2019: Comfortably Numb

I remember when I was in my Junior year of High School I played soccer…
I was Goal-E & to what my mother knew I became so temperish… Though at that age I guess I was able to get away with it. A lesson was made that I most definitely learned from.

I am no where as to fit or ready to fight; fighting for what we each individually need. A lot of it was walking around seeing what people needed. While trying to fill a void in that area.

They aren’t bragging like my mind once went crazy over. To me it was something I didn’t want to face or even look at. When a guy I loved walked away to another Female on His list. I also didn’t realize; that everything you do actually does affect everyone else.

If we are able to help ourselves; we are able to help others.
Though some people have gone above and beyond at the extent of themselves. Some the less questioning the better.

There is no chance that if you hear such noises like I do; we’d agree more on common sense of knowledge. As a long time patient at several Mental Hospitals. I am not ready to say “We didn’t get the help we needed!”

We are the ones who choose what we want in life. Or for that we are mere victims in a world full of non-wanted wishes through the Sink. I am hoping one day; I’ll make it out of this Group Home.

It was freezing today at “The Center” with not too many people there. I feel like I should get rid of some things. I am not needing or wanting to spend that much anymore. Or sugar coat my parents; which has been a battle for a lot of people, I believe in myself I will find contentment of which even money can’t buy.

There are people that we can ask for; in order to get the help we all need.
Though you and I both know; that sometimes those phone calls just don’t get through.

This Year I’ll Be 32 – I want more Respect & That only comes from Me

For what I have put my friends and people through I am not exactly sorry though I am remorseful about the chance that each time someone dropped a talk for a talk there where a million more to go. A land full of exploring and one more science class to go. I am not the smartest student nor did I call my class stupid.

Though I will no longer take this torture; it isn’t my fault. Though when necessary I will stand up to what I need to and be a more protective person. Over myself and my son; and see my parents and unfortunately my son when I can – when I get that sweet chance. Even though Christmas I just went straight back to the group home.

Gutten Morgan Tu Gutten Nacht

I’ve had mental disorders all my life and here I too; sit here comparing a 16 year old selfie to a 31 year old maiden. I do not know what has been stolen; in my own mind. It could be beautiful or not as far as I pretrieve it that way. Regardless it has needed socio and economic help since I was 12. For my degree I have sat and fought for each little penny of it. While in return I will sit and fight for each little penny to pay it back.

No, your right most women do not get the same answer and question to a pageant, or recital dinner, or a gala. Which were the events in which clubs like the AAF were leading “US” into. That rival couldn’t handle it; I wish she would go ahead and admit it. Even movie tickets and seats became difficult and un-wanted times for us. Especially as me and my son entered and exited the bathroom.

That is even why they told Me in My College Classes “There is a copy editor though unfortunately you <whoever You were – were too busy talking that I couldn’t talk to my professor.> Maybe it is unfortunate too me that everything in the city takes too long to really get too. A bus pass at and in the wrong parts of the town will get you into some of the worse drama filled times of your life. $2 for cigars or a bus ticket… Some of us, I wonder how far we would get… “The Outsiders”

We took a bet and unfortunately I am noticing what they are betting on. I’m already too far into this that I can’t stop now. This has been almost a year and a half at the group home. Time spent on the streets of Downtown Ft. Worth and no I am not forgetting. Running from Rape, Running from my own personal anger, and Running from the power of the evil disguise of men.

Bands like TKO & Le Tigre will forever be a favorite band of mine. Simply for the thought that Independent music for the most part just walks off from even their own stuff and unfortunately their own rape and are ok. It hurts and stings for a bit though we get over it. I have stayed pure and my body feels clean and I have been for the most part clean for a year now.

Be fortunate because we are not all safe all the time. We don’t need to be drawn to those evil thoughts in the first place. While I can’t even find your blog sweetheart & what that woman came up too me saying was quit illegal and not quiet like our Nurses <Really or Reality> Want/s. 

The center in which we have to go to each day is not the place to do that. I don’t care if your in front of it or behind it. Even in front of or behind a door. Around 7AM I was asked “Do “you” want my <prost.> to beat you up?!” Which is leading me and for the most part always has to fighting and learning more about the criminal system. A world known problem and a simple solution it’s illegal and no I’m hoping it doesn’t get a chance to. 

I wish there was a way of taking each document I <I> have written since I was 12 and turning them into some form of scholarship. I wish you’d wake up; this work isn’t yours. Meanwhile; that isn’t even your name.

I have had the same ghost enter and exit my mouth and dreams and interupting my father daughter and mother son time long enough. The idea of love is fun and fun to keep in mind. Though I know how big of a mind game it is <Kuzz Baby> that’s no Joke. I don’t know your path and neither do you know mine. Which is the MINE & MINER in the first place. You can’t play me like a fool. Dear Aunt Susan? If it continues to say it is my Boyfriend and etc. Does It – Maybe it’s time to have a real sit down. I thought even I got time with Family. 

I don’t need to hostile knowing for the most part it only ends in hospice. I am not touching other peoples stuff in the first place. While I am most defenitly not as to why do those cops press closer and closer as they try to get what kind of closure.

I came up with a Tag Line <Dr. Owens – Whose Down In Whose Ville> “You Aren’t Staying Here Forever.” – For – Forever 21. They won’t get to look that way & I’m hoping nurses have that anserw do they get Bipolar disorder surroundings have taught me things I needed and I needed that class <ENVR> Meanwhile students well… People well… I can’t blame them.

Agg Town does know that “No matter what SHE isn’t in Charge!” Which is the reason I ran and I don’t plan on it anymore. I don’t want to run and I don’t find these three really that close of friends. Mostly women from the “Streets” are my friends Because of PR Position I have created for myself. If your reading this and have thought this is your work or it belongs too you it is highly copywritten and every note in it is personal and I will prevail.

Energy that surrounds me! I got one of my favorite meals well two of my favorite meals. Lunch – Chicken Fried Steak & Dinner – Spaghetti. Trust me no one is fulling or fooling anyone. For most of us it is time to grow up. To sit at that table the right way. If it argues well…

Found My Faith In A New Home

No it’s inappropriate to go into a house and do that to anyone. It’s also illegal and highly frowned on to the point of… We’ve agreed I can’t go back home. In fact, I don’t even feel right going back home. This #man says he loves me & He’s my husband… I am not going to argue and say anything against it. This Capture the Flag does go a bit far but I … <No Comment>.

I have only $20 to live off of for the rest of the month. If this romantic stuff is supposed to come true I would be making what we had for dinner multiple times a night and set it by fire light to ease your heart breaking because of me. You have said things like I have drained your heart, dotted your needles, and other sweet things that hit me the right way. 

I didn’t want the same things you didn’t want.

My friend(s) have been adding change into the ash tray I have hand designed myself. Today I bought myself a Bai which has become my favorite drink. 

I bumped into a woman who recognized me as The Woman At The Well I’ll keep her name #anonymous brother <Where Aren’t Thou> remember the graduating class from DeRidder to Kennedale & back especially the back woods of the Tale of a Huntsman <So their you go UTA + Dr. Ingram & Dr. Ink> ? Can We Hear A Rap Battle Between You Two?

I remember sitting in the JAIL esp. TARRANT cell on the bottom or secound floor where I wrote with a stubby pencil and paper I really didn’t and couldn’t afford in jail in the first place. I’ll never return to Shop or Shop esp. Lifting again. Thanks I don’t NEED & I loved that JOB @ TARGET & WALMART!

Prayer to my God – The right anserw and only the right anserw. I’m not praying other peoples prayers for them isn’t that what you told me #Anonymously. That was supposed to be freedom of speech which never to be taken away. I mean each and every lego?! Brandon thats like looking at your momma & her layouts and looking at every color…

We All “Sail” On ….

Taking Pride In Government Through Tough Situations

In Today’s World, it is important to find people to trust. In which I am hoping to learn to trust roommates I have been placed with. When I was about 15 I looked at the Church system to find people to confide in. Now at the age of 31, I am finding people that are at the center and at the group home system. We are to follow the rules of “The Game” which we all have an individual part to play and things to place.

Generational Scales of People

North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well as other parts of the world. With regions of geographical and cultural boundaries in generally different categories. We represent what we are holding on to and I believe part of the purge is not to take it out on other people.

  1. The Lost Generation – 1914 Europe Gertrude Stein brought WWI. 1883 – 1900 deceased.
  2. The G.I. Generation – American Vets fought in WWII born from 1901 to 1924 Great Depression (Journalist Tom Brokaw) Greatest Generation (Floyd)
  3. The Silent Generation “Lucky Few” 1925 to 1942. Fought WWII fought the Korean War many Vietnam War. (Floyd)
  4. Baby Boomers – Me Generation mostly following WWII no exact dates when correct birth years start and end. Range from early to mid-1940s and end from 1960 to 1964. Increased birth rates observed during the post-WWII baby boom making them a relatively large demographic cohort.
  5. Generation X Gen X following the Baby Boomers. Range early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years in the early 1980s. Different times and places for a number of different subcultures or countercultures since the 1950s.
  6. Baby bust generations birth rate following the baby boom. A drop of fertility rates in America began in the late 1950s. Authors and Demographers William Strauss and Nil Howe 1961 to 1981 for Gen X by 1991 there are 88.5 Gen Xers in the U.S.
  7. Millennials – Gen Y following Gen X starts to ends from demographics and research typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. PEW research 2019 Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers in size with the U.S. 72 million Boomers and 73 million Millennials.
  8. Generation Z – also known as the iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Homeland Generation or Plurals to cohort of people born after Millennials Demographics and Researchers mid-1990 mid-2000s.


System or group of people governing an organized community which is often a State. I believe my favorite club in Dallas which closed down After Life had a governmental system. In which my bracelets, tutus, and stuff I don’t complain about went missing in which was another domain – missing-alias.net.

A government is like a clan with the purpose to the government to the whole family in which we all have a leader with powers of financial, military, and civil laws. Seek welfare of

A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state.[1] A government is like a clan with the purpose to govern the whole family or whole nation with powers of financial, military and civil laws. The main purpose of government is to seek the welfare of the civilians and to fulfill their need for the betterment of the nation.

We are knowing and we are known by the things we say, and the people, and the places, and the situations in which we place ourselves. If your not happy where you are you need to move on but some things are worth holding on to a working hard for. I question myself if I like my situation I am hearing complaints and that the drama I didn’t like. I love drama club and I’ve fed the kitchen sink.

Legislature, Executive, Judiciary…

Policies are enforced and mechanics for determining the policy to the procedures. We all needed this insurance and I hope I can keep it as long as I can. Constitution of a statement of governing principles and philosophy. The balance between the principle of individual freedom and the ideas that are in absolute authority.

Keep On Keeping On We Earned Our Stats & Our Family Isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Realize what you truly want from your own life. What your own life means to yourself. God has chosen everyone and we have chosen what our people have requested. I now have 281 people that have read my blog. Not to mention the number of people that have read it in other ways. The big storm hit my aunts place.

You can keep arguing with power but eventually, you have to choose. Politics chooses for you and your reputation means everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have people to people. Though that is not your place to put your pen where your pen put it.

I was taught not to talk about money, dropping names, sex, or politics at the same time. Nurses to Patience what keeps us safe and who are you looking up to? These cops have been seen around all of our work and yes I said this month would be art. I can’t do much art because I am broken hearted I don’t sit on the dish I quickly moved on but I didn’t have to quickly move on from him.

That judging meant to sit around and compare each other’s pain I don’t think they were ready for that. I enjoy the freedom and I don’t think that is or isn’t what I’ve gotten.

How To Grow Your Stats Chart

  1. Acknowledge every click – I was that girl in school who would walk around from table to table and court to court and associate with everyone. I enjoy the same things to today and really dislike the fact we are trapped up in this room so much.
  2. Follow The Rules – There are rules everywhere you go and people feel safe when you know where you are going. Go Stadium? Everything costs something and people cost too.
  3. PageViews = More People getting your message across to more readers. I appreciate every reader.
  4. More clicks to your links = Money
  5. Write longer blog posts – the more content you can provide the better and longer they’ll stay on your page. Thank you for the tip to tip to top of the strengths and weaknesses test. I know that felt weird to you and you did say the word I hate but there’s no beating around the bush to the blatant truth. I’m a debutante and a princess – Kyle’s Princess.
  6. Talk about the latest products, techniques, methods, services, and occurrences. Keep up with trends in technology and fashion.
  7. Headlines – I write that’s what I have dedicated my life too & now things are also being added to me that is a benefit to me and you.
  8. Promotion – I have been on a flyer from a Rave club and I mourn with my fellow friends for the same things. Though I keep working and steady as it goes.

Journalism Isn’t Dead : Carpe Diem

When I was 19 my parents paid for me to take journalism and I enjoyed it a lot. As I moved into PR classes I have always questioned why they said journalism is a dead art. Where are we all getting our information from is that our question because I am paying for college.

News assassinations rapidly spread through the mainstream of computers in which I am supposed to know what I went to school for properly. The main choice of yours is too be or not to be off guard. No, I remember watching a group of girls while they slept at these tables and asked me the time because we were outside and I wanted a cigarette of my own at a college I have attended for a while.

Tainted and questioning music because I am no longer tainted love I am an adult and I will be treated like an adult. I am 31 now and now don’t get it backward who treated you to the same charts?! What photographs we have no one cares what you’ve done that much. Though the point is they needed information bitterly which is why they moved to PR.

They moved to the art department which I just got done drawing in my Bible Journal which I love and I’m proud of. Keep questioning what you are questioning every dollar of a pocket vs pocket it might be politics. Has anyone seen this syllabus this semester? Well, whatever I signed my name up for I guess I have to sit around and enjoy it better suck it up.

Journalism & Court

Journalist dragged the people to the police. Lousiana had several bomb threats. They we’re also required at trial too bad I dropped out of Comm Law & Ethics. This is just one of my many jobs yeah you don’t have to ask me or my boyfriend what’s in our pockets. Though that’s not a nice way to ask to or about someone in a pool hall or a restaurant – Nope I still respect my parents and authority and appreciate what I have because we believed in Christianity and I believer in simple things

Eminems New Album Causes Controversy

Eminems New Album Causes Controversy

Writing lyrics can make you feel powerful and god like especially when they are heard. While your adoring fans listen and follow every word. I am a huge Eminem fan though this post was hard for me to write. 

I felt like I didn’t have the right words to say about what is going on in our nation. He’s still at it after 15 years & Still good as Gold. 

We are all givin the pen and pad of paper at our High School. Our choice is whether or not we use it. How long we do these things for ourselves.

His Record With Kamakazi Gets Him in Trouble

We are in a changing culture while artist like Eminem are having a hard time letting go of their successful past. He has been criticized for staying true to the hip hop culture. In Kamakazi Eminem was found to bash new rap. 

He is found having a problem with music critics. Though Eminem is held to a higher standard than most rappers today He representes a legacy. I listened to him all while growing up.

He states he doesn’t hate “trap” & that he doe0sn’t like little wayne.

Most Influential Since Tupac

Eminem has influenced the scene eminsley since the death of Tupac. Eminem is not the first rapper though he is the one to handle wordplays the way he does. His songs write a story and tell the truth. Eminem History

So spit that shit from the heart, you didn’t write like you wrote it
While I teabag the microphone ’cause I go nuts on it
Like a fighter jet lined with explosives that’ll strike any moment
Headed right at opponents and I’m the fuckin’ pilot that flown it

Eminem Lyrics