Week-en-ing Without You

You don’t know how much of headache; some people can cause. While; most of the time you can’t blame others for what you have done towards their actions or is the opposite true for you? It’s best we do our work – though what do you notice is your work when you really don’t have a job – when do you know your crossing the line. 

First; I’d like to proclaim that we are deffinitly weak without God. Secoundly; we are weak without support. Third; we are weak without a true means of doing things. So don’t take what you have for granted in no sort or manner. I will always appreciate you! Don’t loose hope & build don’t talk… 



In the mornings before we leave on the bus for “The Center” we have been watching Charmed and Supernatural. While I have also wanted to sit down and learn about Chakaras and those Gems and Stones that do different things. I have also wanted to get into aromatherapy. Though this all seems to be the money I’m wasting. Though; who tells us this is money wasted or not – which is not just some generously renewable resource like the dirt in which we walk on. Oh! how I wish that were the case. 

With a roommates that share; better than we did when I first moved in here. A family that is being distant. A long miss in my heart for a loved one. A daily problematic place in my soul for when I will finally be going places and I have to stop complaining which comes so easily for so many of us.

Question-Ink Me

I don’t need to be questioning all the time. Though; no one needs or likes to be lied too. I am left to deal with what I can and that’s all that I can. My train of thought shouldn’t be your word of mouth. I need to know that these three roommates do not define me and we are trying to make something better than ourselves happen from a God we need to be earnestly grateful for.

What isn’t my problem is why my father won’t do much for me anymore…?
Or is it; is that why we’re watching Lifetime all the time. That everyday affects things that are in our every moments.

Is this ART more of a passion; in which we all know we can find ourselves some momentary happiness. I don’t think we all needed to join the GLEE CLUB!

Royally Flushed – Away

Our Toilet – is messed up; since I have been in the group home it has happened three times. We all need to do our part to make this situation work!

All Night While Researching For More

Listening to the Radio; sitting here praying that God will make a way and move a miracle towards me finishing college. I thought I was going to be able to go to a new church since today is Sunday. Though lack of a recieved phone call yesterday and a lack of transportation and knowledge of the church I am without luck.
I stayed up all night last night scribbling in my notebook the articles I have found. I which I have found some great new articles facing the issues I am facing today. Including; communication for parents and cultural values. and 10 Habits of Highly Effective MaMa’s.
Though plagiarism is something I am really, really, really against. I have found some things to keep in mind for the coming year as we come to a close to January. Not everyone can be the perfect student and I am living proof. I am also not all that great at running a good balance in my FrostBank account all the time. Fortunately; these things are only a phone call away…

WITH A BIT OF LUCK; I was able to get about $80 in my account. Meanwhile; I am repaying UTA debt and getting ready to start paying my Great Lakes debt in the following years. While fighting to graduate after finishing the last 8 classes. Comparing the prices at UTA Vs. TX Wes. I am a PR & ADVT intended major and have tried hard to get my BA most of my life.

Today I Would Like To Talk About Culture

Every organization has a culture and a background. As you can tell from the pages I have provided I am proud of the work I have accomplished. While at the center not trying to rub work and other things in peoples faces.
  • Conversation
  • Meetings
  • Surveys
  • Vision Casting
  • Strategic Planning
Are included into what makes a culture of individuals co-inherent the same playing field. We work together, eat together, live together, and share together. In which from some Science class, I have failed and will have to take another one, We all share the same ecosystem.

Culture doesn’t happen by design it happens by default. I am glad for the classes I have done well in. At one time I had a 3.0 GPA which is down to a 2.3 GPA. I know with the power of God and having enough faith I will be able to accomplish what I set my mind out to do. Maybe; not everyone in a room or a house gets along but we were placed here to have a place to live, food to eat, and a bed to sleep on. Some may complain more than others; and some may be totally down for whatever.
  • Values
  • Priorities
  • Habits
  • Experiences
  • Atmosphere
  • Uniqueness
Are all things in which we have our own individual rights to. While also sharing and collaborating with others of a similar mindset. The other way I could look at school is that I will never fully accomplish this goal without having a good support system. Especially that from my family. I need my son, my first and only son, though through poor parenting patterns and decisions I am unable to. There are plenty of reasons I want to be a better mom and I am grateful my parents were their to take care of little Brandon. As a single mom who did not like the choice I had made and had to make the best of it.

Parenting Rules over Emotional Rules

As humans we are far from perfect; we develop our own clear vision for what we are trying to accomplish in our lives and what we do, I have learned, effects so many more than just ourselves. Although I no longer live with my family and am in a group home. I still long for Family Time Investments and To be a major part of my sons life. I also find that living here and going to the center on the week days. I have more of a reasonable amount of kids that look up to me.

Our family affects how we spend our money. That also in return labels who is actually in your family. Though we can not be bought out by money; we are a rate of interest of time, money, and attention. We have the right to voice an opinion in any given situation that is within reason and especially if that reason is too keep yourself safe.
  • Playing Games
  • Allowance
  • Having A Phone
  • Doing Chores
  • Education
  • Conversations
All pertain to things that withhold this powerful family structure. I have tried hard to follow from the leaders who have gone before me. My parents, teachers, as well as some of the people from the church, and bosses I have had along the way. In our own; we set the temperature of our family and environmental lifestyle.

I Left March of 2017 and Here I Am Today

If it wasn’t for SSI I would be on the streets. I have still not gotten the hang of making any money from this blog; in which I learn to do. Their are important conversations to have in order to anticipate family needs and the way in which we are prepared. Remember; People really look up to your family & if they don’t try improving your family atmosphere on a daily basis.

At the age of 31 I want to get into a good relationship. My sister is getting married next Saturday and plenty of friends on Facebook have their wedding photos shown all over their page. Though; I wouldn’t want to spend a lot on a wedding. I am wishful for a person that will show me true love. Instead of running them off and ending up with nothing in return from the person I wanted that love to reciprocate from.

I can never lock myself up again; that wasn’t the way to deal with it. I may not be doing what I want right now and diving deeper into poverty because of things like college debt. I still can hope that one day my True Parents help me and I can regain respect for myself and others. Thank you for every one of these comments – For I know life can get extremely hard. Don’t lose hope and always keep something to keep yourself occupied. I am allowed to help people & things; especially with a career and goals in PR & ADVT!

“Just Don’t Give Up!!!” – My Dad

What I Need Isn’t Yours

Away From Grasp

For now I am a 31; soon to be a 32 year old woman. I am not joking when I love to be the center of attention but not at any e’stake that this life may provide. For the last couple of weeks my mouth has been a mess of linguistically messed up anger. An artistic couple; my man and I look up too has gone through a transformation time of their life and things that were once there are no longer.

The Most I Have; to look upon on old friends is their social accounts though things are not always as they seem and to find out that people are hurting more than what is known makes me want to help them more than is even in my abilities. Another way that I get mad; I don’t think we know all the answers and we know what those before have taught.

It’s no longer the schooling that it was once before either. The Highlight of Kyle’s life of becoming the announcer of sports on a field that even I’m nervous of… To trash a Cheerleader and dance off that line of palms.

If I don’t get away from your grasp of wanting to have and be of my own. To be closer to him; after the years we have spent apart after Brandon was formed. From roommates, to strippers, to life on the streets, our families don’t always understand us but we all need to get to what is underneath. Us little women are bound for the streets; if we don’t listen to the things we are supposed to be doing and stop the arguing with the power of the people in charge. In which we have tried to find our escape though instead we found the best men in the world for us to be with.

There is no going back to living at my parents house; though this needs to stop you can’t ask for everything I/We have and expect the firecrackers found by the dollar store to not go off as you ask for hair spray in my hair to transpire to yours.

There are people that have worked since the age of 8 and I am one of them. I do not look around and see other peoples stuff as my own. I see God and I see that everything belongs to him; every stroke of my left and right arm to my left and right foot. For I didn’t join the Forces but bit on several bites of a G2 Force Pen – That comfort is gone.

It’s no longer sweetheart do you have anywhere to go. I realize by now; after watching most and all of my Christmas money washed down the drain from smoking devices just like the cigarettes our room seems to operate on. This isn’t even a normal amount this girl ask for. American Spirits – Next Time – I’ll Give You Nothing!

Don’t argue with me but accept the facts.

I Am Not Your Head Of House – I Am Know AAK 47

In everything; there is a competition though in everything you have a choice. I am self-employed at the moment and at the reasoning of momentum of speed the best thing I can do in advice is give you the silence of the lambs. It is not mine alone to attend the meetings of the match sticks.

I learned from videos though I think it would be a little different to voice that I learned from you. For their is more weight placed upon your shoulders if I follow you into the dark deep lagoon of the JUUL device no BOSS would allow me to smoke while working. Well of course not; as soon as you slip up their goes gravity.

Every choice cost and every article cost. We have to be careful and watch closely in everything we do especially as a PR worker. I am hoping I do not have to take Case Studies over again. I feel that I am only out for my best interest as though I could not finish the class at the mind set in which I was in. I do not want a lot of people getting in trouble for what I do though for what we do as a specific group and that isn’t always how it works.

2019: Comfortably Numb

I remember when I was in my Junior year of High School I played soccer…
I was Goal-E & to what my mother knew I became so temperish… Though at that age I guess I was able to get away with it. A lesson was made that I most definitely learned from.

I am no where as to fit or ready to fight; fighting for what we each individually need. A lot of it was walking around seeing what people needed. While trying to fill a void in that area.

They aren’t bragging like my mind once went crazy over. To me it was something I didn’t want to face or even look at. When a guy I loved walked away to another Female on His list. I also didn’t realize; that everything you do actually does affect everyone else.

If we are able to help ourselves; we are able to help others.
Though some people have gone above and beyond at the extent of themselves. Some the less questioning the better.

There is no chance that if you hear such noises like I do; we’d agree more on common sense of knowledge. As a long time patient at several Mental Hospitals. I am not ready to say “We didn’t get the help we needed!”

We are the ones who choose what we want in life. Or for that we are mere victims in a world full of non-wanted wishes through the Sink. I am hoping one day; I’ll make it out of this Group Home.

It was freezing today at “The Center” with not too many people there. I feel like I should get rid of some things. I am not needing or wanting to spend that much anymore. Or sugar coat my parents; which has been a battle for a lot of people, I believe in myself I will find contentment of which even money can’t buy.

There are people that we can ask for; in order to get the help we all need.
Though you and I both know; that sometimes those phone calls just don’t get through.

This Year I’ll Be 32 – I want more Respect & That only comes from Me

For what I have put my friends and people through I am not exactly sorry though I am remorseful about the chance that each time someone dropped a talk for a talk there where a million more to go. A land full of exploring and one more science class to go. I am not the smartest student nor did I call my class stupid.

Though I will no longer take this torture; it isn’t my fault. Though when necessary I will stand up to what I need to and be a more protective person. Over myself and my son; and see my parents and unfortunately my son when I can – when I get that sweet chance. Even though Christmas I just went straight back to the group home.

Merry Christ-Mas

I owe an explanation as to what happened between my son and I. Now left with $38 due to my own desires and wishlist. While most of my people are walking around with a Witness list and Undiscovered Artifacts.

JUUL from Ebay $30

I’m needing to give what Tickets?!
Am I even your prideful of your business…
As you kick me out of Town to Town

Battle of who can be meaner. Those pictures of those “Skanks” – That I’m just not ready for. Meanwhile; I am needing more schooling. 8 more classes to be exact. To tell you what I can and can’t afford anymore is not a nice question to either one of us.

$14 Smart Watch from Ebay : Out Of Stock

I didn’t try to argue when I went home to be with “Son”! Which is not just; I know what your thinking… My Son, What you have done is Irreplaceable!

I don’t appologize for the dusting but I also don’t appologize for the sorted out fabuloso cleaned toilets. As I leave asking; this time Begging was unfathomable. My mom took me back to the Group Home & I am missing “Son”‘s Birthday. So Merry Christmas – I am not the HO HO HO + neither are any of my roommates.

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done in your relationship? If you say ships I wonder if “Sail” will continue to complain. As to why I haven’t stood up proudly to my Sponsors. I love each one of these comments and they are helping me. The number one thing I learned at My Dad’s house is I’m not wanted around. So Today; Merry Christmas & It’s almost new years lets bring it out as a resolute scroll, not resolute disgrace.

Christmas ghost of past and future!!!!


What Do You Have To Learn About Here?!

“Tell me your someone else & I’ll all fall apart…” – Band Unknown unless quick a friend tells me. A friend from my past or pasture would be nice but this S.B. doesn’t sound like something I need.

In the most part of my 125 entries which I need to go back through and edit to make more meaningful. I hope my blog never gets abducted like lifeasacollegemom.net did though it takes more than just a website, a host, and a lot of words. 

It takes drive, a bunch of people, and daily motivation to get your message across. More promotion on this stuff would be great. It’s an almost life long dream to get truly caught up on Emails.

My Main Mans going to; Texas Art Institute which all we have both said is you don’t need Mine! He has stated and he is already my star since the age of about 13 an interest in Production. In which I took last Spring 2017 and made a B in Behavior and need to pick it up again. That creativity hits you like a pound of bricks when it does. 

That is one of my favorite books; yes college text books aren’t cheap and no I have the ones I have wanted to give and take away for a reason. Dad please don’t let them in that room. Unfortunately if it comes down to it… I wish I did have somewhere to lay my head.

The group home has for the most part been worth it; just to get off the streets. Which I roamed starting Lake Charles at 16 – Dallas at 18 – Fort Worth at 24 & again at 29. An inventation to join Womens ministry – So going where I “Am Called”…

FAFSA & My Course Route

I am still in need of paying back the debt I owe to UTA; in which I owe almost $3,000. If my parents could help me right now that would be great. I put in for a Debt Driven Repayment Plan – Pay As You Earn. Hoping to get almost 240 months with a rate of $0. Which will give me time to get a job; hopefully a good job. Finish the rest of my classes.



Woke up and I’m Still In Love

This isn’t a joke there is a million times a million people in the world. Each of us needing and wanting. I graduated #5 in my class and I am under suspicious behavior for what they even stated conspiracies. No Doc Doc Docter lets get down to business.

How I spent my money is and most importantly is only according to what I want. Don’t forget my son and some roommates and friends I would like to treat. Though there is no money left is the real truth.

You have no right to pin point your PISS on me or take that out on me. For my insurance card, my rights, or even my old box of pens. In which was entrusted to me last Christmas. We know any step in the wrong direction will send us to jail. Where I didn’t get money on the books and every penny taken from me. 

They are lazy and don’t need anything and I’m not trying to complain especially towards schools. I feel regretful though I am still trying to pace myself and hoping to be able to go back to finish the 8 classes I have left. Although it might be safer to change schools all together. While debt races and relays my mind.

They all know it and I know it and I don’t need or have to listen to that but unfortunatley if that’s what God wants. Then so be it.

Last night I got hungry and I was hoping this blog would have fed me a little more. Though even today my dad had to get on to me for asking for underwear. Yeah! I am getting stuff misplaced but I could turn around and it all be gone in a matter of secounds.

We went to college, we did our work, and maybe I am around the wrong settings, and wrong center in the first place. As role models before me I am hoping they know and understand where I am coming from. Mostly work isn’t even safe anymore.  

Which I have given the Lord my talent which he has given me. In order to create and help a world less fortunate than myself. For the most part if you have gotten 19 years of work and larger paychecks and playing Big Banks with this paper work. As I have seen and also respected especially the privacy of these co-workers. Yea Haw what B* Texas got Work Enforcement Laws.

No you know your gross this will only be the second time I have had to blackmail on this. Then yeah lets go to Albatraze and really settle it the way it’s supposed to be settled. I am not afraid to fight for my RIGHTS. KYLE I’ll always love you & if thats what – gossiping is… I was never big or in on it.

Now is the time to grow up. To be a Woman & if I die for my lifes works and what my heart wanted. Then so be it.

Gutten Morgan Tu Gutten Nacht

I’ve had mental disorders all my life and here I too; sit here comparing a 16 year old selfie to a 31 year old maiden. I do not know what has been stolen; in my own mind. It could be beautiful or not as far as I pretrieve it that way. Regardless it has needed socio and economic help since I was 12. For my degree I have sat and fought for each little penny of it. While in return I will sit and fight for each little penny to pay it back.

No, your right most women do not get the same answer and question to a pageant, or recital dinner, or a gala. Which were the events in which clubs like the AAF were leading “US” into. That rival couldn’t handle it; I wish she would go ahead and admit it. Even movie tickets and seats became difficult and un-wanted times for us. Especially as me and my son entered and exited the bathroom.

That is even why they told Me in My College Classes “There is a copy editor though unfortunately you <whoever You were – were too busy talking that I couldn’t talk to my professor.> Maybe it is unfortunate too me that everything in the city takes too long to really get too. A bus pass at and in the wrong parts of the town will get you into some of the worse drama filled times of your life. $2 for cigars or a bus ticket… Some of us, I wonder how far we would get… “The Outsiders”

We took a bet and unfortunately I am noticing what they are betting on. I’m already too far into this that I can’t stop now. This has been almost a year and a half at the group home. Time spent on the streets of Downtown Ft. Worth and no I am not forgetting. Running from Rape, Running from my own personal anger, and Running from the power of the evil disguise of men.

Bands like TKO & Le Tigre will forever be a favorite band of mine. Simply for the thought that Independent music for the most part just walks off from even their own stuff and unfortunately their own rape and are ok. It hurts and stings for a bit though we get over it. I have stayed pure and my body feels clean and I have been for the most part clean for a year now.

Be fortunate because we are not all safe all the time. We don’t need to be drawn to those evil thoughts in the first place. While I can’t even find your blog sweetheart & what that woman came up too me saying was quit illegal and not quiet like our Nurses <Really or Reality> Want/s. 

The center in which we have to go to each day is not the place to do that. I don’t care if your in front of it or behind it. Even in front of or behind a door. Around 7AM I was asked “Do “you” want my <prost.> to beat you up?!” Which is leading me and for the most part always has to fighting and learning more about the criminal system. A world known problem and a simple solution it’s illegal and no I’m hoping it doesn’t get a chance to. 

I wish there was a way of taking each document I <I> have written since I was 12 and turning them into some form of scholarship. I wish you’d wake up; this work isn’t yours. Meanwhile; that isn’t even your name.

I have had the same ghost enter and exit my mouth and dreams and interupting my father daughter and mother son time long enough. The idea of love is fun and fun to keep in mind. Though I know how big of a mind game it is <Kuzz Baby> that’s no Joke. I don’t know your path and neither do you know mine. Which is the MINE & MINER in the first place. You can’t play me like a fool. Dear Aunt Susan? If it continues to say it is my Boyfriend and etc. Does It – Maybe it’s time to have a real sit down. I thought even I got time with Family. 

I don’t need to hostile knowing for the most part it only ends in hospice. I am not touching other peoples stuff in the first place. While I am most defenitly not as to why do those cops press closer and closer as they try to get what kind of closure.

I came up with a Tag Line <Dr. Owens – Whose Down In Whose Ville> “You Aren’t Staying Here Forever.” – For – Forever 21. They won’t get to look that way & I’m hoping nurses have that anserw do they get Bipolar disorder surroundings have taught me things I needed and I needed that class <ENVR> Meanwhile students well… People well… I can’t blame them.

Agg Town does know that “No matter what SHE isn’t in Charge!” Which is the reason I ran and I don’t plan on it anymore. I don’t want to run and I don’t find these three really that close of friends. Mostly women from the “Streets” are my friends Because of PR Position I have created for myself. If your reading this and have thought this is your work or it belongs too you it is highly copywritten and every note in it is personal and I will prevail.

Energy that surrounds me! I got one of my favorite meals well two of my favorite meals. Lunch – Chicken Fried Steak & Dinner – Spaghetti. Trust me no one is fulling or fooling anyone. For most of us it is time to grow up. To sit at that table the right way. If it argues well…

Found My Faith In A New Home

No it’s inappropriate to go into a house and do that to anyone. It’s also illegal and highly frowned on to the point of… We’ve agreed I can’t go back home. In fact, I don’t even feel right going back home. This #man says he loves me & He’s my husband… I am not going to argue and say anything against it. This Capture the Flag does go a bit far but I … <No Comment>.

I have only $20 to live off of for the rest of the month. If this romantic stuff is supposed to come true I would be making what we had for dinner multiple times a night and set it by fire light to ease your heart breaking because of me. You have said things like I have drained your heart, dotted your needles, and other sweet things that hit me the right way. 

I didn’t want the same things you didn’t want.

My friend(s) have been adding change into the ash tray I have hand designed myself. Today I bought myself a Bai which has become my favorite drink. 

I bumped into a woman who recognized me as The Woman At The Well I’ll keep her name #anonymous brother <Where Aren’t Thou> remember the graduating class from DeRidder to Kennedale & back especially the back woods of the Tale of a Huntsman <So their you go UTA + Dr. Ingram & Dr. Ink> ? Can We Hear A Rap Battle Between You Two?

I remember sitting in the JAIL esp. TARRANT cell on the bottom or secound floor where I wrote with a stubby pencil and paper I really didn’t and couldn’t afford in jail in the first place. I’ll never return to Shop or Shop esp. Lifting again. Thanks I don’t NEED & I loved that JOB @ TARGET & WALMART!

Prayer to my God – The right anserw and only the right anserw. I’m not praying other peoples prayers for them isn’t that what you told me #Anonymously. That was supposed to be freedom of speech which never to be taken away. I mean each and every lego?! Brandon thats like looking at your momma & her layouts and looking at every color…

We All “Sail” On ….

Looking Too Closely

Please do not get attached is what my heart always said. I never needed a man to make me happy. Meanwhile, a lot of women depend on them and that is the anserw. If you are not willing to give than don’t expect them to recieve and when they don’t give don’t throw a fit. Putting your pouty little face and fucked up lips to every and any object or person I’ve ever came or come into contact with. Especially BIG Bosses “That’s Disgusting & Not Your Place” Is what a good friend would say.

I am not that attitude problem that B* is trying to make money of anything and everything you are doing. In order to do what with it?! Do what with me?! Is it just me or this problem a universal problem no I’m no Walt Disney Princess and you a damn problem. Chit Chattin in my mouth and running what kinda messy shit.

Johnna you are alone and will be in this world with most of these people wanting your money till the day you die. Mostly Pigs and If their bridges that need to be burnt they need to be burnt. I burnt each page within myself this is not a suicide attempt or a death threat.

Honestly yall did the wrong thing and thought itd be easy and you wouldn’t get caught huh? We all get caught in the end even I did. See now how old am I? I still have a seat at the Table with my Mother, my Father, my Son, and to Hail With My Sisters.

These people will take anything they can get their hands on straight from the gutter. I hope that gutter has a blade on it because I’ll never steal again but they deffinitly are and needed to make this mess they are in Texas. I am locked up for what? Cop give me that stuff back and give it too someone who deserves it more.

Got mad over what “Gutter Mouth”, what a “Friendship, what a boyfriend???

These are common everyday women problems but unfortnately I have had problems with my period all year. My parents and entire family not believing in me. Leaving me too fight every day for whatever I need and want to survive in life. On the $50 while the other $50 goes to The Schools My Debt <Wouldn’t Mind> <Are-U-Meant> In which I’ll have to pay off from now till 2023.

That is not your money and I’ll tell you again. Do NOt ask or anserw this but who exactly did you get that from is going to bite you in the ass. Well its almost Christmas. I have studied and I do know how continue down the path of righteousness. Go ahead and gossip and pretty S*** Yo* M** D*** + Like I Said “Leave That Alone”


ST.Uck In Red & Tissues

I have finally gotten my anger adjusted; yes I have Bipolar Disorder. I can get really upset … almost to a ticking time bomb. After all we wanted a simple bath bomb and you know what we had the right ingredients to make it. Unfortunately that money isn’t for you and you know it. Meanwhile that body isn’t for you and you know it. Though God and I both love you and what we have been trying to stand for. 

First ask it … If it hits that Target <app> Market. In which it’s your fault for walking up to my register in the first place and whatever happens to you happens. I was trouble the moment I walked into this Dog Town. Don’t bring the cheerleader; whos name is faith into the story at all. At least not into my story. After all it’s my story and I can leave it the way I like it and I have the right to accept it or not. 

It mostly can’t have a normal conversation; while looking at dead bodies in beds that are about the size of cots that cost about $675 a month. Or I could be in the mission with fear that my Laptop and my things would be stolen again this year like they we’re last year. In which; you have to admit you did help with me walking off. From my son and my truck my father gave me. Though as much as we want to blame God. We both know it went deeper than that.

Well suck it up that’s being an adult. I wouldn’t have made it this far without Gods help. Ever since about three weeks in Millwood last year I have been in this Group Home. I am trying to get last Christmas and Starting of this wasted pricey Spring Semester out of my mind.

You don’t come back to it after it has written things like lifeasacollegemom.net or myapatheticheart.net <Mine>. Mostly; wierd things have happened to my blogs as I have grown and continued to write my blog/s on almost a daily basis.  


Now our job is too understand these <Crooks> If we really want this oil Dr. Ink is <Timely> talking about! Something in which my heart just couldn’t permit me to get into. I know my parents really don’t want to help me with this costly problem and I’m hoping they will be and understand. 

It is quite easy for any female fatality to open its doors and open its chat book and march away. The damn penguins didn’t have to follow me. They wanted attention from things they didn’t do in the first place. Where it’s already an establishment in which you get credit for what you have worked on. Not on what you have or who you are associated with at least that was always in the back of my Christian Ideology. That God was always wanting more from us than we could even understand.

I’m questioning to DeRidder #5 “Are They” That ungrateful. That cotton picking B* just knocked over and pushed me even off this bed. Now I am here questioning if that’s even legal. Something I don’t have to deal that many cards or restraunt job pieces too. While I have with my own two hands and feet. What do you mean? Fought Three Times & She’s Too Small Too Fight?! If it was something that I felt strongly about then I have every right too. 

Trust built the foundation; I am not trying to break what I have worked so hard to build. Then why God did I run away from my responsibilities in the first place?! I have had choices, consequences, and rights all in which at 30-31 have made up my own pattern to the lifestyle I am going to live. Even when others; are less than encouraging as it nears another holiday Thanksgiving. Which I’m hoping my Family is still thankful for me. As it is in a half-way home I am blessed beyond compare. Now is the time I just need to trust especially that which my Father “Kurt Floyd” has told me “Until the Day I Die”.