Looking Too Closely

Please do not get attached is what my heart always said. I never needed a man to make me happy. Meanwhile, a lot of women depend on them and that is the anserw. If you are not willing to give than don’t expect them to recieve and when they don’t give don’t throw a fit. Putting your pouty little face and fucked up lips to every and any object or person I’ve ever came or come into contact with. Especially BIG Bosses “That’s Disgusting & Not Your Place” Is what a good friend would say.

I am not that attitude problem that B* is trying to make money of anything and everything you are doing. In order to do what with it?! Do what with me?! Is it just me or this problem a universal problem no I’m no Walt Disney Princess and you a damn problem. Chit Chattin in my mouth and running what kinda messy shit.

Johnna you are alone and will be in this world with most of these people wanting your money till the day you die. Mostly Pigs and If their bridges that need to be burnt they need to be burnt. I burnt each page within myself this is not a suicide attempt or a death threat.

Honestly yall did the wrong thing and thought itd be easy and you wouldn’t get caught huh? We all get caught in the end even I did. See now how old am I? I still have a seat at the Table with my Mother, my Father, my Son, and to Hail With My Sisters.

These people will take anything they can get their hands on straight from the gutter. I hope that gutter has a blade on it because I’ll never steal again but they deffinitly are and needed to make this mess they are in Texas. I am locked up for what? Cop give me that stuff back and give it too someone who deserves it more.

Got mad over what “Gutter Mouth”, what a “Friendship, what a boyfriend???

These are common everyday women problems but unfortnately I have had problems with my period all year. My parents and entire family not believing in me. Leaving me too fight every day for whatever I need and want to survive in life. On the $50 while the other $50 goes to The Schools My Debt <Wouldn’t Mind> <Are-U-Meant> In which I’ll have to pay off from now till 2023.

That is not your money and I’ll tell you again. Do NOt ask or anserw this but who exactly did you get that from is going to bite you in the ass. Well its almost Christmas. I have studied and I do know how continue down the path of righteousness. Go ahead and gossip and pretty S*** Yo* M** D*** + Like I Said “Leave That Alone”