Starting My Bullet Journal Journey in 1..2..3..

I don’t like not being able to see out of one eye and it’ll be two more weeks till I can even order my glasses. Planning on getting a pair of regular and a pair of sunglasses from for $20. Which wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t fighting for my place at this group home.

A new teal journal came in the mail last week and my new double banded diamond ring is around my neck with an old chain from a necklace that used to have a music charm on it was. Slowly I’ll recieve what I ordered from these sites. I also need to get a JUUL charger already and some more cartridges.

Helpful Bullet Journal Websites

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17 Lovely Ideas For Your Bullet Journal Monthly Spread To Organize Your Life

I like how these posted links worked out on here. Also repacked my small pink duffle bag for the center. I am going to try Minimalism! Trying to cut out unwanted cost and start living on a budget. I am trying to live the best way I can right now & I need to start getting out more.

Excited to get my 12 fine-liner colored pens & stencils! But wanted to start using the bullet journal anyways.

Seems this stuff I ordered is coming in slower than I thought. Next month I can’t order even half of what I did this month.

I Don’t Know Where I’d Rather Be

For the most part my roommates and I all get along. Except for annoying and hurtful behavior which is why we get SSI. I go to see my Doctor not this monday but next monday at MHMR homeless clinic on Lancaster.

I’m not getting to see my family like I’d like and I am really starting to miss my son. Though I don’t know how to deal with him that well. I wish I had stuff to plan and money to do things and a job to work.

For the most part though; I know I’m not as happy as I could be. Deffinitly something I need to work on. Through the tons of research and relating it to daily life. I would like to go back to school but I’m already in so much debt from College that I can’t see straight.

What I Need Isn’t Yours

Away From Grasp

For now I am a 31; soon to be a 32 year old woman. I am not joking when I love to be the center of attention but not at any e’stake that this life may provide. For the last couple of weeks my mouth has been a mess of linguistically messed up anger. An artistic couple; my man and I look up too has gone through a transformation time of their life and things that were once there are no longer.

The Most I Have; to look upon on old friends is their social accounts though things are not always as they seem and to find out that people are hurting more than what is known makes me want to help them more than is even in my abilities. Another way that I get mad; I don’t think we know all the answers and we know what those before have taught.

It’s no longer the schooling that it was once before either. The Highlight of Kyle’s life of becoming the announcer of sports on a field that even I’m nervous of… To trash a Cheerleader and dance off that line of palms.

If I don’t get away from your grasp of wanting to have and be of my own. To be closer to him; after the years we have spent apart after Brandon was formed. From roommates, to strippers, to life on the streets, our families don’t always understand us but we all need to get to what is underneath. Us little women are bound for the streets; if we don’t listen to the things we are supposed to be doing and stop the arguing with the power of the people in charge. In which we have tried to find our escape though instead we found the best men in the world for us to be with.

There is no going back to living at my parents house; though this needs to stop you can’t ask for everything I/We have and expect the firecrackers found by the dollar store to not go off as you ask for hair spray in my hair to transpire to yours.

There are people that have worked since the age of 8 and I am one of them. I do not look around and see other peoples stuff as my own. I see God and I see that everything belongs to him; every stroke of my left and right arm to my left and right foot. For I didn’t join the Forces but bit on several bites of a G2 Force Pen – That comfort is gone.

It’s no longer sweetheart do you have anywhere to go. I realize by now; after watching most and all of my Christmas money washed down the drain from smoking devices just like the cigarettes our room seems to operate on. This isn’t even a normal amount this girl ask for. American Spirits – Next Time – I’ll Give You Nothing!

Don’t argue with me but accept the facts.

I Am Not Your Head Of House – I Am Know AAK 47

In everything; there is a competition though in everything you have a choice. I am self-employed at the moment and at the reasoning of momentum of speed the best thing I can do in advice is give you the silence of the lambs. It is not mine alone to attend the meetings of the match sticks.

I learned from videos though I think it would be a little different to voice that I learned from you. For their is more weight placed upon your shoulders if I follow you into the dark deep lagoon of the JUUL device no BOSS would allow me to smoke while working. Well of course not; as soon as you slip up their goes gravity.

Every choice cost and every article cost. We have to be careful and watch closely in everything we do especially as a PR worker. I am hoping I do not have to take Case Studies over again. I feel that I am only out for my best interest as though I could not finish the class at the mind set in which I was in. I do not want a lot of people getting in trouble for what I do though for what we do as a specific group and that isn’t always how it works.

The Gypsy Notebook

They said I had a wedding but I can’t remember. Each one of us here mostly at the Center and even on the Streets haven’t and hoping wouldn’t ask for what these Sorority Death Row Sisters have asked for. No Beyonce & House Mom; I/We still can’t afford your tooth aches.

They said I had a Husband but I don’t remember. This is less fortunate than 50 First Dates with two of our favorite stars. The truth is really down to you; and I believe everyone is too their own opinion. I mean you wouldn’t just go up to someones face and do the imaginable. Or is that hoping for too much?!

I have been needing to find out what is mean; for what Reason. I am not as strong as I was when I was in my young teenage self. One of my Goals this year is too be Goal -E. I don’t need to sit here complain about my son and be unhappy because my family doesn’t want me around. I have my roommates to me; as well as the Haufbraughs T-shirt with a lot of Ribbed up Problems to sit and serve while still having fun. Then ask if the manager would like you video taping on your flashy little camera phone… These waitresses as they go close to death because of the people they surround themselves with. Not only are we “Intervention” I don’t think trillions of people are getting the help they are needing.

In my earlier Blogs; to I explored the sums of money that has come out of my personal; Hey! Wait Walmart’s Target hit my pocket to SSI and I am happy with whatever my cards have been dealt. Now I have to deal with them.

I need and want to make money but what I have been pin pointed too is; well that’s illegal and quite enough of your mouth to a PR and ADVT. In Order to talk to the people we need to and try to sell what we need to. Which is funny I’ve been asked to serve Alchi and ETC.; While so has my man and main Man so….

I spent that entire $100 on some of the coolest things I’ve wanted all year that I couldn’t afford. While I am happy for the Lord and My own Mannerisms have been there to guide my Spirit. In which my mothers book that she handed me is a nice present and it’s a Bible Study on Exodus – In which we learn about love. A nice way to tell me I’m not too loving.

I would like to be working though after you have seen that at your Register & Walking behind you at work. You would have the same problem – 2019 Goals – Any Ideas?

Happy Birthday Brandon!!! – 5 Years


What Do You Have To Learn About Here?!

“Tell me your someone else & I’ll all fall apart…” – Band Unknown unless quick a friend tells me. A friend from my past or pasture would be nice but this S.B. doesn’t sound like something I need.

In the most part of my 125 entries which I need to go back through and edit to make more meaningful. I hope my blog never gets abducted like did though it takes more than just a website, a host, and a lot of words. 

It takes drive, a bunch of people, and daily motivation to get your message across. More promotion on this stuff would be great. It’s an almost life long dream to get truly caught up on Emails.

My Main Mans going to; Texas Art Institute which all we have both said is you don’t need Mine! He has stated and he is already my star since the age of about 13 an interest in Production. In which I took last Spring 2017 and made a B in Behavior and need to pick it up again. That creativity hits you like a pound of bricks when it does. 

That is one of my favorite books; yes college text books aren’t cheap and no I have the ones I have wanted to give and take away for a reason. Dad please don’t let them in that room. Unfortunately if it comes down to it… I wish I did have somewhere to lay my head.

The group home has for the most part been worth it; just to get off the streets. Which I roamed starting Lake Charles at 16 – Dallas at 18 – Fort Worth at 24 & again at 29. An inventation to join Womens ministry – So going where I “Am Called”…

FAFSA & My Course Route

I am still in need of paying back the debt I owe to UTA; in which I owe almost $3,000. If my parents could help me right now that would be great. I put in for a Debt Driven Repayment Plan – Pay As You Earn. Hoping to get almost 240 months with a rate of $0. Which will give me time to get a job; hopefully a good job. Finish the rest of my classes.



In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

In Order To Go On; With My Own Lifestyle to Goals in My Choices. It Doesn’t Have That Right…

Life isn’t always fun and games in which it is very seldomly. Of which you can’t take much of recourse especially in your own financial troubles. I am known for what I have said, helped, and typed since I was 12. Hoping forever my words of my own will stay.

Which they need to give credit where credit is due and no longer does it come from the childish facebook. In fact I am not someone who is going to put up with it or be able too any longer. I know how to stand on “IT” and not be “IT” – Whatever… SweetTea you are that problem. Especially on the streets. Insert name calling here…

This morning I called #UTA in order to stop the $50 payment in which it has taken out and needs to take out for almost all following years till 2023. In which my #jetpack part of the system has been messed with. That or still there are so many lies that feels like even John Mayer would probably hurt me. I am not a Doctor & most of us #NeverEver wanted to be followed by some of this tragic stuff in the first place especially by Mrs./Ms. Jackson.

It’s an easy trap in which to fall into & I have put my hand on the Bible and refused to let or allow myself to even be around this temptation. It is first a hate crime and I am really not trying to be racist though how I fought in the first place was or wasn’t fair. I am not innocent but I will do anything to keep MY OWN #record clean.

I am in charge of farthering my education to a complete degree. I already owe close to $17,000. While all you are actually asking is whether or not I have my last petty little cigarette and wether or not you can have it.

This world has never been free & I don’t know if anyone has any means to which these people would believe it would be. In order to sit in here all day at “Golden Choice Adult Day Care” people are saying we have to pay. I don’t know what exactly since everyone in my group except for Brandy is under 40 years old and we are already supposed to be taking care of our own. 

I wish I could be as beautiful as that woman you only held me at one night stands. I got pregnant and I’m hoping not too lose my son. No when I started this blog I never promised it would be “BubbleGum & Pop”. I have for the most part matured through writing and till this day it’ll come down to my AP scores on Lit test from long ago. 

For the most part I have been in almost every clinical lock down hospital in the tri-county area. It’s almost Thanksgiving and what did I get my happy ass into again. Another debt and trial by error in which probably only once have I truely broken down to a “Brother” J2J and Cried “Wolf”! Even -$80 in debt is a big deal for me and getting my name on the FAFSA list is a big deal for me to finish this degree and then get a career. 

When are they going to fullfill their what well for me they only felt like wishes. This world is not fair & mostly I’m ready God to simply Go home. God that isn’t simply. 

I am only 31 and also a woman I know and by now after several times of going through the same thing. I know without a shadow of a doubt it is something not to intervine or intertwine with in and to; until people want us too. I forever to this day run into constant pocket changed problems. Maybe it’s time for us just too get past it. I really thought I liked you…




How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

Thank you for the coffee and where did you buy that probably Starbucks. There are three Starbucks on UTA Campus which there are also about one or two used and still able to put money on gift cards to earn points. That which started out as a friendly game ended up in a deadly competition. 

While I agree it is fun to run into an old friend at an establishment it is not friendly to hear certain things my friends and I have been told about what flavor we even bought.

We do not need to hear couples say “Do you like Johnna Floyd” As you talk to your lover because you fell in love with the wrong reasons to even go to school and the University in the first place. Mostly wondering if you even go to the College in the first place we are allowed to have those kind of conversations.

Especially with old friends from Dallas clubs in which we have used a huge chunck of our money. Clubs including Insomnia, Afterlife, and The Church, and also, especially Lizard Lounge. Which takes a whole day of you following us and the class only last about an hour and a half or less.

Yes… I don’t need that every time I or Anyone drove up to Krogers to help my landlords and people to pick up groceries including healthy fruit, important meats, and other necesitties including milk and dairy products. Access denied by the fattest person in the entire town to close the door on my graduation day in the first place. 

Really You Don’t Need to see my cell phone or my cellulite

Each person cost a person and with these kind of crowds I’m lucky to have a bed and have a seat and have my purpose in life. Book : “A Purpose Driven Life” Get and Receive connections to because all they did take from it when it placed it on the streets was its own personal valuables. I wouldn’t do that in the first place and that is all that’s walking into these shops. What do you mean?! With Advertising we are aware of what we needed to be shopping for ourselves for. In any of our own textbooks. Some of these people were like excuse me “What do you mean they own TextBooks?! Especially The TextBook.” That was some of the first courses I took at UTA. McNeese knew the same thing in which I didn’t own the Textbook which had a due date on it. 

In Science there is a problem. Followed by a hypothesis. Followed by an example. Followed by a test to the hypothesis. Followed by the ending result. Others may state it differently but to each person it boils down to how it studied the information in the first place and if it even did. I was known for reading and doing my work but who I have put myself around lead it to a #2 pencil filled with violence. 

My favorite thing in this world is unsolved crimes right now. Like Barnum & Bailey Circus mostly what I have invested in was my Education and what I am supposed to. I believe in fate and what this Dinero ended up to be is what I need to repay my FAFSA loans with. 

I don’t owe you the world or nothing for a person walking out of a jail cell on comic con day. As you wear a costume that’s very expensive and walking down and into my territory that I just got for waiting my time. We waited our time in line and all you are trying to do is attack it’s inner parts and souls. 

I didn’t have to talk to them in the first place and they don’t need anything. I am running from people for the wrong reasons. In which we really do not know the right or wrong reasons it even tried to take my own breath which God has given me.



Environmentality In Relations To Thourgh Thinking…

No one wants to hear threats or demeaning information from this problem. They can’t just walk into situations and I will get to the bottom of whatever I left behind in all these Science classes. 

First you have to have the Problem – I appreciated every drop of college and I will be paying it back until the Day I Die. For tomorrow it will be die another day. I have a hypothesis and sweet heart that’s honestly just a textbook. How bout you get into some real work that worth it for you and everyone thats around. We didn’t come to class for that comment or commited?

Brought the flies to the trap paper in the first place. I realize the low amount of traffic I am getting from viewers from my site. Your business isn’t really any of my own. Today has been a good day & I’m thankful for getting my money. Yes mine. My dad brought me glasses today and I love them and my father in the first place. 

If your father here on Earth loves you this/that much imagine how much your Father in Heaven will love you. We all get attitude problems from time to time. My watch is doing some really cool things and I deffinitly wouldn’t be the same person I am without the team work and people around me. 

While my mom talks about dietary information I have kept with the same system pretty much.

For I am one person with a bio system too. Why what’s the question?!

When I went school shopping I didn’t ask for you to come with me. I remember special times I would be seen with my family shopping they didn’t have to attack or what feels like a personal attack. On a Senior on Senior Year or perhaps I didn’t study as hard as I possibly could.

From Prom to Prominade I don’t need the comments and a bunch of us don’t. Though how desperate some of us became for the correct + what are they still bugging?!

So therefore down with the Romeo skull I placed by the TV and gossip we heard. On too moving on to healthier and more fullfilling Fall things in life. For things fall into place in life. 

Geography – learned from TV?! Location, Location, Location


Keep On Keeping On We Earned Our Stats & Our Family Isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Realize what you truly want from your own life. What your own life means to yourself. God has chosen everyone and we have chosen what our people have requested. I now have 281 people that have read my blog. Not to mention the number of people that have read it in other ways. The big storm hit my aunts place.

You can keep arguing with power but eventually, you have to choose. Politics chooses for you and your reputation means everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have people to people. Though that is not your place to put your pen where your pen put it.

I was taught not to talk about money, dropping names, sex, or politics at the same time. Nurses to Patience what keeps us safe and who are you looking up to? These cops have been seen around all of our work and yes I said this month would be art. I can’t do much art because I am broken hearted I don’t sit on the dish I quickly moved on but I didn’t have to quickly move on from him.

That judging meant to sit around and compare each other’s pain I don’t think they were ready for that. I enjoy the freedom and I don’t think that is or isn’t what I’ve gotten.

How To Grow Your Stats Chart

  1. Acknowledge every click – I was that girl in school who would walk around from table to table and court to court and associate with everyone. I enjoy the same things to today and really dislike the fact we are trapped up in this room so much.
  2. Follow The Rules – There are rules everywhere you go and people feel safe when you know where you are going. Go Stadium? Everything costs something and people cost too.
  3. PageViews = More People getting your message across to more readers. I appreciate every reader.
  4. More clicks to your links = Money
  5. Write longer blog posts – the more content you can provide the better and longer they’ll stay on your page. Thank you for the tip to tip to top of the strengths and weaknesses test. I know that felt weird to you and you did say the word I hate but there’s no beating around the bush to the blatant truth. I’m a debutante and a princess – Kyle’s Princess.
  6. Talk about the latest products, techniques, methods, services, and occurrences. Keep up with trends in technology and fashion.
  7. Headlines – I write that’s what I have dedicated my life too & now things are also being added to me that is a benefit to me and you.
  8. Promotion – I have been on a flyer from a Rave club and I mourn with my fellow friends for the same things. Though I keep working and steady as it goes.

Why I’m In This Group Home

Why I’m In This Group Home

It was Spring of 2017 my Senior Year at UTA. I had been arrested for robbing a store – Hobby Lobby. Thankfully my record is clean and I am not on the books and am able to get a job.

I spent all Spring Break in Jail. My wallet was missing and I had to get a new Drivers License. You don’t know how documents that your supposed to keep go missing when you’re in a bad situation.


I left home when I was supposed to be going to class. My friend took me to the Arlington Life Shelter where she dropped me and my stuff off. I couldn’t stand school anymore because of some of the people and because of embarassment. 

Arlington Life Shelter

325 West Division St.. Arlington TX

Although there was no where for me to stay inside. I was able to get some clothes and some food from the pantry. While laying on the grass to get some rest. This lasted a few days before I got restless and kept on walkin.

Presbryterian Night Shelter


2400 Cypress St.

I stayed here for a month or so before I got caught shoplifting again at Walmart. I wont touch anybodies stuff or retail without my wallet again. This was my last draw I was also on a lot of things that weren’t good for me.

I stayed in jail a month.

The Group Home

I’ve been in the group home for about a year. I have successfully been paying rent and staying out of trouble for a year now.

Expectations Vs. Reality in Writing

Expectations Vs. Reality in Writing

The truth be told I love to write. Ever since I was young about 8 I was seen carrying around a notebook. I have owned all sorts of stationary. My favorite stationary character was Hello Kitty and sometimes Lisa Frank when I picked it up. 

I used to write a lot of peoms and even won a contest one time.  Lyrics and short stories we’re amongst my favorite. I have taken a creative writing course here at the Local community college TCC.

When we write do we really write for the entertainment of others or is it to be hidden in a journal where no one can see it? As a blogger I use most of what I write in that journal. 

Labor Day Sale is ON. Use Code: LABOR15 at checkout and Get 15% Off Site Wide. *Sale excludes Ray-Ban and Oakley products.


Right now it is a thin black journal for my blog topics while some I have gotten online. Doing my Pinterest research and digging through articles I find helpful. 



I have had to write for so many of my college classes since I am a PR and ADVT major. I have big expectations for my writing and try to learn every day.

For this blog I need to be writing 8 times a week. Without fail in order to get more readers interested in what it is I stand for and have to write about. 


We aren’t born great writers and we don’t become great writers over night. It takes time and dedication to learn to write well. I suggest taking a class in Creative Writing when you get the chance if you haven’t already

While in reality I have been writing 5 to 8 times a week. That hasn’t built enough interest to my readers. While I appreciate all the readers I have gotten I know I can do better. 

One of my main goals is to be able to market and have some buyers for the things I Advertise here on my blogging platform. 

Blog Posts Ideas

Blog Post Ideas… For When You Are In A Rut

120+ Blog Post Ideas