Blogging A Way To Make Income

Blogging A Way To Make Income

This six months… Yes will have met the 6 month mark by the end of the month. Although; I have yet to really see any results and I am still going to keep trying and sticking with it. I really do need to start making some income from it. Though I think this month I have not taken it as seriously as I need too. 

I need to be making somewhere between $100 to $1000 a month blogging. While theirs so many success stories. I’m hoping with the help from our Dear Lord – I will become one of the successful ones.

Blogging is not just an easy way to make money! 

  • It’s not instant “Instant Oatmeal” & Takes Patience 
  • Love for the world – outside of myself
  • To be done consistently
  • Money can be made blogging from the following sources; Personal, Affiliate, Personal Products, or Services. and even Sponsored Posts. 

Getting Income = Getting Traffic

Traffic comes first; and the more visitors brought in the better. My goal needs to be 100 page views a day though I know that will take a good amount of time. 

SEO is important but don’t waaste time! A-Z science of providing the quality of content and marketing. 

Managing & Developing
– Make sure to use the right topic
– Have a gathering place where you can talk to others who enjoy the topic
– Find the biggest problem and work on finding a solution

Build Reputation, Credibility, & Relationships…

Have The Right Strategies In Place & A Strong Passion

Make sure everything is setting on a Firm Foundation just like our hearts need to be with the Lord. You have to have the desire and drive to do all the work that is necessary. Without passion it feels worthless and easy to give up on. Ask yourself if it’s; fun? enjoyable? a want to? Also write in a way that others would want to read everything you have written. 

When priorities change you have to realign your blog and it’s mission. In order to build trust and provide value during the changing times. Providing quality and honest information to readers through honesty while staying relevant to the topics. 

Connect With Others 

Creating relationships with other bloggers and slowly growing an online community is something that every blogger needs to do. Even when you don’t feel like it be productive and proactive. Reach out to others and comment on their blog. Tell them what you like.