My Son, My Parents, Me, My Education; and now I think it’s better to keep at a decent slowing down pace and start enjoying things more for I can escape depression and Mental Disorders aren’t all there is too blame. Though who wants to be a person of blame in the first place?

I don’t know what this new year is going to bring. Though I have good intentions but no plans. I have a lot left to payback to UTA; until I can even think about going back to school. You sure do talk BIG GAME! You do realize what your doing is further than what we’d like to admit to illegal so why are you walking off with an excuse (cop!?) of what is going to cost me $3,000. I am starting to see a cycle… Though I can’t see if this Group Home Environment is a good thing as far as a benefit or a waste of money.

My MAN is in a Group Home now; though the next day he was able to tell me he escaped. In which I have never seen him except for a blessing we made to begin with. For he is what Practical Magic!. Though seems I’ll never get to go home. Though several days after that; I walked all the way there. Which took me about 5 hours. I tend to exaggerate which I don’t think is lying. How dare that Cop Ask if I’m Bored.. While I just dissed this roommate for stalking my cigarettes. While I bought cigarette devices and still bought cigarettes. We are all different walks of life.

Bought a Pack of American Spirits; it was a pack of green ones with nicotine and water.

As a growing adult and more and more I mature to the rhythm of my own heart. For they have also taken poetry and sketchbooks and more of what I though I could have made some sort of money off of. Though who Am I too blame? For I am not WWE and I don’t know everything.

Nobody Like To Be A Friend Begotten or Was I Even A Choice

Honestly; Kuzz ever since we have started this relationship – I don’t know what you want. I don’t go randomly out or; has it only been the last couple days. I am a person and a PR writer; though a writter non the less. If you don’t like what people have to what then there really is no excuse but to walk away. Maybe you have put them in a bad situation. I’m Not Feeling Good?! Is that any reason to grappling hook take them away from a campus – For I will be scared of it the rest of my life. When all I really wanted to do is learn and keep a 3.0 when it went all the way down to a 2.5. In return a 20,000 debt – seems no one tells the truth anymore.

Though as they want more from their people; the more they will be tested to walk towards new world orders. No one is taking this lightly on anyone else. If you can’t handle The Real World Then obviously your oblivious to your obsessive heart and it may attack you since you seem to lose control over your own self.

It is not your selfie your not taking a photo of yourself with my boyfriend. I have taken my photos and I don’t think of people including mostly friends I have met in every situation and different backgrounds to be able to just be themselves. Nor am I the one who teaches that. – Thanks Germz


“But the same old salad made the same old lettuce can get extremely boring…extremely…” – Christy Floyd 🔜🎹☎️ http://www.muffinsandmozart.com 🎙😎👩‍💻 My Moms Great 🖤

Seems More Like Christmas & Less Like Outercourse

I thought I called you Doc for a reason; but no it just slipped out of my mouth. See as to what my younger sisters been doing is, what’s better? Are we competing? Are you watching Black Ink Crew?

With pen in hand and pen pointed every little Christmas light we saw…?

I never seen some of the worst personal problems than I have on these torn jeans of this nurse. Mill-woods not my home; every-time they look at me as I fight to complete a goal; they don’t have to look sick to me.

Most of the time in this group home and even around my parents home!
I was trying to be silent and still and be with my child. Now I have last year been to prison three times for touching stuff; and on the streets getting messed with; and wanted go to one of the most expensive schools. I definitely didn’t hit up Tech; to that I’m proud of.

What those are our weaknesses; there’s nothing that wrong to admit what we needed too. If they got offended then; well mostly I’ve gotten help from my scientific minded boyfriend and soon husband. If it was our younger days; and me and you sitting around in our nice outfits; with a sketchbook.

Moral : I didn’t listen to in college especially other peoples problems and that’s why their upset. I’ve read these books plenty of times and they’ve entered what we thought!!! They we’re where for what we bought! I’m needy to whose pockets – tell me What’s Pockets?!

I said wash it not necessarily watch it!

Wow no one wanted to come to your Christmas Party… She looked at the churches at the three brown hair versus blonde hair girls party. As the two of them other ones we get mad at competing. For they needed to make the decorations, the play writing, and even the hanging up the lights.

One complained about being the Girly figure all her friends depended on. While they both evaporating each others Amigos. Esp. Ask my Amigos if they like totally down for selling Iquitos and that make us shun tons.

Even Lindsey well both of them; asked me the problem a pen point. Mrs. Jefferson I don’t get a direct an answer and I just well I just thoughts what they need to sit around and apologize. A Christmas present I handed you that was plaited out pens and pencils.

Especially when the tree decorating; on other days isn’t it your white dress straight out of jail. Which is unfortunately where these two girl friends are going to have to go. Ask AK If We Still went to her party.


@UTA there are two parties to go too…
What one of my old schools would I like to visit? UTA
Which teacher has power more power than the other is the question we need to pen point…!

Black Friday & Budgetting

My Dad got me a pink cabelas small duffle bag last weekend when we went to Cabelas. So that was my gift for Black Friday. They are still in Mississippi and I’m sicker than a dog. With a deep congested cough and runny nose. I need to get a hold of my Medicare and find a DR. Lucky to have insurance at the moment. 

This month I have hit my low bank account balance of -$31 by trying to use Acorns. I am however being resourceful and creative with the things I have bought or have been handed in the last two years. Oe of the hardest things for me ever to do is to be financially independent. Without depending too much on another person.

Budgetting In Survival Mode

Money is concrete and turning finances around is pretty simple. Caused problems; the more self-discipline is needed to make better habits and decisions. Know anserws to two questions… What Happened? & Why a I in this financial mess? The main objective is too live on less than you make for a long period of time. 

Starting in January I am going to open a savings account: I have had one before using the company ING Direct. Though I had drained the account when I got kicked out of my parents house. Extra money goes towards building the small emergency fund. My goal is too have $500 saved up. 

Knowing exactly what my income is and where it comes from. Not just income from work but also accounts for it all. To make sure every cent earned works to its advantage. The better hold on finances and nothing will come as a surprise.

Knowing all expenses when they are due and having less nasty surprises. Be organized & know what is due when. 

Live Below Your Means: don’t live on credit and don’t purchase anything above means. An appearance of wealth and knowing you don’t deserve it. I am lucky for the amount of time I have been able to live off of SSI and my health care. 

Pay off your most expensive debts first; know how much debt are casting you and what pays the expensive things first and evaluate debts which works out the most costly and eliminates first. Head towards Financial Freedom.

Invest in yourself


Making Money Blogging 

Providing value and building trust by providing value to readers by providing quality and honest information. In the coming year I plan on really building upon this website and starting to make an income from it. I have read endless pieces over the topic. In which I keep notes about it in journals and notebooks. This has been a goal for the last 3 years.

Having The Passion; I have to find passion within myself to finding what makes me happy… In blogging and in life and in family. 


In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

Life isn’t always fun and games in which it is very seldomly. Of which you can’t take much of recourse especially in your own financial troubles. I am known for what I have said, helped, and typed since I was 12. Hoping forever my words of my own will stay.

Which they need to give credit where credit is due and no longer does it come from the childish facebook. In fact I am not someone who is going to put up with it or be able too any longer. I know how to stand on “IT” and not be “IT” – Whatever… SweetTea you are that problem. Especially on the streets. Insert name calling here…

This morning I called #UTA in order to stop the $50 payment in which it has taken out and needs to take out for almost all following years till 2023. In which my #jetpack part of the system has been messed with. That or still there are so many lies that feels like even John Mayer would probably hurt me. I am not a Doctor & most of us #NeverEver wanted to be followed by some of this tragic stuff in the first place especially by Mrs./Ms. Jackson.

It’s an easy trap in which to fall into & I have put my hand on the Bible and refused to let or allow myself to even be around this temptation. It is first a hate crime and I am really not trying to be racist though how I fought in the first place was or wasn’t fair. I am not innocent but I will do anything to keep MY OWN #record clean.

I am in charge of farthering my education to a complete degree. I already owe close to $17,000. While all you are actually asking is whether or not I have my last petty little cigarette and wether or not you can have it.

This world has never been free & I don’t know if anyone has any means to which these people would believe it would be. In order to sit in here all day at “Golden Choice Adult Day Care” people are saying we have to pay. I don’t know what exactly since everyone in my group except for Brandy is under 40 years old and we are already supposed to be taking care of our own. 

I wish I could be as beautiful as that woman you only held me at one night stands. I got pregnant and I’m hoping not too lose my son. No when I started this blog I never promised it would be “BubbleGum & Pop”. I have for the most part matured through writing and till this day it’ll come down to my AP scores on Lit test from long ago. 

For the most part I have been in almost every clinical lock down hospital in the tri-county area. It’s almost Thanksgiving and what did I get my happy ass into again. Another debt and trial by error in which probably only once have I truely broken down to a “Brother” J2J and Cried “Wolf”! Even -$80 in debt is a big deal for me and getting my name on the FAFSA list is a big deal for me to finish this degree and then get a career. 

When are they going to fullfill their what well for me they only felt like wishes. This world is not fair & mostly I’m ready God to simply Go home. God that isn’t simply. 

I am only 31 and also a woman I know and by now after several times of going through the same thing. I know without a shadow of a doubt it is something not to intervine or intertwine with in and to; until people want us too. I forever to this day run into constant pocket changed problems. Maybe it’s time for us just too get past it. I really thought I liked you…




Art I Call Don’t Costly

HEY Your Mouth Pissed Me Off : Just to walk up to it…
Sister Christian Called = YOU!!!
Might have been a cigarette at the wrong time.

Walking By the What?! Spirit – Man I hope their American Spirits…
I never meant to be that person with that problem! I am not GAME Me No Game Boy In Hand – Don’t Reach For Trove.

To Congretation Around you to Vehichular Homicide…
Why It happened to me and I lived ” Thank God “
It was hard enough to leave the damn place?!

Filled out my MY my OWN own FAFSA <3
Information – s – What? Water? 
Innovative to the PIG<S$> Laundry …

They don’t let you keep your own records at this Facility! Are you going to argue! A Risk Are These People… My issue isn’t your issue…

Woke up and I’m Still In Love

This isn’t a joke there is a million times a million people in the world. Each of us needing and wanting. I graduated #5 in my class and I am under suspicious behavior for what they even stated conspiracies. No Doc Doc Docter lets get down to business.

How I spent my money is and most importantly is only according to what I want. Don’t forget my son and some roommates and friends I would like to treat. Though there is no money left is the real truth.

You have no right to pin point your PISS on me or take that out on me. For my insurance card, my rights, or even my old box of pens. In which was entrusted to me last Christmas. We know any step in the wrong direction will send us to jail. Where I didn’t get money on the books and every penny taken from me. 

They are lazy and don’t need anything and I’m not trying to complain especially towards schools. I feel regretful though I am still trying to pace myself and hoping to be able to go back to finish the 8 classes I have left. Although it might be safer to change schools all together. While debt races and relays my mind.

They all know it and I know it and I don’t need or have to listen to that but unfortunatley if that’s what God wants. Then so be it.

Last night I got hungry and I was hoping this blog would have fed me a little more. Though even today my dad had to get on to me for asking for underwear. Yeah! I am getting stuff misplaced but I could turn around and it all be gone in a matter of secounds.

We went to college, we did our work, and maybe I am around the wrong settings, and wrong center in the first place. As role models before me I am hoping they know and understand where I am coming from. Mostly work isn’t even safe anymore.  

Which I have given the Lord my talent which he has given me. In order to create and help a world less fortunate than myself. For the most part if you have gotten 19 years of work and larger paychecks and playing Big Banks with this paper work. As I have seen and also respected especially the privacy of these co-workers. Yea Haw what B* Texas got Work Enforcement Laws.

No you know your gross this will only be the second time I have had to blackmail on this. Then yeah lets go to Albatraze and really settle it the way it’s supposed to be settled. I am not afraid to fight for my RIGHTS. KYLE I’ll always love you & if thats what – gossiping is… I was never big or in on it.

Now is the time to grow up. To be a Woman & if I die for my lifes works and what my heart wanted. Then so be it.