Today Is Christmas

One of the coolest, sickest, and Cert-An-LY not doing again things I have done is touching other peoples stuff. I’m hoping the cat doesn’t cough up that lizards gift of teaching our Biology filled minds about wanting something that doesn’t even need to belong to them. Brandon Christmas is about Jesus; which I think you’ll get more Than Jesus was even having than most people. Be way more grateful than your mother has ever been!

Though Jesus definitely wanted to give us almost every chance in the world a time to follow him to the promise land. We decide to be faithful; I have decided each relationships point and I’m lucky he hasn’t dropped me. Do we get that tempted to do that touching around Christmas because it sure wouldn’t be fun being locked in Tarrant County for Christmas. Last year when my heart and my mind got that carried away I got locked up 3 times. Me I’m never doing it again.

“PaPa Kurt – I don’t want to go fishing when my mother can’t go!” – Johnna Floyd

Dropped me offs, about what he’s done, while we talk and we don’t get angry at each other about being clingy which we both don’t like – Kyle Brattin… I love you! At least as an adult and as I grow and develop; I want my life to be filled with more love and devotion to only things that are of importance.

Is that something to be that proud and boasting about?! We’ll the Kardashians aren’t and my three roommates are definitely wanting to stay on that channel. Mrs. Charnel your parties are some of the best I’ve ever been too; are they all good ones. Yes until the yule tide carol gets hurt.


Johnna Floyd

Centered On Faith & Prayer

I miss living at home but I am settled into the group home and staying at the center lifestyle. We’re about to have Church, our Tuesday and Thursday Devotional with Big Ministries.

I spent -$5 on a notebook and a nice set of pens at the Family Dollar. Though I feel guilty because my bank account is so low. I really am trying to do good but there are so many things that aren’t going as well as I wish they would.

My son will be 5 years old on the 28th and being home this weekend showed me he really didn’t need me as much as I thought he did. It didn’t really hurt and my little sister is home to help Mom and Dad with him. Drinking a cup of coffee and have a good amount of cigarettes left.


Pure Silk


Big Ministries Tuesday Devotional & Prayer Request

We had chicken for lunch and the service from Big Ministries was good. The devotional was about “What Is It Going To Take?!” and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. With God all things are possible and can be accomplished. Being a child of God is a true blessing in my life.

Pray for:

  • Finances for Christmas & Brandon’s Birthday
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Student Loan Debt = $16,000
  • Group Home Environment
  • Justly-Found.Faith to make some income
  • Finishing 8 courses of college and graduating
  • Family and people I live with
  • Dads Diabetes

Pure Silk

How To Pray

1. Keep It Simple : God wants to meet you where you are and values presence more than polished words. Have a normal conversation with God.

2. Do It Often : Meant to be in everyday life. Pray in the morning and during the day while asking God for guidance, forgiveness, and pray for others at the end of the day. Review, Give Thanks, and Ask for Gods Help.

3. Open Your Heart : Prayer is where your relationship with God is formed and faith forged. Time together to mold and shape your heart.

4. Listen Expectantly : Take in time and space; and God will respond.



God Will Bless This Holiday Season

There are tons of ways to enjoy yourself; but there are tons of things I would rather be doing than being sick with this horrible cough. Watching Kardashians in our room with the roommates. After another long day of being at The Center. I hope my family and I get to spend a good amount of time together this holiday season.

Ready to have a positive balance in my bank account and able to buy Brandon’s Christmas and Birthday present. Monday is payday; and UTA isn’t taking the $50 out and I stopped Acorns. I got accepted to the mygreatlakes repayment plan so each monthly payment should be $0 for a while.

My laundry is still drying in the dryer. It’s nice to have a way to have nice clean clothes and the shower I was able to take about 2AM this morning due to being sick. Today I’d like to share with you some of what Big Ministries and my Bible Study has taught us.


Everyday we need to encourage ourselves and others to live to the best of our abilities. The Bible is the instruction book to life. It’s a sin to worry and we are too want for nothing. God is enough and is our great provider and it is all too his glory! “He always knows what we need; before we need it!”

We need to try to be soul saving… Evil hearted people only want lust and the pride of life. Desire for junk and materialism is one thing I am really trying to do my best at. I don’t want to get caught up in much of the worldly lifestyle again. We are renewed by the Holy Spirit! He gives us character and shows us how to communicate. 

Hold on and he’ll turn the situation around.
God already knows what is going to happen.

Why We Always Need Gods Grace

To do the best in life we have to learn how to balance life. Life is directed and affected by many things. The environment, our decisions, and our education. Most importantly transforming grace is directed by God. In His loving kindness towards us. We will never gain eternity by what WE are or do.

How To Be Content With Being You & Less On Measurements

How To Be Content With Being You & Less On Measurements

If women have one thing in common it’s the ability to hate ourselves. It’s nice but not very often do we find a place of peace within ourselves to truely find ourselves lovely. For the most part we compare and compete on a daily basis. This group home has tested me from day one. While roaming on the streets would have only gotten me killed.

From the inside and out; believe me I know each one of us makes up the economic and sociological structure of this globe. Stop Smirking to Smirnoff parties no one is better than anyone else. Together we need too stand strong and just accept life for what we have while we have it. We are only human and we have to stand proud of whatever we are standing for or we are going to lose it; and lose it all. 

“We Are The World” & “We Are The Children”
<3 The Purge

I have made a $3,000 mistake into the University of Texas at Arlington. Without the support of my parents who said they’d be there. After this being the second Spring semester is there hope…?

Though I have messed up in school – is it too late for me? Do I brush my shoulders off and find my way to the correction mark and find a way to make it work for my last year or two years till I can graduate. Depending on which Route I take or Route 44 drink I pick up the choices are all in current change. While unfortunately I live off my own pocket change. Sweetheart; wake up this SSI money is from the Government. Which unfortunately I am quite disgusted by how they approach the SSI building and also the people who protect such a system being of and in attack. If it’s something you stand for it’s something you don’t let go.

What if I never go back – would I be content then? Maybe we will never be content! It simply came from the table of contents and after completing an amount of 144 hours there is no need to quit. Surrounded by close to $20,000 in debt from institutions. I only want my own lifestyle and choices to make an impact that will further and protect the future of America. 

Never A Mistake In Education – Of course their is! Though remember the game rebound and rubber bands that were incorportated in the game. Each persons game and score is different and each placement is different. Though in each situation includes the two Love & Money – & A Shot Of Coffee. College doesn’t last forever but sometimes it’s better to grow up to real situations that are our own to help those in other situations to learn this isn’t that nice or depressing of a world in which their languistics are trying to make it. 


Wear What You Feel Comfortable In & Don’t Try To Be Someone Else. I have ran into several problems with the Educational System; for a daughter it is hard for me too express what I really think and feel towards this subject.

There is a fine line between fasination and the real world. These times of life should only last depending on the own personal adult, preteen, or teenager, in which the choices are associated. One of my first jobs was working at Good Will Ind. & Now I don’t have a SSCard. Meanwhile; I live off of SSI and disability for the remainder of the next two to three years. All in which I have felt I have lost my family, being at their home, and even my son. We all know that the “Wish” I put on here to be Married – which I really don’t will sit in the back of my mind.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I hate his needles that much. Waiting to get about 6 bottles of tattoo ink as the piles to his shop grow in rapid pace. A place and also a person in which they have placed Bipolar disorder. Sweetheart you aren’t that Hot! No they deffinitly card us when we walk in the door at the club, also the parloor, and people should be warned in the first place. In which no one walks in trying to get even a little bit attached to it. We have lost close ones that have gotten in these situations at The Clubs & Streets & Parlor


Since I have witnessed these “things” doing that to their own & we aren’t & that will never be your place. This has gone past warning & now to accepting & adapting to a new way of life. This isn’t easy street and I am not that sleeze.

I wonder if the situation will always pertain the premises of what exactly people are asking for in the first place. They have no Rights to my Copywritten work or anyone else’s from which these blogging communities are part of. You can look good at any price and I believe the more skin that isn’t showing is the best. You what?! Then don’t bring it out on your friends or you’ll soon see your friends leave. 


Keep Your Head Hanging High & Never Give Up On What Great Heights You Have Already Climbed.

There are moments when you are going to fail; their is times when you are going to prevail. The best examples of these are written from the best book in the Word the Bible. We are in 2018 Welcome to what your parents told you wasn’t always how it’s going to be. When we go home and we are left to do what we are supposed to do in the first place. Right now for me; it is where my heart is calling home. In sort of a half way home mess of which I miss both my son and my old friends. 

I believe who we are around can bring or destroy our motivation and keep us locked up or out. Though that is mainly what I have learned from my experiences. Shows like Orange Is The New Black will show you the same thing. A Great one is Ridiculous + which I don’t have to say much… They said it’s a community to share. While things that you want to keep to yourself shouldn’t be a problem. So stop asking or beating around the bush as to what your wanting.