A Princess without a lense is still A Princess

When I was younger; I would say I complained a lot. Way more to my parents than I would have from my son Brandon. The one reason they adopted him is because they are patient. I had Brandon at 25; due to being dumb and things I really don’t know how to say.

My roommate has still been crazy about LifeTime TV and I no longer watch my crime shows or the news. Both in which I miss a great deal. I still feel Kyles spirit with me and I am sad to say that guy I met and hung out with at the center for a short time is gone.

Thank You For Commenting & Taking Time To Read My Blog…

Thank you for saying I have a helping nature – this month has been hard since I lost my lense on the 3rd and am ordering new glasses on Friday. Friday is when we get paid around here. We are all living off government checks which consist of Social Security Benefits. Enough for my rent, 10 cigs a day, the center, and $50 – $70 a month, plus the $50 a month for my UTA debt.

A few things you lovely commentors have said in turn to my post is:

  1. I give important secrets and hope I can help out those who read closely.
  2. I provide helpful guidelines.
  3. I provide a first class job.
  4. I am considerate with my solutions to situations.
  5. I do a good job instructing others.
  6. I choose good topics to write about and am glad I can contribute. 
  7. I am being seen as thoughtful and considerate.
  8. I am seen as a brilliant and beneficial person.
  9. I am providing something entertaining – perhaps some more videos would be of some good use. 
  10. I am of generosity of assistance.

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Finding & Recieving Good Help For Life

Found out this morning that I can get my Social Security Card on the 5th of March. Which is exciting because I need to find a job; my father doesn’t think the center is the best thing in my interest. There’s a number I can find at the MHMR Homeless clinic that I need to contact in order to find a job. 

Kinda wanted to go to church tonight though I’ll stay here tonight. I had some more packages come in and I’ve recieved everything on my ebay list except for 6 things. I am glad that I have people to help and I need to use their resources more wisely to benefit me. As well you can find people to help you. There is a new person at the Group Home. 

Look Classy – Modern Day Ettiquet 

Be simply well prepared – I have been carrying my small pink duffle bag with me everywhere. I am learning to live with what I need and apparently this month I needed shoes and jewelry. All of which I bought on Ebay and bought under $60. We need to recognize flaws and qualities to work first. 

  1. Always Be On Time – 5 mins before or after or exactly on time helps a great deal. To help you be relaxed and at peace. 
  2. Do what you say you will/would do – stay true to your promises. Can’t commit to them then don’t say that you will. Avoid cat fights, disappointments, and making others upset. 
  3. Finish What You Start – Dishes and Laundry & only do one thing at a time.
  4. Work On Your Posture – Don’t slouch and keep shoulders straight and head up. 
  5. Be well Groomed – Make sure your hair looks nice.
  6. Make-Up – Use natural products.
  7. Dress Modestly – Doesn’t have to be expensive but needs to fit and not have wrinkles in them.
  8. Say please and thank you – Good manners will make you look classy and gracious. 
  9. Stay Positive – Look on the Bright Side & Avoid Complaining. Read and be a conscientious citizen.  



Valentines Day & Growing Up

I have over 2,000 comments in the que & I haven’t started reading them all. With tomorrow Valentines day; my roommate Laura bought us valentines boxes. I have a gift for my son with temporary tattoos and a small red bear. I have also made a new friend at the center and enjoy his company.

My dad however, when I called him last night, was not too impressed with where my life is at the moment. He stated that “I would never make it out of this group home situation”. This will be the 2nd-3rd year I have been in this situation and there is no hope in going back home. Nor do I want to go home.

Having Self-Discipline

Doing things when you don’t want to or feeling like it. Things that are boring, hard, or frustrating. Reaching goals faster, aim higher, and accomplishing more.

1. Start With Smarter Habits – Building gradually a lifestyle change/s to create larger ones over time.

2. Being Consistent – Making changes to an everyday thing. Committing to the efforts of everyday.

3. Setting Yourself Up For Success Ahead of Time – Eat right, drink water, sleep, not treating yourself to mindless junk.

4. Rewards & Consequences – Cycle of achievement – for instance spending my February check on nice things.

5. Journey & Not The Destination – Habits to create a big lifestyle change or smaller ones.

I do however; want to go back to school and finish my 8 classes – I still have the 8 classes left to finish at either #UTA or #TexWes. I am on a differment for my payments to financial aid; there is no way I have the money for it right now. Hoping that soon I can go back and finish. It would also do good if I could get a job – though first I need a social security card. While still wanting to maintain this site and using it as a way to start making some income.

Got in a fight with the group home manager; and we have still to order glasses and I can’t see out of my right eye. I only have $1 in my bank account. With tomorrow Valentines day; I have a lot of nice jewelry and gifts coming to the house. I do remember how Dad would make each holiday a special one before I rebelled and made a mess of things.


An essential part of truly accepting yourself as you are. Having compassion for yourself and a deep appreciation and connection.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Be more present in your own life and create your own life in beauty while taking care of yourself.

2. I Am Worth Loving – I am placed here to do amazing things; I don’t need to change for anyone or anything for only things that benefit me.

3. Have Fun – Love yourself enough to allow yourself; but not too much.

Have Boundaries – Say “No”

Weekly Pins

It’s been a couple days since I wrote..
No more bugs down my throat – No I won’t do that some already look sketchy in which I have already sketched one in my cook book.

Though without further ado I do thank everyone one in life who has helped me out in life. At the moment; I really appreciate my Group Home Moms and my parents. I don’t like looking at a set up of what I used to do; and am quite offended by it. Though I am not looking for a fight and still feel like walking all over. That has to stop tonight; that walking all night. Though overall this is just a bad week. My sister gets married tomorrow.

I have gone walking almost everyday this week and I have found that is a better way of taking my stress out then profanities and disliking someone so much that Mother Teresa has a problem with us.

They can take this so far that they end up taking us too the pin- which the stubby pencil comes and goes from. Be careful before you ask people for things and try to take from others as well. I have spent almost $200 this month. Yet at the end of it I had to ask for Mrs. Charnel to pay for my medicine and she bought me a Starbucks S’mores Frap. I always thought I had good friend and people to help me and I am hoping they are for keep.

Thanks; that’s all I care to write for now…

I wish you wouldn’t try to take another blog that makes 6 already..

I wasn’t talking & I thought I noticed you. Who are you talking to?

Inside a human mind information is sacred; a loose mouth is worse than a loose sqrew. As a young lady most of us found out that is what we were to do. Is that appropriate? I do not want to lay in bed and do nothing. As my leisure and waste of time… Maybe go take a walk; though dad said not too walk long distance anymore.

My ruby and diamond ring came in; from my closest lover and lifelong friend. Waiting for my laundry to be done. Eating candy and crackers; knowing not what really goes beneath my veins or my skin crawling in the coldness. The things that lurk in the dark and I have been hoping for years these are gentle whispers that I am talking to.

“We weren’t talking to you people in the first place…” In a military home it is sometimes dangerous to talk to others that you don’t know. The same is true in every home you will go to especially if you came from a good family. Though as young teens we used to think we could talk to anyone without anything really bad happening. That is no longer the truth and no longer what I believe. I am hoping that however you believe in yourself; no matter how far the measures or season or amount of money has been displaced.

While Johnna just wanted to sit on her fathers front porch and amuse herself with music and other things she likes without sharing much until the birth of her first boy Brandon.

Though that is not what I can do and never will be able to again. Just sit in peace and silence and watch as this all happens. Listening to Twizted and my sister gets married Saturday; an event to miss & it isn’t my place to talk. That’s a personal opinion and I have a right to my own most of the time. I am depending on people I love the best I can and more than I have during most of my past.

I have invested in three pairs of sparkly pink and teal booty shorts and a silver shined crop with sleeves. To become another dancer on the streets; I am 31 and not decrepit and I still am hoping I have miles to go down the years of my life. It is not about them; it is about us… Here’s to the money we “” at the club PLUR and we ARE worth it. A 60 count of tattoos and two tounge rings that suction cup to your tongue off Ebay for reasonable prices. Say; for way cheaper than your mouth. 


Today Is Christmas

One of the coolest, sickest, and Cert-An-LY not doing again things I have done is touching other peoples stuff. I’m hoping the cat doesn’t cough up that lizards gift of teaching our Biology filled minds about wanting something that doesn’t even need to belong to them. Brandon Christmas is about Jesus; which I think you’ll get more Than Jesus was even having than most people. Be way more grateful than your mother has ever been!

Though Jesus definitely wanted to give us almost every chance in the world a time to follow him to the promise land. We decide to be faithful; I have decided each relationships point and I’m lucky he hasn’t dropped me. Do we get that tempted to do that touching around Christmas because it sure wouldn’t be fun being locked in Tarrant County for Christmas. Last year when my heart and my mind got that carried away I got locked up 3 times. Me I’m never doing it again.

“PaPa Kurt – I don’t want to go fishing when my mother can’t go!” – Johnna Floyd

Dropped me offs, about what he’s done, while we talk and we don’t get angry at each other about being clingy which we both don’t like – Kyle Brattin… I love you! At least as an adult and as I grow and develop; I want my life to be filled with more love and devotion to only things that are of importance.

Is that something to be that proud and boasting about?! We’ll the Kardashians aren’t and my three roommates are definitely wanting to stay on that channel. Mrs. Charnel your parties are some of the best I’ve ever been too; are they all good ones. Yes until the yule tide carol gets hurt.


Johnna Floyd

Scared About Christmas

I really don’t know your dang problem girl?!
As I sat at a metal table and wanted a boy?!

Or is it both?! Did we have a problem with both as we exploded into the number one problem in the country…
Then why did that person get a bit, everyone knows that isn’t a bit, jealous…
That’s everything jealous _ _ _

With my friends and I with Cigarettes and you wanting more and more information from me.

A variety of USD (United States Dollar) bills

Looking back at me am I happy I went to college and spent well have to keep spending tons on my tuition reimbursement.


Which all I’m gonna give you is info not messed up Gossip. I wonder as I wonder…

In order to go back to square one … Johnna – My Name!


What kinda work have you done – to get off it?!
Tricker MC Trick-Stirs!!! Witches like you that we work and we don’t make no Mula!!!
She definitly wasn’t looking forward to going back to collage this year! After all that work came down and toured around… Her Junior mints box.

My Handsome Boyfriend is that serious about what he does so why would I want lots from him and take up all him time? – I Wouldn’t

MErry MuthaFreakin Christmas – ya’ll cost a gillion of guzzlin penny problems.

What’d my Boss of a Professional – Dr. Ink get to say if I wanted to be a teachers assistant.


Celebrate Christmas with Good Mental Health

There’s one thing we all have in common here at the Adult Day Care Center. We are not in good mental health condition and many of us are getting treated for our illnesses on a daily basis. Through medication and people who surround us to help us.

Therapy provides the tools and strategies to navigate what is going on in life. Enacting real change in the way we think, behave, and cope on a daily basis.

Since I have been back; getting along with my roommates has been pretty difficult.


Mental Health Advice

  1. Try writing your feelings and thoughts down:
  2. Put a positive spin on being super stressed and overwhelmed. Pressure can challenge and motivate us.
  3. Plan daily low key walks – step away from what you are doing and get some air. Get out of your head and into the world.
  4. Counter negative thoughts with positive ones. They don’t have to consume you.
  5. Write 2 Good things when stuck in a negative thought spiral: hit pause and broaden focus when really upset. Think of things that bring joy, your proud of, & someone who loves you. Think gratitude.
  6. Self-Care: Whatever works for you.
  7. Talk back to your inner voice: the way you talk to yourself in your head or out loud! Learning how to have reassuring & soothing inner voice.
  8. Ask yourself & then what? When your stuck on an anxious thought.
  9. Check alcohol and drug habits.
  10. Have a bedtime ritual.

Accept & Honor Yourself For Who You Are Right Now:

Accept difficulties and who we are right now. While respecting everything we’ve been through led to who we are.



God Will Bless This Holiday Season

There are tons of ways to enjoy yourself; but there are tons of things I would rather be doing than being sick with this horrible cough. Watching Kardashians in our room with the roommates. After another long day of being at The Center. I hope my family and I get to spend a good amount of time together this holiday season.

Ready to have a positive balance in my bank account and able to buy Brandon’s Christmas and Birthday present. Monday is payday; and UTA isn’t taking the $50 out and I stopped Acorns. I got accepted to the mygreatlakes repayment plan so each monthly payment should be $0 for a while.

My laundry is still drying in the dryer. It’s nice to have a way to have nice clean clothes and the shower I was able to take about 2AM this morning due to being sick. Today I’d like to share with you some of what Big Ministries and my Bible Study has taught us.



Everyday we need to encourage ourselves and others to live to the best of our abilities. The Bible is the instruction book to life. It’s a sin to worry and we are too want for nothing. God is enough and is our great provider and it is all too his glory! “He always knows what we need; before we need it!”

We need to try to be soul saving… Evil hearted people only want lust and the pride of life. Desire for junk and materialism is one thing I am really trying to do my best at. I don’t want to get caught up in much of the worldly lifestyle again. We are renewed by the Holy Spirit! He gives us character and shows us how to communicate. 

Hold on and he’ll turn the situation around.
God already knows what is going to happen.

Why We Always Need Gods Grace

To do the best in life we have to learn how to balance life. Life is directed and affected by many things. The environment, our decisions, and our education. Most importantly transforming grace is directed by God. In His loving kindness towards us. We will never gain eternity by what WE are or do.

Black Friday & Budgetting

My Dad got me a pink cabelas small duffle bag last weekend when we went to Cabelas. So that was my gift for Black Friday. They are still in Mississippi and I’m sicker than a dog. With a deep congested cough and runny nose. I need to get a hold of my Medicare and find a DR. Lucky to have insurance at the moment. 

This month I have hit my low bank account balance of -$31 by trying to use Acorns. I am however being resourceful and creative with the things I have bought or have been handed in the last two years. Oe of the hardest things for me ever to do is to be financially independent. Without depending too much on another person.

Budgetting In Survival Mode

Money is concrete and turning finances around is pretty simple. Caused problems; the more self-discipline is needed to make better habits and decisions. Know anserws to two questions… What Happened? & Why a I in this financial mess? The main objective is too live on less than you make for a long period of time. 

Starting in January I am going to open a savings account: I have had one before using the company ING Direct. Though I had drained the account when I got kicked out of my parents house. Extra money goes towards building the small emergency fund. My goal is too have $500 saved up. 

Knowing exactly what my income is and where it comes from. Not just income from work but also accounts for it all. To make sure every cent earned works to its advantage. The better hold on finances and nothing will come as a surprise.

Knowing all expenses when they are due and having less nasty surprises. Be organized & know what is due when. 

Live Below Your Means: don’t live on credit and don’t purchase anything above means. An appearance of wealth and knowing you don’t deserve it. I am lucky for the amount of time I have been able to live off of SSI and my health care. 

Pay off your most expensive debts first; know how much debt are casting you and what pays the expensive things first and evaluate debts which works out the most costly and eliminates first. Head towards Financial Freedom.

Invest in yourself


Making Money Blogging 

Providing value and building trust by providing value to readers by providing quality and honest information. In the coming year I plan on really building upon this website and starting to make an income from it. I have read endless pieces over the topic. In which I keep notes about it in journals and notebooks. This has been a goal for the last 3 years.

Having The Passion; I have to find passion within myself to finding what makes me happy… In blogging and in life and in family. 


Blogging A Way To Make Income

Blogging A Way To Make Income

This six months… Yes justly-found.faith will have met the 6 month mark by the end of the month. Although; I have yet to really see any results and I am still going to keep trying and sticking with it. I really do need to start making some income from it. Though I think this month I have not taken it as seriously as I need too. 

I need to be making somewhere between $100 to $1000 a month blogging. While theirs so many success stories. I’m hoping with the help from our Dear Lord – I will become one of the successful ones.

Blogging is not just an easy way to make money! 

  • It’s not instant “Instant Oatmeal” & Takes Patience 
  • Love for the world – outside of myself
  • To be done consistently
  • Money can be made blogging from the following sources; Personal, Affiliate, Personal Products, or Services. and even Sponsored Posts. 

Getting Income = Getting Traffic

Traffic comes first; and the more visitors brought in the better. My goal needs to be 100 page views a day though I know that will take a good amount of time. 

SEO is important but don’t waaste time! A-Z science of providing the quality of content and marketing. 

Managing & Developing
– Make sure to use the right topic
– Have a gathering place where you can talk to others who enjoy the topic
– Find the biggest problem and work on finding a solution

Build Reputation, Credibility, & Relationships…

Have The Right Strategies In Place & A Strong Passion

Make sure everything is setting on a Firm Foundation just like our hearts need to be with the Lord. You have to have the desire and drive to do all the work that is necessary. Without passion it feels worthless and easy to give up on. Ask yourself if it’s; fun? enjoyable? a want to? Also write in a way that others would want to read everything you have written. 

When priorities change you have to realign your blog and it’s mission. In order to build trust and provide value during the changing times. Providing quality and honest information to readers through honesty while staying relevant to the topics. 

Connect With Others 

Creating relationships with other bloggers and slowly growing an online community is something that every blogger needs to do. Even when you don’t feel like it be productive and proactive. Reach out to others and comment on their blog. Tell them what you like.