Thank You & With Best Regards

At times I have looked to much into the past with pain in mind.
At the present with a take a small step and can I have mentality.

While now; in the future and futher moments I need to sit down and be appreciative of people around me who are trying to help me when even I painfully hid behind these disorders.

Watching the pregnancy pact; remember watching this movie first when it was just mom and I. I miss her; Today was presidents day – really wanted to see little Brandon and my mom. My dad is doing a lot of fishing – a long passionate family hobby. As well as my blogging I’ve done since I was about 12.

Dealing With Everything though not all at once… 

Money sucks right now and I’ve known it is only going to get worse, Looking up as much as I can on – budgetting. I still owe #UTA around $1500 for loans in spring of 18″ due to living situtations. Have to grow up to what I’m waking up to. 

I am glad to know i am a better worker and able to do good things in the future without homicidal and suicidal ideologies. In which I have had before and at the first part of this month.

You find people and find accomidations all around you. Though you really have to look hard for them. I have been going to the center for almost a year and a half while living here at the group home.

A Career – Being A Mom – Being A Girlfriend

I would however; like to give a thought on this Pregnancy Pact Movie. 
When I was younger I wasn’t lazy – then as I got into my 20s it was clubbing and being lazy with a little mix of TCC. After Brandon; I did go to TCC one more semester then to UTA. I did good for two years and am still hoping on graduating. 

I miss my son and I am glad that my mom is so good and close to him. I wasn’t patient enough and always asking my mom for help with him. I joined the MOPS group and went to Fielder single parenting groups.

I don’t really want to talk about being a girlfriend right now…
Though – I love you 

Weekly Pins

It’s been a couple days since I wrote..
No more bugs down my throat – No I won’t do that some already look sketchy in which I have already sketched one in my cook book.

Though without further ado I do thank everyone one in life who has helped me out in life. At the moment; I really appreciate my Group Home Moms and my parents. I don’t like looking at a set up of what I used to do; and am quite offended by it. Though I am not looking for a fight and still feel like walking all over. That has to stop tonight; that walking all night. Though overall this is just a bad week. My sister gets married tomorrow.

I have gone walking almost everyday this week and I have found that is a better way of taking my stress out then profanities and disliking someone so much that Mother Teresa has a problem with us.

They can take this so far that they end up taking us too the pin- which the stubby pencil comes and goes from. Be careful before you ask people for things and try to take from others as well. I have spent almost $200 this month. Yet at the end of it I had to ask for Mrs. Charnel to pay for my medicine and she bought me a Starbucks S’mores Frap. I always thought I had good friend and people to help me and I am hoping they are for keep.

Thanks; that’s all I care to write for now…

I wish you wouldn’t try to take another blog that makes 6 already..

The Gypsy Notebook

They said I had a wedding but I can’t remember. Each one of us here mostly at the Center and even on the Streets haven’t and hoping wouldn’t ask for what these Sorority Death Row Sisters have asked for. No Beyonce & House Mom; I/We still can’t afford your tooth aches.

They said I had a Husband but I don’t remember. This is less fortunate than 50 First Dates with two of our favorite stars. The truth is really down to you; and I believe everyone is too their own opinion. I mean you wouldn’t just go up to someones face and do the imaginable. Or is that hoping for too much?!

I have been needing to find out what is mean; for what Reason. I am not as strong as I was when I was in my young teenage self. One of my Goals this year is too be Goal -E. I don’t need to sit here complain about my son and be unhappy because my family doesn’t want me around. I have my roommates to me; as well as the Haufbraughs T-shirt with a lot of Ribbed up Problems to sit and serve while still having fun. Then ask if the manager would like you video taping on your flashy little camera phone… These waitresses as they go close to death because of the people they surround themselves with. Not only are we “Intervention” I don’t think trillions of people are getting the help they are needing.

In my earlier Blogs; to I explored the sums of money that has come out of my personal; Hey! Wait Walmart’s Target hit my pocket to SSI and I am happy with whatever my cards have been dealt. Now I have to deal with them.

I need and want to make money but what I have been pin pointed too is; well that’s illegal and quite enough of your mouth to a PR and ADVT. In Order to talk to the people we need to and try to sell what we need to. Which is funny I’ve been asked to serve Alchi and ETC.; While so has my man and main Man so….

I spent that entire $100 on some of the coolest things I’ve wanted all year that I couldn’t afford. While I am happy for the Lord and My own Mannerisms have been there to guide my Spirit. In which my mothers book that she handed me is a nice present and it’s a Bible Study on Exodus – In which we learn about love. A nice way to tell me I’m not too loving.

I would like to be working though after you have seen that at your Register & Walking behind you at work. You would have the same problem – 2019 Goals – Any Ideas?

Happy Birthday Brandon!!! – 5 Years


Dating Game – Play NO Game

Dating Game – Play NO Game

Let’s play a little game after looking at on the Toy Isle and waking up to new age games. Let’s talk about the dating game. One of my Aunt’s favorites when she was a young lady and something I will always remember about her. When I asked my dad a personal question I wasn’t wanting or needing tons of people to come in to it. In which I was asking him something silly we have talked about which is better a birth, a wedding, or a funeral.

Which is a little less depressing than The Russian Roulette Table.
At 31 and with a relationship I’m really happy with for the most part I don’t need that problem from #UTA or #Friends or #ECC or #Gossip.

My Man killed a ram for what I went to school for at Texas Wesleyan and I didn’t even really wake up to how much he loved me until “I announced We Have Been Together 6 Years & Live Inside Of Each Other & Constant Companions yet seperate and Brandon is ours.” the two classes of Humanities and Production (In which I have to and need help with paying back the tuition. I also couldn’t find or login or get into much without my own email.) Which is scientific writing of Humans; call it what you may it sounds like Hoola Hoops & Get Away From Me! 


We have always kind of played a tom and jerry street game with each other. One of our favorite places was Yums but I don’t even bring that back up <JA> which I would like to simply read the history as to why it also turned into the Jeep store. Though does that hurt me as my parents traced me out of the building saying my enemy and ex’s name after we left and that’s how they helped me get feminine hygiene products. What was his name “Jordan” and “I tried to leave his<that>, well we even called him “that” BIBLE which was personalized.” at the campus! He only wanted me and my money. Unfortunately that is the Dating Game & I haven’t wanted to date since I was about 25 and I really don’t intend on it.

I won’t try to be so sweet or candy esp. candy cane made of codine it with syrupy words. That lady I’ll aquante with did sit and read it and acknowledged what I was writing. Though as a Liberal Arts Major I do recieve the dividend of my profits. Right now it may seem that It isn’t yours and for me it something worth fighting for and messing you up for even asking for it in the first place. 

Your Little Angel Game Is – Game Over & There’s No … SweetHeart!

I had that problem before and I know it mainly came from a womans pride and attitude problem. I don’t need you talking to me about; marriagaly, amilitie, and sephora eaten leftovers.  

I also invested in Production and it led me to a booth with Soundcloud. It also lead me to SNapChat well mainly the class was about Snapchat. Which that you good job especially referring to what situation we have found ourselves in because of our lustful desires. Though however my friend it isn’t too late. Which felt like I had even the felt pens and spanish stationary stuck up my nose as our cell phone went off and interupet us in the middle of Communication Law & Ethics my first chance to take the class and I will have a chance later on in life. I really liked the class to begin with but couldn’t stand the interupted part. Get My Name Out of Your Mouth – Because it is inappropriate.

The Dating Game & How To Treat Our Game

I have been working since I was 16 and when my mom drinks she sorta forgets and gets upset meanwhile I have tried to be as patient and console her to the best of my abilities. As well as trying to help these other women in this half way homes equation.

In which, I should have learned to simply shut my mouth and accept it. I didn’t need my father coming back saying that if I did get a husband or any man too love me it would only end in “Battery”! I was hoping it could get real awsome double A batteries but unfortunately for limited edition Barbie dolls. See we don’t live forever and we never will. I could have and maybe but I’ll never test God with my Faith about it to question my death. No I walk straight into #FRBC & Hear according to what I reap what I have learned in the Bible. I own 2 personal versions and doodle on almost every page.

I used to get my problems from and towards an addiction to weed, meth, and coke when I could afford it. Though at that table you have to recognize where the money comes and came from. That is what will even give you that bad luck. Not to mention the X pills. This was all in the past and I can now talk about it as a proper survivor. In fact that COP #COP is supposed to help us and not…

It Isn’t My Place!!!

Certain nights I had great guys that we would both and booth brush each other off as soon as we got what we wanted out of each other. #Problem & I didn’t mean to cause it what F* Buddies. Even sexual sin is a terrible sin but I didn’t create this blog to shove a Bible down your throat. I didn’t become a SG #SuicideGirl without the intention to use my body for God and his glory. Which has gone to #GodsGirls which I need to do more research about I’m hoping I’m not too old.

I got accepted but never put up a photoshoot. I couldn’t afford one because of other womens mouths. When you check them can you make sure they have the proper documents.

I didn’t have the best dating record until Brattin came along and I have severally messed up. Stated by Him “Drained My Heart”.

There should be help and guidelines do not put up with abuse under any circumstance. We have sat down and discussed even boundaries in which every property has a boundary and walking around in the hood straight from the streets to a recovery center. In which JPS responded #StopSix – Really do you want your daughter and sister and mother and I thought friend on Stop 6 With no place this hospital got that didn’t they. Which Millwood only one of the Recovery Centers in the area moved me to this group home sit and stay and well I choose and chose to continue to work. What do you still <STEAL> Have a Problem?!
Why hoping I don’t have to visit it multiple times. We’ve I mean I have told you over and over again.

Relationships that are that meaningful to us should be something to care about and for the rest of our lives. I have freedom as an individual & now I’m in the “Blue Light” & for moving out of my highly sheltered environment in a direction in which at the age of 31 I am confused as to which Building Studios to work for. Meanwhile, I don’t feel safe around it after I walked in and out of that first studio. I don’t have to tell you where esp. when or any of the details. You wanted my work <in hand> & <my job> so admit it. What if I still work at McD’s Huh We all Know “You Be”.

Is this really pin pointing towards what I think it is!

Just keep my mouth shut & never run from a COP even if they took whatever #shop of yours it was March 2017…




How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

Thank you for the coffee and where did you buy that probably Starbucks. There are three Starbucks on UTA Campus which there are also about one or two used and still able to put money on gift cards to earn points. That which started out as a friendly game ended up in a deadly competition. 

While I agree it is fun to run into an old friend at an establishment it is not friendly to hear certain things my friends and I have been told about what flavor we even bought.

We do not need to hear couples say “Do you like Johnna Floyd” As you talk to your lover because you fell in love with the wrong reasons to even go to school and the University in the first place. Mostly wondering if you even go to the College in the first place we are allowed to have those kind of conversations.

Especially with old friends from Dallas clubs in which we have used a huge chunck of our money. Clubs including Insomnia, Afterlife, and The Church, and also, especially Lizard Lounge. Which takes a whole day of you following us and the class only last about an hour and a half or less.

Yes… I don’t need that every time I or Anyone drove up to Krogers to help my landlords and people to pick up groceries including healthy fruit, important meats, and other necesitties including milk and dairy products. Access denied by the fattest person in the entire town to close the door on my graduation day in the first place. 

Really You Don’t Need to see my cell phone or my cellulite

Each person cost a person and with these kind of crowds I’m lucky to have a bed and have a seat and have my purpose in life. Book : “A Purpose Driven Life” Get and Receive connections to because all they did take from it when it placed it on the streets was its own personal valuables. I wouldn’t do that in the first place and that is all that’s walking into these shops. What do you mean?! With Advertising we are aware of what we needed to be shopping for ourselves for. In any of our own textbooks. Some of these people were like excuse me “What do you mean they own TextBooks?! Especially The TextBook.” That was some of the first courses I took at UTA. McNeese knew the same thing in which I didn’t own the Textbook which had a due date on it. 

In Science there is a problem. Followed by a hypothesis. Followed by an example. Followed by a test to the hypothesis. Followed by the ending result. Others may state it differently but to each person it boils down to how it studied the information in the first place and if it even did. I was known for reading and doing my work but who I have put myself around lead it to a #2 pencil filled with violence. 

My favorite thing in this world is unsolved crimes right now. Like Barnum & Bailey Circus mostly what I have invested in was my Education and what I am supposed to. I believe in fate and what this Dinero ended up to be is what I need to repay my FAFSA loans with. 

I don’t owe you the world or nothing for a person walking out of a jail cell on comic con day. As you wear a costume that’s very expensive and walking down and into my territory that I just got for waiting my time. We waited our time in line and all you are trying to do is attack it’s inner parts and souls. 

I didn’t have to talk to them in the first place and they don’t need anything. I am running from people for the wrong reasons. In which we really do not know the right or wrong reasons it even tried to take my own breath which God has given me.



Pop-A-Seat-O A-B Took Me To Pizza at UTA B2B RB

Unless you talking for yourself you should probably back down from what you are fighting unless they are deamons within yourself. Yes my sister & brother in law are getting close to their date. All we’ve been sitting here thinking about is “Happy Death Day” Sweat-Tart.

That which is already depicted in and on your body in the first place. What camera?! What picture?! Put your head in The Game = Life… In Which you don’t mess up!

What people would and wouldn’t do for certain things and situations. No one’s fooling anyone – SLippED… Unless you we’re walking in my shoes! Depictions in which we don’t get right the first time in this FIGHT!

Gift To Be Given Was Solomons Head!!!

We aren’t playing around here – Play no games here – Which is all my BRAIN is full of. To be thankful for every drop of it… I needed Godly advice from people I trusted not to be treated that way in which all of America does. So you know what – Deal = Deal With The Cards You We’re Dealt.

That in Which each person was given their right place/title/situation & desired what kind of analysis! Who actually listens to People To People = The Table! + – > < % 

Comment Do We Need From & To 



Walking Around With Goals

If we plan to win we’ll win if we lose to plan we’ll fail.

Johnna Floyd


We can get thrown in so many directions when we choose to just sit on the sidelines of life. Especially our life and let things happen to us instead of directing our lives into which direction they need to go. We have to be deliberate in our actions to a plan that will actually work.

I have had a drug problem since the age of 17 and that is some of why I have gotten myself into the situations I have. It is a sad thing when you can’t name it and claim it. We need people to look up to but the people we look up to can be dangerous for us to accept into our lives.

When there is nowhere to turn we are ourselves are the ones to blame. We need to use what we have to do what we can with what we have and with where we are.

My Future Goals

  • Finish my last year of school
  • Get an apartment
  • Do my work
  • Get a vehicle
  • Sell More
  • Make an income online
  • Move out of the Group Home
  • Stay Alive
  • Pay off UTA debt
  • Get Brandon in First Grade

Walking Around With Problems

I took a pill in Ibiza
To show Avicii I was cool
And when I finally got sober, felt ten years older
But fuck it, it was something to do
I’m living out in LA
I drive a sports car just to prove
I’m a real big baller ’cause I made a million dollars
And I spend it on girls and shoes

Mike Posner

My Dad was deployed and I was very undisciplined towards my mom. I feel like I wasted time and have plenty to make up for. Though I will make it. I just have to set Goals.


Chinese Horoscopes’ = The Rabbit

Chinese Horoscopes’ = The Rabbit

Humanities Cultures & Beliefs

Last year I took a Humanities course at Texas Wesleyan and we slightly covered other religions and customs. The Chinese Horoscope is a tale that begins with the Jade Emperor, or Buddha, depending on the teller, who summoned all the animals of the universe for a race, or a banquet.The order that they came in determined the order of the zodiac.

Rat: (1984, 1996, 2008, add 12 years for each subsequent year)
Ox: (1985, 1997, 2009)
Tiger: (1986, 1998, 2010)
Rabbit: (1987, 1999, 2011)
Dragon: (1976, 1988, 2000)
Snake: (1977, 1989, 2001)
Horse: (1978, 1990, 2002)
Ram: (1979, 1991, 2003)
Monkey: (1980, 1992, 2004)
Chicken: (1981, 1993, 2005)
Dog: (1982, 1994, 2006)
Pig: (1983, 1995, 2007)

The animals endured different trials and the Rabbit won. Next to the Dragon due to tricks. The animals of the zodiac were brought to China via the Silk Road, the same central Asian trade route that brought the com/introduction-to-buddhism-449715″>Buddhist belief from India to China.

I Am A Rabbit

To find out what you are look at the list then in google research your animal. You will find a long list of characteristics and traits attaining to you. The App I am using is Horoscope best horoscope app ever the purple icon one. I like this one the best so far.

I spent a good amount of time last night well ok all night wooing over apps.

    • Most Fortunate in life span
    • Mythical person of the moon
    • agreeable and relaxed (for me this is very true)
    • sprucing up the grounds
    • common accomplishment
    • delicate & calm
    • dignified & deliberate
    • trust anything isn’t difficult
    • enthusiasm for battle

$5.00 Off Over $40, Use Code: 5OFF

  • scarcely tricked
  • getting away from damage
  • solid counsel
  • tranquil, peaceful, agreeable (love this state)
  • begin and end well
  • ‘delicate words
  • reasonable for political and governmental work due to kind picture
  • influence to trust others
  • take care of issues with discourtesy
  • tolerant of others
  • writing, craftsmanship, plan, ADVT, guiding, warning occupations, law, secretaries (So I know I chose the right line of work)
  • keep their word (always have well most of the time)

I Want To Pick Up Something New

Last night I played around with some graphic design apps. I have take graphic design but through Adobe Cloud. I downloaded the following apps and suggest them to you if your are interested in the same thing. I also want to pick up photography and be able to create beautiful images.

  • Photo Editor
  • Canva
  • Snapseed
  • Spark Post

To sell your photos try Chashot app for putting your photos up there for sale.

My Watch Listed

My Watch Listed

People Watching Doesn’t Come For The Faint of Heart

A lot of things happen along that relaxing people watch. All around the clock I watched & well I’m used to working. it may or may not be as serious as I am making it out to be. It’s not really like they were waiting to watch when the store closed for us is it?

I mean we aren’t the one’s at The Shop waiting till 2 am not we’re busting our butts. I don’t have to talk like I used too perhaps their is a problem if I just sit here and watch and run my mouth.. I can TALK BRAND NEW! I’ve never been the one to want to concerts to watch.

I did go to a Tegan & Sarah, Switchfoot, and Christian Concerts. When I was 13 I sang on a CD : Phillips Craig & Dean I sing Alto and have played the guitar, clarinet, and finger drumming. I am a LEO and like the attention at times unless it’s perverted.

Like a new pair of shoes you could help me afford without calling me that horrible parking problem.

That doesn’t mean I have changed anything at least over night. My son is about to turn 5. Let’s all blame Santa Clause right now for making people the way their neediness is tempting them to be. It takes a lot to make that big of an Impulsed to Impact. I got rid of these shoes but they were some of my favorite their so comfortable and made out of good material – Birkenstock.



To be Rico in a Crowd Full of Nunyas

I could get pen pointed to the club which I wanted when I was in Texas Wesleyan. I just counted a bed full of 1,000 pens and if I had a dollar for each pen I’d be rico. Is it or is it not about being popular because for one I certainly am not and don’t see myself that way. Yesterday it felt like the whole hospital was talking negatively about me.

Where has my writing even helped or where am I directing my information too and too? I need help well hello we all do. I follow the news intensely I am a PR and ADVT major lacking one year with important classes like comm tech and pr case studies. Balancing social media has been a slow process.

With bipolar disorder it has all been a slow process. We are an imperfect part of this world and no one will ever be. My room mate is a cop and a judge too at the same time. I can be grateful for what I can get. But how about…

Exposed for… I am happy with $1 meanwhile many of them sell out and it’s all based on the fact that we don’t like what they’re talking about. “Thank You for telling me it’s good work!” Can I please have some financial assistance. Yes I have PTSD and it is all a competition. I have PTSD probably from car accidents. I’ve been fortunate and have had five vehicles all of which only last two years.


The Game is What The Game Is

Watch The Game = If you put a ( I )am (& You) are number one in front of this house glass which looks like an 8 you get the year 18. Science causes weird things to happen but first you have to put something in it for it to work. Like a locked up deposit box but mine got broken into last year by my 5 year old. Hope he didn’t find anything too interesting in there.

For some of us the 18th birthday is the best day we ever watch in our lives. I 8 This year I’m 3 0 age is a calculation and if I we’re able to go to school again this semester. This year I went to Sephora and got my makeup done. I watched her respectably and now know even more than I did. Than when I put it on other students for Drama Club. I have a whole Vera Bradley lunch box full of makeup now.

It’s time for school to start again. I would be taking math for liberal arts and communication rhetoric at Texas Wesleyan. If I didn’t have to repay UTA $3000. So now I can just do my research on my own time. Just because you can’t go to school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.

When I was younger i was anorexic to impress other people and I tried bulimia though I have rose above that and am lucky I am here to help people out the way I am needing too. So whenever you want to talk. I’ll be here just let them watch. I think it’s important to get a real relationship with people and know them in a sense other than what I can get. I look at others as God would have them.


Dropped Out Of School but I’ve been to McNeese State, Tarrant County College, University Texas Arlington, and Texas Wesleyan. I am not yet ready to wear those tassles and I’m in debt $3,000. To a school that was unfair to me and what I stood for.

Just because I dropped out doesn’t mean I’m going to wither away and drop out. It is a rat race in there and in your mind. Something I think we can all find useful. Writing exercises and fair trades getting help from a helping hand. Though we’re not here to be walked all over. Take one on pass it along but I thought that’s how we all got those sexually transmitted diseases.

Maybe it is better to share but maybe it isn’t. I am a republican and I can’t run for office because I was not born in the United States. I lost all my business suits and blend into the streets like I did when I was a kid. Kids think “I’m the boss I kinda run things around here!” Don’t I!

That’s the wrong Idea to have in that box – take a break before you hurt yourself.  I was rushed to the psychologist building and surrounded by several cops. Just because the professor said I was a problem… to whom?! Please comment it you think I am – I need the help.

We shared everything we made nothing but here’s to now –

I have blogged since I was 13 but I haven’t seen a penny from it yet. I wonder when I will get my turn I really want those tattoos and 5 of my cars have been tragic almost endings. I need, We need, You need, so share the wealth. We can’t all do that and this and no Im not pan handling so you can lock me up.

You either want to help us or you don’t – are you going to help or are you not?! Not that kind of help that still greedy as hell. What they blamed and blabbed about and whose grades were those in the first place. Are you trying to take someone’s place who doesn’t need your or want your help. You can help without taking over. Can’t you?

Don’t tell me this is a power struggle. I just write to write My ANSWERS – after all that was my Scranton. I have pushed some people away but when the day is over you only have yourself to handle. Until I met the fact of having a roommate. You are not welcome in my bathroom wait it’s our bathroom. We have to patiently wait till we get paid. I already over spent to the point where I am on my last $30. Though I can tell the fine line of being a PROS & a PRO.

Who are they Too Judge

One of the classes I messed up in was Communications Law & Ethics. So it is understandable if you don’t like them or even agree with them. We all have our differences and I believe God does and shows us everything for a reason. I try to relate a lot of my work to music around me to make sure even the simplest minds are able to be helping and participate in my ideas and discussions.

Though I don’t and no one should get the right to talk to you like you are dumb. I have faith in the fact that things can always get better. I don’t have to Ramble things off my list to get done or to brag in front of your beautiful face. That they may or may not have laughed at in the first place.

We simply might not be the problem they originally said. I am an adult now a 31 year old a adult. Traveling through life and I’ve been judged mostly all my life. Yesterday I cried because I was so tired of it. Though anyone looks for a moment of weakness to attack your goods.

To have your best life you have to want your best life. While stopping picking up and begging for the wrong tree.

Whatever your think dear – darling. My Apathetic Heart is on fire for what once replaced what was the sheets on this mattress of disgraced. Insidiously mentioned not to fight or to determine and whether or not that is respectful or not.


They placed magazines in front of me at the table at the center. The Adult Day Care Center today I got a message the first message my fast car brain has gotten. It’s whatever help you can give them at the moment. Without them taking advantage of you which is making us feel uncomfortable. Time Place Manner & State.

The News flashes KKK : We don’t have to point fingers and maybe the only thing that is going down the road is a high five from all soccer fields. We can make a difference. Like I said I have a boyfriend that is a tattoo artist. I haven’t seen him in 5 years though we talk in a spiritual way. I don’t have to answer questions that are not of your business. Meanwhile, you don’t have to roll your eyes or scream at me about it.

Faith In Pharmaceuticals

Faith In Pharmaceuticals

Faith is defined as trust in a person or a thing. As a long-term disability and especially benefits recipient, this is important in the Pharmacy department. This weekend after Monday Dad got me to go home around 4 because of fine health. Two hours before my son and sister and mom came home. I still can not read google analytics from the platform I wonder if it’s just not working or if it is an actual problem with traffic. I felt really bad Monday because my son asked me to stay up all night and I did. I smoked so much and drank so much coffee.

Woman health is a problem for me right now and I asked my nurse she said that it was the Lithium I am on. I had my period last night but not since this afternoon isn’t that weird. My dad cut fish when he got back before he dropped me off and he caught the biggest crappie. He had faith in me to do good and I can’t help feel a little bad that i have left him down for 15 years. They said they are more thankful that I have noticed.

My nanny takes care of all of our medicine needs. We all have our own individual mental illnesses I have bipolar, Schizophrenia, and depression. I have four roommates it’s important to have faith in the ones your around. Also to faithfully take care of your responsibilities.

Today is my roommates Lauren’s birthday I bought her a pack of talons and I’m going to do her nails. We had nacho and tostadas for dinner before we had cake. The cake had 7 layers of good cake, jelly, and frosting. I got my cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I don’t know where her sweet mother got this cake but it was rich. She also got a cell phone like mine.

Got a hotspot on my phone that runs my computer and it’s working. My Dad’s phone service is through AT&T. I’ve been reading and spelling with the letters of an acronym or a word it’s fun. The boss thing they said on the news is true and feel it is our responsibility to stay faithful to the things and people we have faith in the first place.

Instead of wondering what to do – Just start doing it

My mom used to tell me that it’s annoying to hear “Well what do you want me to do?” When talking about cleaning up. It’s easy or medium or hard on a scale from 1 to 10 to get what you thought you were trying to really do accomplished when you can think without distraction. Though this seldom happens and everything is something we have to pay for.

Though on first instinct at a human being we are prone to bad things. At least I know I was to putting myself into bad situations. I think the more we read and put our minds at work the less distracting this stuff becomes. I don’t know all the answers no one does. Sometimes it’s better not to listen like the time I walked into JPS. Some people are very hurtful in the way they talk. i am a communications major and here to talk to you and walk you through the thinking thought frustration.

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We Want Real Results – We Have Real Choices

I am not a prototype or a nemesis. I write everyday and work hard everyday. I am not some superficial problem. Many of them come up to us and are that problem. My Dad always said watch out for scam artist and seems to good to be true types.

If your really our friends you wouldn’t be lying to us to get your way. We would be able to stand up and receive what we are needing instead of tomatoes in our faces. As a Communications major I am pretty good at playing poker but in no since does that mean I want what was left in my pasture.

I want real results i want to make something out of myself. I try but I have border line personality disorder which diverts my attention and leads me on dangerous paths. That’s why my parents said no more hanging out. There are traps everywhere in this and every field. I go to Fielder and so far that Coffee Shop is not the problem may be something wrong with Starbucks though. I even worked at the coffee shop once upon a time.