March Is Mayham … March Is Madness …

This past Friday started the first of March 19″ and we have a new person at the group home, he’s really cute and he took me on a date to the pool hall. I lost my wallet on Friday after a friend and I smoked. At least I ordered my glasses for $20 before all of that happened.

I am planning on doing better than 9 posts a month though each month has been something wrong and long and something I have found somewhat depressing. I try to make the best of this thing called life…

I know life is calling for more independence and that is what my Father has given me… I also need to move forward and continue through life the best way I can. Fifty dollars down and still two thousand and three hundred and fifty dollars left in this debt from Spring 2018 semester. With a desire to go back to school – I should have done the right thing in the first place than well I wouldn’t have this problem.

I was able to talk to my son last night and he still thinks I’m a good mom.

It’s cold in Texas… Meanwhile; I’m ready for it to turn warm & too get my new Frost Bank Card in the mail. Since I lost my wallet Friday and now don’t have the information to get my Social Security Card tomorrow.

How To Start Blogging Successfully

I started my blog last year in June of 2018. In order to keep this a good blog; I need to keep pushing myself and staying motivated. Keep with a goal in mind and keep working toward that goal. Write and rewrite content, improve previous articles, and find what works and what doesn’t. As well as read all the awsome comments I have coming in. Though I Wanted A Blog That Makes Money.

  1. Set up your blog to make money – Make sure people will come and monitize through advertising. I use and don’t suggest a free blogging service.
  2. Write compelling content people want to read – People = Page Views = Money… Solving a problem they have & have things to offer in return for their time. To overcome any personal problems.
  3. Believe I/You Can – The mind is a powerful thing. Believe you can turn your blog into a career. Manifest the law of attraction which can attract anything. Positivity attracts positivity.
  4. Using Pinterest – Helps with gaining blog traffic and also use Tailwind.
  5. Go back and update old content – We grow and learn as bloggers. Fix SEO, Add Affiliate Links, Content upgrades, and Images.