Looking Too Closely

Please do not get attached is what my heart always said. I never needed a man to make me happy. Meanwhile, a lot of women depend on them and that is the anserw. If you are not willing to give than don’t expect them to recieve and when they don’t give don’t throw a fit. Putting your pouty little face and fucked up lips to every and any object or person I’ve ever came or come into contact with. Especially BIG Bosses “That’s Disgusting & Not Your Place” Is what a good friend would say.

I am not that attitude problem that B* is trying to make money of anything and everything you are doing. In order to do what with it?! Do what with me?! Is it just me or this problem a universal problem no I’m no Walt Disney Princess and you a damn problem. Chit Chattin in my mouth and running what kinda messy shit.

Johnna you are alone and will be in this world with most of these people wanting your money till the day you die. Mostly Pigs and If their bridges that need to be burnt they need to be burnt. I burnt each page within myself this is not a suicide attempt or a death threat.

Honestly yall did the wrong thing and thought itd be easy and you wouldn’t get caught huh? We all get caught in the end even I did. See now how old am I? I still have a seat at the Table with my Mother, my Father, my Son, and to Hail With My Sisters.

These people will take anything they can get their hands on straight from the gutter. I hope that gutter has a blade on it because I’ll never steal again but they deffinitly are and needed to make this mess they are in Texas. I am locked up for what? Cop give me that stuff back and give it too someone who deserves it more.

Got mad over what “Gutter Mouth”, what a “Friendship, what a boyfriend???

These are common everyday women problems but unfortnately I have had problems with my period all year. My parents and entire family not believing in me. Leaving me too fight every day for whatever I need and want to survive in life. On the $50 while the other $50 goes to The Schools My Debt <Wouldn’t Mind> <Are-U-Meant> In which I’ll have to pay off from now till 2023.

That is not your money and I’ll tell you again. Do NOt ask or anserw this but who exactly did you get that from is going to bite you in the ass. Well its almost Christmas. I have studied and I do know how continue down the path of righteousness. Go ahead and gossip and pretty S*** Yo* M** D*** + Like I Said “Leave That Alone”


How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

How To Talk to a friend While Shopping

Thank you for the coffee and where did you buy that probably Starbucks. There are three Starbucks on UTA Campus which there are also about one or two used and still able to put money on gift cards to earn points. That which started out as a friendly game ended up in a deadly competition. 

While I agree it is fun to run into an old friend at an establishment it is not friendly to hear certain things my friends and I have been told about what flavor we even bought.

We do not need to hear couples say “Do you like Johnna Floyd” As you talk to your lover because you fell in love with the wrong reasons to even go to school and the University in the first place. Mostly wondering if you even go to the College in the first place we are allowed to have those kind of conversations.

Especially with old friends from Dallas clubs in which we have used a huge chunck of our money. Clubs including Insomnia, Afterlife, and The Church, and also, especially Lizard Lounge. Which takes a whole day of you following us and the class only last about an hour and a half or less.

Yes… I don’t need that every time I or Anyone drove up to Krogers to help my landlords and people to pick up groceries including healthy fruit, important meats, and other necesitties including milk and dairy products. Access denied by the fattest person in the entire town to close the door on my graduation day in the first place. 

Really You Don’t Need to see my cell phone or my cellulite

Each person cost a person and with these kind of crowds I’m lucky to have a bed and have a seat and have my purpose in life. Book : “A Purpose Driven Life” Get and Receive connections to because all they did take from it when it placed it on the streets was its own personal valuables. I wouldn’t do that in the first place and that is all that’s walking into these shops. What do you mean?! With Advertising we are aware of what we needed to be shopping for ourselves for. In any of our own textbooks. Some of these people were like excuse me “What do you mean they own TextBooks?! Especially The TextBook.” That was some of the first courses I took at UTA. McNeese knew the same thing in which I didn’t own the Textbook which had a due date on it. 

In Science there is a problem. Followed by a hypothesis. Followed by an example. Followed by a test to the hypothesis. Followed by the ending result. Others may state it differently but to each person it boils down to how it studied the information in the first place and if it even did. I was known for reading and doing my work but who I have put myself around lead it to a #2 pencil filled with violence. 

My favorite thing in this world is unsolved crimes right now. Like Barnum & Bailey Circus mostly what I have invested in was my Education and what I am supposed to. I believe in fate and what this Dinero ended up to be is what I need to repay my FAFSA loans with. 

I don’t owe you the world or nothing for a person walking out of a jail cell on comic con day. As you wear a costume that’s very expensive and walking down and into my territory that I just got for waiting my time. We waited our time in line and all you are trying to do is attack it’s inner parts and souls. 

I didn’t have to talk to them in the first place and they don’t need anything. I am running from people for the wrong reasons. In which we really do not know the right or wrong reasons it even tried to take my own breath which God has given me.



Environmentality In Relations To Thourgh Thinking…

No one wants to hear threats or demeaning information from this problem. They can’t just walk into situations and I will get to the bottom of whatever I left behind in all these Science classes. 

First you have to have the Problem – I appreciated every drop of college and I will be paying it back until the Day I Die. For tomorrow it will be die another day. I have a hypothesis and sweet heart that’s honestly just a textbook. How bout you get into some real work that worth it for you and everyone thats around. We didn’t come to class for that comment or commited?

Brought the flies to the trap paper in the first place. I realize the low amount of traffic I am getting from viewers from my site. Your business isn’t really any of my own. Today has been a good day & I’m thankful for getting my money. Yes mine. My dad brought me glasses today and I love them and my father in the first place. 

If your father here on Earth loves you this/that much imagine how much your Father in Heaven will love you. We all get attitude problems from time to time. My watch is doing some really cool things and I deffinitly wouldn’t be the same person I am without the team work and people around me. 

While my mom talks about dietary information I have kept with the same system pretty much.

For I am one person with a bio system too. Why what’s the question?!

When I went school shopping I didn’t ask for you to come with me. I remember special times I would be seen with my family shopping they didn’t have to attack or what feels like a personal attack. On a Senior on Senior Year or perhaps I didn’t study as hard as I possibly could.

From Prom to Prominade I don’t need the comments and a bunch of us don’t. Though how desperate some of us became for the correct + what are they still bugging?!

So therefore down with the Romeo skull I placed by the TV and gossip we heard. On too moving on to healthier and more fullfilling Fall things in life. For things fall into place in life. 

Geography – learned from TV?! Location, Location, Location


How To Be Content With Being You & Less On Measurements

How To Be Content With Being You & Less On Measurements

If women have one thing in common it’s the ability to hate ourselves. It’s nice but not very often do we find a place of peace within ourselves to truely find ourselves lovely. For the most part we compare and compete on a daily basis. This group home has tested me from day one. While roaming on the streets would have only gotten me killed.

From the inside and out; believe me I know each one of us makes up the economic and sociological structure of this globe. Stop Smirking to Smirnoff parties no one is better than anyone else. Together we need too stand strong and just accept life for what we have while we have it. We are only human and we have to stand proud of whatever we are standing for or we are going to lose it; and lose it all. 

“We Are The World” & “We Are The Children”
<3 The Purge

I have made a $3,000 mistake into the University of Texas at Arlington. Without the support of my parents who said they’d be there. After this being the second Spring semester is there hope…?

Though I have messed up in school – is it too late for me? Do I brush my shoulders off and find my way to the correction mark and find a way to make it work for my last year or two years till I can graduate. Depending on which Route I take or Route 44 drink I pick up the choices are all in current change. While unfortunately I live off my own pocket change. Sweetheart; wake up this SSI money is from the Government. Which unfortunately I am quite disgusted by how they approach the SSI building and also the people who protect such a system being of and in attack. If it’s something you stand for it’s something you don’t let go.

What if I never go back – would I be content then? Maybe we will never be content! It simply came from the table of contents and after completing an amount of 144 hours there is no need to quit. Surrounded by close to $20,000 in debt from institutions. I only want my own lifestyle and choices to make an impact that will further and protect the future of America. 

Never A Mistake In Education – Of course their is! Though remember the game rebound and rubber bands that were incorportated in the game. Each persons game and score is different and each placement is different. Though in each situation includes the two Love & Money – & A Shot Of Coffee. College doesn’t last forever but sometimes it’s better to grow up to real situations that are our own to help those in other situations to learn this isn’t that nice or depressing of a world in which their languistics are trying to make it. 


Wear What You Feel Comfortable In & Don’t Try To Be Someone Else. I have ran into several problems with the Educational System; for a daughter it is hard for me too express what I really think and feel towards this subject.

There is a fine line between fasination and the real world. These times of life should only last depending on the own personal adult, preteen, or teenager, in which the choices are associated. One of my first jobs was working at Good Will Ind. & Now I don’t have a SSCard. Meanwhile; I live off of SSI and disability for the remainder of the next two to three years. All in which I have felt I have lost my family, being at their home, and even my son. We all know that the “Wish” I put on here to be Married – which I really don’t will sit in the back of my mind.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I hate his needles that much. Waiting to get about 6 bottles of tattoo ink as the piles to his shop grow in rapid pace. A place and also a person in which they have placed Bipolar disorder. Sweetheart you aren’t that Hot! No they deffinitly card us when we walk in the door at the club, also the parloor, and people should be warned in the first place. In which no one walks in trying to get even a little bit attached to it. We have lost close ones that have gotten in these situations at The Clubs & Streets & Parlor


Since I have witnessed these “things” doing that to their own & we aren’t & that will never be your place. This has gone past warning & now to accepting & adapting to a new way of life. This isn’t easy street and I am not that sleeze.

I wonder if the situation will always pertain the premises of what exactly people are asking for in the first place. They have no Rights to my Copywritten work or anyone else’s from which these blogging communities are part of. You can look good at any price and I believe the more skin that isn’t showing is the best. You what?! Then don’t bring it out on your friends or you’ll soon see your friends leave. 


Keep Your Head Hanging High & Never Give Up On What Great Heights You Have Already Climbed.

There are moments when you are going to fail; their is times when you are going to prevail. The best examples of these are written from the best book in the Word the Bible. We are in 2018 Welcome to what your parents told you wasn’t always how it’s going to be. When we go home and we are left to do what we are supposed to do in the first place. Right now for me; it is where my heart is calling home. In sort of a half way home mess of which I miss both my son and my old friends. 

I believe who we are around can bring or destroy our motivation and keep us locked up or out. Though that is mainly what I have learned from my experiences. Shows like Orange Is The New Black will show you the same thing. A Great one is Ridiculous + which I don’t have to say much… They said it’s a community to share. While things that you want to keep to yourself shouldn’t be a problem. So stop asking or beating around the bush as to what your wanting. 



Wondering If We’re Going To Get Away With ? What ?!

If you followed each step on the moon the first man on the moon did then you would have the same wallet and same story! So stop comparing these matching games because that is not the right match. We playing go fish or black jack. In other words I get help for helping in return. I don’t need tempers or tantrums. 

I don’t have to run from Cops or The Gov. I’m determining to keep my BG that way & each puzzle piece went to this game. System to Service & Messed with who while they we’re working?! Then walking up to what table?! You don’t get that in a mess hall. Right now we’ve all found ourselves in the mess in which I honestly believe only God can do something about.

Riding in who’s bus to church to church to do that in which I am needed. That diary apparently got around to a lot of people. Well I’m not embarrased but when your water and tv don’t work and the only internet connection you got is through your dads cell phone AT&T company. Tell me that the Rich Young Asians we’re F’n Happy with what they found. Meanwhile also their consequence. 

Carving Craving

-Home Decorating

Food & Water & Shelter

I’ve already been dragged around enough to and from…

Target Market – To the one’s who do know what marketing and I can join to make money from and those who don’t have a right mind or any business in mine. My stats chart is messed up. What this person must be thinking in which I think they’re looking is saying only one or two clicks to hits a day. That’s some real messed up bull* I’ve been working and typing since I was 12. In which TV and Reality TV shows are written from yeah because I wrote it. 

Situational Analysis – Choosing your own seat in class is a privelege and I gave my own self allegiance. Know does anyone have any pledge?! I believe that was part of FLOYD’s & Thanks for that BADGE + is it a Badge 2 Badge talk?! I believe it’s be your own person no wonder ya’ll fit into the cages so well. 

Picking Those We Care About Closely

While being pushed around from house to house I couldn’t choose which one I got myself into. I also couldn’t choose which roommate I chose. I am told I mess with everyone’s heads but I make you think though right?! 

You don’t get in their face and ask for information another comment that came up is I don’t ask for anything. No we’ve caught ya’ll red-handed. I ask politely and I ask properly I was taught through people I look up too. I believe that is how we all learn. 31 is not grown up I am still on that road to nowhere. 

My Friends want to know everything we do for that is how we share. Sharing is caring but when you get chased out of a town you lived in for 10 years by imposters and posers there are many things to question. Like who is walking up to what! 

Choosing Friends Is Biblical & Scientific

We all lose touch and we all loose feelings but they come back to us – don’t they?! According to Forbes magazine online the internet has changed how we interact. I have been given special things that I thought were hidden though now I guess they are not. Friends influence our behavior and our beliefs. 

  1. I am a strong-willed friend. We all need self-control. Resisting temptation trust me each scene gives you temptation and we make our own choices. We also get associated with the people we know and when we know everyone we are knowing to ourselves and we are pushed to tell the truth. Psychiatry – My Favorite was Dr. Naus but even I didn’t deserve those nasty questions. 
  2. Most Popular People Have Huge Financial Problems. Especially when I am working and earning I like to impress. I like to pass around things for others. While hoping they appreciate them. I remember rebuilding a church with a group of friends in Hollywood and a party at UTA with Mariah Carry and a DJ. 
  3. Social Media Connections pull these chains on the web and we are seated at that place within ourselves. In which becomes stressful and we don’t need to be pushing the stress out on other people. 


Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Commitment To A Sit Down While He Says Touch Down

Part of the reason I haven’t seen my husband in 5-6 years is that we both can’t provide what each other need at the moment. Neither one of us is an ATM. I am glad he has stuck with me through all of this there has been a moment of pain, happiness, and magic.

Whatever we have created with UTA science we have and we have to deal with it every day. You have to deal with the cards you are handed and the cheaters get consequences.


Get Your Hands Off Stuff They Have Given Us – Especially TIP $

Adults Don’t Hang Out We Hang Up

Where the mind wonders it wonders but what if it was all caught especially on camera. Then would I be told I was a good and Godly wife? Do I represent my husband the right way? I have always dreamed of being that Proverbs 31 wife. My favorite thing is working on this blog and working on all my situations but what do we get paid with?!

Brattin & Black Ink Crew wants me to pick up the tattoo gun. I plan on buying the tattoo gun in the coming year in January after focusing on my flash and graphics. I also plan on picking up the piercing gun in February. I am very dedicated to any job I am given and I don’t appreciate the same thing The Game don’t and that’s getting messed with.

In The Situation, We Are Actually In We Still Give Each Other Attention

I look up to him and respect him for who he is. Meanwhile, that’s all that matters. We may be close but far I can talk to him and hear him when I need to. I let him get his work done and his pride I hope I help. I try my best to trust him when he says he doesn’t go for that pretty little girl in that dress. I don’t follow this situation too closely because it’s even my own life I fear.

Though we have been committed to our story as two Liberal Art Students. My Baby went to Full Sail and is in the Coast Guard. I got accepted to Full Sail and I have gotten accepted by the Special Ops. 

We Make A Good Team

Mr. & Mrs.Brattin have been working as a team for about 10. Something in which I take pride in I was picked as SG Suicide Girl at the age of 17. I don’t mess with his and he doesn’t mess with mine and we both check in on each other. We help raise our children together.

Women Speak Up Tell Your Man How To Make You Happy Then

Tell them what you’re really needing no ones going to read your mind. Writing a notebook full of stuff that I have for years isn’t going to help you hide behind something that you’re going to blow up about. I really wish he was with me…

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

Glad We Ran Into Each Other

When we are not knowing our rightful place we are destined for failure and punishment. An employee can step down from a Boss and a Boss is normally ran by a Bigger Boss. When a woman goes up to a persons boss and pulls tricks and pushes an argument then it is time for action. While each action equals a lesser or equal reaction.

Crawling in the dirt when you haven’t done anything for this stuff. I haven’t asked my boyfriend for much because I don’t want to be in that situation. If you don’t want to be in that situation don’t put yourself in it. When other people’s mouth gets you in trouble and you have to pay for it severally it is cause for action.

I have had about 5 to 8 bosses in my life and have had to move to move from situation and I do not complain and I actually enjoy listening to the stories.

T-Shirts and Hoodies For The Things You Love - I Love Apparel

I have been on SSDI since 2005 and I have 3 more years left. I will have to keep up with what? That’s right my situation.

It is greedy and simple to walk up and talk to it. Though I place the Bible and God before my place within this community. No one told you this life was easy or impossible you can do anything you set your mind to. Though it’s humilitating to get that reputation and what do we do well we placed ourselves in it and that’s what our mouths have done.


  • I believe that I am not a POSER in which a person takes suitcases from a person.
  • I don’t look at other people’s belongings especially not what they pushed in club settings.
  • Where came from? Military Background…
  • What and To Who they are pointing to?
  • We have to get accepted to our places and one of my favorite places was First Priority…
  • I look up to Boosie and I didn’t feel the need to join Varsity Choir for looking up to people that is what kids do.

Things We All Support

  • Those who have supported us in the first place
  • Those who have helped through tough situations thankful for the sweet comments about the hurricain.
  • Those who have kept us safe and taught us to be humble
  • Teachers who have taught us and haven’t overstepped their boundaries
  • People who will help you find the information we are needing

Here’s Help For My Sister 2 Sister & Situation 2 Situation

Got a new magazine today – – the Enquirer a male fashion magazine. My man is hot enough to be in the Enquire but I get jealous of the attention he gets and I’m hoping he gets it from the attention I get. There have been reasons we have not been able to get together in five years. I believe it is pride and jealousy I don’t desire what other women have. I believe in getting help when we/her/she needs it.

I believe we make a good team.

I try to do the best I can to represent my boyfriend and guy friends of ours as special and unique as they can be. My sisters especially my stripper sisters & sorority sisters have been picked for each place and we don’t have to complain that much about place to place when it’s PlayStation and Monopoly. To me, it’s all the cards that are dealt at this Casino one of the best things I have done with a guy friend. The reason I go to spot to spot is to take care of my people. I believe that is my right to check on my/our people the right way. This is the lesson I dropped out because of on Feb 7th of this year and pretty much last year. Two years in a row spending and having to repay the right amount $50 a month for what happened to a Senior – I thought it was itis. Didn’t realize it was Midas. What exactly are you framing because we have individual notes.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?!


Each person is important to me and yes we have all gone through tough times. Though we don’t allogate to be alligators and trap them into the traps I have always been scared of. Do We?

The Purge – Purchased The News Paper

The Purge is one heck of a movie! Click rewind and set the scenes we are women and men within big dreams. We went to College and some of my friends are just starting college in order to better ourselves. I believe and support equal opportunity employers and employment.

My friend, as well as myself, have grown up in the church political system and have put our/my kid into the church situation. Why are they begging to break a system that a family sets up if it weren’t for my parents little Brandon wouldn’t have the opp. to go to ECC which is a private school set by Fielder. For we are on the Field…   We have learned through some people are extremely selfish. Some people “SNAP” in situations they have to own up too.

I trusted Him and I Still Do – The Ring Fit but I don’t have to be flashy I’ll save that for my graphics.

We have learned to remain silent in the moment of her passing Husband which she cherished her relationship. We miss our friends and loved ones since we have also lost our children to the support system.

My friend Ciara Bhadd longs for a mother to daughter relationship and I believe that is where we can help these ladies instead of being rude to them they can look up to us. In which I have studied PR and My daughter is Natasha. We will find and maintain these relationships through mannerisms that we are taught by an even older group of women.

Being a good parent is important

To me but how can I go to work without an SS Card?! I have to work for everything I need for me and my son Brandon. My friend Ciara has 7 children and I’m fortunate I do not. We both deserve inner peace and clarity.  My last domain was lifeasacollegemom.net. Yes my jealousy level kind of got big when I had to lose my jobs and no one would tell me.

Yes, my jealousy kind of got my ego backstabbed when they shook our ingredients together and put in this versus that.

I will be happy once she has inner peace and clarity. – Ciara Bhadd

I get jealous when I’m falsely accused of something I didn’t do. Well, I also need credit for what I have done. Another point is when people lie to me. Also when I have things & people pushed in my face.

Article by Article I believe I can help these women. 

For even I was taught prostitution and have gone up and down like my stats chart depicts but that is of no use to point out especially in class and say we are filthy. It is a bad road and I have heard the stories from the inside of jail cell walls We have to look for the proper sources of employment and help. The first step about the streets is to keep your own damn self-safe from it. Question everything. Ciara is a Med Doctor. I am that writer heck I a CEO of whatever I need and want to be.

Messing with Emotions of Others

We are who God made us to be and if we don’t need other people messing with the way we feel. Especially in a classical locked up novel. I note your idea and move on we are human we are filled with strengths and weaknesses. We are charts and numbers but we are not you and that belonged to someone who didn’t hurt you.


To toy with someone in the way they did is dangerous but I’m the one who got myself in those situations. We don’t need to be victimizing ourselves because we want something. My Dad told me to stay away so stay away is what I will do. 

This country of United States was/is Free our choices are what makes us and we choose everyday. What can be given can be take away. I do have a heart and the best thing is knowing the best timing. 

Emotions I Feel

abandonment, aggravated, apprehensive, annoyed, appreciated
betrayed, certain, defensive, destracted, disgusted, Emotion Chart

Been Through What We’ve Been Through


Competing, Reading, Writing, don’t ? what we’re ?ing
Eat your own food