A Princess without a lense is still A Princess

When I was younger; I would say I complained a lot. Way more to my parents than I would have from my son Brandon. The one reason they adopted him is because they are patient. I had Brandon at 25; due to being dumb and things I really don’t know how to say.

My roommate has still been crazy about LifeTime TV and I no longer watch my crime shows or the news. Both in which I miss a great deal. I still feel Kyles spirit with me and I am sad to say that guy I met and hung out with at the center for a short time is gone.

Thank You For Commenting & Taking Time To Read My Blog…

Thank you for saying I have a helping nature – this month has been hard since I lost my lense on the 3rd and am ordering new glasses on Friday. Friday is when we get paid around here. We are all living off government checks which consist of Social Security Benefits. Enough for my rent, 10 cigs a day, the center, and $50 – $70 a month, plus the $50 a month for my UTA debt.

A few things you lovely commentors have said in turn to my post is:

  1. I give important secrets and hope I can help out those who read closely.
  2. I provide helpful guidelines.
  3. I provide a first class job.
  4. I am considerate with my solutions to situations.
  5. I do a good job instructing others.
  6. I choose good topics to write about and am glad I can contribute. 
  7. I am being seen as thoughtful and considerate.
  8. I am seen as a brilliant and beneficial person.
  9. I am providing something entertaining – perhaps some more videos would be of some good use. 
  10. I am of generosity of assistance.

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Finding & Recieving Good Help For Life

Found out this morning that I can get my Social Security Card on the 5th of March. Which is exciting because I need to find a job; my father doesn’t think the center is the best thing in my interest. There’s a number I can find at the MHMR Homeless clinic that I need to contact in order to find a job. 

Kinda wanted to go to church tonight though I’ll stay here tonight. I had some more packages come in and I’ve recieved everything on my ebay list except for 6 things. I am glad that I have people to help and I need to use their resources more wisely to benefit me. As well you can find people to help you. There is a new person at the Group Home. 

Look Classy – Modern Day Ettiquet 

Be simply well prepared – I have been carrying my small pink duffle bag with me everywhere. I am learning to live with what I need and apparently this month I needed shoes and jewelry. All of which I bought on Ebay and bought under $60. We need to recognize flaws and qualities to work first. 

  1. Always Be On Time – 5 mins before or after or exactly on time helps a great deal. To help you be relaxed and at peace. 
  2. Do what you say you will/would do – stay true to your promises. Can’t commit to them then don’t say that you will. Avoid cat fights, disappointments, and making others upset. 
  3. Finish What You Start – Dishes and Laundry & only do one thing at a time.
  4. Work On Your Posture – Don’t slouch and keep shoulders straight and head up. 
  5. Be well Groomed – Make sure your hair looks nice.
  6. Make-Up – Use natural products.
  7. Dress Modestly – Doesn’t have to be expensive but needs to fit and not have wrinkles in them.
  8. Say please and thank you – Good manners will make you look classy and gracious. 
  9. Stay Positive – Look on the Bright Side & Avoid Complaining. Read and be a conscientious citizen.  



Week-en-ing Without You

You don’t know how much of headache; some people can cause. While; most of the time you can’t blame others for what you have done towards their actions or is the opposite true for you? It’s best we do our work – though what do you notice is your work when you really don’t have a job – when do you know your crossing the line. 

First; I’d like to proclaim that we are deffinitly weak without God. Secoundly; we are weak without support. Third; we are weak without a true means of doing things. So don’t take what you have for granted in no sort or manner. I will always appreciate you! Don’t loose hope & build don’t talk… 



In the mornings before we leave on the bus for “The Center” we have been watching Charmed and Supernatural. While I have also wanted to sit down and learn about Chakaras and those Gems and Stones that do different things. I have also wanted to get into aromatherapy. Though this all seems to be the money I’m wasting. Though; who tells us this is money wasted or not – which is not just some generously renewable resource like the dirt in which we walk on. Oh! how I wish that were the case. 

With a roommates that share; better than we did when I first moved in here. A family that is being distant. A long miss in my heart for a loved one. A daily problematic place in my soul for when I will finally be going places and I have to stop complaining which comes so easily for so many of us.

Question-Ink Me

I don’t need to be questioning all the time. Though; no one needs or likes to be lied too. I am left to deal with what I can and that’s all that I can. My train of thought shouldn’t be your word of mouth. I need to know that these three roommates do not define me and we are trying to make something better than ourselves happen from a God we need to be earnestly grateful for.

What isn’t my problem is why my father won’t do much for me anymore…?
Or is it; is that why we’re watching Lifetime all the time. That everyday affects things that are in our every moments.

Is this ART more of a passion; in which we all know we can find ourselves some momentary happiness. I don’t think we all needed to join the GLEE CLUB!

Royally Flushed – Away

Our Toilet – is messed up; since I have been in the group home it has happened three times. We all need to do our part to make this situation work!

Thank You & With Best Regards

At times I have looked to much into the past with pain in mind.
At the present with a take a small step and can I have mentality.

While now; in the future and futher moments I need to sit down and be appreciative of people around me who are trying to help me when even I painfully hid behind these disorders.

Watching the pregnancy pact; remember watching this movie first when it was just mom and I. I miss her; Today was presidents day – really wanted to see little Brandon and my mom. My dad is doing a lot of fishing – a long passionate family hobby. As well as my blogging I’ve done since I was about 12.

Dealing With Everything though not all at once… 

Money sucks right now and I’ve known it is only going to get worse, Looking up as much as I can on – budgetting. I still owe #UTA around $1500 for loans in spring of 18″ due to living situtations. Have to grow up to what I’m waking up to. 

I am glad to know i am a better worker and able to do good things in the future without homicidal and suicidal ideologies. In which I have had before and at the first part of this month.

You find people and find accomidations all around you. Though you really have to look hard for them. I have been going to the center for almost a year and a half while living here at the group home.

A Career – Being A Mom – Being A Girlfriend

I would however; like to give a thought on this Pregnancy Pact Movie. 
When I was younger I wasn’t lazy – then as I got into my 20s it was clubbing and being lazy with a little mix of TCC. After Brandon; I did go to TCC one more semester then to UTA. I did good for two years and am still hoping on graduating. 

I miss my son and I am glad that my mom is so good and close to him. I wasn’t patient enough and always asking my mom for help with him. I joined the MOPS group and went to Fielder single parenting groups.

I don’t really want to talk about being a girlfriend right now…
Though – I love you 

I wasn’t talking & I thought I noticed you. Who are you talking to?

Inside a human mind information is sacred; a loose mouth is worse than a loose sqrew. As a young lady most of us found out that is what we were to do. Is that appropriate? I do not want to lay in bed and do nothing. As my leisure and waste of time… Maybe go take a walk; though dad said not too walk long distance anymore.

My ruby and diamond ring came in; from my closest lover and lifelong friend. Waiting for my laundry to be done. Eating candy and crackers; knowing not what really goes beneath my veins or my skin crawling in the coldness. The things that lurk in the dark and I have been hoping for years these are gentle whispers that I am talking to.

“We weren’t talking to you people in the first place…” In a military home it is sometimes dangerous to talk to others that you don’t know. The same is true in every home you will go to especially if you came from a good family. Though as young teens we used to think we could talk to anyone without anything really bad happening. That is no longer the truth and no longer what I believe. I am hoping that however you believe in yourself; no matter how far the measures or season or amount of money has been displaced.

While Johnna just wanted to sit on her fathers front porch and amuse herself with music and other things she likes without sharing much until the birth of her first boy Brandon.

Though that is not what I can do and never will be able to again. Just sit in peace and silence and watch as this all happens. Listening to Twizted and my sister gets married Saturday; an event to miss & it isn’t my place to talk. That’s a personal opinion and I have a right to my own most of the time. I am depending on people I love the best I can and more than I have during most of my past.

I have invested in three pairs of sparkly pink and teal booty shorts and a silver shined crop with sleeves. To become another dancer on the streets; I am 31 and not decrepit and I still am hoping I have miles to go down the years of my life. It is not about them; it is about us… Here’s to the money we “” at the club PLUR and we ARE worth it. A 60 count of tattoos and two tounge rings that suction cup to your tongue off Ebay for reasonable prices. Say; for way cheaper than your mouth. 


When Things You Bought Take Over The Things You Like

We all like to shop; at least to the best of my knowledge we all do. It may be a unanomous decision but we all have that one thing in particular that we could say we couldn’t go without. Then it faces us; and it’s as though that money we once had no longer exist.

With 1,012 comments from people mostly re-occuring guest. I would love to sit here all day and work on them one by one. I don’t find my blog or any of the blogs that have come before this a waste of time. I do find it heart wrenching to find that I miss so much of my past though look so forward to the past; while at the same time finding it uncomfortable at the present moment.

I can no longer blame others or my disorders here with Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder which moves so great along with Depression. I have however learned that the more you stay steditary in the moment with depression the worse it becomes. 

I wasn’t fearful when I started this journey from my parents house. To make a complete loop; which has happened several times around. For the world does not revolve around me. God puts all things into motion; for I do not think it’s just gravitational forces that blind us.

“RIP “White Ford F150″ To Driving to one of these isn’t strange it is deranged to think a person of that stature would get away with all the dangers in the world.” – Johnna C. Floyd

Things I Have Bought 

Money is easier spent than it ever is made. I wish for a way to make money; though in every way I feel that there is a guard rail of things in my way. I find that non of the schemes on Pinterest work. There is limited sources here in the group home especially without a way to get to a transportational system except that I have two feet that work. For that I have asked my “Real Dad” for shoes!

I have depended on my family most of my life and I can’t imagine living without them. Though for the last two to three years they have been seldom in my life. I am one to two years from my degree. While some have even told me that I would serve a consequence if I were to be found at work again. 

My Vuse Solo is in need of cartridges as well as my JUUL Vape as well as my actual Vaporizer = a lot of money in nicotine… Going back now I think that was not so smart of a purchase and not stuff I just want to collect dust all over in nd my clear drawer. 

My Planner; My Bible and an aray of Faith Happy Planner stickers. I don’t think I can just give and so in which I have; in a way in which I have become acustomed to. A person can only give so much of themselves. I grow each day though does it grow my heart harder to find the resentment and hardships of the knives driven in the back of my cloack.

Something I have done since I was 12; this is “No Game” anymore… You can’t just jackpot on the internet call another persons work yours and sit around the round table and profit – in the end we all find out who? what? when? where? and especially we can already begin to feel why?

So maybe I have gone further in my education than people have. I do not tend to brag; my parents had the best intentions for me and even I could not fullfill what their dreams for me were. Though; I will not be dragged down by especially that of week – mostly female hormonal gland problems. That which do not pertain to me and I am not to be blamed for laying in “MY” 2×4 twin bed and paying me Bills. 

I have paid bills for the last year and a half. Though this is nothing of what I would have thought it would be. In a room full of three room-mates how dare you use another persons name to attain that unthinkable. While also following behind at a measurement of 2 ft though more like inches away. 

However; this is a new year with new debts and new determinations. To simply rely on a man especially with an agenda that doesn’t match yours could be the death of you. I am called and placed in a place of whatever the heck this town of Fort Worth has called me. I am not in charge of my life; all the mean while God is in charge of mine. God will keep me safe in and out and through and in between. When I can see no other way; God sees all the way and keeps me safe and knows the way out. All I have to do is follow him and trust and believe. While not letting this all have effect especially as a sick patient; in which most of what these people are talking about is sick in the first place. 

Bringing my finances and my mind into correction; in order to attain the last classes towards my degree and a seat at a company to where I can pay off my unfortunate demise. You will learn as you get older; you really don’t have friends nor are they collegues just people coming up from no where. To what pertains to me and my quirks as people wanting and wanting. Mostly anything we have; thanks for the comments mostly from these people. I would like to recieve as much help as possible; I wouldn’t come out and say I am a victim. Though I would say when desperate times have come they have come with desperate measures. 

I don’t like to admit it but we all compare! When I compare myself to my roommates; I find that I came from a lot more. A better social class in my deepest regards. I was told I was mouthy growing up; though now I laugh the oldest woman in this room can not stop talking. She also violently talks about money in which we can not tell that which she exactly is talking about. The one about 4 years older than me; just needs to stop using my name. The one who I really don’t like following me; is sleeping and requires no immediate attention. While we all seem to struggle to keep our Nannie in the best of mindset possible.

What I Need Isn’t Yours

Away From Grasp

For now I am a 31; soon to be a 32 year old woman. I am not joking when I love to be the center of attention but not at any e’stake that this life may provide. For the last couple of weeks my mouth has been a mess of linguistically messed up anger. An artistic couple; my man and I look up too has gone through a transformation time of their life and things that were once there are no longer.

The Most I Have; to look upon on old friends is their social accounts though things are not always as they seem and to find out that people are hurting more than what is known makes me want to help them more than is even in my abilities. Another way that I get mad; I don’t think we know all the answers and we know what those before have taught.

It’s no longer the schooling that it was once before either. The Highlight of Kyle’s life of becoming the announcer of sports on a field that even I’m nervous of… To trash a Cheerleader and dance off that line of palms.

If I don’t get away from your grasp of wanting to have and be of my own. To be closer to him; after the years we have spent apart after Brandon was formed. From roommates, to strippers, to life on the streets, our families don’t always understand us but we all need to get to what is underneath. Us little women are bound for the streets; if we don’t listen to the things we are supposed to be doing and stop the arguing with the power of the people in charge. In which we have tried to find our escape though instead we found the best men in the world for us to be with.

There is no going back to living at my parents house; though this needs to stop you can’t ask for everything I/We have and expect the firecrackers found by the dollar store to not go off as you ask for hair spray in my hair to transpire to yours.

There are people that have worked since the age of 8 and I am one of them. I do not look around and see other peoples stuff as my own. I see God and I see that everything belongs to him; every stroke of my left and right arm to my left and right foot. For I didn’t join the Forces but bit on several bites of a G2 Force Pen – That comfort is gone.

It’s no longer sweetheart do you have anywhere to go. I realize by now; after watching most and all of my Christmas money washed down the drain from smoking devices just like the cigarettes our room seems to operate on. This isn’t even a normal amount this girl ask for. American Spirits – Next Time – I’ll Give You Nothing!

Don’t argue with me but accept the facts.

I Am Not Your Head Of House – I Am Know AAK 47

In everything; there is a competition though in everything you have a choice. I am self-employed at the moment and at the reasoning of momentum of speed the best thing I can do in advice is give you the silence of the lambs. It is not mine alone to attend the meetings of the match sticks.

I learned from videos though I think it would be a little different to voice that I learned from you. For their is more weight placed upon your shoulders if I follow you into the dark deep lagoon of the JUUL device no BOSS would allow me to smoke while working. Well of course not; as soon as you slip up their goes gravity.

Every choice cost and every article cost. We have to be careful and watch closely in everything we do especially as a PR worker. I am hoping I do not have to take Case Studies over again. I feel that I am only out for my best interest as though I could not finish the class at the mind set in which I was in. I do not want a lot of people getting in trouble for what I do though for what we do as a specific group and that isn’t always how it works.

Saturday Stable is Sitting

It’s what drives you further into being an Adult. It needed to happen after some time now. I have been able to go through what I went through; while it changes your thought patterns to Entertaining yourself should only cost you your own wallet; unless you think other-wards.

I did pay my $50; that is due to UTA monthly. I also ordered the IPSY Kit for $10 which is samples of makeup; straight to my door. Wondering if I want to re-dye my hair a fun color.


They may have called us Fashion Models; though all I’m even willing to admit I fit in with is wherever they have put me. To speak out; to this Half-Way home would be to leave. I can’t move home; that’s all I can do, move forward.

My Dad stated “They were going to get rid of my old stuff soon!” Another Environmental lifestyle; mostly enjoyed by my Man. Is One duffle bag; and that’s all they had to keep up with?! While mine was hardly things I could hold for long . A talk on lifestyles would be nice; as they wrap us up into what Hospitals and Hospice we belong in.


Who are helping vs. hurting?!

I didn’t call my son yesterday on His birthday. I am hoping my family is not gone forever as my father has said. I have messed up a lot during life; as so many of us do!

The truth is Truancy is no normal feeling or is it a simple crime. Knowing when you’re not wanted around is one of the hardest things some people will even have to face. We need to take the time to look around us and realize that is more or less often than we wish in our hearts.

Thank You For Commenting:

I Am Thankful For All 789 Comments – Who are posting with a high rate of commision on their own terms and respectful workers and upper handed people to get and give comments to and from.

In Which I will always be grateful and benefit from.

My Happy Planner Stickers of Faith; came in and I decorated my Journalism Bible some more. As well as my Smart Watch; which is not staying on my wrist as I would like but is still a good watch overall.

To be taken out of school; as well as hard times with the folks. These two years have taught me life lessons I will never forget. I think life lessons are things that should cost more than college tuition. Though I should never have told my Dad I needed to learn them myself at the age of 16; when I graduated.

Focusing On Trafficking Rate

I have the faith that; I will eventually graduate College; one of these days. Even if that is a long way away. I am already in a lot of Financial loans; reading up on articles to find the right path. When the right path in life is God Alone!

Seems More Like Christmas & Less Like Outercourse

I thought I called you Doc for a reason; but no it just slipped out of my mouth. See as to what my younger sisters been doing is, what’s better? Are we competing? Are you watching Black Ink Crew?

With pen in hand and pen pointed every little Christmas light we saw…?

I never seen some of the worst personal problems than I have on these torn jeans of this nurse. Mill-woods not my home; every-time they look at me as I fight to complete a goal; they don’t have to look sick to me.

Most of the time in this group home and even around my parents home!
I was trying to be silent and still and be with my child. Now I have last year been to prison three times for touching stuff; and on the streets getting messed with; and wanted go to one of the most expensive schools. I definitely didn’t hit up Tech; to that I’m proud of.

What those are our weaknesses; there’s nothing that wrong to admit what we needed too. If they got offended then; well mostly I’ve gotten help from my scientific minded boyfriend and soon husband. If it was our younger days; and me and you sitting around in our nice outfits; with a sketchbook.

Moral : I didn’t listen to in college especially other peoples problems and that’s why their upset. I’ve read these books plenty of times and they’ve entered what we thought!!! They we’re where for what we bought! I’m needy to whose pockets – tell me What’s Pockets?!

Scared About Christmas

I really don’t know your dang problem girl?!
As I sat at a metal table and wanted a boy?!

Or is it both?! Did we have a problem with both as we exploded into the number one problem in the country…
Then why did that person get a bit, everyone knows that isn’t a bit, jealous…
That’s everything jealous _ _ _

With my friends and I with Cigarettes and you wanting more and more information from me.

A variety of USD (United States Dollar) bills

Looking back at me am I happy I went to college and spent well have to keep spending tons on my tuition reimbursement.


Which all I’m gonna give you is info not messed up Gossip. I wonder as I wonder…

In order to go back to square one … Johnna – My Name!


What kinda work have you done – to get off it?!
Tricker MC Trick-Stirs!!! Witches like you that we work and we don’t make no Mula!!!
She definitly wasn’t looking forward to going back to collage this year! After all that work came down and toured around… Her Junior mints box.

My Handsome Boyfriend is that serious about what he does so why would I want lots from him and take up all him time? – I Wouldn’t

MErry MuthaFreakin Christmas – ya’ll cost a gillion of guzzlin penny problems.

What’d my Boss of a Professional – Dr. Ink get to say if I wanted to be a teachers assistant.